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Horrible Experience
Posted by Miako4 on 06/05/2009
I ordered pet products from the web page in March never get it. I send them email they replied and say sorry no improvement, I send another email as a joke they asked me to give them more time it is June still nothing... It is a scam page be aware...

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Posted by goduke on 2009-06-05:
Thanks for the heads up on this one.
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Unacceptable Delivery Period
Posted by Tomsandman on 01/26/2011
Regardless of who is to blame for the long delivery period, as a customer waiting almost a month for delivery of a product that my dogs and cats needed within a week or two, this is unacceptable. Low prices and free delivery are great if one can expect the product within some predictable time frame. I ordered Frontline for my animals on December 28th. Today is January 26th and no sign of the product. Budget Pet Care needs to get out of the US market if they cannot do better than this. I will not use them again.
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-01-26:
Did they provide you a notification of the shipping date? The company is based in Canada and I have ordered from several Canadian based companies in the past, to find my shipment delayed and held by U.S. Customs for an extended time period.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-26:
The Budget Pet Care website states that you should order from them not less than 4-6 weeks before you need the product, so if you needed them within 1-2 weeks, you should not have chosen them as a supplier.

It also states that if you don't receive your order within 28 days they will issue a refund, so you can see what to expect prior to ordering.

Budget Pet Care must wonder why they get so many complaints about shipping time, because the terms are shown. I'm sorry you didn't see them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-26:
Happy belated.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-26:
good info trm, but remember that is 4-6 weeks of business days, and that is still a little short 6 weeks of business days would be 30.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-26:
If my cats and dogs need medication within a week, I would go right to the vet and not order online.
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Slow delivery
Posted by Jamsine101 on 12/28/2010
MANITOBA R5G 1Y2 CANADA -- It took over a month to receive my products. The products were shipped through US Mail and could not be tracked. I was beginning to doubt whether they had been shipped.

The company is located in Canada and the shipment was probably held up due to US Customs and the weather. However, I would have preferred to pay a few more dollars and received my product more timely.

I ordered other products from PetShed.com on the same day as I ordered from Budget Pet Care and received those products within 3 days of the order.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-28:
Sounds like PetShed is the retailer you want to stick with.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-28:
As you say, you would be willing to spend a few more $ and get your products more quickly. Why not order from an online discounter in the US? There are several. 1800petmeds comes to mind.
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Budget Pet Care Shipping Experience
Posted by PugLuv on 09/28/2010

Budget Pet Care may be tempting when you see their very reasonable prices, but it comes with a small hitch for USA buyers. Canadian customs can tie up your order for several weeks. If your pet needs medication within the next 5-7 business days DO NOT ORDER from this company.

If you can wait the 3+ weeks to get your pet's medication, the company is good, the medication is good, everything is good. Thru no fault of their own, shipping to the USA takes forever and a day.

Please keep that in mind when ordering.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-28:
Great informative review! I did not know that Budget Pet Care ships from Canada.
Posted by Insider1980 on 2010-11-27:
They don't ship from Canada!!! They ship from the UK!!! The Canadian address is nothing more than a 'front' so Americans will think their order will arrive in a few days and they are based there. They recently moved the call centre back to Canada but don't let that fool you. They ship from from Unit 6, Knights Business Park, Shrewsbury, England and the items they sell are NOT licensed to be sold in the USA. They are all sourced from South Africa, Australia and sometimes Europe.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-11-27:
The website FAQ clearly indicates they ship from Canada and the UK----abd to allow 21 business days

Q: Will I get the exact product shown in photos on this website?
A: Images and photographs contained on this website are for illustrative purposes only, and packaging may sometime differ from the photos shown as we ship from Canada and the UK. Products contained within packaging will be exactly as ordered.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-11-27:

Posted by Insider1980 on 2010-12-02:
Go see my comments 'Beware this company is a SCAM' and until you have actually knowledge of this company and how it works and operates I'd tell everyone reading raven & pepperelf's comments (who seem to be in some sort of collusion) to ignore them. And if you want any further evidence call the makers of Advantix and K9 Advantix and see what they have to say as this company claims to sell K9 Advantix but ships Advantix. That is not the same product.
Posted by Nadia on 2011-07-28:
Insider1980 is correct. All orders are shipped from the UK, check the stamp on your package. It will say Shrewsbury on it. Shrewsbury is a town in the UK. No orders are shipped from Canada.
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Very upset with this company
Posted by Upset pet owner on 10/06/2009
I am a multiple pet owner who utilizes online purchasing a lot to save money. This was my first time dealing with www.budgetpetcare.com and I have done everything in my power to make sure that people know exactly what happened to me when I placed an order with them. This is just one other step I am taking. I purchased $339 worth of Revolution from them on a Thursday night and paid in full. Revolution is a prescription product so I was anticipating a step where you enter your veterinarian's name and number to get the ok from them. That part never happened so right after I placed the order, I called them on the phone to make sure my order would be handled in a timely manner.

