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Unsafe trucks
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- In September 2013, we rented a 26 foot truck from Budget to move our household from Estes Park, CO to Tampa, FL. The representative who checked the truck out to us was very helpful, but the truck we were given was not in any condition to travel the almost 2000 miles we had to go. We did not make 100 miles when the brake buzzer would not turn off. We were stranded in a Walmart parking lot for a couple hours while a mechanic sent by Budget attempted to fix the problem. Then he said to try it, so we got back on the highway and the speedometer and lights no longer worked.

We pulled over and proceeded to wait another 3 hours while he and another mechanic he called tried multiple things, each of which apparently just led to more problems. At 8:30 pm, we were told to check into a hotel which Budget would pay for and that a moving crew would come the next morning to move all of our things from that truck to another truck. We had stopped at about 1:30 pm on a Thursday. The movers and next truck showed up at 11 the next morning and moved all of our things. We started again at 2:30 pm, so we lost an entire day on a massive trip.

In addition, Budget did not cover one of our hotel rooms in a very expensive hotel. Not sure if they really expected me, my husband, my two adult brothers, and my nephew to all share king-sized beds - which is all the hotel had left - or what? We drove until 11:30 on Friday to try and make up a bit of time and then left at 8:00 the next morning. We stopped at 11:30 to get gas and truck #2 would not start again. Another mechanic showed up after more than an hour wait (we were in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma by this time) and after about an hour, he said the truck was a total piece of garbage.

In fact, while on the phone with Budget, he was asked if he had test-driven the truck. His answer was that he would drive that truck across the parking lot! So once again, we spent from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm in a truck stop parking lot waiting for another truck and moving crew. We left again at 9:30 pm on Saturday and had to drive 28 hours straight in order to arrive Sunday evening in Tampa, because both of my brothers had to work Monday morning. We had two drivers for each vehicle (the truck and our car), two dogs, and one 7-year-old. It was dangerous and ridiculous. We were exhausted before we even got back on the road and had already been up for more than 14 hours.

We returned the truck to a dealer in Tampa on Fowler or Fletcher Ave (can't remember) and he helped up to have a perfect ending to our horrendous Budget experience. It was pouring when we left my brother's house, so we stopped at the truck stop gas station just before we got on I-75 where there was an awning and we could easily pull the huge truck in and out. It was about 12 miles from there to the return location. The personnel checked us in having a full tank, but another $45 charge showed up on our credit card without notice and when I called, they claimed the tank was not full. Nice scam.

This is not even the full story of all the insanity we endured, but there is too much to include here. Suffice to say, many of our things were damaged by being thrown into different trucks and we had intentionally put kitchen boxes with glassware, etc. ON TOP of boxes of books, but the movers certainly did not. We sent a letter requesting that Budget expunge our bill and also cover the three different hotels we had to stay in which were either very expensive or one which was very cheap but DISGUSTING (at the truck stop) and that they cover the gas.

We felt that was a MINIMAL request, given the torture we had to endure because they did not furnish us with a reliable truck for a journey of almost 2000 miles. They, of course, refused. After many angry calls, etc,, they finally agreed to reduce our bill by 2/3 and not cover any other expenses. Their justification for collecting 1/3 of their cost was - GET THIS - "we were able to make our destination in the third truck."!!!!!!!

WE HATE BUDGET AND WILL NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE THEM ANOTHER CENT EVER. As there are not a lot of choices for a trip like ours however, we recommend that anyone needing to go a long distance at least get a personal assurance from the owner of the franchise where the truck is issued that the truck is is excellent condition and that it is a newer model at least, in order to minimize the possibility of a disaster such as we experienced.

Budget Truck Rentals Review
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I reserved at 10 foot moving truck for local use last Saturday at 9 am. My friends said they'd meet me at my house at 9:30 to help for the day. When I arrived to pick up the truck, the door was open but the office was closed. i.e. someone must have forgot to lock the door the night before and didn't arrive to work the next day. I called several times in the morning and there was no answer. At 11 am I called another dealer and told them what happened. They put me on hold for 10 minutes and I finally hung up.

