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Paid for an Intermediate Size Car and Were Given a Beetle
Posted by Lety.hahn on 10/21/2013
Paid for an intermediate size car and were given a Beetle. Employees didn't even apologize for not giving us the type of car that we had requested.

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Charged for Gas When We Returned Car Full of Gas
Posted by Garey2062 on 09/27/2013
LOGAN AIRPORT, MASSACHUSETTS -- We returned a rental car to BUDGET on time and full of gas at 6am in Boston Logan Airport as we were rushing to catch a flight. I did not look at the receipt given to me by the person who checked us in. That night after reviewing it, I discovered I was charged over $200 for a tank of gas which I had paid $40 cash for prior to dropping off the car. I called Budget the next day to find out that the only way to reverse the charges is to send them a receipt for the $40 gas purchase.

I am currently in Oregon with no plans to return to Boston, MA any time soon. BEWARE THIS SCAM BY BUDGET!!!!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2013-09-27:
Wow, what a crock. What legit business would try and charge $200 to someone for gas upon returning a full car. What exactly do they need a receipt for? Are they saying without it, they can't verify the car is full of gas?
Posted by CU on 2013-09-28:
Why not just send a copy of the receipt?
Posted by garey2062 on 2013-09-28:
I (smack myself on the head) did not get a receipt for the gas and paid cash for the gas- big mistake. I did go on google map and find the gas station and am praying I can get them to remember me and make a receipt. The car had keyless ignition. They did not turn car on so I don't know how gas was measured gas. The Lesson -CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS from BUDGET before you leave.
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Purposely Misleading Clients, Just To Get More Money From You.
Posted by Koraval on 08/19/2013
VICTORIA, CANADA -- We reserved our car in advance through Airmiles. Cost us about 2,000 airmiles for 4 days. Collected those airmiles for a year. At the time of reservation we were told by Airmiles representative that the only amount we would have to pay is -taxes - $46. At Victoria airport Budget worker whose name was Chris Blaze asked us a couple of times if we needed insurance, and we said - NO, Thank you - we are covered through our bank. When he gave us an Agreement, it was amount of $246 there. We asked where this number came from. Chris explained that $46 are our taxes, and $200 is the money they hold on our credit card just in case something happens to the car. $200 will be back to the card after returning the car. We were OK with this.Then he quickly showed us where to sign and initial the agreement, which we did. Imagine how we felt, when while returning the car we were told, that that $200 was actually for Car Insurance, which we clearly did not ask for. We tried to speak to the manager (Jazz), and all he had to say was that we signed the agreement and his employee did his due diligence. Yes, we did sign, because we could not even imagine that we could be openly mislead and deceived this way.

This is brutal. No apologies, just blaming the clients and defending open lie of the worker. This is the first and the last time we used Budget. Be especially careful when dealing with Victoria Airport Budget!!!! They are really creative.
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Mc Arthur Airport Budget Rent-a-Car Unfair Cleaning Fee
Posted by Larry71 on 08/13/2013
MCARTHUR AIRPORT, NEW YORK -- Has anyone else rented from the McArthur Airport Budget Rent A Car and received a notice of a cleaning fee much later - after the car was returned.

This happened to me - I returned the car in early September, and made sure to have it professionally cleaned beforehand as I had heard about capricious charges such as this. When I returned the car, I asked the attendant if the car was in acceptable condition and he agreed it was, and I took pictures of the interior of the car.

A month later I was assessed a $250 cleaning fee !

Following up with Budget and my credit card company provided to be an exhaustive and pointless process.

I hate to be the suspicious type. Can anyone advise me how I could avoid such charges in the future ?

A friend of mine recommended this site for travelers' issues.

Best Regards

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Posted by oldisgood on 2013-08-14:
if you still have the pictures of the inside of the car and they are dated I would proceed to small claims court just on a matter of principle. Budget can tell you and charge you at will, but what is legal is another story. If your car was really clean you will get your money back plus filing fees.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-14:
It sounds like this location was trying to bilk you out of more money. Taking photos like you did is the best thing to do to protect yourself, so that fraudulent charges like this can be disputed.
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Worst Ever
Posted by Mariej on 08/09/2013
WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK -- This is the most disgusting place there is - it needs to be torn down and buried - I don't know how it got a 3.5 star rating. The rooms smell (they try to cover it up with perfume) , the place has a bug problem, the toilet was broke would run all the time thank goodness my husband was able to fix that (should of given them a bill for a plumbers service call and repair) and the rooms look like they are from he!! like they haven't been cleaned in forever. We booked it for 2 nights after the first night we left and without a refund - the place don't give refunds. No sense in arguing with them they cannot speak English. They charged us an arm and a leg for the room - they should pay their guest to stay with them. DO NOT BOOK A ROOM HERE!!!!! If I could give this motel/hotel a negative rating I would.
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Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-09:
TripAdvisor gives it a 22% rating. That's rather low.
People, always do research on more than one web site when booking a hotel.
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Return Scam ... Charged $75 Cleaning Fee
Posted by Mamawokka on 07/23/2013
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- A month after my rental I received notification that I was being charged $75 for excessive cleaning for pet hair. When I returned the car... which by the way had trash in it when I picked it up both in the console & in the drivers door... was told they discovered pet hair which they charged to my credit card as excessive cleaning.

