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Brookstone does not care about customer satisfaction
By -

OAK ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA -- Never purchase a replacement Brookstone replacement plan. Never purchase a Vincci Hands Free Citrus Juicer. In my case, the "Replacement Plan - 1 yr" only kicks in AFTER the mfg limited warranty. I called Brookstone and they would not stand behind selling me this product. It was dead on arrival and customer service told me I had to contact the manufacturer because Brookstone would not step in until the mfg warranty expires because it was a "drop ship" item. My transaction was with Brookstone. In my opinion it is their responsibility to handle issues with this product.

To top it all off they are not authorized to release the mfg contact info!! I had to find it myself and the mfg won't call me back. All voice prompt options lead me to the same mailbox for "Andrew". It's not worth the hassle with Brookstone to purchase anything from their store. Their customer service policy is ridiculous. The poor people that answer the phone have to defend a company that does not care about customer satisfaction.

I will never purchase ANY product from Brookstone again. I have been a loyal customer over the years but they must stick to their absurd "policy" even though I purchased their "replacement" plan. Brookstone is worthless. Buyer Beware. I've started a chargeback claim with AMEX. At least they are on my side.

Must Show Id To Make A Return With A Receipt
By -

I returned an item today with a receipt, with the credit card on which it was charged and the credit card has my picture on it. The item was purchased one week ago. This was not enough for the store manager - I had to provide my driver's license - which was scanned into their system. This is a privacy issue and completely unnecessary. The store manager went on to say that she requires ID for all purchases as well. While this may be her policy, it usually violates the merchant and/or bank policy. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT BROOKSTONE AGAIN AND AM TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO THE SAME.

Refused Refund on Product Returned in "New Condition"
By -

I purchased a memory foam pillow while on vacation in New Orleans. I was told I could return the product by mail as long as I didn't open the plastic covering on the pillow. After testing the product WITH THE PLASTIC COVER ON AND UNDISTURBED, I decided that I didn't like the pillow. I called the company to verify that I could return it (at my cost, of course), and they said there would be no problem. I returned it within the 30 day policy, only to found out that the "Return Department" deemed it as "USED" and threw it out!

Chances are someone in the return department decided they wanted a brand new pillow, because it definitely was not "USED". The plastic cover was never removed and though I attempted to explain this to the customer service department, they refused to refund the $100 I paid for the product. DON'T EVER BUY SOMETHING FROM BROOKSTONE. IT WAS THE WORST DISPLAY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER DEALT WITH.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

On 12/9/09 I ordered a Wireless Baseball Scoreboard, and waited for it to arrive. Today, after 10 days of waiting, I called to find out what happened to the order, since it was a Christmas gift.. I was told that the order had been canceled and the item was out of stock. I have my confirmation email that the item was in fact, in stock when I ordered it. At the very least, someone could have sent me an email or called me that the item/ order had been cancelled instead of waiting so long.

When I requested to speak with a manager, ** told me they were all busy, and someone would call me back in a few days. UNACCEPTABLE!!! How can a company run business like this? I will NEVER order from this company again, and intend to tell everyone I know not to also! It's one thing to be out of stock on something, another to disrespect your customer. Brookstone, you have failed miserably, in this economy, do you really think you have the leisure to be this apathetic??

Brookstone Extended Warranty Is $$$$ LOST
By -

Bought an air cleaner... Pure-Ion for approx $250.00 also purchased the extended warranty - my total purchase was $857.69. 9 months after purchase the unit smokes. When I took unit back to Brookstone with a copy of the transaction detail from the bank, Brookstone informed me that they do not keep any records past 2-3 months. They do not log the warranty in any system to track the warranty. I called the 800# and corporate said they don't retain records past 6 months. So I ask you--what is purpose of buying an extended warranty if they don't keep the records.... NOT ME EVER AGAIN. In fact I won't spend another dime at Brookstone!

Deceptive advertising
By -

I purchased a toy helicopter at Brookstone and the salesperson convinced me to get an extended warranty as well, for an additional 5 dollars. Now that 35 days has passed, I find I can no longer return the product to the store for the replacement the salesperson told me I would be able to get (because I bought the extended warranty). Instead I have to spend time on the phone reading numbers off my receipt to somebody at Brookstone who then must receive a fax of the receipt itself before I will be given instructions on where to ship the broken helicopter before I can get a replacement. Of course I have to pay for shipping.