I called the corporate office in New Jersey. They said they'd try to locate a truck for me. They also said they spoke with my dealer. The dealer supposedly said he offered me a 16' truck because a 10 foot truck was not available. That wasn't true. Even today, there is no answer at that dealer's location. Today is Monday afternoon. During the weekend, when I called corporate, they said they'd compensate me for my expenses and time. I paid my friends a $100 each because we wasted most of the day. Plus I treated them to lunch.

I called corporate today. ** was the most pleasant representative I spoke with so far, but she made Budget's policy very clear. When you make a reservation, you're not reserving a truck! You're merely reserving the rate. There is no guarantee that you'll have a truck when you arrive. However if you don't show up to pick up a truck, they charge you $50. ** said they don't guarantee a time and they don't guarantee availability. Over 2 days later, they still haven't found a truck. Ironically there were a dozen trucks at their dealer's location - but no one managing the store.

** told me Budget could not compensate me for losses because a truck was not available because they are a 'self serve' moving company. I asked if they would provide me with a free truck for a day ($30 value). She said, 'that's not going to happen.' At that point I asked if Budget is concerned with their online reputation and bad reviews. ** was very pleasant. She said Budget doesn't care at all. She said, 'Go ahead and say whatever you want about us. Have a nice day.' I wished her well and got off the phone.

Budget has offices all over the world. I believe that each office is independently owned and it's a franchise but I haven't researched that. They really don't care and don't feel that consumers can affect their profits when they tell the world about how Budget operates. This is valuable information for potential Budget independent dealers and for people needing a moving truck. I recommend that you always rent the truck first and give your friends the heads up that you might have a truck. Once you have a truck then invite them over to help you move.

I spoke with 3 or 4 Budget employees at corporate so far. ** seemed to be the most knowledgeable. Everyone else was clueless with an 'I don't care' attitude. No one apologized. No one said they're sorry. No one said they understood. And no one cared, - especially the company. The employees were just following company policy. Even on this site, as of today, with over 150 complaints and a 1 star rating, Budget hasn't responded to any of the complaints. They don't care.

After writing this review I called corporate one more time to confirm their correct address. I told them I was online writing reviews about their company and wanted to make sure I was complaining about the right company. She said, 'oh OK, a huh, no problem, thanks for calling.' Here's budget's corporate headquarters. She said they have offices in Canada too. Avis Budget Car Rental, Parsippany, NJ 07054 U.S.

False Quotes, Poor Customer Service from Budget Truck Rental
By -

When reserving my truck, the agent quoted me a rate of $176 for a 3 day rental, plus an $18/day youthful driver surcharge, plus tax, for a total of $230 plus tax for my rental. Because my drop-off location was closed on the drop-off day, the rental was extended for an extra day with no extra charge. I specifically asked if I would be charged an additional $18 for the extra day, and the agent said no. I also asked if there was the potential that I would be given a truck larger that 10', and the agent said no, I would receive a 10' truck.

It was important for me to know what size truck I would be driving, since I needed this information to establish coverage on the Budget truck with my insurance agent. The rate I was quoted, combined with the guarantee of a 10' truck, were the deciding factors in my choosing Budget over another rental agency. When I picked up my truck, I was surprised to find a 16' truck waiting for me. I was also surprised to see that my bill included 4 days of the $18/day surcharge, not 3 days like I was quoted, along with a $3/day "Cost Recovery Fee" that had never been mentioned.

Upon arriving at my new apartment complex, I parked the truck in the visitors section while filling out paperwork with the landlord. After finishing the paperwork about 15 minutes later, I went to move the truck to a new parking spot within the complex. The truck had very little power behind it this time and I had a great deal of trouble negotiating the parking lot of the hilly apartment complex, but the engine trouble didn't appear until I was already stuck blocking the entrance to the complex with a truck 6' longer that I had been expecting to drive. I was finally able to get the truck into a parking spot, though not without a great deal of trouble and inconvenience.

