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Do Not Rent From This Company!!
Posted by Thesleepytree on 07/05/2011
They overbooked and didn't tell me until the day before my move that I had no truck.

After being left high and dry by the pick-up location that told me of the failure to be able to honor my confirmed reservation, I called Budget and they tried (supposedly) to find me a truck. When I called to find out the status of the search, it was like they had no idea who I was. So the search begins (again?).

They end up finding me a truck over 30 miles away. They oh so generously offered not to charge me for the extra miles I would have to drive so far out of my way due to THEIR mistake. They absolutely would not give me any kind of discount or reimbursement to compensate for the $40 extra in gas it would cost me to pick up at the new location and I didn't even bring up the 2 hours of extra driving I would have to do on my moving day!

I spent so much time on the phone with customer service and various supervisors and it came down to them not caring and not even thinking that they did anything wrong. They were almost confused that I thought they should modify my charges in some fashion so I would pay the same as I would have paid with my initial reservation. It was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

I called UHaul and had a truck within an hour.
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Budget truck rental promises, doesn't deliver
Posted by Captain aardvark on 06/30/2011
My son and I reserved a Budget truck for a local move. When we went to pick up the truck, we were informed that reservation not withstanding, there no trucks available at that location. For the rest of the day! The local agent (Budget trucks were his sideline business) looked totally bored, was completely unconcerned, didn't apologize and offered zero help. He gave us a toll free number then started reading a book and ignored us after that. After 20 minutes bouncing between Budget reps and hold music we were told they "might" be able to get a truck for us in 2 hours. We called a local U-Haul store, and by contrast they could not have been more helpful. The location we called did not have a truck, but reserved one for us at another U-Haul store nearby. It was ready in 30 minutes and we were able to salvage the day. This is actually the second time Budget promised us a rental truck that wasn't available the day we needed it. I'd forget Budget trucks if I were you. To be fair, we've gotten good service with Budget car rentals; must not be the same group in charge with the truck division.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-30:
I believe, though I may be wrong, that the same thing could have happened in the reverse manner.

U-Haul will, at the last minute, tell you that you have to drive 60, 80 miles to another facility because they have no truck, even if you have a reservation.

I'm glad you were able to find a truck, because when you are in this situation changing plans can be very expensive and disconcerting.
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Reservations mean nothing
Posted by Sandymal on 06/24/2011
I reserved a truck and tow dolly a month in advance. Less than 24 hours before my pick up time they called to say they didn't have anything available.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-24:
Unfortunately, this kind of complaint seems to have become common with truck rentals at many companies.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2011-06-25:
At least they called.
Posted by griffin21 on 2011-06-28:
It's terrible that for a reservation made so far in advance, they could not have gotten you a truck. Their reservation system needs to be upgraded. I showed up with my reservation for a 10-footer, but the clerk showed at least 3 reservations made against the same truck. Somewhat fortunate to end up with a 16-footer (same price, but the truck guzzled gas, and I did not need all that room).
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Great truck, great service all the way through.
Posted by Jaycindy88 on 06/16/2011
PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON -- We rented a Budget truck from Defiance Boats on Highway 3 in Port Orchard in early June 2011. Our experience was perfect from beginning to end. The service we received at Defiance Boats was exemplary and sets the standard for customer service. Courteous, thorough, supportive, accommodating, they have it all. No un-ordered 'blankets' or 'dolly' tie-wrapped to the walls for loading and spatial problems and/or charges if dislodged, mirrors were stable at highway speeds, non-smoking truck,...no complaints whatsoever. We estimated the size truck we would need by checking on line the various truck sizes, and then stacking all our stuff in a measured space in the garage. We figured the smallest size truck would be best for several reasons: cheaper, easier to drive, more fuel efficient, and our load would pack better and shift less. The truck we rented from Defiance Boats was mechanically excellent, got GREAT gas mileage [seriously - unbelievable!], and was reliable from the start. Our drop off in Lewiston, ID could not have been more accommodating and cheerful. Totally a wonderful experience. You will not go wrong here!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-18:
Great to hear you got good service!
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Shocked at horrible customer service!
Posted by Mel1 on 12/29/2010
I am so disgusted at Budget Truck. I rented a 24 foot truck and trailer with a dolly. I showed up at the Budget Truck place at 9:00 am. The guy said that there was no truck and he called customer service. In the office customer service asked to speak to me. They told me that when I made the reservation that it does not guarantee the equipment. Hmmmm..
1:00 pm rolls around and they have brought a truck out that was being serviced. They have offered me a whole 42.00 dollars off. Meanwhile the dealer is trying to get me a truck, 4 hours a later I get a truck. I get a truck that goes a 40 miles an hour and I have to return it. The dealer is trying hard to figure out a solution. It is plain that he is getting no help on the phone, anymore than I did. It was pathetic. I have now called back to my house to tell everyone that was to help me move to go home. Four people rearranged schedules to help the next day.

