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Budget Truck Rental / Arlington Motor Sports
By -

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- DO NOT RENT A TRUCK FROM BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL VIA ARLINGTON MOTOR SPORTS IN ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS. They are rude to their customers and are possibly scamming the average consumer. We recently moved and decided that Budget truck rental would meet our needs. The truck was fine but the service was absolutely horrible. We had scheduled for the truck to be picked up at 9:30 am. When I arrived the employees were just getting to work and slowly looking over the truck.

At about 9:45 a worker took the truck and drove to get fuel. 20 minutes later, The worker returned and I received the truck. I was instructed to return the truck with a full tank. So our move started with just a minor glitch of the truck being late. No big deal. During the move I drove approximately 25 miles. That includes the distance to and from the rental facility Arlington Motor Sports (which will be receiving their own review). I fueled the truck up (diesel) with 3.8 gallons and returned the truck at night and left the keys in the drop box.

The next day I called to find out the total for the bill. The lady says "Oh you're the guy who didn't fill the truck up and is getting charged $30.00 fee plus the cost of 7 gallons of diesel." I responded by saying I did fill it up and I did a visual check and it was full. She starts screaming at me asking if I want to talk to the guy that drives the truck to the gas station. No that's OK I just don't want to pay for something that I know is unwarranted.

I filled it up. Check the mileage. I don't think a truck could use 7 gallons in 25 miles. She continued screaming and being very very rude. A manager took off the $30 charge but they still charged me for the fuel. Since I was moving I didn't have time to argue over the cost of the fuel but I am going to call Budget's corporate office to see if I can straighten this out. I advise everyone DO NOT RENT A TRUCK FROM BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL VIA ARLINGTON MOTOR SPORTS IN ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ILLINOIS. They are rude to their customers and are possibly scamming the average consumer.

Budget Truck Break Down No Help For 11 Hours
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My son rented a Budget truck in OKC, OK. 20 miles from OKC, it broke down. When he called the office where he rented the truck the woman said "I gave you a blue book in which it had the road assistance info." He replied he had received no such booklet. Her response was, "I give this book to everyone" and immediately hung up on him. He is broken down in their defective truck filled with his household goods and this is her response.

He eventually got the road assistance number from another source and after finally reaching them, was told it would be 4 hours before they could deliver another truck to his location. After waiting 4 hours and no truck. He started calling repeatedly and at that point Budget Road Assistance would tell him someone was on the way within the next hour. This went on for 10 hours.

At this point it is very dark and getting dangerous. Finally someone showed up at 9:30 PM. (His first call to Budget Road Assistance was made @ 11:30 AM.) The repairman said he was told he had a dead battery (which was not true, as the battery turned over just fine). After fiddling around on the engine, the repairman said he could not fix the problem and he would have to be towed. To call Budget Road Assistance and have them get a tow truck.

My son knew this was a laugh, as no one would ever show up. He prevailed on the repairman to please not leave him stuck out there. This man took mercy and called a friend that had a tow truck that could haul this Budget Truck. One hour later the tow truck arrived and the tow man dropped him and the truck off at a Motel.

The next morning, he called this sarcastic witch that had hung up on him the day before and asked when he could expect a replacement truck. She said they had none and did not know when one would be available. At this point, he had no choice but to call a moving company to come get his goods out of this faulty truck and move them for him. He had started a new job in Arkansas and was due to be to work and could not wait around to receive another faulty truck that might again break down on him. This is the attitude of Budget Truck Rental. Always, always, get PENSKI.

Budget truck rental security deposit refund
By -

WYOMING -- I recently rented a truck to move my furniture from CT. to WY. The rental price was OK and a 150.00 security deposit seemed reasonable. The trouble began when the security deposit was not returned to me. According to the company that I dropped off the truck in Cheyenne, WY. there was damage to the truck. The markings on the truck did not match up with the little drawing I was given. The girl in CT. told me that the various scratches did not count as damage.

