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Poor Service for A/C Repair
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- In June 1 2010 I noticed my A/C was not cooling. It was in upper 90's and inside my downstairs area was only cooling to 81 degrees at best. I had a service contract with Broward factory Service so I called Broward and they set me up for service. I took the day off work and met the A/C guy who was in and out in 15 minutes after adding some R22 refrigerant. The next several days it rained cooled off so seemed fine. After heat returned I called again. This time I took another day off but got no call the evening before. I called the day of the service and they said I was on for two days later. I took another day off.

Another person was sent out and did the same thing, more refrigerant. He left, I called the next day and got set up for the following week. After four visits out one technician said my condenser was bad and they set it up for another day. The first four visits nobody even went into my attic to check the coil or ductwork. Finally I complained to a "manager" and he subcontracted it out to TD A/C company. He came back out but since the first call had been over one month old I got hit for another $55.00 deductible for the same issue. The sub told me the problem was going to be with my coil (he went in attic) and he would recommend to Broward they authorize to replace the unit.

I called July 29th (my contract expired July 31st) and was told all service calls had been marked complete. I was a bit frustrated by then. The lady on the phone said she would have another technician come out on a "recall" to check my problem. The technician came out and sniffed the attic unit then checked outside unit and detected a small leak around the fill valve. When he left he said my problem was with my ductwork and not my A/C. I have not renewed my contract. By the way, one technician working for Broward told me they will come out ahead one way or another. He was not a satisfied employee apparently.

On August 10th I got a call from Broward wanting another $55.00 deductible for the July 22nd service where TD A/C came out and collected the money from me. They are not getting a dime from me and I am seeking A/C repair from another company. My A/C still does not work properly and the outside temperature has been over 100 for two weeks now.

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