The woman I spoke with told me she would personally call my veterinarian that day after I had given her all the information. The next morning, my order was still waiting to have the prescription verified and my vet said no one had ever called. I was upset because this was going to delay my meds arriving. After speaking with my vet, she gave me a large discount on what I needed so I decided to purchase from them instead. I called budgetpetcare.com back and cancelled my order with them.

This was less than 12 hours from when I had placed the order to begin with. The woman I spoke with (Stacy- who was very rude), said that she had cancelled my order and I would receive a full refund within 3-5 working days. This happened on a Friday. On Monday, I checked my order and it still said waiting for prescrition to be verified. I was concerned that my order had never been cancelled so I called them immediately. It was, in fact, true that my order had never been cancelled.

Stacy told me that she would cancel my order by the end of the business day and my refund would be 3-5 working days. I checked on Wednesday and my order said the same thing. I was very upset at this point. I called them again and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told no one was available but a message would be left and someone would call me back. I did receive a message from Nicole that evening that she had personally taken my cancelled order to be refunded and that I would have my refund by the next day (which would have been Thursday). This did not happen either.

I called them back on Thursday and asked to speak with a supervisor and after speaking with a supervisor, was hung up on by her. After calling back multiple times, they hung up on me each time. I called from my cell phone so they didn't know it was me and was able to get through but they immediately hung up on me again. They delayed the processing of my refund and the 3-5 working days turned into 12 days!! I was so upset that they hung up on me multiple times for only inquiring about my refund and started to question their validness as a company. I do not know any company that tolerates their employees hanging up on customers but this one obviously does. Only after I threatened to call my lawyer and file a complaint with the BBB did they finally process my refund (which really takes 7-10 business days per Allied Wallet- which is the company that actually refunds the money). I researched them on the BBB website and they had 10 additional complaints in the last 3 years (all of which were left unresolved because budgetpetcare.com refused to respond) and the BBB gave them a rating of F. I wish I had researched them prior to placing an order but had never had a problem before purchasing online. Boy did I learn my lesson. I truly hope no one has to learn about them the way I did. That is why I am writing this review.
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-06:
They probably hung up on you because they thought you were a nut. Thursday NIGHT, you buy something. You call and learn they will call the vet "that day" which means Friday. You call vet on Friday MORNING and panic because that delays the medicine you ordered at the last minute before your pets needed it. (You do know there is a morning and afternoon to each day?)

So you call them on Friday, and cancel your order. On Monday MORNING, you call and see not cancelled yet - So you call again. You continue to call, demand to speak to a supervisor and get upset with them. What do you think these mail order places do, sit around waiting to jump at your command. Patience is a virtue, perhaps you have heard of it. You got your refund back in the normal course of business.

I have bought a lot on-line both business and personal. These places have low prices for a reason, e.g. less overhead. The fact something is ordered today, does not mean shipped today. When it comes to prescriptions or new places, I place a small order first to see how their system works. Then I can better judge how long something takes to receive and their ability to fill an order accurately.
Posted by goduke on 2009-10-06:
I've generally found with the web that the folks who have the lowest price usually have found a way to cut their costs -- and generally that's through service. Their responses are slow and service is iffy. We hear that consistently about this outfit.
Posted by dancermina on 2009-11-13:
the exact same thing has happened to me. my heart totally sank when i read your post.
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Pet Care Supplies
Posted by Joyfullife247 on 04/09/2014
I have been ordering from BudgetPetCare.com for more than two years and have been very satisfied with their service, product selection and shipping speeds. I order Advantage Plus for cats. They always have it at an amazing price. Sometimes the product comes from the UK with a different label; this is always completely explained and it is spelled out exactly how the products are the same (the formula) and how they may differ (the packaging). They always have a special going on and shipping has always been free. I would recommend them if you have pet supplies to order!
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Best Prices for your Pets Flea and Tick Medications!
Posted by Hegedus_donna on 04/05/2014
Best prices for Flea and Tick medications. Always reliable service. Prompt delivery. Easy payment and check out.
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Capstar Tablets
Posted by C7mckinc on 04/05/2014
MANITOBA, CANADA -- I have been purchasing Capstar tablets for my dogs for over three years and BudgetPetCare.com has ALWAYS provided me with a quality product at a fair price. I can honestly say that since putting my pets on the Capstar tablets I see no fleas or ticks on my pets and best of all, there are NO fleas or ticks in my home. The convenience of going online and ordering this product and having it shipped directly to my home is a plus. Thank you BudgetPetCare.com!!!

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Great Buy for Pet Supplies
Posted by Judy_k_jones on 04/04/2014
I have multiple dogs and cats. it can get expensive. Budget Pet Care makes keeping my pets flea free a lot easier. Texas summers are ruff on dogs and cats. now I can buy medication and have something left over to feed them. Service is fast. Shipping is Free.
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Very Prompt Deliveries. Easy Website And Ongoing Discounts.
Posted by Oxygen on 03/27/2014
I was really pleased with the prices, delivery and a occasional extra discount off the already existing prices.

I trust the meds for my puppy, Canada instills this and I know they come from Canada NOT a fake China company trying to trick us consumers!

Budgetpetcare.com is my only go-to site for all pet stuff:)
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