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Do Not Rent From This Company!!
By -

They overbooked and didn't tell me until the day before my move that I had no truck. After being left high and dry by the pick-up location that told me of the failure to be able to honor my confirmed reservation, I called Budget and they tried (supposedly) to find me a truck. When I called to find out the status of the search, it was like they had no idea who I was. So the search begins (again?).

They end up finding me a truck over 30 miles away. They oh so generously offered not to charge me for the extra miles I would have to drive so far out of my way due to THEIR mistake. They absolutely would not give me any kind of discount or reimbursement to compensate for the $40 extra in gas it would cost me to pick up at the new location and I didn't even bring up the 2 hours of extra driving I would have to do on my moving day!

I spent so much time on the phone with customer service and various supervisors and it came down to them not caring and not even thinking that they did anything wrong. They were almost confused that I thought they should modify my charges in some fashion so I would pay the same as I would have paid with my initial reservation. It was THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I called U-Haul and had a truck within an hour.

Budget truck rental promises, doesn't deliver
By -

My son and I reserved a Budget truck for a local move. When we went to pick up the truck, we were informed that reservation not withstanding, there no trucks available at that location. For the rest of the day! The local agent (Budget trucks were his sideline business) looked totally bored, was completely unconcerned, didn't apologize and offered zero help. He gave us a toll free number then started reading a book and ignored us after that. After 20 minutes bouncing between Budget reps and hold music we were told they "might" be able to get a truck for us in 2 hours.

We called a local U-Haul store, and by contrast they could not have been more helpful. The location we called did not have a truck, but reserved one for us at another U-Haul store nearby. It was ready in 30 minutes and we were able to salvage the day. This is actually the second time Budget promised us a rental truck that wasn't available the day we needed it. I'd forget Budget trucks if I were you. To be fair, we've gotten good service with Budget car rentals; must not be the same group in charge with the truck division.

Great truck, great service all the way through.
By -

PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON -- We rented a Budget truck from Defiance Boats on Highway 3 in Port Orchard in early June 2011. Our experience was perfect from beginning to end. The service we received at Defiance Boats was exemplary and sets the standard for customer service. Courteous, thorough, supportive, accommodating, they have it all. No un-ordered 'blankets' or 'dolly' tie-wrapped to the walls for loading and spatial problems and/or charges if dislodged, mirrors were stable at highway speeds, non-smoking truck,...no complaints whatsoever.

We estimated the size truck we would need by checking online the various truck sizes, and then stacking all our stuff in a measured space in the garage. We figured the smallest size truck would be best for several reasons: cheaper, easier to drive, more fuel efficient, and our load would pack better and shift less. The truck we rented from Defiance Boats was mechanically excellent, got GREAT gas mileage [seriously - unbelievable!], and was reliable from the start. Our drop off in Lewiston, ID could not have been more accommodating and cheerful. Totally a wonderful experience. You will not go wrong here!

Never Rent A Truck From Budget
By -

Never, ever rent from Budget. After reserving a truck, traveling 200 miles with my family to pick up some furniture from my in-laws, Budget had overbooked and had no truck. In fact, they said they had five reservations for three trucks, and that I merely reserved the rate not the truck when I made my reservation. Unbelievably, they then charged me as a no show. Sounds like they thought I was reserving more than the rate. Customer service was horrible.

No effort was made to make good. Thankfully Penske had a truck. They were far more professional and customer oriented. Budget just didn't care.

Save Your Time And Save Your Money
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We made a reservation for a truck. We were told to pick it up before noon, got there at 11 and was told they did not have a truck for us. Got sent to a different location and they had nothing available. Was again sent to another location and again nothing was available (luckily this time we called them first).

We called to complain and the representative said, "making a reservation only reserves the price, not a guarantee that there will be a truck." So I responded, "why don't you disclose this verbally so people can decide, instead of asking me to fill out some offer for free gas and ask me how your service was." Better yet just make your new slogan "if you want to rent a truck, live longer, and keep your blood pressure down, you better go to U-haul instead, you'll save time and money in the end." DO NOT RENT from them.. Better Business Bureau here I come!

Us Military Cancellation
By -

My son requested special leave based on a confirmed rental truck reservation held with a credit card from BUDGET. He left from Kansas the day before we arranged to pick up the truck. As he was driving, a 'warehouse manager' called and cancelled his reservation which he had for over a week. He has only 4 days leave and now no truck. His wife is expecting their first child and he will be deployed to Iraq in October. They have no way to move their belongings to Kansas. They have to be out of their apartment at the end of the month as was planned.

Thanks to BUDGET they have no way to move their belongings and he has to be back on base by Monday. BUDGET DOES NOT SUPPORT OUR SOLDIERS. Don't trust Budget. If I cancelled within 48 hours I had to forfeit my deposit. Budget cancelled 20 hours before the arranged pickup time and screwed over an American Soldier.

