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Bad customer service at Budget Wilkes-Barre PA location
Posted by on
WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently rented an SUV from Budget to drive from FL to Wilkes-Barre PA. While the people at Budget Florida were nice and courteous, I got the complete opposite experience at the Budget location at Wilkes-Barre.

Upon returning the car, the representative who identified herself as Jessica, went out to check the vehicle and came back in to tell me that the car was not full of gas. I had to show her my receipt that I had just filled the tank so that she would believe me, even though the gas tank showed a full tank.

Additionally, she seemed completely unaware of how/unwilling to use the Budget system to rectify the payment issue we were having. She was not allowing me to pay with the card that I initially used to reserve the car. Even after speaking with a customer service representative from the credit card company who told us and her that we had enough credit, she claimed her system would not allow me to pay via that card and demanded that we pay the full amount (+$800) in cash so she could close out the reservation. I asked her if I could use another card and she said no. It was not until we contacted the agency we initially rented from in Florida that she said we could try another card since they said that using another card shouldn’t be a problem. I also noticed that when she was speaking with the Florida agency, she was making excuses to suggestions he was providing for her to resolve the problem. Then, we tried a couple of other cards (which have plenty of credit available) and each time she claimed the system would only allow so much of a charge on the card.

In the end, we had to go get the difference for the card in cash just to finalize our rental transaction. This took over an hour to resolve and it was a huge inconvenience. In the end, she blamed the problems on the Budget company from Florida.
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Alain on 08/01/2011:
Give the Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Bureau's regional office in Scranton a call about this at (570) 963-4913 or you can call the main office at (717) 787-3391.
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Entertainment coupon doesn't work
Posted by on
INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I bought the Kansas City Entertainment book. There was a coupon in there for Budget for a 10 day rental one would receive up to 20% off and $35 off one rental. I put the coupon codes in on their website, but it wouldn't take off the amount. I called the local office that I am picking up the car, and they told me that they were a franchise, and not a corporate store, and I would need to call the main reservation number. I did, and was on hold for 15 min. The person that I talked to didn't understand what I was wanting, and transferred me to customer service. While talking to customer service, the representative said he couldn't hear me, I told him I could hear him fine. He said well I can't hear you, and hung up. I called Customer service back, and talked to a different lady. She told me that they can't give me an estimate of what the total price would be minus the coupon. She told me that I would get the $35 for sure, and part of the percentage. The percentage has to do with how many cars are on the lot. Seems like an easy way to short change. Well, I did the reservation. Even minus the $35 that would be the cheapest one around. I called back to the local store, and then they informed me that this franchise only does one or the other even though the coupon says both. I said why are these coupons even printed here if they don't work. He then told me to call the local reservation number, and see what they can do. Well they can't do anything. I asked the person there, how are people supposed to know if a store is a corporate or a franchise, and why do these show up where there are no corporate stores. The closest corporate store by the way is in St. Louis Mo. That is over 200 miles away. Beware of their coupons.
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olie on 06/21/2011:
It sounds like you were trying to use two coupons for one rental. Most agencies--or any business, for that matter--limit a customer to using only one coupon per rental/purchase/deal/whatever.

That's my guess about why the computer would not allow both codes to be used.

When I've rented cars, using Entertainment coupons, I've priced the rental using each coupon from the book. Then, I decided which one would be best for my situation.

It never occurred to me to try using more than one coupon for one rental.
islulu on 06/25/2011:
It wasn't 2 coupons. It was 1 coupon that said up to 20% and $35 for a 10 day rental. There was only one code on the coupon. One can not use 2 coupons for one item unless it is grocery shopping and one coupon is a manufactur and the other s a store coupon for the item. That s called stacking.
trmn8r on 06/25/2011:
Those Entertainment Book coupons can be hard to use in the first place. The best way to use them is in person, but as you say you can't do that.

Even then, you are often told that location of whatever the company is doesn't accept them.

