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Rented Me a Truck Were the Liftgate Did Not Work.
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Rating: 1/51

DAVENPORT, FLORIDA -- If I could give a zero stars they deserve less. The woman that runs the office is terrible. Budget Customer service even worse. The truck liftgate did not work when I arrived to the job site and then I waited 5 hours for roadside assistance. Turns out the batteries had just been replaced and they hooked the wrong wire up to the negative. I paid 2 guys 5 hours of labor to stand around. After calling this location several times to request help or another vehicle, they did nothing to help.

I returned the truck the same day and it was late, dark out and there was no place to park the truck. So we locked the keys in the truck and parked the best I could. Was never given instructions on how to return the truck. In the end I was charged a cleaning fee and 2 days rental on top of. They offered no refund seeing as how I wasted tons of time and money all day. Horrible company!

Charged a No Show Fee After Cancellation
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Rating: 2/51

BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL, CALIFORNIA -- I made a reservation with Budget because they were cheaper than U-haul. Then I read reviews. I know I should have read them first but lesson learned. Anyway 1 hour after making the reservation I cancelled because I just couldn't take the chance of the truck I reserved not being available. They sent me an acknowledgment of the cancellation but in checking my bank account I see they charged me a $50 no-show fee. I'm in the process of trying to get my money back but after everything I've read I'm sure it won't be easy.

Horrible Customer Service and Unsafe Trucks
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Rating: 1/51

The local Budget Truck rental stores I've done business with are nice and helpful, but it's the national roadside assistance and customer service that is awful. Halfway through our journey, the ABS light came on on the dash. We did our part by stopping in a decent sized city (where there was a budget truck location) and called their national roadside assistance helpline.

After waiting 20 minutes for them to call back after our initial call, they advised us to keep driving because it's "probably just an issue with the sensor, not the brakes themselves." Well, about an hour later, the rotor came completely off the wheel and we were lucky to maintain control of the vehicle (and not hit any other vehicles) while swerving around the road. Once stopped, it took a long time to process our issue, to send someone out simply to say state "yes, it is broken and can't be repaired," and then another hour and a half for a tow truck to come. That added up to almost 4 hours on the side of a busy interstate.

No one I spoke to really seemed to care at all about the situation I was in. They had no sense of urgency and never called back with new information to keep me updated. I was told by the last person that night that the claim was put in the system (it was now after 10 PM), so it should be processed by the closest store and their inventory department starting at 7 AM and we should be moving forward in the hours after that.

Unfortunately, when I woke up at, called them a little bit after 7 (because again, they are horrible at communicating with you). They said they were waiting on one person in New Jersey (we were stuck in Missouri) to get to the office and approve the claim. I asked every which way that I could if there was any other living soul on the planet that could approve this claim and they said no (even though all the boxes had been checked off to get a new truck and someone literally just had to say "yes").

So we waited for hours for that person to show up, and then it took many more hours for a tow truck to bring the functioning truck to us (we were a half hour from the closest store). All along, again, there was no communication from them unless I called and waited on the line for 10+ minutes each time. They also said they would hire a team of movers to help us load the items from the broken down truck to the new one, except that they didn't do that until much later so we were already done doing it ourselves by the time the movers showed up.

After I returned the truck and called the customer service to get a refund and reimbursement for the inconvenience and for the time spent in a hotel, they again showed that they really didn't care about my situation. They read their script that said "I'm sorry to hear that, sir," but when I asked them to consider more than just the "inconvenience," to think about the dangerous situation they put us in when telling us to keep driving on a faulty truck, they just kept reading their same script. "We can offer you a 20% refund on the truck fee," which turned out to be $73, and then I have to email my hotel and food receipts to a specific email address.

I'm now struggling to get their email address to work, as I've spent weeks just trying to get through to someone to get some reimbursement back, and simply get someone to care enough to set this straight. My saga with them is still not over, and it feels like it never will be. They are extremely slow and their lack of caring and urgency is infuriating.

