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Unsafe Equipment and Poor Service
Posted by Mafunapoly79 on 09/06/2005
On Monday, July 18, 2005, I rented a 16’ truck and car carrier #361659 at Allen Tire & Battery in New Britain, CT, and returned both items Friday, July 22, 2005, at All Safe Mini Stor It in Waukesha, WI. Our total bill was $1,429.53 (Customer Reference # 0042400009023) paid by credit card. We are extremely unhappy with the condition of the car carrier we received.

We arrived at Allen Tire & Battery on Monday and spoke with William Zenboi. In order to rent us the truck we were looking for, he needed to close that particular truck rental in the system. This told us that it was not inspected after the previous rental and before ours. He also rented us the only car carrier he had on property. Upon arriving at our Storage Unit with the truck and car carrier, we noticed that the strap that is placed around the front driver side tire was rotten three-fourths of the way through.

At 5:55 A.M. on Tuesday, July 19, , my fiancé and I began our long drive from New Britain, CT to Waukesha, WI. Within four minutes of merging onto I-84W in Hartford, CT, the passenger-side front tire of the car carrier blew out. In the emergency lane of the highway, I dialed Budget’s Roadside Assistance and spoke with Aaron who informed me that he would return my call as soon as he was able to locate a service to change our tire. After a half hour, Aaron did return our call and told me that service was located and would be at our location within the hour. We waited patiently for one hour and 15 minutes for a service technician to help us while rush-hour traffic continued to build. As frustration set in, I dialed Budget Roadside Assistance a second time and spoke with Jay who placed me on hold for 10 minutes. When he came back on the line, he informed me that the service technician had gotten stuck in traffic and would be there within 20 minutes. After 30 minutes, my fiancé called Roadside Assistance yet again and also spoke with Jay who informed us that the service technician should be there “any minute.” We questioned Jay about the location of the service technician, and he informed us that the technician was coming from East Hartford – only 10 minutes from our location. As we began to tell Jay that sitting on the side of a MAJOR highway in a MAJOR city for two and one-half hours is unacceptable, the service gentleman pulled up behind us. When we questioned him about the amount of time it took him to reach us, he informed us that he was not stuck in traffic but had only received the call 10 minutes prior to his arrival.

Upon changing our blown-out tire, the service technician informed us that the tire – along with at least two of the other three tires – had severe rot damage. Unfortunately, he only had one tire with him to replace the blown-out one.

It is unacceptable that we were both lied to and had to wait in the emergency lane of a MAJOR highway in a MAJOR city during very dangerous rush hour traffic for two and one half hours. It is also unacceptable that we were given a car carrier with tires in that condition. According to the Budget Truck Web site:

"Budget Strives For A Well-Maintained Fleet:
Budget Truck Rental prides itself on its established safety and inspection process. Before any rental, Budget Truck rental locations are expected to complete a full 10-point inspection of the truck, which includes checking for the proper fluids, tire pressures and other necessary elements for a smooth rental."

It also needs to be mentioned that upon return of the truck and car carrier, we informed the gentleman at All Safe Mini Stor It in Waukesha, WI, that the car carrier’s tires and straps were in need of attention before the next rental. He acknowledged our comment with an “uh-huh.”

This is only the beginning of a list of issues that we had with Budget Truck Rental.

On Wednesday, June 29, 2005, we rented the first of two 16’ trucks and car carriers at Southern Transfer Service in Orlando, FL, and returned the truck and car carrier #108755 on Thursday, July 7, 2005, at Allen Tire & Battery in New Britain, CT. Our total bill for our first trip was $840.35 (Customer Reference #1707116502430) paid by Discover credit card. Upon returning to our house to pack up the truck, we found we were unable to disconnect the car carrier from the truck. We phoned Roadside Assistance and waited two hours for a technician to arrive. He informed us that all he had to do was stand on the bumper of the truck and “bounce the car carrier off the ball,” which could have been explained to us on the telephone.