This particular one sounds very odd to me - both a dollar amount AND a percentage off. The good part of this is it sounds like you get the $35 off (*hopefully*) and you say it is the cheapest around. Good luck.
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Bait & Switch Tactics!
Posted by on
I've been a loyal customer of Budget for years, but this past experience will forever sour my opinion of the company. Flight landed just after midnight at ORF. Went to the counter with my confirmed rate of $35.99/day. There were no issues until I returned the car and was shocked to find that they had charged me $75.99/day FOR A COMPACT CAR! Numerous conversations with their customer service agents were met with the proverbial shrugging of the shoulders. They were unwilling to honor my rate...even though they confirmed that they DID quote me that rate. It's a shame that a company with such a strong brand name would rather have $80 NOW than the thousands of dollars I will be spending on rental cars in the coming years. I travel for work and have already booked two other cars with another company. Never thought I'd say it, but steer clear of Budget.
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trmn8r on 03/03/2011:
I assume that when you picked the car up, the CSR went over the contract, and there was a rate stated. Was it the rate you were quoted when you booked? Have you challenged Budget with this signed contract, that shows the rate you agreed to while at the airport rental counter?
getoverit on 03/03/2011:
trmn8r makes a reasonable assumption. But I envision another scenario - hypothetical, of course...

Customer arrives at airport - possibly in a bit of a hurry or just tired, due to the late hour and a long flight. Having received a rate quote from Budget and trusting in a company the customer has done business with before, s/he signs the contract and drives away.

Only after bringing the car back and seeing the charges, the customer realizes that Budget charged a different rate than originally quoted.

I'm a big believer in reading contracts, checking numbers, and generally looking out for number one. But, sometimes things reach a point where you just feel like people ought to live up to their commitments. They quoted a rate and they should honor it.

OP: I hope you have that original rate quote in writing. With that documentation, you should be able to file a dispute with your credit card company. Do it in writing, provide documentation, and make it clear that you have made reasonable efforts to resolve the matter directly with Budget. Good Luck.
trmn8r on 03/03/2011:
You ALWAYS read a rental car contract, even if you are tired. I don't trust people, and I certainly don't trust people wielding a list of charges and optional charges I may be liable to pay. I would never assume they are charging the agreed upon rate - same with hotels and motels.
tnchuck100 on 03/04/2011:
I always read the contract. The last time I rented a vehicle I was in the process of reading the contract the agent said she was in a hurry and didn't have time for me to read the contract. To which I responded "Give me a shorter contract. That will speed things up considerably." She then shut up and waited.
Whiteduck on 03/04/2011:
tnchuck, that is ingenious. I'll have to remember that one...
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Beware the Fuel Purchase Option
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I recently rented a car from Budget Rent-A-Car. At the Budget counter when I picked up my rental car, the agent told me about the fuel purchase option. In fact, she encouraged me to get it because the price per gallon was less than what local gas stations were charging. It made sense, so I got it, at a cost of $35.62. What the agent did not disclose was that there were a variety of taxes and surcharges that go with the fuel purchase option. When I returned the rental car, I was hit with $10.40 in additional (undisclosed) charges for the $35.62 fuel purchase. That's 29% of additional charges! So I ended up paying $46.02 for a tank of gas for a little Toyota Matrix! Beware!!!
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trmn8r on 01/18/2011:
"You don't get anything for nothing" is what mom always said. Think about it - HOW can they sell you gas for less than the gas station? You say "It made sense" but I don't believe it does. That was your cue to ask more questions.

The last time I faced this, there was some kind of minimum purchase involved or a surcharge of $0.75 a gallon applied over the teaser rate. I did some quick math and figured it would not benefit me.
Anonymous on 01/18/2011:
That's a hefty fee. I never pre-pay the gas because they don't give you credit for what's left in the tank when you bring the car back. And the dirty scoundrals won't let you siphon the remaining gas to take with you. They call it a safety issue or something or another.

Yeah it sounds pretty when they tell you're buying gas below market price. What they don't tell you is that's only true though if you return the car totally empty. If on the other hand you are like most renters and return the car with five gallons (or more) then that so called below market price per gallon shoots up drastically which is pure profit for the rental company. See they always got to gotcha. Always.

Excellent review and warning!
trp2hevn on 01/18/2011:
As far as the whole prepaid gas option, I think it is more for convenience than actual price savings. If you're running late for a flight and have to stop for gas, it could mean the difference between getting on the plane or not. How much would it cost to rebook your flight versus how much you paid for gas? Of course, not everyone is chronically late.
Obsfucation on 01/18/2011:
It's interesting to note that they always charge for an entire tank of gas. In other words, if the car has a sixteen gallon tank, they hit you for sixteen gallons of gas. But how could you return the car if you used all the gas you purchased? In every case, they get back a car with gas that was paid for by someone else.
PepperElf on 01/18/2011:
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Twilight Zone!
Posted on
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I have already written down the events in this format, so I just copied and pasted, sorry it's so long!
1/2/07 – Spoke to Sarah at Budget location re: $9.50 error charged on car rental from December 29, 2006. Sarah said it was too late to credit my card, so she would tape a note on the desk for a free day rental. (Sarah knows me by sight from my continuing patronage, and has never been rude to me.)

