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Brookstone does not care about customer satisfaction
Posted by Carolinacowan44 on 10/20/2011
OAK ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA -- Never purchase a replacement Brookstone replacement plan. Never purchase a Vincci Hands Free Citrus Juicer. In my case, the "Replacement Plan - 1 yr" only kicks in AFTER the mfg limited warranty. I called Brookstone and they would not stand behind selling me this product. It was dead on arrival and customer service told me I had to contact the manufacturer because Brookstone would not step in until the mfg warranty expires because it was a "drop ship" item. My transaction was with Brookstone. In my opinion it is their responsibility to handle issues with this product. To top it all off they are not authorized to release the mfg contact info!! I had to find it myself and the mfg won't call me back. All voice prompt options lead me to the same mailbox for "Andrew". It's not worth the hassle with Brookstone to purchase anything from their store. Their customer service policy is ridiculous. The poor people that answer the phone have to defend a company that does not care about customer satisfaction.

I will never purchase ANY product from Brookstone again. I have been a loyal customer over the years but they must stick to their absurd "policy" even though I purchased their "replacement" plan. Brookstone is worthless. Buyer Beware. I've started a chargeback claim with AMEX. At least they are on my side.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-20:
I was under the impression it is standard for an extended warranty to cover the period after the manufacturer's warranty. That makes logical sense - everyone gets the manufacturer's warranty included in the cost of the item. If you want something that covers after that, it is optional.

If you want a deluxe plan that covers from day 1, seems to me you would need to verify that before purchasing the optional protection.

I don't see what Brookstone did wrong here, unless they misrepresented the coverage.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-20:
Good point trmn8r.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-20:
You can read Brookstone's return policy and Protection Plus plan here:


Why couldn't you just return it?
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Must Show Id To Make A Return With A Receipt
Posted by Erasmus on 01/27/2011
I returned an item today with a receipt, with the credit card on which it was charged and the credit card has my picture on it. The item was purchased one week ago. This was not enough for the store manager - I had to provide my driver's license - which was scanned into their system. This is a privacy issue and completely unnecessary. The store manager went on to say that she requires ID for all purchases as well. While this may be her policy, it usually violates the merchant and/or bank policy. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT BROOKSTONE AGAIN AND AM TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO THE SAME.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-01-27:
So, do they require an id to make the purchase/return or do they require an id to use the card?

I might take exception to that if I was making a cash purchase, but I will never fault a merchant for taking such measures to help protect me from identity theft.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-27:
If the credit card has your picture on it, I don't see the reason for needing any other identification.
Posted by FlitteringFirefly on 2011-01-28:
Most places now request ID for returns. They do this to keep track of frequent returners so that they don't lose as much money.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-28:
Firefly has it right. It's usually a straight forward way of tracking who is returning what. Brookstone carried a lot of high end expensive novelties right? Bet they get a lot of returns.
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Brookstone Ships Products from Companies that no Longer Exist
Posted by Larry100 on 01/07/2011
MEXICO, MISSISSIPPI -- I purchased a Vector Air Pro Air Inflator from Brookstone. The item was received and appears to work fine. Enclosed was a 2-year Vector warranty card which I completed and mailed in to the provided address. That's when the fun began.

The card was returned indicating the address was not active and no forwarding address was available. When I tried to get a 411 operator to give me the telephone number for the company I discovered it was disconnected.

I called the Brookstone customer "service", assuming since they sold the product to me they would help in obtaining a warranty. I was informed that Vector was out of business (for the past six months) and warranty matters were now handled by Black and Decker. The Brookstone customer "service" operator had called Black and Decker and then gave me the number. She indicated she did not have the time to stay on the line and punch in all of the numbers and then wait for a response. That was my job.

After a long wait on the Black and Decker line I was informed by a customer service person that they had sold this company (Vector) to a company called EACCUS six months ago and I had to contact them directly.

When I asked both the Brookstone and Black and Decker operators why they were still shipping products with warranty cards that were six months out of date I received no response and was told that was my problem to deal with.