I've worked in customer service for years and I know that at the end of the day, all people want is to feel like someone cares about your trouble and wants to make it right. I'm not unreasonable in my demands and issues with this company, and yet they have consistently shown through the entire process that they fall very short of the mediocre bar of service I'm asking from them.

Unsafe trucks
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- In September 2013, we rented a 26 foot truck from Budget to move our household from Estes Park, CO to Tampa, FL. The representative who checked the truck out to us was very helpful, but the truck we were given was not in any condition to travel the almost 2000 miles we had to go. We did not make 100 miles when the brake buzzer would not turn off. We were stranded in a Walmart parking lot for a couple hours while a mechanic sent by Budget attempted to fix the problem. Then he said to try it, so we got back on the highway and the speedometer and lights no longer worked.

We pulled over and proceeded to wait another 3 hours while he and another mechanic he called tried multiple things, each of which apparently just led to more problems. At 8:30 pm, we were told to check into a hotel which Budget would pay for and that a moving crew would come the next morning to move all of our things from that truck to another truck. We had stopped at about 1:30 pm on a Thursday. The movers and next truck showed up at 11 the next morning and moved all of our things. We started again at 2:30 pm, so we lost an entire day on a massive trip.

In addition, Budget did not cover one of our hotel rooms in a very expensive hotel. Not sure if they really expected me, my husband, my two adult brothers, and my nephew to all share king-sized beds - which is all the hotel had left - or what? We drove until 11:30 on Friday to try and make up a bit of time and then left at 8:00 the next morning. We stopped at 11:30 to get gas and truck #2 would not start again. Another mechanic showed up after more than an hour wait (we were in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma by this time) and after about an hour, he said the truck was a total piece of garbage.

In fact, while on the phone with Budget, he was asked if he had test-driven the truck. His answer was that he would drive that truck across the parking lot! So once again, we spent from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm in a truck stop parking lot waiting for another truck and moving crew. We left again at 9:30 pm on Saturday and had to drive 28 hours straight in order to arrive Sunday evening in Tampa, because both of my brothers had to work Monday morning. We had two drivers for each vehicle (the truck and our car), two dogs, and one 7-year-old. It was dangerous and ridiculous. We were exhausted before we even got back on the road and had already been up for more than 14 hours.

We returned the truck to a dealer in Tampa on Fowler or Fletcher Ave (can't remember) and he helped up to have a perfect ending to our horrendous Budget experience. It was pouring when we left my brother's house, so we stopped at the truck stop gas station just before we got on I-75 where there was an awning and we could easily pull the huge truck in and out. It was about 12 miles from there to the return location. The personnel checked us in having a full tank, but another $45 charge showed up on our credit card without notice and when I called, they claimed the tank was not full. Nice scam.

This is not even the full story of all the insanity we endured, but there is too much to include here. Suffice to say, many of our things were damaged by being thrown into different trucks and we had intentionally put kitchen boxes with glassware, etc. ON TOP of boxes of books, but the movers certainly did not. We sent a letter requesting that Budget expunge our bill and also cover the three different hotels we had to stay in which were either very expensive or one which was very cheap but DISGUSTING (at the truck stop) and that they cover the gas.

We felt that was a MINIMAL request, given the torture we had to endure because they did not furnish us with a reliable truck for a journey of almost 2000 miles. They, of course, refused. After many angry calls, etc,, they finally agreed to reduce our bill by 2/3 and not cover any other expenses. Their justification for collecting 1/3 of their cost was - GET THIS - "we were able to make our destination in the third truck."!!!!!!!

WE HATE BUDGET AND WILL NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE THEM ANOTHER CENT EVER. As there are not a lot of choices for a trip like ours however, we recommend that anyone needing to go a long distance at least get a personal assurance from the owner of the franchise where the truck is issued that the truck is is excellent condition and that it is a newer model at least, in order to minimize the possibility of a disaster such as we experienced.

