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Budget Truck Rental
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TRIP from HELL and all due to Budget
By -

TRIP FROM HELL and all due to Budget! I reserved a 16' truck and tow dolly to used to move from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA. My dad flew into town and we picked up the truck on 12/5/10. They didn't have a tow dolly, so they gave us a tow trailer instead, which was fine with us. We put my car on the trailer and left Denver 12/6 A.M. About 200 miles into the trip, the gauges on the truck stopped working. Couldn't tell how fast we were going, how much gas we had, or anything else. But the truck seemed to run okay other than that so we kept going until we could find a gas station, where we pulled over, got some gas, and tried to restart the truck, and it wouldn't start.

It didn't even try to turn over. So I called the Roadside Assistance number and was on hold for at least 30 mins. before someone answered. I told the woman our situation and said we needed help so she told us she would have dispatch call us back with info. We waited almost an hour, and no call from dispatch. We were blocking a gas pump, stuck in a snowstorm with no heat, and my dad was on crutches due to a knee problem. So I called the Roadside Assistance number AGAIN, and was on hold AGAIN for at least 30 mins. and rather than wait for dispatch to call me back, I told the person on the phone that I was not going to hang until I had info on what was going to happen.

She came back on and said a tow truck would be there within 30 mins. Tow truck came and tried to give us a jump start and it wouldn't start, so the tow truck driver called Roadside Assistance and HE had to wait at least 30 minutes on hold before someone answered and he finally got permission to tow our Budget truck and trailer to a place that would fix it. It was about 4:45 P.M. by that time so we were stranded in Rawlins, Wyoming that night. Got a call the next morning that the truck had been fixed so we went to pick it up and the man at the repair shop asked us about payment and we said "Well, we figure that will be Budget's responsibility."

So then HE called Customer Service and was on hold for 45 mins. and was getting transferred to this person and that person before he finally got authorization for payment from Budget. So we think we're good to go, walk outside to hop in the truck and noticed that one of the wheels on the towing trailer was bent/askew and it was unable to be towed. Not sure how that happened; we honestly think the tow truck driver may have done it while backing it into the service facility because it was fine the day prior to that when we were driving.

The service facility told us they wouldn't be able to get parts to fix it so I AGAIN called Roadside Assistance and was AGAIN on hold for 30-45 minutes before someone came on to help me. We were told dispatch would call back with a directive, and AGAIN - no call from dispatch in an hour. So I called Roadside Assistance AGAIN, on hold AGAIN for 30-45 mins. and tell them I'll hold while they're figuring out what we can do because dispatch had never called back.

She finally came back on the line and told us we would have to drive to Laramie (100 miles back the way we came from) or Casper (120 miles north one way and completely out of our way because we were heading west) to pick up a new trailer. I told her there was no way we were going to drive that far out of our way to pick up a new trailer because we had already been inconvenienced an entire day because the truck had broken down and now we were expected to drive way out of our way to get a new one. HORRIBLE customer service. If anything, a new one should have been brought to us.

Then I suggested we go pick up a U-Haul trailer because there was a U-Haul rental company in town and asked if Budget would pay for that and she transferred me to a Customer Service representative who said "I don't know why she transferred you to me because all I can do is tell you that you're breaking your lease agreement if you get a U-Haul trailer."

She LITERALLY said that. So I hung up from her, called Roadside Assistance BACK to get "authorization" to just drop the trailer where it had broken down, was on hold for 45 minutes AGAIN, was told dispatch would call me (and they never did), so AGAIN I called, was on hold AGAIN for 30 minutes and FINALLY got authorization to just leave the trailer where it was and was told Budget would go pick it up. My dad drove the Budget Rental Truck the rest of the way and I followed him in my car the ENTIRE way to Seattle - almost 1,100 miles.

But to be honest with you, I was just happy to be rid of that trailer and be done with customer service and get out of Wyoming. I will NEVER rent from Budget again and I am going to go on all the review websites and give Budget a scathing review. My move to Seattle was the trip from hell and it was all due to Budget. Never again. I wish I had read the reviews before renting from them and now I've learned my lesson.