Upon attempting to reserve a second truck and car carrier in Connecticut, we called Budget Reservations at 10 A.M. on Sunday, July 17. We were informed that there was one location that had both the 16’ truck and car carrier. We were told we could pick them up at 2 P.M. and that this location closed at 6 P.M. Upon our arrival at Storage USA Rocky Hill in Rocky Hill, CT, we were told that they had only received the truck reservation information ten minutes prior to our arrival, that our reservation was for pickup at 2:30 P.M., and that the location closed at 3 P.M. We were also told that they only had a 15’ truck and no car carrier. The gentleman at Storage USA Rocky Hill phoned the District Office to inquire about the reservation. After several minutes, he handed the phone to my fiancé who was told there were no other open locations, that it was our fault for making the reservation on a Sunday afternoon, and that if we desired we could take the truck currently available at that location and pick up a car carrier at another location the next morning. We explained to the woman on the phone that this was not acceptable. We were told the equipment was available; therefore, it was not our fault for making the reservation on a Sunday. We also explained that because we were told our reservation was made, we went ahead and made arrangements to pack that afternoon and leave the following morning. This had now caused us to lose an entire day and a half. We asked what she could offer us for the trouble, and she informed my fiancé that we were not “at the negotiating stage yet.” This is not an acceptable way to treat a customer that is going to spend over $1,500 on your equipment.

In the end, we canceled the reservation and waited until the following morning to return to another location, Allen Tire & Battery in New Britain, CT, because we had dealt with the gentleman earlier and he had informed us he could offer us a better deal.

I would also like to mention that on the Budget Truck Rental web site and on the reservation system printed papers it says that Budget Truck Rental rents 16’ trucks; however, on my receipts and on various posters hung throughout Budget Truck Rental facilities, it states that the trucks are 15’. If I have reserved a 16’ truck, I expect to receive a 16’ truck – not 15’.

As outlined in this note, I am extremely disappointed with our experiences with Budget Truck Rental – both the equipment and Budget associates. Upon our arrival at our final destination in Waukesha, WI, we phoned customer service and spoke with Tammy who informed us she could only offer a 10% refund on the car carrier based on Budget’s guidelines. When we stated this was not acceptable, she had us speak with Sean, her supervisor, who informed us he could only offer a 20% refund on the car carrier. When I told him that this was also unacceptable, he informed me that was all he could do. He said he would make a note in our file that the customer declined his offer and proceeded to give me Budget Truck Rental's Executive Offices address to which I wrote a three-page letter - dated August 2, 2005 - with the information just described here.

To resolve my complaints, I requested a refund of the cost of the second car carrier, a total of $344.50 ($325 for the car carrier and $19.50 for the 6% tax), based on the fact that the equipment was in such a state of disrepair as to jeopardize the safety of my fiancé and myself, along with other drivers on state and federal highways. Also, I feel I am entitled to an additional refund of 10% of the total bill for both trips ($2,269.88), which is $226.99, as compensation for our inconvenience, wasted personal time, excessive cell phone usage, and the numerous misleading statements made by their associates.

I enclosed all receipts and paperwork from both truck and car carrier rentals and photos of the rot-ridden tires and straps. I requested return information by September 1, 2005 before filing a complaint with and seeking help from the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection, Connecticut and Florida Departments of Consumer Protection, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Better Business Bureau.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at approximately 5 p.m., I received a phone call from J.P. (Employee ID # 57681) at Budget Truck Rental (Phone # 800-462-8343). He informed me that he was unable to give me any information even though I had written the letter and all the charges were placed on my credit card. He would only speak with my fiancé because his name was on the truck rental reservation information. Unfortunately, my fiancé was not home from work at that time but did attempt to return J. P.'s phone call 15 minutes later. We were told J. P. had already left the office. On Thursday, August 25, my fiancé called J. P. during his lunch hour. J.P. explained to him that he was the Case Manager handling our case and had come to a settlement amount of $167.50. When we informed him that this amount was considerably less than we requested and felt we deserved, he stated that was all he could do. When we asked for his supervisor, he said he was the last person we could possibly deal with - no one was above him. We informed him that we felt we deserved a better offer and would proceed to file our complaints with the above mentioned organizations. As a courtesy gesture towards Budget Truck Rental, my fiancé placed one more phone call to J. P. during his lunch hour on Friday, August 26 to be sure that was the best they could offer. J. P. again stated that was all he could do.
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Posted by mondavi on 2008-05-02:
i hate to say it.. but they are all 15' not 16' i work for them and hate it.. but i make sure all my trucks go out safe.
Posted by Tarheelfan on 2008-09-09:
On Sept. 29th we rented a 16' Budget Truck with car dolly. From the beginning it was a hassle. We picked the truck up and loaded it. Once it was loaded we returned to pick up the dolly. They had not reserved the correct dolly. It was only a two wheel but we needed the four wheel. Upon hooking up the dolly we noticed a break light was broken. We hooked to another. Neither light worked on the dolly. Once we finally were ready for our trip we noticed a warp in the front left tire. They said they could not replace it because it was already loaded and if something happened to just call roadside assistance. That didn't cut it because someone could have been killed by a fully loaded 16' truck. It didn't stop there. The truck was turned in on the 31st. Later in the week i recieved a bank statement saying budget had charged me twice and tried to say the truck wasn't turned in until tuesday. This was not the case. It all got resolved but it was too much of a hassle to file a dispute of charge through my financial institution and then wait over a week to recieve payback for all fees and the overcharge that budget had caused. I would NOT reccommend budget truck rentals to ANYONE!!!!!!
Posted by mondavi on 2009-01-14:
hate to say it again. but you need to stay on top of these rental places.. it doesn't matter if its budget, penske, uhaul. they will try and screw you over!
Posted by Bastrop la, on 2013-06-15:
The budget truck I rented was very unsafe while driving the steering wheel shakes badly and as I push the brakes to stop it wobble out of control and the roadside assistance is a big joke you will be waiting 8hr for service
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Budget Service Sucks!
Posted by Warr on 08/06/2005
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had made a reservation for a 15 foot truck for Saturday the 30th of July. I even called again on Wednesday to CONFIRM the reservation and was told the truck would be there at 7am. I got to the Budget at 6006 Miramar Rd, San Diego at about 8am only to be told that they did not have ANY trucks and "THEY HAD NO IDEA WHEN THE TRUCKS WOULD SHOW UP". The best that they could do was to give me a 1-800 number to call.