Now get ready for the kicker. When I called EACCUS I could not get through to an agent but the recording indicated if I was calling about air inflator warranties I should contact, guess who: Black and Decker.

So Brookstone won't follow up on the warranty for a product they sold to me from a company they knew no longer existed. I expected they would at least obtain the proper warranty address. Black and Decker tells me to get my warranty information from EACCUS. And now EACCUS sends me back to Black and Decker.

Shame on you Brookstone. You sold it to me with an outdated warranty card from a company no longer in business and put in absolutely no effort to resolve this when the problem was raised. I put this information into the communication box you provide on your Web site and have had no response.

So much for customer service.
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Posted by azRider on 2011-01-07:
So I guess you never heard of close outs or old stock? My guess is you got the item for a good price. that price is low because its a close out or old stock from a company out of business. their may be hundreds or thousands of items like this. no business is going to restock warranty cards in thousands of items. as long as it works enjoy what you have and be happy you got it. when it fails my guess is it will be after the warranty and the repair cost will be higher buying a new one. welcome to the world of consumerism.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-07:
I can't imagine a company who bought stock from another company would go through, open all the boxes and replace the warranty cards. It just wouldn't make sense, especially because then every item they sold would have the appearance of being opened (since they were) and therefore customers would be less likely to buy them.

So have you sorted out the issues between Black & Decker and EACCUS? I don't see this as being Brookstone's fault. When you contacted them, they gave you the information as far as they knew it. Sounds like there's an issue between Black & Decker and EACCUS.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-07:
Brookstone DID put forth effort. You even said so yourself. They found out that the company had been sold to Black and Decker, and even called them and got the number for you.
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Non-Refund Policy - Simi Valley, CA store
Posted by MLK21 on 11/03/2010
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- On Oct 3, 2010, I purchased 2 helicopters for $50 from the San Diego, CA store, plus $3.99 for each extended warranty replacement plan. The San Diego store was very friendly and helpful and told me that after 30 days of the initial standard warranty, I can the exchange a damaged/defective helicopter anytime, as often as needed, for one year.

The helicopters were a lot of fun to play with, but after only 2 weeks, they weren't getting much lift. We returned them to our local store in Simi Valley, CA. The sales clerk at the time hassled me and questioned how these helicopters could already be damaged so quickly. There were no visible signs on them of abuse or damage. Regardless, we asked her to exchange them for new ones.

Those new helicopters, after approx. 5 hours of intermittent play, eventually had the same problems. Frustrated, I returned to the Simi Valley store to ask for a complete refund because I didn't want to have to keep returning every 2 weeks. The bottom line is that the products are poor quality.

Here's what I got from the store: Even though I was within the 30-day standard warranty and return policy, they will NOT refund my money but will do an exchange. Here's the kicker: the Store's policy is that ADDITIONALLY I will be charged $5 per helicopter every time I exchange them throughout the one-year Replacement Plan! (That might be okay if I only had to exchange them once, maybe twice in one year -- but every 2 weeks at this rate! Ridiculous.)

Despite my repeated pleas to refund my money - because I don't want the helicopters and the hassles anymore, incl. warranty, replacement or otherwise - the store REFUSED. I called the original San Diego store to let them know what happened and they were very supportive and said they would call the Simi Valley Store to try to convince them to refund my money.

As of now, the store manager of either location is supposed to call me to let me know the resolution. Answer me this, if you buy something like an MP3 player from, say, Target, and within 30 days, the player goes out twice and you decide you don't want to bother with it anymore -- should you be able to get your money back??
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Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-03:
To me, someone should consider making an exception to the return policy, which probably states used electronics can only be exchanged.

