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Budget Truck Rental Complaint
Posted by on
ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- Recently my family rented a 26' Budget truck and a car dolly from Kokomo, In. We called about a week early to reserve the truck and was asked for a credit card number. We told the Budget Truck rental employee to NOT charge any fee on that particular credit card and that we would be using a different card to pay the $150 deposit with. He said he needed the card number for reservation purposes only and that the card would NOT be used for any other reason. After we picked up the truck and paid the $150 deposit we drove 2,500 miles from Indiana to California and unloaded the truck, we then filled it up with gas and took it back to Budget Truck rental.

Here's where things get nasty. We pulled in to the Budget Truck Rental store in 539 W Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91803 626-284-2439 and the manager comes out, opens the fuel tank lid and barks,"I can't except this truck it isn't full of enough gas!" We told him that we filled it until the fuel pump automatically shut off but he just shook his head and said,"No, I can't take it." and turned around and walked back to his office. So we drove down to the gas station and tried to put more gas in the truck. In California, there are very strict fuel laws and one of them is that all the gas stations are required by law to have automatic shut off devices on the gas pumps. After trying to fill up the truck with gas but unable to due to the automatic shutoffs, we returned the truck and tried to explain to the Budget Truck manager our situation. He said we have to manipulate the pump to "trick" it into working in order to fill up the gas to his satisfaction or he would not accept the truck.

By this time I'm getting extremely furious and I said,"Look dude, the gas station has automatic shutoff devices on their pumps for a reason so take the damn truck and give us our deposit now." He refused to cooperate and told us to go somewhere else some 60 miles away. As you will see later I should have just left the truck and took the loss. I gave in and jumped back into this truck, went back to the gas station and "tricked" the pumps not to shut off by pulling them out the nozzle and pulling the automatic shutoff device with my hand so it would keep pumping. Here I am in 95 degree heat at noon with gas splashing out onto me and the ground trying to fill up this stupid truck while putting myself and my family and everybody else within distance in danger of being burned alive by igniting fuel so I can get my $150 deposit back and make some moron at Budget Truck rental happy.

Luckily a cop didn't see what I had done and after filling the truck up with gas we got out of there in one piece. We pulled into the Budget Truck rental store again and they finally were satisfied by the fuel level. So, we went inside to get our deposit and the 2 clerks inside decided they wanted to do it "their" way like their anal retentive boss does it and put the $150 deposit on the card that we used to reserve the truck with! Well, that card was maxed out because we used it for gas/food during the trip here. We were going to use the $150 deposit to eat with until my pension came in. I would be more than happy to join a class action lawsuit against Budget Truck Rental.
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Sam Smith on 11/07/2008:
1-800-GO-U-HAUL (1-800-468-4285)
madconsumer on 11/07/2008:
this review is about budget, not uhaul.

it seems the owner was out to get what he wanted. I agree about not topping off the tank. many states have laws against the sillage of petrol.

very helpful.
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Worst Company Ever. Do Not Trust Them
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
430 FRANKLIN VILLAGE DRIVE, FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Twice we made a reservation with this company for a 24 feet truck, twice had the worse customer service ever. On June 27, 2013, I made a reservation over the phone with the service center, even provided them with my credit card information. With confirmation number handy went to pick up truck. I was informed at that location by a very unprofessional person that he was not advised by "Service Center" of this reservation. Also, he said he has not had a truck that size for months.

On July 2, 2013, decided to give them a second chance, this time after reservation, I called the Franklin, MA location to make sure this time they had the truck. Actually I called twice to confirm the availability and make sure my 45 minutes’ drive was not going to be in vain this time. Everything was fine until I arrived to pick up truck. Once there I was informed that they had not 24 feet for me, even though there was one parked right outside. Try to rationalize with the guy that I needed the truck to no avail.

My only advice to the rest of you hard working people is to never ever trust them. I am sure I am not ever going back there for anything and if anyone asks me for reference it is not going to be a good one for sure.
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Do Not Rent From This Company!!
Posted by on
They overbooked and didn't tell me until the day before my move that I had no truck.

After being left high and dry by the pick-up location that told me of the failure to be able to honor my confirmed reservation, I called Budget and they tried (supposedly) to find me a truck. When I called to find out the status of the search, it was like they had no idea who I was. So the search begins (again?).

They end up finding me a truck over 30 miles away. They oh so generously offered not to charge me for the extra miles I would have to drive so far out of my way due to THEIR mistake. They absolutely would not give me any kind of discount or reimbursement to compensate for the $40 extra in gas it would cost me to pick up at the new location and I didn't even bring up the 2 hours of extra driving I would have to do on my moving day!