I called the number, was put on hold for about 30 mins adn then spoke to someone who said that someone else would call me back with info about where trucks might be available.
I heard from the 'inventory person' about an hour later. He told me that "THE BEST THAT HE COULD DO WAS TO GIVE ME A VAN AND OFFER ME COMPENSATION FOR THAT".
Since I obviously DID NOT HAVE ANY CHOICE, I decided to do that and had to start moving a lot later than I was supposed to and then make multiple trips in order to move all my furniture.

The WORST IS NOT YET OVER. So, then I was told that I would have to contact the Budget people to get the compensation and so I filled out a form on their website and didn't hear back for days.
Then I called and the person told me that she couldn't do anything since I had filled out the form on line????
Then I sent the form again online.... Still no reply.
Called for the 4th time and was put in touch with a supervisor - Betty - who wouldn't give me her employee number. She asserted that if they were to offer me $5 as compensation, they were beingn VERY GENEROUS. I said in that case I will go ahead and file a report with the Better Business Bureau at which point she said thank you and slammed the phone down.
I'd had enough with them by this point. Firstly, they take reservations and are unable to keep them, and furthermore OFFER NO HELP WHATSOEVER, and lastly act like they're doing you a favor by talking to you after you've tried to contact them on numerous occasions.

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Reserved Truck Not Available, Poor Customer Service
Posted by Andijudt on 09/01/2013
NATIONWIDE, OHIO -- I made my reservation early in the week, and scheduled two days off from work to move from the state of Ohio, to Indiana. I went to the location, Pep-Boys, in Mansfield Ohio at 1:00 in the afternoon to pick up my truck, only to be told that I was the THIRD customer of the day to NOT receive their truck! No trucks were delivered, I was told. I called the customer service number and much to my surprise, NO ONE at YOUR company could explain how this happened. I was transferred to another associate who explained to me that they would have to have someone call me back with an alternate pick up. Guess what happened? They called me back and said that there was a shop in Galion Ohio, but wait, they couldn't tell me IF that shop was open or IF they even HAD A TRUCK! The recommendation to me from your associate: Why don't you wait until Tuesday to move? What a novel idea! It's almost as if your company assumed I was moving balloons or something ridiculously LIGHT that I needed no help moving at all. I normally work 80 hour work weeks, and my family graciously scheduled time off to help me as well. All in vain.

Well now, let me see. I think the FIRST thing you could do would be to determine just how this happened. Maybe your trucks were stolen. Maybe your driver just decided, "hey, I don't feel like going to work today". You know where I would start? I would begin by contacting the customers who had reservations and explaining just how this could happen. Preferably, BEFORE they arrive to pick up their truck.

Additionally, I was appalled that customer service suggested I drive another 30 minutes out of my way to check on another location THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A TRUCK, AND MAY NOT BE OPEN!!!!!