If the product fails, technically it is probably a warranty issue unless it continues to happen in the first X days, which would be a replacement issue. But the product seems to be poorly designed/constructed. You could get replacements until the cows come in, and you'll still be grounded. Good luck!
Posted by MLK21 on 2010-11-03:
trmn8r - you get my point EXACTLY! Why would I want more of the same crap? LOL

Funny thing is I never shopped at Brookstone before and wish I had known about all the other complaints I've read on this site. Never again!
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Brookstone - Good Point of Sale - Lousy Customer Service
Posted by Bkasty on 04/24/2010
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- This is a long and winding tale of a purchase and delivery done awry. Please bear with me and read through the entire series of events. I pray that this does not happen to anyone else.

I recently purchased a Tempur Pedic Mattress and Foundation from one of Brookstone's retail stores. When making the purchase, I stressed to both the store manager and the salesman that the time frame of the delivery was extremely important due to fact that the my family was relocating from a rental home to a condo at the end of the month and we did not have a mattress in the new condo. I made the purchase on Monday, March 22, 2010. I was assured by the manager that the delivery would occur between 5 to 7 business days. I was agreeable to the time frame because the seventh business day (figuring the day I placed the order would not count) would be on March 31, the final day my family would be permitted to remain in our rental home prior to the move. I paid the approximately $1800 and placed the order. The store manager mentioned to me that he would follow-up on the progress of the order with the delivery company because sometimes that helps expedite the delivery process.

I placed a call to the store manager four days later, Friday, March 26, 2010, to ask about the status of the order. He checked on the order and then told he would need to call me back. Never a good sign. I received a call from the salesman, informing me that there had been a mix-up with the order and they had accidentally shipped only the foundation without the mattress. I was told the best thing to do at this point would be to cancel the original order and process and entirely new order. This was Friday afternoon and the order would not officially be processed until Monday, March 29, 2010. Obviously, I was not going to get the mattress in time for my move. I was very frustrated and annoyed. The salesman was very apologetic and offered me a gift card for $200. I accepted the gift card, but knew in the back of my mind, that if necessary a hotel is going to end up costing me a lot more than that. As I previously mentioned, my family did not have any alternate mattress to sleep on in the new condo. The mattress we were using in the rental home belonged to the landlord. At this point, after March 31, I was left with no choice but to place my wife and four year old son in a hotel until the new mattress arrived.

The next day, I received a phone call from a delivery company wanting to schedule a delivery date for the mattress. We scheduled the date of Tuesday, April 6, 2010. The catch was, they did not actually have the mattress at that point and they could not guaranty they would definitely be able to make the scheduled date. To say the least, I was not filled with confidence.

On Friday, April 2, I called the store manager to once again check the status of the bed. Once again they needed to call me back. Never good. I received a call from the salesman stating that according to the delivery company, the mattress was delivered on March 26 and signed for by some named Colin. My name is not Colin, nor do I know anyone named Colin. Plus, my new order was not even reprocessed until after that date. The delivery was an impossibility. I then decided to make a return trip to the retail store to speak directly to the store manager to find out what was going on. My frustration was mounting. I was incurring costs associated with the hotel, I was in the process of moving and I was sleeping on the couch in the condo while my wife and son were in a hotel.

By the time I retrieved my order number, the customer service phone number as well as the phone number for the delivery company, it was to late in the day to place any calls. On Monday, April 5, I started to call all of the numbers. The delivery company number was a dead end. No one ever picked up the phone, always to voicemail. When I contacted customer service, I was told they were not authorized to call the delivery company, they could only provide me with a Way Bill number. It was turning into a vicious circle of phone calls and dead ends, still with no concrete answers. At this point, I was unsure when and if I would be receiving the mattress. I had the tentative date of April 6, but no one at Brookstone could confirm the delivery.

The next day, Tuesday, April 6, I began my round of calls to the delivery company and customer service. It turns out the retail store provided me with the wrong delivery company and phone number. After countless calls to the delivery company, since Brookstone was not "authorized" to make the calls on my behalf, I was finally able to speak with someone who confirmed the delivery and the mattress and foundation were in fact delivered.