I spent so much time on the phone with customer service and various supervisors and it came down to them not caring and not even thinking that they did anything wrong. They were almost confused that I thought they should modify my charges in some fashion so I would pay the same as I would have paid with my initial reservation. It was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

I called UHaul and had a truck within an hour.
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Budget truck rental promises, doesn't deliver
Posted by on
My son and I reserved a Budget truck for a local move. When we went to pick up the truck, we were informed that reservation not withstanding, there no trucks available at that location. For the rest of the day! The local agent (Budget trucks were his sideline business) looked totally bored, was completely unconcerned, didn't apologize and offered zero help. He gave us a toll free number then started reading a book and ignored us after that. After 20 minutes bouncing between Budget reps and hold music we were told they "might" be able to get a truck for us in 2 hours. We called a local U-Haul store, and by contrast they could not have been more helpful. The location we called did not have a truck, but reserved one for us at another U-Haul store nearby. It was ready in 30 minutes and we were able to salvage the day. This is actually the second time Budget promised us a rental truck that wasn't available the day we needed it. I'd forget Budget trucks if I were you. To be fair, we've gotten good service with Budget car rentals; must not be the same group in charge with the truck division.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/30/2011:
I believe, though I may be wrong, that the same thing could have happened in the reverse manner.

U-Haul will, at the last minute, tell you that you have to drive 60, 80 miles to another facility because they have no truck, even if you have a reservation.

I'm glad you were able to find a truck, because when you are in this situation changing plans can be very expensive and disconcerting.
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Great truck, great service all the way through.
Posted by on
PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON -- We rented a Budget truck from Defiance Boats on Highway 3 in Port Orchard in early June 2011. Our experience was perfect from beginning to end. The service we received at Defiance Boats was exemplary and sets the standard for customer service. Courteous, thorough, supportive, accommodating, they have it all. No un-ordered 'blankets' or 'dolly' tie-wrapped to the walls for loading and spatial problems and/or charges if dislodged, mirrors were stable at highway speeds, non-smoking truck,...no complaints whatsoever. We estimated the size truck we would need by checking on line the various truck sizes, and then stacking all our stuff in a measured space in the garage. We figured the smallest size truck would be best for several reasons: cheaper, easier to drive, more fuel efficient, and our load would pack better and shift less. The truck we rented from Defiance Boats was mechanically excellent, got GREAT gas mileage [seriously - unbelievable!], and was reliable from the start. Our drop off in Lewiston, ID could not have been more accommodating and cheerful. Totally a wonderful experience. You will not go wrong here!
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/18/2011:
Great to hear you got good service!
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Shocked at horrible customer service!
Posted by on
I am so disgusted at Budget Truck. I rented a 24 foot truck and trailer with a dolly. I showed up at the Budget Truck place at 9:00 am. The guy said that there was no truck and he called customer service. In the office customer service asked to speak to me. They told me that when I made the reservation that it does not guarantee the equipment. Hmmmm..
1:00 pm rolls around and they have brought a truck out that was being serviced. They have offered me a whole 42.00 dollars off. Meanwhile the dealer is trying to get me a truck, 4 hours a later I get a truck. I get a truck that goes a 40 miles an hour and I have to return it. The dealer is trying hard to figure out a solution. It is plain that he is getting no help on the phone, anymore than I did. It was pathetic. I have now called back to my house to tell everyone that was to help me move to go home. Four people rearranged schedules to help the next day.