Now, I'm not entirely sure just what kind of a company you are running here, but what I can assure you is that IF I WERE to rent from your company again (Which is not looking very promising) I would expect MORE than a free rental.

I was at least hoping that you would make sure that a truck would be delivered as soon as possible to the Mansfield location. Ideally, I would have liked it delivered to my residence to make up for the time delay. Unfortunately, I am UNABLE TO MOVE AT ALL now because I can't take any more time off.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-02:
UHaul is about the same, though I believe they will actually tell you if that shop a half hour away has a vehicle. It's a jungle these days to rent a truck.
Posted by olie on 2013-09-02:
I can explain how the situation happened:

I reserve the truck for Friday through Saturday. I *promise* to return the truck by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. But I am tired and sore from all the moving I did on Friday, so I'm willing to pay the fee to return my truck "late".

That means that "my" truck isn't there when you show up to rent it.

(It has been many years since I've rented a truck, but I can easily see how this might happen. Especially at a location that has only a few trucks on site.)

The rental agency relies on its customers to return vehicles on time. If the customers don't, others are left waiting or without needed transportation.

I'm not saying this is right, just that this happens.
Posted by Alj on 2013-09-03:
I can't believe that you were the third truck of the day to not get your vehicle as promised. They could have at least given you a decent explanation.
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Budget Truck Rentals Review
Posted by Azmortgages on 07/15/2013
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I reserved at 10 foot moving truck for local use last Saturday at 9 am. My friends said they'd meet me at my house at 9:30 to help for the day.

When I arrived to pick up the truck, the door was open but the office was closed. i.e. someone must have forgot to lock the door the night before and didn't arrive to work the next day. I called several times in the morning and there was no answer. At 11 am I called another dealer and told them what happened. They put me on hold for 10 minutes and I finally hung up. I called the corporate office in New Jersey. They said they'd try to locate a truck for me. They also said they spoke with my dealer. The dealer supposedly said he offered me a 16' truck because a 10 foot truck was not available. That wasn't true. Even today, there is no answer at that dealer's location. Today is Monday afternoon.

During the weekend, when I called corporate, they said they'd compensate me for my expenses and time. I paid my friends a $100 each because we wasted most of the day. Plus I treated them to lunch.

I called corporate today. Paula was the most pleasant representative I spoke with so far, but she made Budget's policy very clear. When you make a reservation, you're not reserving a truck! You're merely reserving the rate. There is no guarantee that you'll have a truck when you arrive. However if you don't show up to pick up a truck, they charge you $50.

Paula said they don't guarantee a time and they don't guarantee availability. Over 2 days later, they still haven't found a truck. Ironically there were a dozen trucks at their dealer's location - but no one managing the store.

Paula told me Budget could not compensate me for losses due to the fact a truck was not available because they are a 'self serve' moving company. I asked if they would provide me with a free truck for a day ($30 value). She said, 'that's not going to happen.'. At that point I asked if Budget is concerned with their online reputation and bad reviews. Paula was very pleasant. She said Budget doesn't care at all. She said, 'Go ahead and say whatever you want about us. Have a nice day.' I wished her well and got off the phone.

Budget has offices all over the world. I believe that each office is independently owned and it's a franchise but I haven't researched that. They really don't care and don't feel that consumers can affect their profits when they tell the world about how Budget operates.

This is valuable information for potential Budget independent dealers and for people needing a moving truck.

I recommend that you always rent the truck first and give your friends the heads up that you might have a truck. Once you have a truck then invite them over to help you move.

I spoke with 3 or 4 Budget employees at corporate so far. Paula seemed to be the most knowledgeable. Everyone else was clueless with an 'I don't care' attitude. No one apologized. No one said they're sorry. No one said they understood. And no one cared, - especially the company. The employees were just following company policy. Even on this site, as of today, with over 150 complaints and a 1 star rating, Budget hasn't responded to any of the complaints. They don't care.

After writing this review I called corporate one more time to confirm their correct address. I told them I was online writing reviews about their company and wanted to make sure I was complaining about the right company. She said, 'oh ok, a huh, no problem, thanks for calling.'

Here's budget's corporate headquarters. She said they have offices in Canada too.

Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC
6 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054 U.S.
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Worst Company Ever. Do Not Trust Them
Posted by Mspion on 07/02/2013
430 FRANKLIN VILLAGE DRIVE, FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Twice we made a reservation with this company for a 24 feet truck, twice had the worse customer service ever. On June 27, 2013, I made a reservation over the phone with the service center, even provided them with my credit card information. With confirmation number handy went to pick up truck. I was informed at that location by a very unprofessional person that he was not advised by "Service Center" of this reservation. Also, he said he has not had a truck that size for months.