Take pictures, evidently all Budget companies look at damage slightly different. Any chance they get to keep the security deposit they will use against you. What is nothing on one end may cause you to lose your security deposit on the other end. I was also charged $44.00 for not returning the truck full. This was after I stopped 5 miles from the drop off site and filled the truck up. When I questioned the customer service agent, she requested all my fuel receipts. After she reviewed them she told me I did not purchase enough fuel. Evidently they can calculate how much fuel you should use for a trip of 2200 miles.

I averaged about 8 miles per gallon, they use a number of 5-7 miles per gallon. I bet they don't advertise that number when trying to rent the truck to you. If you get better fuel mileage that they say, they use that against you for not filling the truck up. Once again, take pictures of your fuel gauge. How I used up $44.00 worth of fuel driving 5 miles I will never know. In the future, I will stay away from Budget for sure. Asking around I found a co-worker who told me they had a similar experience renting a truck in Cheyenne for the weekend from Budget. In my opinion, Budget is a con artist company out to take your money any way they can.

Budget Has Me Broke and in Tears
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I was quoted $307 for both truck $ tow dolly over the phone - the reason I went with Budget. Upon pickup I was charged $600. Apparently the $307 "estimate" I received upon giving Budget my credit card over the phone didn't include a 150 deposit I wasn't told of, or a $50 unexplained charge (later I was told it would be refunded but I haven't yet received it). The unexpected cost of the rental overdrew my bank account and I was unable to refill the tank upon return. I returned the vehicle to the location which could never be reached by phone, not even by their own "customer service", dropped the key off, and still fully expected some form of credit from Budget.

Finally a rude foreign man called me - it was AutoMotriz Monterrey, the people with a tiny fenced in shack under a railroad track in Chicago - who don't ever answer their phone. He told me to come refuel the tank or I wouldn't get my $150 deposit back. I explained that this was an outrageous cost for a tank of gas, especially since I rightly feel I was overcharged in the first place - not even Penske charges what I've paid so far to Budget Rental. The foreign man commented that I came from Ohio laughing "This isn't Kansas anymore" and proceeded to hang up on me.

I called and requested a supervisor AGAIN, and got ** who refused to give out her direct line, and had no skill in customer satisfaction but pointed out basically that the location can charge what they want for gas and that $150 sounded about right to her. She refused to report my grievance against the location that laughed and hung up on me, saying "You can only file one complaint and you've already filed one". Then I discovered ** was not a "supervisor" as she presented herself, but was in a call center somewhere - her words. And then, ** hung up on me.

I just checked my bank account, still no 50 dollars for being overcharged on insurance. And now, Automotriz Monterrey has charged me NINETY more dollars on TOP of pocketing my deposit. I guess I made him mad when I said he was running a scam operation and decided to charge me even more. Today it cost me at least $690 to rent a budget truck and so much time, energy, and frustration. Horrible customer service. The worst. U-Haul isn't any better either. Next time I'm going with Penske...

Budget blocked my credit card for two trucks, not one!
By -

MIAMISBURG, OHIO -- Sept 14 I rented a 10' truck, and returned it Sept 17, as agreed. I thought this would be a clean, simple transaction. No. Budget blocks $xx amount on your charge card to cover the rental, and when it's turned in, they subtract the deposit and then actually apply the charge to your card. Well, the guy waiting on me began helping someone else at the same time, and applied THEIR $570 block to my card instead of theirs! Budget will only offer a verbal apology HOWEVER, I've gone a full week in a new location three states from where I moved without being able to use what SHOULD HAVE BEEN OPEN TO ME ON MY CREDIT CARD!!

The FIRST clue I had something was messed up was the first time I stopped for gas; in front of a store of people the clerk informed me that my card was declined!! Not just a little embarrassing! I couldn't believe and had him run it through again, as I should have had over $600 open on my card, in spite of the block for my rental truck.

