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I thought it was illegal to sell a vehicle without a clear title
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BELAIR, MARYLAND -- Do not purchase anything from Bruns Motors in Belair, Maryland. Be aware, they also sell on e-bay. They are completely worthless! They took my son's money and he cannot get the title tranferred. They DO NOT return phone calls and apparently the owner "Mike" spends a lot of time in court. Maybe because he is not conducting business in a legal manner. We have been trying to get help from him for almost two months and have not gotten a return phone call. We have filed complaints but that takes time that we really don't have. Go to another State if you have to, but DON'T waste any of your hard earned dollars at Bruns Motors. I thought businesses had to comply to certain laws, especially when they are licensed under the authority of the State....
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Anonymous on 10/09/2009:
What about if you file a police report stating that he sold you a car he didn't own? That ought to get his attention.
JR in Orlando on 10/09/2009:
Why don't you run carfax and see the sales history of the vehicle. Contact the Motor vehicle department and find out who the last owner was. Contact the last owner and see if there was a problem before the dealership obtained the car.
PepperElf on 10/09/2009:
LOL ken - yeah that will get their attention

and a lawsuit as well, if the car turns out to be stolen
chris on 08/26/2012:
They had a sticker on a car sent it to inspection, told me the car was to be inspected and wouldn't change the price after signing a bill of sale they refused to sell me the car at that price. Got my money back went else where cause these Sobs are shady! Buyer beware
Danny on 09/05/2012:
I saw a truck for sale on their lot and stopped in to look at it and the price said $4995.00 so I then went to the girl in the office (which is a bus) and verified the price and told her "I will be back to purchase the truck" and she said "OK". So I went home and did a little research on the truck and came across a video on Ebay of the same truck being sold by Bruns Motors. The starting bid was $4,995.00 and it was up to $5,500.00 with 2 days left. So I called the girl in the bus/office the next day and asked if the truck was still available and she replied "yes" I said "OK I will be there in 30 mins". I get there and the truck still says the same price($4,995.00) and I go talk to the girl and tell her that I am paying cash for the truck and I ask if she will bring the price down or knock off the taxes and she said "No" I said OK well what is the total going to be and she said "7,500.00". I said "What!" she said " the truck is $6,500.00 and taxes ,tag and title are $1,000.00" I said "well the sticker on the truck says $4,995.00" and she replied "well the OWNER of the truck wants more for it now" I said "the OWNER! of the truck wants more now!?, I thought this was a dealership!?" she said "it is but we also sell vehicles for private sellers as well" I said "Okaaayyy!" and walked out the door. Well I went home and checked out the auction for the truck on Ebay and saw that the current bid was at 6,900.00 with 1 day left. The Moral of the story is DO NOT BUY from these scammers!
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