The Worst Treatment I Have Ever Experienced
By -

EULESS, TX -- I set up a truck rental last Friday August 6th, 2010. I was told by the employee ** when I rented the truck on Friday morning that I could leave my car at the Budget Facility overnight and that the truck had to be back at the facility by 8:00 am the next morning otherwise there would be another day rate charge. She told me that her manager would be opening the facility at 8:00 am the next morning but that he was sometimes late.

I had the truck there at 8:15 the next morning -- Saturday, August 7 but the gates were locked. I waited. As I had just moved there were many things I had to do. At about 8:30 I called the corporate number and spoke to a woman who suggested I drop the keys in the box and, seeing that my car was locked in the facility, I should call a cab. She had no name or number for the manager. At 8:45 a car pulled up and the driver reiterated that the facility should have been open at 8:00. He was a repeat customer and didn't know why it wasn't open. He also told me to park the truck and put the keys in the box. I told him that my car was parked inside the facility.

He was on first name terms with the manager -- he said this man '**' was the owner or manager. He called a number from his mobile phone and after a brief conversation then told me that the person was on his way. When ** got there he opened the gates. I asked him if this was Budget way of treating their customers -- telling them to bring back the truck at 8:00 am but not bothering to open the gates until after 9:00 am. He told me he didn't have to take any ** from me and that if I didn't like it, I could talk to the corporate office.

Then he told me this lie: "The girl who was supposed to open the facility had car troubles and she had called him to tell him she couldn't be there at 8:00 am." I told him to process my papers and that I couldn't believe a national rental company would act so unprofessionally. He was very rude.

Then he checked the fuel and said that the tank wasn't full. I told him that when ** and I had checked the fuel gauge on the morning when I rented the truck it did not go all the way to the 'F' mark. When I asked her about this she told me that fuel gauges on these bigger trucks were often not accurate. I had actually filled the truck just before returning it. The manager said I would have to wait and then drive with him to the has station. Needless to say I left.

I am shocked at the treatment I received from this company. There was total disregard for me as a customer. I was made to waste an hour of my time. I was lied to and the truck's fuel gauge was faulty. Plus I found out from their corporate office that he had charged me $49.00 to fill the truck up anyway, this borders on criminal intent. I will not only never do business with this company again, I will attempt to dissuade everybody I know from doing business with this company. I'm sure one bad apple won't harm Budget's reputation but I would give this facility a miss.

The Worst Possible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I reserved a truck 3 weeks in advance for a move from Tennessee to Maine. I was supposed to get the truck at 5pm. Budget called at 1:30 to say they wouldn't have a truck until at least 3 the next afternoon. My son had arranged for 6 of his friends to be at the house at 6 to load up. My son in law was flying in the next morning to drive the truck back and wanted it loaded and ready to go.

I was at work and had to rush to find another truck at the last minute. Budget did not care at all about the major inconvenience. Luckily, I was able to get a truck with U-Haul, but at almost twice the price that I had not budgeted. Now, I will not have the money I need when I get up there. I have used U-Haul many times and have never had a problem. I only reserved with Budget because their prices were cheaper. It could be free and I won't ever try them again. When you reserve something, you expect it to be there. It could have been a major disaster.I urge everyone to stay as far away from this company as you can.

Unsafe Truck Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Reserved truck week in advance. Picked up in horrible rain downpour, get to me house open up back to load and raining inside truck, huge hole in ceiling. Call them, "oh yeah they didn't mention that to you?" So they knew and let us drive away. They had no other trucks, had to do our move, no choice. Had lift gate that we needed for items weighing 400 lbs ea. get to place we are unloading and lift gate doesn't work. My stuff is sitting hostage in the leaking truck. Call them again, they say "we aren't mechanics - why are you calling us?"

Call roadside service. 3 hours later they show, said truck should have never been rented, was unsafe to drive, battery cover missing, melted wires and electrical parts ** rigged with Staples. We had to use a makeshift ramp to unload our stuff, not fun and required getting extra help. Budget customer service couldn't have cared less. Still expected me to pay. I disputed credit card charges with my bank, Budget responded saying rude sarcastic comments about me and refused refund. Bank reversed charges during dispute and then Budget turned me to collections. Didn't even finish the dispute process.