Later we determined that the truck was experiencing vapor lock, and was drivable again given sufficient time to cool down, though the temperature gauge never rose beyond its midpoint. The truck vapor locked again after I gave it a final fill-up before dropping it off; luckily I was already close enough to the drop-off location that I was able to make it.

Following this experience, I called customer service to complain. The agent eventually offered to refund 5% of the $176 rental cost for the inconvenience of the truck's performance. Though I feel like I deserve more than an $8.80 refund for this, I accepted because the agent angrily insisted that this would be the only offer, and that she didn't even have to give me the 5% discount. The customer service agent did nothing to address my other issues. The extra $18 was not refunded, even though I specifically asked about it upon making the reservation.

The agent stated that the "Cost Recovery Fee" was particular to the individual dealers, and the central office did not include this in its quotes. First of all, it would not be difficult for Budget to keep tabs on the fees of its dealers, so that this price could be included in the quote once pick-up and drop-off points are established. Furthermore, if Budget was unable to quote what this hidden fee would be, Budget should have at least warned me that some dealers will charge an extra fee, and that I should contact the dealer with any questions concerning this. The customer service agent made no apology for this surprise on my bill.

The agent also told me that Budget does not make guarantees about the size of its trucks. Clearly some of Budget's reservation agents think you do. Throughout the phone call, the customer service agent kept saying that I had already received a good deal--a 20% discount had been applied when I made the reservation, and I got the truck for 4 days at the cost of 3 (sort of). However, because of all the extra fees I had to pay Budget, I could have gotten a better deal with another rental agency.

Additionally, because the other agency was up-front about their fees and the uncertainty of truck size, I could have made better arrangements. Instead, the lies I was told by Budget led to added frustration in this move. Overall, my experience with Budget has been very bad. The dealers with whom I spoke when I picked up and dropped off the truck were very friendly, helpful, and apologetic, but everyone else was disappointing.

The reservation agent lied to me. The customer service agent was unfriendly, talked over me, and angrily told me that no managers would accept calls and that this would be the final resoltion to my issue. I find it hard to imagine that Budget gets many repeat customers with this kind of business practice.

TRIP from HELL and all due to Budget
By -

TRIP FROM HELL and all due to Budget! I reserved a 16' truck and tow dolly to used to move from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA. My dad flew into town and we picked up the truck on 12/5/10. They didn't have a tow dolly, so they gave us a tow trailer instead, which was fine with us. We put my car on the trailer and left Denver 12/6 A.M. About 200 miles into the trip, the gauges on the truck stopped working. Couldn't tell how fast we were going, how much gas we had, or anything else. But the truck seemed to run okay other than that so we kept going until we could find a gas station, where we pulled over, got some gas, and tried to restart the truck, and it wouldn't start.

It didn't even try to turn over. So I called the Roadside Assistance number and was on hold for at least 30 mins. before someone answered. I told the woman our situation and said we needed help so she told us she would have dispatch call us back with info. We waited almost an hour, and no call from dispatch. We were blocking a gas pump, stuck in a snowstorm with no heat, and my dad was on crutches due to a knee problem. So I called the Roadside Assistance number AGAIN, and was on hold AGAIN for at least 30 mins. and rather than wait for dispatch to call me back, I told the person on the phone that I was not going to hang until I had info on what was going to happen.

She came back on and said a tow truck would be there within 30 mins. Tow truck came and tried to give us a jump start and it wouldn't start, so the tow truck driver called Roadside Assistance and HE had to wait at least 30 minutes on hold before someone answered and he finally got permission to tow our Budget truck and trailer to a place that would fix it. It was about 4:45 P.M. by that time so we were stranded in Rawlins, Wyoming that night. Got a call the next morning that the truck had been fixed so we went to pick it up and the man at the repair shop asked us about payment and we said "Well, we figure that will be Budget's responsibility."

So then HE called Customer Service and was on hold for 45 mins. and was getting transferred to this person and that person before he finally got authorization for payment from Budget. So we think we're good to go, walk outside to hop in the truck and noticed that one of the wheels on the towing trailer was bent/askew and it was unable to be towed. Not sure how that happened; we honestly think the tow truck driver may have done it while backing it into the service facility because it was fine the day prior to that when we were driving.