It is now the next day at 1:00 pm and I am now way off schedule. I could not even call people to help me unload because I could not depend on Budget Truck Rental. The truck I got apparently had no shocks or something as the cab shook horribly off and on. The gas gauge did not work which scared me that I was going to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I finally get to my destination and the dealer tells me that they have charged me for a dolly that I never got. I asked for a refund and he said they should have straightened that out when I rented the truck and he gave me a customer service number to call. Well, since I and the dealer spent hours on the phone in the original place, I knew how the conversation would go and decided I had enough of the run around.
If you care about not getting bogus charges and the safety of you and your family you will not go with this business.
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Don't let this happen to your family
Posted by on
I rented a Budget truck for a move and the truck broke down on us at 1000 Sunday morning in Denton, TX. Roadside assistance left My wife, 8 week old baby, my father, my 84 year old grandfather and myself on the side of the road for 6 hours to get us towed despite being only 1 mile from the closest Budget office and only 24 miles from their fleet repair station in Grapevine. Both of which were open at the time of break down but closed before anyone bother to tow us. When they did tow me they towed me to wrong location. I called road side assistance back three times and tried to get us towed to the correct place but each representative was more rude than the next saying "we would never tow a truck twice" and "you just don't understand" They also told me "all of my expenses would be reimbursed and to just check into a hotel and we will call at 0800 to let you know how long on the repair" I am still today waiting for that 0800 phone call as that was that last I have ever heard from Road side assistance. I went to the local budget office and spoke to the employee there who confirm that we were indeed in the wrong spot and would have to be towed a second time. He just called fleet repair directly and they got us a tow truck. Unfortunately, that process took another four hours and it wasn't till 1200 the next day that they were actually able to get the truck at the correct location. It then took another four hours to repair the truck. We didn't get back on the road till after 1600 over 30 hours since we have broken down. I have since called to get reimbursed for my expenses which they are now trying to put limits on saying I was only allowed so much for food or hotel. This of course was never mentioned when I was stranded. Also every time I call we are told to call back at another time or a manager will call in a hour and never does. Today they had the nerve to transfer me to a off track betting company. Don't let this happen to you or your family boycott Budget!
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User Replies:
jolo on 06/10/2013:
I count 5 people in a truck with 3 seat belts. not only a violation of any rental agreement but also a violation of state law. if you had another vehicle following, how do you consider yourself stranded?
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Budget Truck Rental Experience was a NIGHTMARE
Posted by on
Our original reservation was to pick up the truck at 11:00am on Saturday. Upon arriving at the pickup place, they had no knowledge of the reservation, nor did they have any trucks. After calling everywhere and finding no trucks available within 100 miles, we had to leave.

Phone calls to Budget customer service told us that we are not reserving equipment, merely reserving a price. Eventually, we were called at about 4:00 pm to let us know a truck was available. We were told that the rental would start at 11:00am on the next day, Sunday since we didn't get it in time to use it on Saturday.

Upon attempting to return the truck, we drove through Petoskey 3 times, stopping at the police station and 2 other places looking for the address, as well as calling Budget 2 times. We eventually found the place 3 hours after we should have been able to find it. It was located in the country without any signs or any way of knowing that it was a Budget place. We only knew to leave the truck there after calling customer service yet again.

Then, upon returning home we received a message that we would be charged for another day since they had actually started counting our rental at 1:18 on Saturday - several hours before a truck was even available. As far as we are concerned, this is theft of $60 since they are charging for a day that we did not receive.

We are retired and do not have time and money to throw away. We had to hire people to load the truck even though it wasn't available. We aren't 20 years old and can't load a truck ourselves in the middle of the night to get things rushed through. That's why we paid for a 3rd day -- but to be charged for a day we didn't even get is ridiculous.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 11/17/2010:
When you challenged this "message" that you received, what was Budget's reply? It seems impossible, at a minimum, to defend charging you for a rental that began at 4pm, as beginning at 1:18pm. Let alone the fact it was supposed to start the following day.

It is true they don't guarantee having a truck waiting for you, but it sounds like they totally lost the reservation. All in all, I can understand this was a miserable experience.
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Breakdown Nightmares
Posted by on
Make absolutely certain you understand how Budget handles breakdowns before you rent from them. I rented a 24' Budget truck in Myrtle Beach SC and had 2 days to pack, drive 250 miles, unpack and return to work. We left Myrtle Beach at 5pm on a Friday, drove for a while when the truck started acting up. Stopped at a truck plaza off I-40 and cut the truck off. Then the truck would not start again. This was 8:15 P.M. Called the 800 "Roadside Emergency" #. Waiting on hold for 30 minutes before finally getting a "Customer Service Specialist". He was more concerned about mileage, vehicle #, contract #, etc. He then told me he would forward to a "Technical Specialist" who would call me back within 1/2 hour. 46 minutes later we get a call that a mechanic is on the way and will be to us within 1 hour. When questioned about what was going to happen, I was told you have to wait for mechanic. Long story short, mechanic replaced an alternator and we got on the road at 2:15 am! Six hours on breakdown and Budget will only credit me $30 on my rental. BUT, they paid the mechanic $1.50 a mile for 180 miles and $98 an hour for 3 hours!!!!! Budget is not responsive to their consumers!!!!
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User Replies:
rockfishing on 08/03/2010:
It's in your contract how Budget breakdowns. When renting a truck you assume the risk that this may happen. From your story it sounds like Budget responded in a timely manner, fixed the problem, and even gave you $30!