It is now the next day at 1:00 pm and I am now way off schedule. I could not even call people to help me unload because I could not depend on Budget Truck Rental. The truck I got apparently had no shocks or something as the cab shook horribly off and on. The gas gauge did not work which scared me that I was going to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I finally get to my destination and the dealer tells me that they have charged me for a dolly that I never got. I asked for a refund and he said they should have straightened that out when I rented the truck and he gave me a customer service number to call. Well, since I and the dealer spent hours on the phone in the original place, I knew how the conversation would go and decided I had enough of the run around.
If you care about not getting bogus charges and the safety of you and your family you will not go with this business.
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Don't let this happen to your family
Posted by Coledawg on 12/14/2010
I rented a Budget truck for a move and the truck broke down on us at 1000 Sunday morning in Denton, TX. Roadside assistance left My wife, 8 week old baby, my father, my 84 year old grandfather and myself on the side of the road for 6 hours to get us towed despite being only 1 mile from the closest Budget office and only 24 miles from their fleet repair station in Grapevine. Both of which were open at the time of break down but closed before anyone bother to tow us. When they did tow me they towed me to wrong location. I called road side assistance back three times and tried to get us towed to the correct place but each representative was more rude than the next saying "we would never tow a truck twice" and "you just don't understand" They also told me "all of my expenses would be reimbursed and to just check into a hotel and we will call at 0800 to let you know how long on the repair" I am still today waiting for that 0800 phone call as that was that last I have ever heard from Road side assistance. I went to the local budget office and spoke to the employee there who confirm that we were indeed in the wrong spot and would have to be towed a second time. He just called fleet repair directly and they got us a tow truck. Unfortunately, that process took another four hours and it wasn't till 1200 the next day that they were actually able to get the truck at the correct location. It then took another four hours to repair the truck. We didn't get back on the road till after 1600 over 30 hours since we have broken down. I have since called to get reimbursed for my expenses which they are now trying to put limits on saying I was only allowed so much for food or hotel. This of course was never mentioned when I was stranded. Also every time I call we are told to call back at another time or a manager will call in a hour and never does. Today they had the nerve to transfer me to a off track betting company. Don't let this happen to you or your family boycott Budget!
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Posted by jolo on 2013-06-10:
i count 5 people in a truck with 3 seat belts. not only a violation of any rental agreement but also a violation of state law. if you had another vehicle following, how do you consider yourself stranded?
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TRIP from HELL and all due to Budget
Posted by Bernella on 12/11/2010
TRIP FROM HELL and all due to Budget!