They can KMA, I will not pay a dime and willing to risk my 839 credit score to stand my ground. More than happy to see them in court. Worst company ever. Do yourself a favor and stay clear. Incredible business model, no apologies from any of the 5 different people I talked to and then to be rude on top of it. From reading all the other reviews sounds like it's a nationwide policy to rent unsafe vehicles, screw everyone over and sit back and smile about it.

Worst Company Ever. Do Not Trust Them
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Rating: 1/51

430 FRANKLIN VILLAGE DRIVE, FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Twice we made a reservation with this company for a 24 feet truck, twice had the worse customer service ever. On June 27, 2013, I made a reservation over the phone with the service center, even provided them with my credit card information. With confirmation number handy went to pick up truck. I was informed at that location by a very unprofessional person that he was not advised by "Service Center" of this reservation. Also, he said he has not had a truck that size for months.

On July 2, 2013, decided to give them a second chance, this time after reservation, I called the Franklin, MA location to make sure this time they had the truck. Actually I called twice to confirm the availability and make sure my 45 minutes' drive was not going to be in vain this time. Everything was fine until I arrived to pick up truck. Once there I was informed that they had not 24 feet for me, even though there was one parked right outside. Try to rationalize with the guy that I needed the truck to no avail.

My only advice to the rest of you hard working people is to never ever trust them. I am sure I am not ever going back there for anything and if anyone asks me for reference it is not going to be a good one for sure.

Budget Left Me Stranded
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I reserved a truck on July 11th for July 31st. I was called in the afternoon of the 30th from the Savannah, GA, Abercorn Street Budget truck rental location telling me that they will not have a truck for me the next day and there was absolutely nothing they could do for me or to compensate their huge mistake. They said I could try to call customer service, which I did and was on hold for over 30 minutes; I never spoke to a real person. My house lease ended on the 31st and I had absolutely no choice to stay any longer in that location. I had to move. I spent all afternoon calling other rental companies that were all completely booked. I was left completely stranded.

I will never rent from Budget Truck Rental ever again and I will be sure to tell anyone needing a truck rental to do the same. A company that states in their fine print that a reservation date is only a preference and can be changed as the company pleases is absurd and just plain wrong. When people need a moving truck, they need it for a specific day, not sometime around that date when Budget feels like delivering their trucks. It's one thing if there was weather related issues, but there was no reason for me to not receive the truck I RESERVED.

I think this company needs to seriously reevaluate their company policies and actually have customer service be a priority; if not for the sake of the people spending their hard earned money on the rentals, than at least for the poor local Budget employees that are given no authority by corporate to help customers but are the ones getting yelled at when Budget screws people over. Moving is tough and exhausting as it is, Budget made it so much more miserable.

Wouldn't use them again!
By -

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Made a reservation for 10 foot truck to move my daughter from Columbia SC to Aiken SC. No one told me at any point a 10 foot truck would be unavailable. Instead, once I got there I got a 16ft for same price. Had I known this, I would have gone 1/2 mile down the street and rented from U-Haul but we were pushed for time. I drove off with the truck only to get to my daughter's apartment and find that the inside back of the truck was absolutely filthy, not to mention it had water inside from a leak in the roof. I had to make due as we were pushed for time!

Handling this truck was terrible. The right mirror was taped with plastic as it was falling out of it's casing. With the price of gas, renting this truck was considerably more expensive. I almost was going to leave the truck on the destination lot as a drop-off, but thought otherwise, as I wanted to make sure I personally saw a Budget representative see that the truck was in better condition than when I got it. I had just filled it up completely but the representative told me it wasn't completely full. I begged to differ, but he told me he was going to charge me $30, if I didn't put more gas in there.

I then had to drive this big truck to a nearby gas station and see if it would take anymore gas. The price of a gallon of gas currently is $3.43. As I tried to fill it up more, it hit $3.15 and gas spilled out of the gas tank as it was overflowing. The destination facility was Jordan's Signature Automotive in Aiken, SC. Needless to say, never again will I rent from Budget!