Hate Budget Truck rental
By -

Worst customer service!!! Budget Truck Reservations promised me a truck with cruise control, air conditioning, and would be clean. The truck I received when I picked it up was crap!!! We were driving 1500 miles. We did not get a truck with cruise control. I have rented from Penske many times and their trucks always had cruise control. Budget also added on an extra driver charge that I was not informed of. (I did ask about any potential charges as I was comparing prices) The man at the counter told me to call customer service and they would remove the extra driver charge, that he can not. Customer Service was so rude. I asked for a supervisor to call me. After several days, Cynthia called. What a nasty lady. The only thing I got was more frustration.

Avoid Budget Truck Rental at all costs
By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Please, whatever you do, please do not rent a one-way truck from Budget Truck Rental! The Budget Truck Rental business model is a disaster. It comprises a loose collection of dealers who do not care whether you get the equipment you need when you need it or if you ever get moved. We had a reservation for a truck and a car carrier and waited THREE DAYS for a car carrier. Yes, three entire days and then we could not get a refund on the car carrier and the online customer service has not contacted me yet (almost a month later). Plus, the location we turned the equipment lied to us and said they had refunded our credit card deposit of $150 in cash. No company would ever do that even if we begged them to do it. So, I had to call Budget Truck Rental Customer Service(for probably the 10th time) and finally got someone who said that she would credit the deposit back to my credit card (though it will take 7-14 days to show up even though they charge what we "owe" immediately). Again, do NOT rent from Budget Truck Rental. You will regret it. Their online reservations is a total joke; they have no way of seeing inventory; their dealerships open and close and random hours; they do not care a bit about customer satisfaction nor do they seem to understand that when people are doing an interstate move that they do not have DAYS to wait for equipment to arrive. We were even asked at one point to go pick up the car carrier ourselves from another dealership across town.

Living Like A Refugee Thanks To Budget!
By -

I was moving out of state and planned the move very carefully. I booked a Budget truck online in advance, but the day that I went to pick up the truck there was none. The manager told me that this was an ongoing problem with the national service, that they have often booked and confirmed trucks when he had none.

It was the first of the month. My entire house was packed up ready to go. The utilities were cut off and on in the new place in the next state. It was Thursday afternoon and I had a presentation as part of an interviewing process for my new job the following Monday.

My calls of complaints to the customer service department of Budget was met with cool indifference. First, I had to find a place to charge my cellphone (remember no electricity). In the middle of all this, I was left a voicemail by a manager who sounded concerned, but my return calls to her were unanswered. My husband, finally, got someone who promised us a call between 7:30-8:00am the next morning with a possible truck. No such call came. When I tried to get someone else, the rude man who took my call was argumentative and accused me of cancelling my reservation. Why would I cancel a reservation when I'm trying to move!!! I guess a lot of people like to be stuck in a dark, hot house with a pile of boxes and nowhere to rest their head.

I had to drive to the next state and sleep on a friend's sofa so that I could get to my appointment. Then, drive back to my home state and get another truck for the following weekend. This time, my husband went straight to a dealer to ensure that we did have a truck. We got no apology from Budget for all the money, time, frustration, and discomfort they caused us. On top of it, we ended up paying more for the second truck because we had to wait until the weekend and our previous coupon was not honored.

A co-worker told me of a similar horrifying experience, when he was moving down from Pennsylvania and the Budget truck broke down and he had to deal with rude customer service people, while he and his family were stranded for over 12 hours in the middle of nowhere. I think I'm going to send a letter Channel 5's Consumer Report next.

Budget Service Sucks!
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had made a reservation for a 15 foot truck for Saturday the 30th of July. I even called again on Wednesday to CONFIRM the reservation and was told the truck would be there at 7am. I got to the Budget at 6006 Miramar Rd, San Diego at about 8am only to be told that they did not have ANY trucks and "THEY HAD NO IDEA WHEN THE TRUCKS WOULD SHOW UP". The best that they could do was to give me a 1-800 number to call.

I called the number, was put on hold for about 30 mins and then spoke to someone who said that someone else would call me back with info about where trucks might be available.
I heard from the 'inventory person' about an hour later. He told me that "THE BEST THAT HE COULD DO WAS TO GIVE ME A VAN AND OFFER ME COMPENSATION FOR THAT".
Since I obviously DID NOT HAVE ANY CHOICE, I decided to do that and had to start moving a lot later than I was supposed to and then make multiple trips in order to move all my furniture.

The WORST IS NOT YET OVER. So, then I was told that I would have to contact the Budget people to get the compensation and so I filled out a form on their website and didn't hear back for days.
Then I called and the person told me that she couldn't do anything since I had filled out the form on line????
Then I sent the form again online.... Still no reply.
Called for the 4th time and was put in touch with a supervisor - Betty - who wouldn't give me her employee number. She asserted that if they were to offer me $5 as compensation, they were beingn VERY GENEROUS. I said in that case I will go ahead and file a report with the Better Business Bureau at which point she said thank you and slammed the phone down.
I'd had enough with them by this point. Firstly, they take reservations and are unable to keep them, and furthermore OFFER NO HELP WHATSOEVER, and lastly act like they're doing you a favor by talking to you after you've tried to contact them on numerous occasions.


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