The service facility told us they wouldn't be able to get parts to fix it so I AGAIN called Roadside Assistance and was AGAIN on hold for 30-45 minutes before someone came on to help me. We were told dispatch would call back with a directive, and AGAIN - no call from dispatch in an hour. So I called Roadside Assistance AGAIN, on hold AGAIN for 30-45 mins. and tell them I'll hold while they're figuring out what we can do because dispatch had never called back.

She finally came back on the line and told us we would have to drive to Laramie (100 miles back the way we came from) or Casper (120 miles north one way and completely out of our way because we were heading west) to pick up a new trailer. I told her there was no way we were going to drive that far out of our way to pick up a new trailer because we had already been inconvenienced an entire day because the truck had broken down and now we were expected to drive way out of our way to get a new one. HORRIBLE customer service. If anything, a new one should have been brought to us.

Then I suggested we go pick up a U-Haul trailer because there was a U-Haul rental company in town and asked if Budget would pay for that and she transferred me to a Customer Service representative who said "I don't know why she transferred you to me because all I can do is tell you that you're breaking your lease agreement if you get a U-Haul trailer."

She LITERALLY said that. So I hung up from her, called Roadside Assistance BACK to get "authorization" to just drop the trailer where it had broken down, was on hold for 45 minutes AGAIN, was told dispatch would call me (and they never did), so AGAIN I called, was on hold AGAIN for 30 minutes and FINALLY got authorization to just leave the trailer where it was and was told Budget would go pick it up. My dad drove the Budget Rental Truck the rest of the way and I followed him in my car the ENTIRE way to Seattle - almost 1,100 miles.

But to be honest with you, I was just happy to be rid of that trailer and be done with customer service and get out of Wyoming. I will NEVER rent from Budget again and I am going to go on all the review websites and give Budget a scathing review. My move to Seattle was the trip from hell and it was all due to Budget. Never again. I wish I had read the reviews before renting from them and now I've learned my lesson.

The Worst Treatment I Have Ever Experienced
By -

EULESS, TX -- I set up a truck rental last Friday August 6th, 2010. I was told by the employee ** when I rented the truck on Friday morning that I could leave my car at the Budget Facility overnight and that the truck had to be back at the facility by 8:00 am the next morning otherwise there would be another day rate charge. She told me that her manager would be opening the facility at 8:00 am the next morning but that he was sometimes late.

I had the truck there at 8:15 the next morning -- Saturday, August 7 but the gates were locked. I waited. As I had just moved there were many things I had to do. At about 8:30 I called the corporate number and spoke to a woman who suggested I drop the keys in the box and, seeing that my car was locked in the facility, I should call a cab. She had no name or number for the manager. At 8:45 a car pulled up and the driver reiterated that the facility should have been open at 8:00. He was a repeat customer and didn't know why it wasn't open. He also told me to park the truck and put the keys in the box. I told him that my car was parked inside the facility.

He was on first name terms with the manager -- he said this man '**' was the owner or manager. He called a number from his mobile phone and after a brief conversation then told me that the person was on his way. When ** got there he opened the gates. I asked him if this was Budget way of treating their customers -- telling them to bring back the truck at 8:00 am but not bothering to open the gates until after 9:00 am. He told me he didn't have to take any ** from me and that if I didn't like it, I could talk to the corporate office.

Then he told me this lie: "The girl who was supposed to open the facility had car troubles and she had called him to tell him she couldn't be there at 8:00 am." I told him to process my papers and that I couldn't believe a national rental company would act so unprofessionally. He was very rude.

Then he checked the fuel and said that the tank wasn't full. I told him that when ** and I had checked the fuel gauge on the morning when I rented the truck it did not go all the way to the 'F' mark. When I asked her about this she told me that fuel gauges on these bigger trucks were often not accurate. I had actually filled the truck just before returning it. The manager said I would have to wait and then drive with him to the has station. Needless to say I left.