1/18/07 – Rented vehicle from Budget car rental (with Sarah), since I was getting an Explorer, which cost more per day than my normal rentals, I verified that it was OK to use the free day (along with an extra day, that I would pay for), to which Sarah said “absolutely”.

1/20/07 – Returned to Budget, spoke to Sarah and extended the rental an additional day, to make it 3 days (paying for 2 days, and getting the one free day to repay their error), again Sarah was amiable, and said “you’re all set”.

1/21/07 – noticed I had a coupon for budget for a free day (“Rent a budget car for a minimum of 3 weekend days and enjoy the third day free”) I called budget, spoke to a man, not sure of the name, told him that I already have a free rental day because of an overcharge on their part, and asked if I could use the coupon, since the rental started on a Thursday, and I would keep it through Monday if they would accept it, paying for 2 days, getting a third free, and the fourth being free for the error. He said yes, and took the coupon code down, and said I was set. Let me add here that if they had said that I could not use this coupon, I would have returned the vehicle that day, paying for 2 days, and getting the one comp day.

1/22/07 – returned vehicle at around 4:30. I made sure to tell him to take off the 9.50 refueling charge, because I filled it with gas. Eddie helped me, and I asked if he needed the coupon, and he said yes. At this point he tried to tell me I was an hour late, and the total would be 200 something! I calmly explained that Sarah had arranged a free day rental prior to my renting this vehicle because of an erroneous charge on my previous rental, and that with the coupon which, I explained, I got an OK from the employee yesterday to use, I should only owe for 2 days (which clearly falls within the coupons requirements). To this, Eddie said (in a rude tone of voice, I might add) “I’m not giving you 2 free days” he also said that the employee I spoke to was a temp. I tried to explain that the person I spoke to yesterday took down the coupon code, and asked specifically for the “bcd” number from the coupon, so he must know something about the business, as there are two codes on the coupon, one starting with “bcd #” and one starting with “coupon #”. He (Eddie) continued to argue and first tried to say that the coupon did not apply, since I kept it longer than 3 days, then when he realized that the coupon would still be good, he reverted to “you’re not getting 2 free days”. In the end he gave me a receipt that charged me $190.11 (As far as I could tell, this amount, again, included the 9.50 refueling service charge, and $1.80 Fuel services charge!) I was so angry at this point, and told him I wanted to speak to Sarah, he said she wasn’t there, so I told him that I would be contesting the bill, and left. I came back 10 minutes later to get the original paperwork from when I rented on the 18th.

1/22/07, later at home – I know I did nothing wrong here, and made every effort to be sure that the free rental from their error could be used on the Explorer, and then calling for confirmation that I would be able to use the coupon. I really am just very confused as to why Eddie (I assume he is the manager) would behave in such a rude fashion to a semi-regular customer! And to reverse the other persons statement with his reason being that the guy was a “temp”… in my eyes he was representing budget, and if he is allowed to answer the phone, then what he tells the customer should be honored! If I had come in on Thursday, got a rental, and used the comp day, then return it, then come back on later that day and rent until Monday and use the coupon, this would not even be an issue, so again I am extremely confused at what the problem was!
After thinking this over, I called (Eddie) and stated my case again saying that I was giving him another chance to rectify the situation before I take action, mentioning the bit about renting Thursday, using the comp, returning Friday, and come back later in the day, renting through Monday, and he said “no, you still would not have gotten 2 days free!” So from what I can tell, he would not have let me use the coupon no matter what, but he still ASKED for the coupon when I first returned the car… again, very confusing.

1/23/07 – Called Budget customer service, told her (Nicole) the story, and told her she could speak to Sarah at that location to confirm the comp day. When Nicole came back on the line, she said that Sarah said she didn’t authorize that! I called Sarah, and she was very cold (this I couldn’t believe, as she is normally very nice, and accommodating, a true customer service star), and told me that she gave me a coupon (which she did NOT)! So now it looks like I was trying to double use the coupon I had from before! I called Nicole back, and in the end, I DID get my credit for the day and the gas charge, but at the expense of being forced to first visit the Twilight Zone! I couldn’t help but call Sarah back and tell her that their attempt to screw me had failed, and that they lost a good returning customer to boot.