What the mechanic received has no bearing on your experience. He was doing his job. Just because you broke down doesn't mean you hit the lottery. Breakdowns happen, you stll have to pay for your rental.
tnchuck100 on 08/03/2010:
Sounds like Budget acted very responsibly to this situation. What more did you expect them to do? No complaint is really warranted here.
spiderman2 on 08/03/2010:
If they weren't responsive they would have told you to find someone to fix it. You were definitely inconvenienced but what did you want them to do, they got it fixed and got you on your way.
Ytropious on 08/03/2010:
I would have been upset, but the possibility of break down is always there. They responded timely and even got you back on the road! It would have been bad if they couldn't fix the truck there and had to move your stuff onto a different truck. I think they did real good and even gave you 30 bucks. I'm still a little confused as to why you are angry at what the mechanic was paid, he's doing his job, far from home, late at night. It's no different then you getting paid for your job.
lost in Cheyenne on 06/27/2013:
rented truck, it had uknown to me, the renter top and bottom bearrings issues that pre-existed prior to my rental that were not fixed. secondly, it has a power or transmission issue, whereas at times it decides to only go 15-20 miles per hour. It broke while I am in the middle of a cross country road trip, in Wyoming. I am middle of nowhere, for now 4 days, it is not repaired. Budget gives me the run around. all my and my family's possessions are in the truck at the 3rd or 4th repair vender. Budget keeps sending it to the wrong type of repair person. first 2 were semi truck repairmen. the 3rd is a tire guy. Budget has implied either that I don't know how to drive(though I have already traveled over 1,000 miles) or that its my load heavy. it is not, the 16 foot truck isn't even all the way full and was packed by someone properly who used to work for budget years ago, a professional! It doesn't even have a whole household of furniture. they are using every excuse not to actually give me another truck as they had promised earlier on in this crisis, and is what they are supposed to do. I have been stuck in a hotel for 4 days now, with 1300 miles away from my destination. they said they are almost done fixing the tire/wheel issue but have to give it to another vender (#4) repair person to do the front end alignment as #3 can not??? Budget and their roadside assistance vender fleetnet, are in denial that there is some power or transmission issue with the truck. they now say that the vender #3, says there is no problem so as far as they are concerned there is no issue and won't address it. Yesterday, they told me they didn't even know that there was a power issue with it. this is despite me telling them, over and over again, to a new employee each time, that there is a power problem and despite sitting in a chair at vender #2, office while he told the road side assistance that the truck would only go 20 miles per hour while I drove it to follow his mechanic to his shop. In this instance I had floored the gas petal and it would not go faster than 20 miles an hour regardless of what gear I put it in. Budget is in denial this is a problem. and as of this morning, day #4, budget says there is no power or transmission issue. Budget refused to give me another truck though this is supposed to be their policy if one breaks down and it can't be repaired in 24 hours. At one point, budget road side assistance claimed there were no budget trucks available or around for 1000 miles. However, I have been told by the hotel clerk, there is a little dealer in town. If he doesn't have a truck. there is another deal 46 miles away in Ft. collins which is a bigger dealer. My brother called another dealer who says they could get me a truck, a bigger one in a day or two from a totally differenent budget dealer. budget however will not give me a new working truck. we, my child and our pets are stuck here in the middle of nowhere now 4 days and Budget is indifferent to this! Further, budget has said that when vender #4, is done with the truck's front end alignment, that they feel the truck is completely repaired to be returned to me. however, they have not had the power/transmission issued addressed and repaired, nor will they take it to the ford dealer. The ford dealer was suggested by both the venders #1 and #2 to repair it. at one point road side assistance a couple of days ago told me they were actually going to bring the truck to Ford dealer and repair shop (Its a ford truck). However, roadside had changed their minds. so when I called ford to see the status of the truck in their repair shop, thinking it was there because I was told it was going there from vender #2, they said they didn't have it. so the truck, and all our possessions were out there someplace that I had no clue, ,so again being on hold numoeruos times I finally found out they sent it to a tire guy. which is right for the tire issue but doesn't address the power issues. Now, I have tried to express my concern for the fact that they won't fix the power/transmission issue but to no avail. I have expressed concern for when the truck slows down to 20 miles per hour on a highway that the rest of traffic and lots of semi trucks are traveling at 70 miles per hour behind me come upon the rental truck going so slow they may not be able to stop or change lanes in time not to hit the truck and cause a deadly crash. However budget does not seem concerned about this and denies this will or could happen. Budget today kept saying the problem is rendered solved, even though it is not. they expect me to receive the truck back from the tire guys at some point and continue down the road without the truck being fixed properly. If I leave the hotel, there is not another town of any size for over 93 miles. I will be literally stuck in nowhere helpless if it happens again.
budget is not concerned over this. nor that I may have to travel at 20 miles per hour at times for the next 1300 miles! or that my child and my life would be in danger when the truck randomly slows down to 20 miles an hour on a major interstate highway with a lot of traffic traveling in excess of 70 miles per hour.
I have tried, my brother has tried to call numerous times to budget but not getting the repairs done. we are getting the run around. Not until yesterday was budget even paying our accommodations in the hotel. and at one point we were hoteless, truckless and nowhere to go. someone from corporate took care of our meal and hotel yesterday. but said its another dept. to take care of the truck issues. today I tried to get ahold of the same person, but the lower level staff would not transfer my call to her. I asked for corporate management and they refused to transfer my call to a supervisor. I was told they will have someone call me back. I was on hold for 46 minutes before I got the privilege of being told that they would not allow me to talk directly to a supervisor at this time. I have been put on hold dozens of times for anywhere from 15 minutes up to over an hour at a time, but have not gotten this resolved. as I stated earlier we are now in day 4 stuck in a hotel 1300 miles from our destination, outside of a small town, not even in town. stranded! there is no light at the end of the tunnel at this point. Budget has abandoned us here. I was assured when I rented the truck that if I had any problems budget would solve them in 24 hours by replacing the truck if couldn't be fixed in that time frame. This has not happened!!!!!!
Tom on 03/23/2014:
Man, you should've used Upack.
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Don't Trust Budget
Posted by on
I rented a truck from Budget to move from Colorado to Washington. My online confirmation quoted me $381.99 since the deposit would be waived if I paid with a credit card, which I did. When I went to pick up the truck I requested a dolly and was told that it would cost me an additional $17 and that there was no extra fee for an additional driver.