Shocked at horrible customer service!
By -

I am so disgusted at Budget Truck. I rented a 24 foot truck and trailer with a dolly. I showed up at the Budget Truck place at 9:00 am. The guy said that there was no truck and he called customer service. In the office customer service asked to speak to me. They told me that when I made the reservation that it does not guarantee the equipment. Hmmmm.. 1:00 pm rolls around and they have brought a truck out that was being serviced. They have offered me a whole 42.00 dollars off. Meanwhile the dealer is trying to get me a truck, 4 hours a later I get a truck.

I get a truck that goes a 40 miles an hour and I have to return it. The dealer is trying hard to figure out a solution. It is plain that he is getting no help on the phone, anymore than I did. It was pathetic. I have now called back to my house to tell everyone that was to help me move to go home. Four people rearranged schedules to help the next day.

It is now the next day at 1:00 pm and I am now way off schedule. I could not even call people to help me unload because I could not depend on Budget Truck Rental. The truck I got apparently had no shocks or something as the cab shook horribly off and on. The gas gauge did not work which scared me that I was going to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I finally get to my destination and the dealer tells me that they have charged me for a dolly that I never got.

I asked for a refund and he said they should have straightened that out when I rented the truck and he gave me a customer service number to call. Well, since I and the dealer spent hours on the phone in the original place, I knew how the conversation would go and decided I had enough of the run around. If you care about not getting bogus charges and the safety of you and your family you will not go with this business.

Don't let this happen to your family
By -

I rented a Budget truck for a move and the truck broke down on us at 1000 Sunday morning in Denton, TX. Roadside assistance left my wife, 8 week old baby, my father, my 84 year old grandfather and myself on the side of the road for 6 hours to get us towed despite being only 1 mile from the closest Budget office and only 24 miles from their fleet repair station in Grapevine. Both of which were open at the time of break down but closed before anyone bother to tow us. When they did tow me they towed me to wrong location.

I called road side assistance back three times and tried to get us towed to the correct place but each representative was more rude than the next saying "we would never tow a truck twice" and "you just don't understand" They also told me "all of my expenses would be reimbursed and to just check into a hotel and we will call at 08:00 to let you know how long on the repair." I am still today waiting for that 08:00 phone call as that was that last I have ever heard from Roadside assistance. I went to the local budget office and spoke to the employee there who confirm that we were indeed in the wrong spot and would have to be towed a second time.

He just called fleet repair directly and they got us a tow truck. Unfortunately, that process took another four hours and it wasn't till 12:00 the next day that they were actually able to get the truck at the correct location. It then took another four hours to repair the truck. We didn't get back on the road till after 16:00 over 30 hours since we have broken down.

I have since called to get reimbursed for my expenses which they are now trying to put limits on saying I was only allowed so much for food or hotel. This of course was never mentioned when I was stranded. Also every time I call we are told to call back at another time or a manager will call in a hour and never does. Today they had the nerve to transfer me to a off track betting company. Don't let this happen to you or your family boycott Budget!

Budget Truck Rental Experience was a NIGHTMARE
By -

Our original reservation was to pick up the truck at 11:00 am on Saturday. Upon arriving at the pickup place, they had no knowledge of the reservation, nor did they have any trucks. After calling everywhere and finding no trucks available within 100 miles, we had to leave. Phone calls to Budget customer service told us that we are not reserving equipment, merely reserving a price. Eventually, we were called at about 4:00 pm to let us know a truck was available. We were told that the rental would start at 11:00 am on the next day, Sunday since we didn't get it in time to use it on Saturday.

Upon attempting to return the truck, we drove through Petoskey 3 times, stopping at the police station and 2 other places looking for the address, as well as calling Budget 2 times. We eventually found the place 3 hours after we should have been able to find it. It was located in the country without any signs or any way of knowing that it was a Budget place. We only knew to leave the truck there after calling customer service yet again.

Then, upon returning home we received a message that we would be charged for another day since they had actually started counting our rental at 1:18 on Saturday - several hours before a truck was even available. As far as we are concerned, this is theft of $60 since they are charging for a day that we did not receive. We are retired and do not have time and money to throw away. We had to hire people to load the truck even though it wasn't available. We aren't 20 years old and can't load a truck ourselves in the middle of the night to get things rushed through. That's why we paid for a 3rd day -- but to be charged for a day we didn't even get is ridiculous.

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