I reserved a 16' truck and tow dolly to use to move from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA. My dad flew into town and we picked up the truck on 12/5/10. They didn't have a tow dolly, so they gave us a tow trailer instead, which was fine with us. We put my car on the trailer and left Denver 12/6 A.M. About 200 miles into the trip, the gauges on the truck stopped working. Couldn't tell how fast we were going, how much gas we had, or anything else. But the truck seemed to run okay other than that so we kept going until we could find a gas station, where we pulled over, got some gas, and tried to restart the truck, and it wouldn't start. It didn't even try to turn over. So I called the Roadside Assistance number and was on hold for at least 30 mins. before someone answered. I told the woman our situation and said we needed help so she told us she would have dispatch call us back with info. We waited almost an hour, and no call from dispatch. We were blocking a gas pump, stuck in a snowstorm with no heat, and my dad was on crutches due to a knee problem. So I called the Roadside Assistance number AGAIN, and was on hold AGAIN for at least 30 mins. and rather than wait for dispatch to call me back, I told the person on the phone that I was not going to hang up until I had info on what was going to happen. She came back on and said a tow truck would be there within 30 mins. Tow truck came and tried to give us a jump start and it wouldn't start, so the tow truck driver called Roadside Assistance and HE had to wait at least 30 minutes on hold before someone answered and he finally got permission to tow our Budget truck and trailer to a place that would fix it. It was about 4:45 P.M. by that time so we were stranded in Rawlins, Wyoming that night. Got a call the next morning that the truck had been fixed so we went to pick it up and the man at the repair shop asked us about payment and we said "Well, we figure that will be Budget's responsibility." So then HE called Customer Service and was on hold for 45 mins. and was getting transferred to this person and that person before he finally got authorization for payment from Budget. So we think we're good to go, walk outside to hop in the truck and noticed that one of the wheels on the towing trailer was bent/askew and it was unable to be towed. Not sure how that happened; we honestly think the tow truck driver may have done it while backing it into the service facility because it was fine the day prior to that when we were driving. The service facility told us they wouldn't be able to get parts to fix it so I AGAIN called Roadside Assistance and was AGAIN on hold for 30-45 minutes before someone came on to help me. We were told dispatch would call back with a directive, and AGAIN - no call from dispatch in an hour. So I called Roadside Assistance AGAIN, on hold AGAIN for 30-45 mins. and tell them I'll hold while they're figuring out what we can do because dispatch had never called back. She finally came back on the line and told us we would have to drive to Laramie (100 miles back the way we came from) or Casper (120 miles north one way and completely out of our way because we were heading west) to pick up a new trailer. I told her there was no way we were going to drive that far out of our way to pick up a new trailer because we had already been inconvenienced an entire day because the truck had broken down and now we were expected to drive way out of our way to get a new one. HORRIBLE customer service. If anything, a new one should have been brought to us. Then I suggested we go pick up a U-Haul trailer because there was a U-Haul rental company in town and asked if Budget would pay for that and she transferred me to a Customer Service representative who said "I don't know why she transferred you to me because all I can do is tell you that you're breaking your lease agreement if you get a U-Haul trailer." She LITERALLY said that. So I hung up from her, called Roadside Assistance BACK to get "authorization" to just drop the trailer where it had broken down, was on hold for 45 minutes AGAIN, was told dispatch would call me (and they never did), so AGAIN I called, was on hold AGAIN for 30 minutes and FINALLY got authorization to just leave the trailer where it was and was told Budget would go pick it up. My dad drove the Budget Rental Truck the rest of the way and I followed him in my car the ENTIRE way to Seattle - almost 1,100 miles. But to be honest with you, I was just happy to be rid of that trailer and be done with customer service and get out of Wyoming. I will NEVER rent from Budget again and I am going to go on all the review websites and give Budget a scathing review. My move to Seattle was the trip from hell and it was all due to Budget. Never again. I wish I had read the reviews before renting from them and now I've learned my lesson.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-11:
I hope you were at least compensated for the non-use of your trailer, since you had to drop it. If not, I would persue the avenue of asking for a reimbursement for the 1,100 miles you had to drive your personal vehicle. Something along the lines of X-amount of cents per mile, including the cost of gas. Good luck!
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-11:
This is a tough situation, being stuck in the middle of Wyoming. Also, who takes responsibility for the bent wheel on the trailer.