I am shocked at the treatment I received from this company. There was total disregard for me as a customer. I was made to waste an hour of my time. I was lied to and the truck's fuel gauge was faulty. Plus I found out from their corporate office that he had charged me $49.00 to fill the truck up anyway, this borders on criminal intent. I will not only never do business with this company again, I will attempt to dissuade everybody I know from doing business with this company. I'm sure one bad apple won't harm Budget's reputation but I would give this facility a miss.

Budget Truck Rental Complaint
By -

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- Recently my family rented a 26' Budget truck and a car dolly from Kokomo, In. We called about a week early to reserve the truck and was asked for a credit card number. We told the Budget Truck rental employee to NOT charge any fee on that particular credit card and that we would be using a different card to pay the $150 deposit with. He said he needed the card number for reservation purposes only and that the card would NOT be used for any other reason. After we picked up the truck and paid the $150 deposit we drove 2,500 miles from Indiana to California and unloaded the truck, we then filled it up with gas and took it back to Budget Truck rental.

Here's where things get nasty. We pulled in to the Budget Truck Rental store in 539 W Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA ** and the manager comes out, opens the fuel tank lid and barks, "I can't except this truck it isn't full of enough gas!" We told him that we filled it until the fuel pump automatically shut off but he just shook his head and said, "No, I can't take it." and turned around and walked back to his office. So we drove down to the gas station and tried to put more gas in the truck. In California, there are very strict fuel laws and one of them is that all the gas stations are required by law to have automatic shut off devices on the gas pumps.

After trying to fill up the truck with gas but unable to due to the automatic shutoffs, we returned the truck and tried to explain to the Budget Truck manager our situation. He said we have to manipulate the pump to "trick" it into working in order to fill up the gas to his satisfaction or he would not accept the truck.

By this time I'm getting extremely furious and I said,"Look dude, the gas station has automatic shutoff devices on their pumps for a reason so take the damn truck and give us our deposit now." He refused to cooperate and told us to go somewhere else some 60 miles away. As you will see later I should have just left the truck and took the loss. I gave in and jumped back into this truck, went back to the gas station and "tricked" the pumps not to shut off by pulling them out the nozzle and pulling the automatic shutoff device with my hand so it would keep pumping.

Here I am in 95 degree heat at noon with gas splashing out onto me and the ground trying to fill up this stupid truck while putting myself and my family and everybody else within distance in danger of being burned alive by igniting fuel so I can get my $150 deposit back and make some moron at Budget Truck rental happy.

Luckily a cop didn't see what I had done and after filling the truck up with gas we got out of there in one piece. We pulled into the Budget Truck rental store again and they finally were satisfied by the fuel level. So, we went inside to get our deposit and the 2 clerks inside decided they wanted to do it "their" way like their anal retentive boss does it and put the $150 deposit on the card that we used to reserve the truck with! Well, that card was maxed out because we used it for gas/food during the trip here. We were going to use the $150 deposit to eat with until my pension came in. I would be more than happy to join a class action lawsuit against Budget Truck Rental.

The Worst by Far
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Rating: 1/51

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I reserved my truck over 24 days ahead of time for Budget to call me less than 2 hours of my pickup time to inform me that it was not a truck available for me. Take into consideration that I was moving from Louisiana to Texas. And in no shape, form, or fashion tried to rectify the situation. In the end, I had to go with another company. Do NOT give this company your business.

Reserved Truck Not Available, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE, OHIO -- I made my reservation early in the week, and scheduled two days off from work to move from the state of Ohio, to Indiana. I went to the location, Pep-Boys, in Mansfield Ohio at 1:00 in the afternoon to pick up my truck, only to be told that I was the THIRD customer of the day to NOT receive their truck! No trucks were delivered, I was told. I called the customer service number and much to my surprise, NO ONE at YOUR company could explain how this happened. I was transferred to another associate who explained to me that they would have to have someone call me back with an alternate pick up.

Guess what happened? They called me back and said that there was a shop in Galion Ohio, but wait, they couldn't tell me IF that shop was open or IF they even HAD A TRUCK! The recommendation to me from your associate: "Why don't you wait until Tuesday to move?" What a novel idea! It's almost as if your company assumed I was moving balloons or something ridiculously LIGHT that I needed no help moving at all. I normally work 80 hour work weeks, and my family graciously scheduled time off to help me as well. All in vain.