My Budget Truck Broke Down -- Horrible Experience
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Rating: 3/51

BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL -- I rented Budget truck in Spring Hill, FL. This lady had her stuff together, just as nice and anything she could do to make our trip easier. We all was well until DEF indicator light came on even though it was over half full. The truck started going slower and slower, and I called Roadside Assistance. I kid you not, there was never a time that I called them that it wasn't 30 to 40 minutes before someone got on the line and then possibly transferred to another person for a even longer wait.

We broke down around 4:00 p.m. and at 10 p.m. we were still by the road on the interstate. We were 17 miles from Tallahassee, Florida that has numerous Budget Truck locations. Even though we were warned not to leave our truck we had to go on into town and get a motel so we could rest. I guess we were expected to sleep in the truck. At around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning we received a call from the mechanic they sent from...get this...Valdosta, Georgia. Informed us through a text message the truck could not be fixed. Well I thought the logical thing to do was just to send a truck from Tallahassee and couple men to unload and reload on another.

Well after a long, frustrating time once again we were told by Roadside Assistance, "That is handled by Fleet Services." That's not how they handled it, and they were going to tow it to my destination over 150 miles away. Now this is the biggest Budget truck they have, 26 ft huge, and loaded down with all my things, and at this point I don't even know where it is because no one bothers to keep you updated. So I finally found out it had to be approved through Budget for anything over 150 miles. I ask, "Well what will you do if it's not approved?" They had no answer. Well then they dispatched the towing person from again Valdosta, GA. I don't know why.

I was finally seeing the truck being towed up to my driveway at around midnight, and as I was seeing it come through my entryway that we had to saw down because the tow truck with the Budget truck up in air would not fit through, it hit me, "OMG, it's tilted backwards." All my stuff will be thrown towards the back, and I'm a good packer but I was worried.

On top they wanted the tow truck driver to stay while we unloaded this truck at midnight. I said, "You are gonna be here awhile," so he left the truck, and then starting in the morning all the sudden Budget could call me every hour wanting to know if I had the truck unloaded.

A lot of my things as I suspected were thrown around and broken due to the towing the truck for that long of a distance. I called Budget and all they did was assign me an adjuster that has not yet called me or tried to get in touch with me.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I rented a moving truck in good faith that it would be in good running condition. Far from it! It broke down 3 separate times! Two of the times I was blocking traffic. I called Budget roadside assistance and explained that I was broke down in a dangerous spot. Instead of helping me, I was put on hold for over 25 minutes. Once they finally picked up I re-explained the situation and they put me on hold again. I finally had to call 911 the first time, then my own tow truck and pay for my own tow out of pocket the second time.

The 3rd time, it broke down in my new apartment complex and I had to have it towed to my storage unit. I had my movers ready, then the Budget tow company called and cancelled on me and wanted to re-schedule for later in the afternoon. The movers, who I paid, had to leave and go to their next call. I have all the receipts for my out-of-pocket tows, movers, taxis, etc. Not to mention time lost from work and settling in to my new apartment on time. Was Budget willing to reimburse me? NO! I've instead had to begin the dispute process with my credit card instead. Worst company ever. DON'T USE BUDGET!

Terrible Business Practices/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- We recently reserved a Budget truck rental and car carrier to move from California to Colorado. It was a total nightmare! We reserved it a couple of weeks in advance as we had to be out of our current rental on the 31st of July and needed to get to Colorado in 3 days. When we went to get our truck and trailer they said that the manager Brian had let someone else take our car carrier and that they would get us another one before we left the next morning.

We thought this would be OK because we had to load the truck anyway and didn't really need it until the next morning. They promised us a discount for our troubles and so we just rented the truck and they told us they would do the contract for the trailer the next morning with the discount. We were planning on leaving first thing in the morning and they said they would have the trailer there by 9am.

I called them the next morning and they told us they were having trouble getting the carrier and that they hoped it would be there by 1:00 pm. We went back and forth with them and then they just stopped taking our calls, when I tried to call the manager Brian in the Santa Maria office he was in but his secretary wouldn't let me talk to him and he said we would have the trailer the next morning which meant hotel costs that we really couldn't afford.