When I returned the car I asked the attendant if everyting was ok and she said it looked good. Had I known a few random hairs ... and I admit I had a dog in the car... would cost me $75 I would have taken a piece of tape and dabbed out the hair. In my opinion this is bogus. I am not a dirty or disrespectful consumer. I will never deal with Budget again.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-23:
Auto rental companies are supposed to vacuum and lightly wipe down cars when returned as a matter of course. However, some unscrupulous ones, knowing you had a pet, will scam you out of an extra "cleaning fee." Thanks for the tip about Budget. Perhaps it is just this one location, but if there is another company available, it would be wise to rent from the other company. Who knows what other "fees" Budget will attempt to tack on.
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Posted by Ivypivey on 07/03/2013
Thanks to Clarence [snip] my trip was great. Clarence walked me to my car and explained everything I needed to know about the GPS that I was not familiar with. Thanks Clarence for making my trip so easy. Sincerely Ivy Allen
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I Have Had Great Service
Posted by Jdigesu on 06/14/2013
I was just reading some reviews on Budget Care Pet Medications. They are very clear that the medications might take up to two weeks to arrive. My medications have arrived in one week. I have never had a medication not arrive and never have had a medication arrive later than promised. you save a ton of money with Budget Care so quit complaining!

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Customer Service Staff Does Not Know Any Things & Says She Cannot Do It
Posted by Kgokula.kr on 06/11/2013
HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I was charged 3 times in my Credit for TOLL. I haven't got any bills, so I called the customer service (800-404-8033)

I was asked for the Reservation confirmation number, but I have rented the car before 1 month. I have been renting on week ends, so I did nit keep track of my rental confirmation numbers.

Since I was not able to provide the Confirmation, the Staff said that "They cannot provide the bill details". They haven't sent any bills till today for charging 113$ on my card & when asked for details, the staff refused.

The staff did not know, whom to transfer to help me, as she herself does not the details. I have requested to get the details from her supervisor or co-worker, but she was nit ready to ask any one of them.

She spoiled my day.....so I would suggest not to go to Budget.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-11:
I can understand that if you can't provide the reservation information they may not be able to look up your file.

If this happened to me, I would consider challenging the charge with the CC company. I am wondering though how 3 tolls could add to $113, even with administrative fees.
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Fast and Efficient, Paid Exactly What I Expected. Definitely Recommend
Posted by Donferrese on 05/30/2013
MIAMI AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- I have to say that I was very happy with my experience with Budget. Especially the Miami Airport location. I found the operation very efficient, and easy to navigate. I have never written a review of anything before, but I researched a lot for which place to get my car from. I chose budget because they had an easy site to navigate, and it was easy to find all of the answers to my questions. They also do not require that you buy their insurance, which I did anyway, and if you prepay for the reservation with a debit card they only place a 100 dollar hold, which is lower than most places that I looked into. I was worried about my flight being late, but they told me that they would hold the rental for 15 hrs with no fees, which they did and I was 4 hrs late and accrued no fees.

The counter was easy to find and pick up was pretty quick. We also had to leave very early in the morning, so I left extra early not knowing how long the turn in process would take. There were signs clearly posted so finding the drop off was also very easy. It was very fast, and I never even had to go to the counter. I also was concerned about a few small scrapes on the car because nobody walked around with me when I picked up the car, so I waited until the hold on my card was released before writing this review, there was no hidden charge and I paid exactly what I expected, plus they only put a 2 dollar hold instead of the 100! The car was great, clean, and great gas mileage. I forgot exactly what type of car I reserved but it was the type after economy and compact.

They let me choose from between several, and the guy at the counter suggested one with good mpg and sound system and low miles, which I chose. Every employee I encountered was helpful and friendly. They put a Sun Pass in the windshield for toll roads which is awesome, and made navigating the congested highways a breeze. Overall, if you look for a car at a site with multiple companies, go to their sites and read the terms, this was the best deal, and very efficient service. Also, I recommend prepaying on-line. It eliminates some of the restrictions(like pick up time and card holds), and it is the best rate even over other discounts. I give this location a 5 star as well as budget themselves. Good Job, and I will use them from now on.
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