I was frazzled, I'm a new (and first time) mom so I didn't even check my receipt and left. It wasn't until I arrived at my destination that I saw that I had over drafted three times because I was charged over $600 for my rental.

At this point I took out my receipt and found I had been charged $37 for a dolly, $25 for an additional driver and $150 deposit for a total of $193 more than I was quoted. Since I over drafted three times because of this (I don't know why they couldn't have just done this in one transaction) I was now negative almost $300! Again... NEW MOM!

When I returned the truck I was told that it would take up to 10 days to get the deposit back and that I would have to contact customer service for additional help with the other fees.

I called customer service and was hung up on twice. I then asked to talk to a supervisor and got a woman named Dina. Later, I found out Dina was NOT a supervisor though she claimed to be. Regardless, I sent her the information she asked for asking for a refund of $18 for the dolly (the difference of what I was quoted), $25 for the additional driver fee, $102 for my over draft fees and applicable taxes for a total of just over $137. Of course, my first fax wasn't sufficient so I had to fax the information again, at an additional cost to me despite the fact I was already over drafted.

I waited for several days for an update with no news. I called and asked for Dina to call me back. Nothing. I called again and asked for a supervisor and found out Dina was not a supervisor per Annabell. Annabell then hung up on me.

I'm still awaiting a call back from a supervisor. At this point they have only refunded $18 and told me that my bank would just "forgive" the three over draft fees. When I spoke to my bank they told me that it didn't matter if it was my fault or not, they would not refund those over draft fees.

I'm still waiting. My calls are going ignored and I am still severely over drafted. I don't have money to help support myself, let alone my baby and Budget continues to refuse to work with me.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 12/03/2009:
One of life's tough lessons. Trust not rental companies. Read the contract. Know what you are getting. Trust not your bank. Their function is to produce fee revenue not provide you with reasonable customer service.

Trust only yourself. Read the documents. Know who you are dealing with. Assume they are all trying to fleece you. Many are. Some are not.
Anonymous on 12/03/2009:
It sucks, but that's what happens. If you are going to rent a car OR truck, I would have put it on a major credit card and got a receipt for what I was being charged. If you used a debit card, you should have made sure you had enough in your account to cover in case they DO overcharge you for extra fees. As far as overdraft fees, how much did your bank charge you per overdraft fee? that seems pretty high.
Anonymous on 12/03/2009:
If you are lucky, they will reimburse you for the extra charges for the equipment and truck, but I wouldn't hold your breath on getting your overdraft fees reimbursed.
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