We called the National Budget line and spoke to Bobby who was the inventory manager and he said he would get us a carrier as soon as possible and that they wouldn't charge us for the car carrier for all the trouble we had, the next morning we had our carrier and they told us we had to rent the trailer and when we got to Colorado they would reimburse us for the cost since they screwed up out whole time table.

Since we got here we have been trying to contact both the San Luis Obispo office and Bobby at the national company headquarters to no avail, they will not return calls, and when we did get a hold of the customer service reps they were no help whatsoever. Everyone do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE CHEATS AND LIARS AND NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

The Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

GOFFSTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I reserved a Budget truck in July 2014 for a move from New Hampshire to Florida. While making the reservation over the phone with a customer service rep... I was informed of the special rate they had at the time in preparation of the fall season. Happy at the time that I got such a great rate on my truck rental. My move is scheduled to take place at the end of November 2014.

Well 3 months later.... the bastards at Budget begin to show how much they suck. I decided to go and physically see the truck about 2 weeks before my 1900 mile move to get an idea of the cab size since I am bringing my two dogs along. I go to the dealer where I was told would have my truck rental information only to find out that the dealer is no longer in business with Budget. Hahaha... are you kidding me? So of course.. I immediately call the corporate customer service line to find out what's going on.

Seriously these people booked this reservation for me 3 months earlier knowing that the dealer was no longer there... What kind of company does business like that? When I attempted to change the pickup location to one that is actually in business. They wouldn't honor the original quote. Now that's just crummy and shady. And yes... you can guess that nobody gave a crap about me or my problem.

Now because we are in November and everyone seems to go south at that time.. my price doubled! Even with a prior 3 month reservation. I call that the doubling down budget douche move. I can't express enough how much this screws my moving expenses and these people could care less. First they book me with a dealer who is no longer there and then when I am desperate to find a rental two weeks before my move they won't honor their original price quote.

I wouldn't rent a truck from these people.. ever and I hope this review reaches others before they attempt to do business with a bunch of scam artists. Go to U-haul and pay the extra price. Because sometimes cheaper isn't always better.

The Worst Possible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I reserved a truck 3 weeks in advance for a move from Tennessee to Maine. I was supposed to get the truck at 5pm. Budget called at 1:30 to say they wouldn't have a truck until at least 3 the next afternoon. My son had arranged for 6 of his friends to be at the house at 6 to load up. My son in law was flying in the next morning to drive the truck back and wanted it loaded and ready to go.

I was at work and had to rush to find another truck at the last minute. Budget did not care at all about the major inconvenience. Luckily, I was able to get a truck with U-Haul, but at almost twice the price that I had not budgeted. Now, I will not have the money I need when I get up there. I have used U-Haul many times and have never had a problem. I only reserved with Budget because their prices were cheaper. It could be free and I won't ever try them again. When you reserve something, you expect it to be there. It could have been a major disaster.I urge everyone to stay as far away from this company as you can.

Terrible experience. Made reservation. Whoops, no truck!
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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- I suspect most of us have the same definition of “Reservation”; apparently Budget Truck Rental has a different dictionary. Reserved a truck to move my son home from college in Bloomington, IN. Three hours before scheduled pick up I get a call from Goober (name has been changed to protect the not very bright). “Sorry, ain't got no trucks today.” Tried to call store, no answer. Shocking, I know. Basically, 8 hours of my life I'll never get back. Had to call around in a panic and drive to Indianapolis to get a vehicle. In fairness, U-Haul was very responsive and helpful.

Update: To add insult to injury, I got charged a $50 “No show” fee. Really? Way to piss people off. I would also note that it took them 1 day to apply the fee, but I have to wait 5-7 business days to “process” the refund. All-in-all, a great big “** You” to Budget. Never going to rent a car from these Bozos, much less a truck, ever again or Avis, Budget's sister company.

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