On July 2, 2013, decided to give them a second chance, this time after reservation, I called the Franklin, MA location to make sure this time they had the truck. Actually I called twice to confirm the availability and make sure my 45 minutes’ drive was not going to be in vain this time. Everything was fine until I arrived to pick up truck. Once there I was informed that they had not 24 feet for me, even though there was one parked right outside. Try to rationalize with the guy that I needed the truck to no avail.

My only advice to the rest of you hard working people is to never ever trust them. I am sure I am not ever going back there for anything and if anyone asks me for reference it is not going to be a good one for sure.
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Worst customer service ever!
Posted by E3sentry on 01/27/2012
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I rented a Budget truck to move from Dayton, OH to Tampa, FL. I flew to Dayton to get the truck I reserved, and took a cab to the business. When I showed up, the man working there was surprised to see me because he didn't have any reservations. Luckily he had a truck, if you could call it that, and eventually found the reservation. I examined the truck, and told him the gas tank was not completely full. He told me to just return it the way it was. Should have known that would be trouble. While loading the truck, I went to open the passenger door, and learned at that time the passenger mirror was taped on. The mirror flapped the whole trip. The truck had no cruise control, the tires were out of balance, and it pulled significantly to the right. Made for a long trip. When I got to Tampa and finished with the truck, I went to return it. It was about 6 in the evening, but the business had already closed. I parked the truck there since I had a ride at that time, but didn't see a drop box so I decided to return in the morning to finish the transaction. I got a call at 730 am complaining that the truck was parked in their lot. I told them I would be there as quick as I could, and was pushed over and over for a time. I did get there and drop the keys off about a half hour later. The gas gauge was as it had been when I picked it up. I contacted customer care, interesting name for it at Budget, and was treated very rudely by the operator there as well. Eventually I saw the futility of it, and just hung up. Later, I was charged a $10 drop off fee, and $43 top off fee. I am fighting these fees, and will challenge them with the credit card company as well if they do nit reverse them. I will not deal with Budget/Avis/Advantage rental agencies again. They have no clue about customer service!
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Posted by abuchheit581 on 2012-01-27:
You should have had the original rental agency note on your contract that the fuel tank was not full. He probably would have balked at this request which would have told you that you were being stiffed.
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Budget Left Me Stranded
Posted by YeloCreations on 08/01/2011
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I reserved a truck on July 11th for July 31st. I was called in the afternoon of the 30th from the Savannah, GA, Abercorn Street Budget truck rental location telling me that they will not have a truck for me the next day and there was absolutely nothing they could do for me or to compensate their huge mistake. They said I could try to call customer service, which I did and was on hold for over 30 minutes; I never spoke to a real person. My house lease ended on the 31st and I had absolutely no choice to stay any longer in that location. I had to move. I spent all afternoon calling other rental companies that were all completely booked. I was left completely stranded.

I will never rent from Budget Truck Rental ever again and I will be sure to tell anyone needing a truck rental to do the same. A company that states in their fine print that a reservation date is only a preference and can be changed as the company pleases is absurd and just plain wrong. When people need a moving truck, they need it for a specific day, not sometime around that date when Budget feels like delivering their trucks. It's one thing if there was weather related issues, but there was no reason for me to not receive the truck I RESERVED. I think this company needs to seriously reevaluate their company policies and actually have customer service be a priority; if not for the sake of the people spending their hard earned money on the rentals, than at least for the poor local Budget employees that are given no authority by corporate to help customers but are the ones getting yelled at when Budget screws people over. Moving is tough and exhausting as it is, Budget made it so much more miserable.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-08-01:
Sadly, this is the way it is with truck rental these days. UHaul isn't any better - they may make you drive 100 miles on rental day, because nobody nearby has one.

I rented trucks on many occasions in the past, and never had or was aware of this risk. I do remember once I was put into a larger truck.

The problem is, some people keep trucks longer than expected, and there are also breakdowns. I guess if rentals are guaranteed, there would have to be more inventory and thus higher rental prices. I'm sure you had a very miserable day - good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-01:
The OP writes: "A company that states in their fine print that a reservation date is only a preference and can be changed as the company pleases is absurd and just plain wrong."


