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They didn't transfer my plates. I got pulled over by police!!
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OHIO -- I traded in my old vehicle for a "new" used car at Brunswick Auto Mart. During all of the transactions I was told that they'll transfer my license plates from my old vehicle to the one I'm buying and they put them on my "new car".

Great! Until a cop pulled me over.

The policeman said that the plates didn't belong to my car. In surprise I told him my previous vehicles make and that the car dealership said they transferred the plates. He went back to his car again.

Came back and said that it happens sometimes where dealers say they transfer the plates, but don't.

Thankfully he let me go without a ticket.

Brunswick Auto Mart should be ashamed of themselves!!
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Starlord on 01/05/2008:
Thank you for your post on this matter. We recently had a change in the way license plates are done here in Arizona, and we do it the way I know they used to do in the state of Indiana. Formerly, in Arizona, the license plates stayed on the car, and the registration was transferred to the new owner, if they were honest enough to transfer the registration as required by law. It was a thorn in the side of law enforcement, as a certain element would buy cars, never transfer ownership, get involved in a bad accident, and walk away, leaving only the previously registered owner to try to go after. Any time I sold a car or bought one, I notified the DMV of the sale. Now, in Arizona, when you sell a car, you pull the plate off the car and keep it. The new owner has to get a plate, and to do that, they must show proof of insurance. I had a car repossessed one time in Indiana, and almost a year later, I got a letter from the Indianapolis Police Dept. that I had almost a thousand parking tickets outstanding, and unless I took care of them immediately, a warrant would be issued for me. I got a printout of the tickets, and they were all within a two block area around my old insurance company office. They had taken the plate off my car after they took it and were using it on different cars. I took a copy of the printout to their office and threw it down on the counter and told them they had 24 hours to take care of them. They did.
Nohandle on 01/06/2008:
At one time in my state the license plates on a vehicle stayed with that vehicle. Now when someone sells or trades a vehicle the plates go with the individual. Starlord, that must be the way it's done now in Arizona. I do know when a vehicle is purchased here, whether new or used, there are no plates with the exception of a temporary dealer's tag. The new owner has 30 days to go to the local tag office with a Bill of Sale and Proof of Insurance. This is the individual's responsibility not the dealers. Karathrace, it appears in Ohio the dealer is responsible. I certainly hope you gave them your opinion when it was all over.
killerklown on 01/06/2008:
They DID transfer them from your old car to your new car, physically. Guess who's responsibility it is to go to the DMV and get the actual transfer taken care of? Not theirs.
mydogbozo on 02/01/2008:
Man this is a mess!!! I have never heard of such a farce.....HMMMMMMMMMM..............
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