Well now, let me see. I think the FIRST thing you could do would be to determine just how this happened. Maybe your trucks were stolen. Maybe your driver just decided, "hey, I don't feel like going to work today". You know where I would start? I would begin by contacting the customers who had reservations and explaining just how this could happen. Preferably, BEFORE they arrive to pick up their truck. Additionally, I was appalled that customer service suggested I drive another 30 minutes out of my way to check on another location THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A TRUCK, AND MAY NOT BE OPEN!!!!!

Now, I'm not entirely sure just what kind of a company you are running here, but what I can assure you is that IF I WERE to rent from your company again (Which is not looking very promising) I would expect MORE than a free rental. I was at least hoping that you would make sure that a truck would be delivered as soon as possible to the Mansfield location. Ideally, I would have liked it delivered to my residence to make up for the time delay. Unfortunately, I am UNABLE TO MOVE AT ALL now because I can't take any more time off.

The Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

GOFFSTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I reserved a Budget truck in July 2014 for a move from New Hampshire to Florida. While making the reservation over the phone with a customer service rep... I was informed of the special rate they had at the time in preparation of the fall season. Happy at the time that I got such a great rate on my truck rental. My move is scheduled to take place at the end of November 2014.

Well 3 months later.... the bastards at Budget begin to show how much they suck. I decided to go and physically see the truck about 2 weeks before my 1900 mile move to get an idea of the cab size since I am bringing my two dogs along. I go to the dealer where I was told would have my truck rental information only to find out that the dealer is no longer in business with Budget. Hahaha... are you kidding me? So of course.. I immediately call the corporate customer service line to find out what's going on.

Seriously these people booked this reservation for me 3 months earlier knowing that the dealer was no longer there... What kind of company does business like that? When I attempted to change the pickup location to one that is actually in business. They wouldn't honor the original quote. Now that's just crummy and shady. And yes... you can guess that nobody gave a crap about me or my problem.

Now because we are in November and everyone seems to go south at that time.. my price doubled! Even with a prior 3 month reservation. I call that the doubling down budget douche move. I can't express enough how much this screws my moving expenses and these people could care less. First they book me with a dealer who is no longer there and then when I am desperate to find a rental two weeks before my move they won't honor their original price quote.

I wouldn't rent a truck from these people.. ever and I hope this review reaches others before they attempt to do business with a bunch of scam artists. Go to U-haul and pay the extra price. Because sometimes cheaper isn't always better.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I rented a Budget truck to move from Dayton, OH to Tampa, FL. I flew to Dayton to get the truck I reserved, and took a cab to the business. When I showed up, the man working there was surprised to see me because he didn't have any reservations. Luckily he had a truck, if you could call it that, and eventually found the reservation. I examined the truck, and told him the gas tank was not completely full. He told me to just return it the way it was. Should have known that would be trouble.

While loading the truck, I went to open the passenger door, and learned at that time the passenger mirror was taped on. The mirror flapped the whole trip. The truck had no cruise control, the tires were out of balance, and it pulled significantly to the right. Made for a long trip. When I got to Tampa and finished with the truck, I went to return it. It was about 6 in the evening, but the business had already closed. I parked the truck there since I had a ride at that time, but didn't see a drop box so I decided to return in the morning to finish the transaction. I got a call at 7:30 am complaining that the truck was parked in their lot.

I told them I would be there as quick as I could, and was pushed over and over for a time. I did get there and drop the keys off about a half hour later. The gas gauge was as it had been when I picked it up. I contacted customer care, interesting name for it at Budget, and was treated very rudely by the operator there as well. Eventually I saw the futility of it, and just hung up.

Later, I was charged a $10 drop off fee, and $43 top off fee. I am fighting these fees, and will challenge them with the credit card company as well if they do not reverse them. I will not deal with Budget/Avis/Advantage rental agencies again. They have no clue about customer service!

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