This extended warranty is nothing but a ripoff. Do not even consider purchasing it, and better yet, avoid Brookstone completely. They need to go out of business so that other people do not have to be frustrated the way it seems so many others have been, besides myself.

Christmas Window Candlesticks
By -

Just after Christmas 2007, these attach-to-the windows LED candlesticks went on sale. I bought 14 of them. When they arrived, I left them in their boxes and put them away with our other holiday decorations. In December 2008, we opened them, attached them to the windows, and discovered to our dismay that the 'natural' lights that came with them was too dull - so dull in fact that we couldn't put any other lights outside or it would have looked ridiculous.

Brookestone has white lights for them, so I called to order some. When they arrived, they didn't work, so we called back and after quite a lot of research told us they sent us 2008 bulbs and they don't work in the 2007 candlesticks! When I asked how to get 2007 lights, they said the manufacturer didn't have them anymore and we couldn't get them.

So, I said, we have candlesticks we can't use because of light bulbs no longer available, you won't give me the manufacturer's name to see if they have any more in stock, AND since I didn't even open the candlesticks until after we used them at Christmas and warranty was up, I have 14 candlesticks that cost a lot of money that I cannot use??? They said yes, they wouldn't return the 2007's and replace with 2008's. I am disgusted. I asked them to remove me from their mailing and online lists. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again.

Bad Product Descriptions - Worse Customer Service
By -

Purchased a clock online that had an AC adapter with it only to find out the adapter was only for the projector and the clock would run only on batteries that will need to be continually replaced. This did not meet the needs of the person I purchased the gift for. It was also supposed to be linked to the atomic clock yet the time had to be set manually which also did not meet the needs of the person it was purchased for.

They packed the clock up and mailed it to me for return but I received it one day after the "generously extended" deadline of January 15th. I didn't even want a return - just an exchange for something that worked the way THEIR catalog described. Now I have a $150 paper weight. A big warning to read the fine print carefully before considering a purchase from this company. I personally would never purchase from a company that profits from their own shortcomings and mistakes. They don't care about the consumer at all.

Poor Customer Service - Iffy Product
By -

I purchased 3 of these (online) - I downloaded photos to all 3 without exception - I charged all 3 without exception. On Christmas morning one of them did not work AT all - wouldn't turn on even after following the "reset" instructions in the manual. $36 product. I called customer service who said I could exchange them at my closest store - they didn't mention it was a seasonal store and when I got there it was closing and they had no product!! I knocked on the door to get the manager b/c the doors were closed. Infuriated I emailed customer service and so far I have only received their automated reply. Poor Poorer and Poorest.

I will never order from Brookstone again - I feel they try to present themselves as a superior company with superior product but it is just posing. I am also sad when I think about people that bought product at those stores that are temporary and can't return defective product!!

The Worst Customer Service In The World: Hello Brookstone!
By -

Brookstone is overly priced and tries to justify it with their "high quality goods and customer service". Nothing could be further from the truth. I bought a $300 computer briefcase with removable roller wheels. 1 year later the roller wheels snapped off from normal wear and tear. I bought a replacement roller wheel and complained about the short life. They recommended an extended warranty. Bought that for about $10 on top of the roller wheels that costs $50.

Fast forward another year to 3 weeks ago. Roller wheels broke AGAIN. Now, I thought, I am so glad I bought the warranty. So I called it in. I was told to find my own box to mail back the broken wheel system and they'd send me a "gift certificate" so I can buy anything I want. I told them I don't want anything but a replacement wheel. The girl on the phone wasn't too bright. She said it will take 2-3 weeks to send out the card. Why so long? She didn't know.

Asked why they couldn't mail me a new set of wheels and she said "this is our way". Soooo... wait 3 weeks, wait for a trip out of town (no Brookstones in northern Vermont), find one and HOPE that they have the wheel device in stock. Hmmmm....

3 weeks go by and I call them to find out the status. Keep in mind I have a HEAVY load in my briefcase due to computer and other materials/supplies. Enough for severe back aches. Turns out they shipped it to an old address from 5 years ago even though the form I completed had the current address. They said they'd have to cancel the card and send a new one. I gave them the right address and asked them to get it to me before my next trip which is the next week. Was left a phone message to call them back because they had more questions.

When I called them back they let me know it shipped again... to the wrong address again. I was on hold with 3 calls over 40 minutes. It's gets worse but I am tired of writing about it. I urge all consumers to avoid dealing with this company. They are just terrible.

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