Their error left me with NO MONEY to pay for gas, groceries, etc until the block fell off!! And I didn't learn this from Budget! NO!! I learned it a full week after my move from US Bank, where I have my card!! THEY looked into the situation and called to tell me there were TWO blocks on my card, BOTH from BUDGET RENTAL. This has been a major inconvenience to me, and it's taken me over a week to find out exactly what happened.

The person in Customer Svc at Budget said "Why didn't you call us right away?" I told her "because I didn't learn it was YOUR screw up till yesterday from the BANK!" All she offered was an apology and to say they would file a complaint against their facility where I rented the truck. Right. I bet that'll happen! And if it does, it'll be blown off! She did NOT care about what had occurred to my finances nor the problems I'm still having because of it. Budget doesn't care about how it mangles its customers' credit cards.

I will be letting a lot of folks know how Budget helped themselves to my open balance on my credit card. I was very lucky I was able to borrow the money to get THEIR FLIPPIN TRUCK back to where it was to be returned in another state!! While the blockage has now been removed, I am left with paying people back (they don't take credit cards!!!) for helping me out when it should not have been needed... had Budget not been careless with MY credit card!!!

Defective Seatbelt Trapped Friend
By -

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK -- I rented a 14 foot truck on April 1st 2007 to move. The problem wasn't with the truck but the seatbelt and the subsequent response or lack thereof I got after. Upon pulling up to my new residence, my friend who was helping me move and sitting in the passenger seat tried to unbuckle the seatbelt and it would not dis-engage. He is a bigger guy, around 275lbs. and there was not any slack to wiggle his way out of. While trying to manipulate the belt, it became tighter and my friend began to feel light headed, clausterphobic and was having a bit of a hard time breathing, after several attempts to unbuckle, our only alternative was to cut the belt with a razorblade that my new landlord grabbed from his set of tools. I notified Budget via note that I slipped in the box with the keys and agreement. When I stopped there the next day,six hours into the day the agent had not yet notified her boss but sat on her chair like a bump on the log, starring at the wall when I walked in. I left a message on her managers vmail the next day and when she finally returned the call, she had no idea that the incident occurred but did not offer an apology but did say they may charge me for the belt. I suppose it is reasonable to expect the seat belt to malfunction when you rent a vehicle. What if I crashed or the truck started on fire? My best friend could have been killed or maimed but that did not seem to cross her mind. The following day 04-04-07. Maria Tucker called me to tell me the truck was being looked over by an "independent" repair person and "if" the seatbelt was not deemed defective. I would be charged for it. This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. I know this is not a normal occurrence but the research that I have done today on the internet, cites several instances of seat belt malfunction and wear and tear, just as any other component of your vehicle and many seat belts are replaced. This company has insulted common intelligence of the consumer and I would not advocate using their rental vehicles anywhere in WNY as apparently Maria Tucker is the area rep/manager and complaints and other issues are handled by her.

(Cont.) Budget Worcester MA had overcharged me - some "funny" facts
By -

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is updates for my post that Budget has overcharged me twice at

Since the last post in Oct 7 and more update in Oct 12 and 13, until today Oct 20, I was paid back $50 for no-show fee charged by Budget Denver CO - that's all.

I have sent by fax my letter, a print copy of my reservation online email, and a copy of my rental agreement with Budget Worcester MA written in Sept 23, 2005 to Kery. This is the third time I have sent my papers to Budget Truck Renttal Customer Service.

The first time was sent to an officer name Tommie - however she didn't answer me back even though she said that she would call me when she receive my fax. I had to call Budget Customer Service again and was told to sent my papers the second time to an officer name Beth. She also didn't answer me back.

I called again and at this time I talked to a woman who spoke very slowly and deeply like a male voice - I only remember that her name is started with "D" - like Dilma, or something like that. She had taken all my papers but didn't read those carefully. Despite my papers in her hands, she questioned me rudely, told me to be insistent with Budget Worcester MA in order to get the new reservation number that Budget Worcester MA had made up in September 23. She also told me that Budget Worcester MA had written a local rental agreement for me, then she hung up on me. However, in my rental agreement, it was written very clearly my drop-off location in Washington DC. (she didn't look at my papers at all!!)