After everything that happened, I was left angry at the amount of effort I needed to put forth in order to get the mattress. It should not have been that way and that was the sentiment of every customers service person as well as the store manager and salesman. A kind customer service representative offered to escalate the complaint to someone who would try to compensate me for the issues that took place. The fact of the matter was, as a direct result of the delivery error, my family was now out-of-pocket just over $1100 for the required hotel stay.

After the complaint was escalated, I received a phone call from Linda Wolf, the assistant to the Vice President at Brookstone. She wanted to know what had happened and assured me she would look into the matter. Over the next week and a half, I exchanged emails with Linda providing details when required. I let her know I was only looking for compensation for the hotel stay. I would accept half in store credit and a check for the other half. I provided both a credit card statement and a copy of the receipt from the hotel. After about ten days, I received a formal email from Linda that "Upon further review we are not able to offer any other compensation for the time frame of the bed delivery nor are we able to reimburse for any other expenses while waiting for the delivery of your bed." She mentioned that the bed was delivered only four business after originally promised. Basically she was saying, what is the big deal, take the $200 gift card and go away. She completely ignored the fact that I had to make countless phone calls and received either incomplete or inaccurate information from the Brookstone employees.

It is my opinion that you just do not treat customers this way. Customers should be able to make a purchase and then enjoy the purchase. They should not have to put forth any effort once the payment has been made. I feel I should at least be compensated for the money my family needed to spend as a direct result of the delivery error. I will no longer shop at Brookstone. This latest purchase was not my first, but it will definitely be my last. Buyer beware. I will be telling anyone who will listen to not shop at Brookstone. They do not respect or value their customers. I promise, as a result of this incident, it is going to cost Brookstone a lot more in lost sales than if they would have simply done the right thing and reimbursed me for the cost of the hotel.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-04-25:
There is no doubt that this is frustrating, but a $200 card is pretty generous. It's enough to purchase several inflatable beds (which by the way, I think they sell), and it probably would have been a treat for a 4-year old to 'camp out' in the new home. Assuming that (hopefully) you don't all sleep in the same bed, going to a hotel may be a little over the top.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-04-25:
I agree, Obsfucation. No question that this shouldn't have happened, but I don't think it was necessary to spend so much money on a hotel. I like your suggestion of an inflatable bed. And that's something that is nice to have on hand for possible future use. I think a four year old would also love camping out on the floor in a sleeping bag. While this was an unfortunate ordeal, I don't think it had to cost so much money. I'm not surprised that Brookstone refused to pay the hotel bill.
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Refused Refund on Product Returned in "New Condition"
Posted by Sd57 on 04/08/2010
I purchased a memory foam pillow while on vacation in New Orleans. I was told I could return the product by mail as long as I didn't open the plastic covering on the pillow. After testing the product WITH THE PLASTIC COVER ON AND UNDISTURBED, I decided that I didn't like the pillow. I called the company to verify that I could return it (at my cost, of course), and they said there would be no problem. I returned it within the 30 day policy, only to found out that the "Return Department" deemed it as "USED" and threw it out! Chances are someone in the return department decided they wanted a brand new pillow, because it definitely was not "USED". The plastic cover was never removed and though I attempted to explain this to the customer service department, they refused to refund the $100 I paid for the product. DON'T EVER BUY SOMETHING FROM BROOKSTONE. IT WAS THE WORST DISPLAY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER DEALT WITH.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-08:
It's unfortunate that you were told multiple times that the product could be returned and the company did not follow through.