It is hard to imagine Budget delivering a trailer to a place 200 miles round trip away, especially if it was damaged by the renter or a repair facility.

Moving can be a memorable experience - I guess this trip was.
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Never Rent A Truck From Budget
Posted by Nolagator on 11/27/2010
Never, ever rent from Budget. After reserving a truck, traveling 200 miles with my family to pick up some furniture from my in-laws, Budget had over booked and had no truck. In fact, they said they had five reservations for three trucks, and that I merely reserved the rate not the truck when I made my reservation. Unbelievably, they then charged me as a no show. Sounds like they thought I was reserving more than the rate. Customer service was horrible.

No effort was made to make good. Thankfully Penske had a truck. They were far more professional and customer oriented. Budget just didn't care.
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Posted by werelucky on 2010-11-28:
Funny, I had Penski stiff me for a truck the last time I moved. Not even an apology from them. I guess since they didn't charge me as a no show I should be happy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-28:
LMAO. Seriously? Some companies are just pitiful any more. So they charged you for a no show on a truck that they didn't have in the first place? Are you kidding me? It sounds like something you would see on a movie!
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Budget Truck Rental Experience was a NIGHTMARE
Posted by ZenWishes on 11/17/2010
Our original reservation was to pick up the truck at 11:00am on Saturday. Upon arriving at the pickup place, they had no knowledge of the reservation, nor did they have any trucks. After calling everywhere and finding no trucks available within 100 miles, we had to leave.

Phone calls to Budget customer service told us that we are not reserving equipment, merely reserving a price. Eventually, we were called at about 4:00 pm to let us know a truck was available. We were told that the rental would start at 11:00am on the next day, Sunday since we didn't get it in time to use it on Saturday.

Upon attempting to return the truck, we drove through Petoskey 3 times, stopping at the police station and 2 other places looking for the address, as well as calling Budget 2 times. We eventually found the place 3 hours after we should have been able to find it. It was located in the country without any signs or any way of knowing that it was a Budget place. We only knew to leave the truck there after calling customer service yet again.

Then, upon returning home we received a message that we would be charged for another day since they had actually started counting our rental at 1:18 on Saturday - several hours before a truck was even available. As far as we are concerned, this is theft of $60 since they are charging for a day that we did not receive.

We are retired and do not have time and money to throw away. We had to hire people to load the truck even though it wasn't available. We aren't 20 years old and can't load a truck ourselves in the middle of the night to get things rushed through. That's why we paid for a 3rd day -- but to be charged for a day we didn't even get is ridiculous.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-17:
When you challenged this "message" that you received, what was Budget's reply? It seems impossible, at a minimum, to defend charging you for a rental that began at 4pm, as beginning at 1:18pm. Let alone the fact it was supposed to start the following day.

It is true they don't guarantee having a truck waiting for you, but it sounds like they totally lost the reservation. All in all, I can understand this was a miserable experience.
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Save Your Time And Save Your Money
Posted by Not Born Yesterday on 11/02/2010
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We made a reservation for a truck. We were told to pick it up before noon, got there at 11 and was told they did not have a truck for us. Got sent to a different location and they had nothing available. Was again sent to another location and again nothing was available (luckily this time we called them first).

We called to complain and the representative said, "making a reservation only reserves the price, not a guarantee that there will be a truck." so I responded, "why don't you disclose this verbally so people can decide, instead of asking me to fill fill out some offer for free gas and ask me how your service was." better yet just make your new slogan "if you wanna rent a truck, live longer, and keep your blood pressure down, you better go to Uhaul instead, you'll save time and money in the end."

DO NOT RENT from them.. Better Business Bureau here I come!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-02:
I believe U-Haul does a similar thing. They may make you drive an hour to get a truck from a different location.

These places can't physically guarantee your truck will be sitting there ready at the location you specify. I have never run into this myself - it would be very inconvenient.
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