Every time I called Budget Customer Service, I was always told that my rental could not be found out - or there's no information about my rental. Seriously, some officers told me that the truck I had rented was in fact rented by FedEx since some months ago. It sounded like I was the one who made up a rental agreement or I stole the truck from FedEx.

After numbers of calls to Budget Worcester MA, I was told that I needed to talk to Chris, the manager of that agency, since he was the person who has written the rental for me.

I had tried to contact Budget Worcester MA in Sept 26, in three times, but I was always told that Chris wasn't at the office.

Anyway, I had contacted Budget Worcester MA again in October 17, after many times tried to contact Chris - the manager of Budget Worcester MA - in October 13, 14, and 15. For the third time calling Budget Worcester MA (he wasn't at the office before at 8AM, at 9AM, until 10AM - as I was told every time I had called in), I heard him talking with the officer who was on the phone with me:

"About what?" - he asked the person who was on the phone with me. This person told him that I was calling in about my one way truck rental was overcharged. And, not surprised me, Chris told his officer that "tell her that I am not here! Tell her to call back one hour later."

That's all I had heard on the phone. I am very unsatisfied with this agency and the way the manager treats Budget clients.

I hope that at this time, Kery - or you or someone at Budget Customer Service will help me. I do honestly think that Chris - the manager of Budget Worcester MA - had taken my money for himself after seeing in the Budget Rental Database that I was charged $50 for no-show fee already. I do really think that that is the reason why he always refuses to talk to me or anyone about my rental reservation number, or why my rental agreement has not been found in Budget Database, because it has never been in any database, and because it was still considered as rented by FedEx.

I am thinking of calling http://www.troubleshooting.com/ for help from Tom Martino and his talk show. I think that Budget Worcester MA at 500 Lincoln Street is needed to bring up to the air for the manager's behaviors.

Thanks for reading my long posts.

Budget truck rental
By -








Read more: http://www.rateitall.com/i-7031-budget-truck-rental.aspx#ixzz10vV1hpCV

Renter Beware. Horrible Experience! Never Again
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Young single female moving herself from NC to DE. Reserved truck and car dolly 1 month in advance. Got a call at 5:15PM evening before move stating they had no car dolly. Couldn't call back because pick-up location in Fayetteville was closed. Called first thing Sat morn and told NO CAR DOLLY. I cannot drive a rental truck and car at the same time! Budget was no help. Very nasty/rude man at pick-up location. Called customer service "800" number. Reached a Sonja in Texas. She was even nastier. Said "they are a self-move company and nothing is guaranteed." How can I self-move when I don't have the equipment that I reserved??? Then SHE hung up on ME!!! So much for customer service. RENTER BEWARE. NEVER EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. Disgraceful the way they treat a customer. Should never be in business. Am I crazy but when you "reserve" something, shouldn't Budget make every effort to locate the product BEFORE the day of the move? And should customer service be disrespectful?

Ended up calling around and found uHaul. They were very nice and helpful. Budget will never get my business ever! AWFUL

Ask Budget To Change Their Unfair Reservation Policy
By -

I believe it is unjust the way Budget Truck Rental has set up their reservation policy. Not only Budget Truck Rental does not guarantee the reservation you make with your credit card, they have a penalty against customers who don't show up (called $50 No Show charge) at the date and time specified in the reservation policy. Budget can ignore a reservation and yet require a $50 penalty charge for customers.

According to Budget, the reservation only guarantees the price in which the truck is rented for and not the actual truck. Budget fails to see that when there is no truck to rent, there will be no savings for the customers. In other words, their reservation is really a gimmick. I would rather pay a higher price for the truck with a guarantee that the truck will be available.

Simply said, if Budget does not guarantee a truck being reserved as it stated in their small print policy on truck reservation, then why should anyone even bother making the reservation?

I think they are taking advantage of people and I personally will not rent from them till they change their policy. Please ask Budget to change their unfair reservation policy.

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