No offense, but I would not want to buy a pillow that was returned. Would you? You tested the product, and in my mind, that makes it "used".
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-08:
Isn't the plastic like a zip case, like the same type for blankets? I think you were given wrong information, I don't think they return pillows.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-04-08:
The fact of the matter is that they took the product back, kept it, and refused to return your money. Dispute the charges with your credit card company.
Posted by YunkaG on 2010-04-09:
Soaring is right - if they would not give you a refund then they should have returned the merchandise.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Maddi on 12/18/2009
On 12/9/09 I ordered a Wireless Baseball Scoreboard, and waited for it to arrive. today, after 10 days of waiting, I called to find out what happened to the order, since it was a Christmas gift.. I was told that the order had been canceled and the item was out of stock. I have my confirmation e=mail that the item was in fact, in stock when I ordered it. At the very least, someone could have sent me an email or called me that the item/ order had been cancelled instead of waiting so long. When I requested to speak with a manager, Josh told me they were all busy, and someone would call me back in a few days. UNACCEPTABLE!!! How can a company run business like this? I will NEVER order from this company again, and intend to tell everyone I know not to also! Its one thing to be out of stock on something, another to disrespect your customer. Brookstone, you have failed miserably, in this economy, do you really think you have the leisure to be this apathetic??

Madeline Maniscalco
Bay Shore
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Brookstone Extended Warranty Is $$$$ LOST
Posted by Brookstone Chump on 08/12/2009
Bought an air cleaner...Pure-Ion for approx $250.00 also purchased the extended warranty-my total purchase was $857.69. 9 months after purchase the unit smokes. When I took unit back to Brookstone with a copy of the transaction detail from the bank, Brookstone informed me that they do not keep any records past 2-3 months. They do not log the warranty in any system to track the warranty. I called the 800# and corporate said they don't retain records past 6 months. So I ask you--what is purpose of buying an extended warranty if they don't keep the records....NOT ME EVER AGAIN. In fact I won't spend another dime at Brookstone !
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-12:
The extended warranty was in excess of the actual unit price? What a rip off!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-12:
I'm sorry for your trouble but that is one of those things that you have to hang onto yourself. I'm surprised that you didn't, considering what you paid for it.

It would have been nice if the store had copies of the fact that you purchased it, but to expect them to keep up with it when you yourself didn't....
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Deceptive advertising
Posted by Ewall67 on 07/22/2009
I purchased a toy helicopter at Brookstone and the salesperson convinced me to get an extended warranty as well, for an additional 5 dollars. Now that 35 days has passed, I find I can no longer return the product to the store for the replacement the salesperson told me I would be able to get (because I bought the extended warranty) - instead I have to spend time on the phone reading numbers off my receipt to somebody at Brookstone who then must receive a fax of the receipt itself before I will be given instructions on where to ship the broken helicopter before I can get a replacement. Of course I have to pay for shipping.

This extended warranty is nothing but a ripoff. Do not even consider purchasing it, and better yet, avoid Brookstone completely. They need to go out of business so that other people do not have to be frustrated the way it seems so many others have been, besides myself.
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
What? It sounds like that there is a procedure to follow for a replacement and you don't want to do. Fax them the reciept. Mail it back. (In most cases you have to pay for shipping) And I bet you will have a nice new helicoptor to play with.
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Christmas Window Candlesticks
Posted by IVZNANA on 02/20/2009
Just after Christmas 2007, these attach-to-the windows LED candlesticks went on sale. I bought 14 of them. When they arrived, I left them in their boxes and put them away with our other holiday decorations.

In December 2008, we opened them, attached them to the windows, and discovered to our dismay that the 'natural' lights that came with them was too dull - so dull in fact that we couldn't put any other lights outside or it would have looked ridiculous.

Brookestone has white lights for them, so I called to order some. When they arrived, they didn't work, so we called back and after quite a lot of research told us they sent us 2008 bulbs and they don't work in the 2007 candlesticks! When I asked how to get 2007 lights, they said the manufacturer didn't have them anymore and we couldn't get them.

So, I said, we have candlesticks we can't use because of light bulbs no longer available, you won't give me the manufacturer's name to see if they have any more in stock, AND since I didn't even open the candlesticks until after we used them at Christmas and warranty was up, I have 14 candlesticks that cost a lot of money that I cannot use???

They said yes, they wouldn't return the 2007's and replace with 2008's. I am disgusted. I asked them to remove me from their mailing and online lists. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again.
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