What damages did you suffer? Were you fined by the place you were moving out of? Did you have to move your stuff onto the yard?

I know, they will say because they wrote it in their lease/contract, you have to live with it. That is NOT true. Take them to Small Claims court if you were damaged, and if not, for nothing more than to waste a little of their time and reputation.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-08-01:
Good review
Posted by carioquinhaveras on 2012-01-08:
S Hawking, how do I report to Small Claims Court? I had a similar problem to the one described above.

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Wouldn't use them again!
Posted by Not anymore on 07/27/2011
AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Made a reservation for 10 foot truck to move my daughter from Columbia SC to Aiken SC. No one told me at any point a 10 foot truck would be unavailable. Instead, once I got there I got a 16ft for same price. Had I known this, I would have gone 1/2 mile down the street and rented from U-Haul but we were pushed for time. I drove off with the truck only to get to my daughter's apartment and find that the inside back of the truck was absolutely filthy, not to mention it had water inside from a leak in the roof. I had to make due as we were pushed for time! Handling this truck was terrible. The right mirror was taped with plastic as it was falling out of it's casing. With the price of gas, renting this truck was considerably more expensive. I almost was going to leave the truck on the destination lot as a drop-off, but thought otherwise, as I wanted to make sure I personally saw a Budget representative see that the truck was in better condition than when I got it. I had just filled it up completely but the representative told me it wasn't completely full. I begged to differ, but he told me he was going to charge me $30, if I didn't put more gas in there. I then had to drive this big truck to a nearby gas station and see if it would take anymore gas. The price of a gallon of gas currently is $3.43. As I tried to fill it up more, it hit $3.15 and gas spilled out of the gas tank as it was overflowing. The destination facility was Jordan's Signature Automotive in Aiken, SC. Needless to say, never again will I rent from Budget!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-27:
The substitution of the larger truck is something these places are doing now, when the smaller one is not available. You see, they don't actually reserve the exact truck and have it sitting there - in fact, with U-Haul they may ask you to drive 60-100 miles when you go to pick up a truck to get what you need from another location.

So, neither U-Haul or Budget is perfect. The gas thing is ridiculous. Within 1 gallon should be good enough.
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Do Not Rent From This Company!!
Posted by Thesleepytree on 07/05/2011
They overbooked and didn't tell me until the day before my move that I had no truck.

After being left high and dry by the pick-up location that told me of the failure to be able to honor my confirmed reservation, I called Budget and they tried (supposedly) to find me a truck. When I called to find out the status of the search, it was like they had no idea who I was. So the search begins (again?).

They end up finding me a truck over 30 miles away. They oh so generously offered not to charge me for the extra miles I would have to drive so far out of my way due to THEIR mistake. They absolutely would not give me any kind of discount or reimbursement to compensate for the $40 extra in gas it would cost me to pick up at the new location and I didn't even bring up the 2 hours of extra driving I would have to do on my moving day!

I spent so much time on the phone with customer service and various supervisors and it came down to them not caring and not even thinking that they did anything wrong. They were almost confused that I thought they should modify my charges in some fashion so I would pay the same as I would have paid with my initial reservation. It was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

I called UHaul and had a truck within an hour.
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Budget truck rental promises, doesn't deliver
Posted by Captain aardvark on 06/30/2011
My son and I reserved a Budget truck for a local move. When we went to pick up the truck, we were informed that reservation not withstanding, there no trucks available at that location. For the rest of the day! The local agent (Budget trucks were his sideline business) looked totally bored, was completely unconcerned, didn't apologize and offered zero help. He gave us a toll free number then started reading a book and ignored us after that. After 20 minutes bouncing between Budget reps and hold music we were told they "might" be able to get a truck for us in 2 hours. We called a local U-Haul store, and by contrast they could not have been more helpful. The location we called did not have a truck, but reserved one for us at another U-Haul store nearby. It was ready in 30 minutes and we were able to salvage the day. This is actually the second time Budget promised us a rental truck that wasn't available the day we needed it. I'd forget Budget trucks if I were you. To be fair, we've gotten good service with Budget car rentals; must not be the same group in charge with the truck division.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-30:
I believe, though I may be wrong, that the same thing could have happened in the reverse manner.

U-Haul will, at the last minute, tell you that you have to drive 60, 80 miles to another facility because they have no truck, even if you have a reservation.

I'm glad you were able to find a truck, because when you are in this situation changing plans can be very expensive and disconcerting.
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