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"Budget" is a Misnomer
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My experience with Budget Rent a Car was that I had reserved a car online for a stay in Ireland. When I got to the end of the reervation form and submitted it the web page seemed to have a glitch and took me back to the beginning. I filled ut the beginning again then wondered if I would be charged twice so I closed the window and later checked my email. It confirmed that I was all set. I have to say right here that I had only rented a car once before from Enterprise, and if was a great esperience.

When I got to the Shannon airport, I was walking toward the rental counter and noticed that there was a large crowd of customers at the Hertz desk which was right beside the Budget desk. No one was standing in front of the Budget desk.
That should have been my first clue. Like a naive person, I never thought to see if there were any consumer complaints about Budget. After all, it's a nationally known company. If they were that bad would they still be in business after all these years? I know. Faulty reasoning, right?

When I approached the nice young lady at the desk, I was told that they didn't have anything reserved for me and that they didn't have anything available except an upgrade. I explained the glitch at the end of the rental form and she (flustered) said sometimes you have to enter things twice. (???) So I said I had gotten a confirmation email and I showed it to her. The Manager came over and said they had only a couple of SUVs and that it would cost more. I hesitatingly said. " Let me just check with these guys and started to step over into their queue. He quickly said, "Let me see what we can do. "He went into a rear office for a second and called the young lady back as well. After a few seconds, he came out and started poking around on the screen. He MAGICALLY (well, it IS Ireland, you know) came up with a Toyota Corolla which, coincidentally was the exact vehicle I had reserved in the first plaee. Hhmmmm.
We (my two young daughters and myself -I'm a woman) drove to the Dingle peninsula. After a couple of days, I tried to withdraw some money from an ATM and it said my balance was too low. That couldn't be. I had to have a friend wire me some money to finish out the trip. I got to checking and they had added additional charges, including $800.00 for insurance which they said had to be paid up front-- a year's worth of insurance! When I complained after bringing the car back, they said "Well, you signed the paperwork". Enough said. My experience with Ireland otherwise was delightful and I had no other shady experiences. It's a BUDGET problem, not an Irish problem. Buyer beware! Stay away from this company. I hope the young lady at the desk (it seems like she had just started working there) jumps ship and loses those losers.
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Budget... how to get ripped off and ignored
Posted by on
While recently moving, our truck broke down when the steering wheel began shaking so violently that we had to slow down to 10 mph on the freeway just to pull over. Upon calling the company we rented it from, we were told, "What do you want us to do.? We aren't mechanics," and given another number to call. A mechanic was sent out within the hour but he ended up on the phone with Budget for over an hour trying to get authorization to repair the wheel bearings. He told us that we were lucky we hadn't gotten it up to a good speed otherwise the truck could have flipped or gone out of control, also that the rental company had to have known the truck had a problem. I recently had hip surgery and had hired several friends for $12/hour to make it worth their while (nobody likes helping you move for free). We waited... and waited... and waited. At about hour 5 I called and told them the only thing being driven at that point was me into bankruptcy. I was told they couldn't do anything about a refund or compensation until after the truck was turned in. The mechanic finally got the truck running (after replacing the wheel bearings with the wrong parts given him by an auto shop, causing him to do it all over again) but at this point 7 hours had gone by with my whole life sitting on the roadside. I called to speak with them and was close to having them tow me to my destination when the mechanic said he was done and I headed out. Since they had already broken the contract by not supplying me with a safe reliable vehicle to make it from point A to point B in a reasonable period of time, I opted to not fill the tank with gas before dropping it off at midnight. Now I have been given the runaround ever since; every time I call I am told I will receive a call back. I never get one. Furthermore, I am told that they cannot give me a 100% credit on my rental because it is against company policy. This company should be ashamed of itself for the poor service they provide. I am surprised that they have any business at all with these dirty business dealings. In a time when this country needs all the business they can get for fear of failure, you would think they might have more integrity and appreciation for the customers they have. I am now out about 450 bucks, which I will keep my word and pay my helpers. Grow a backbone, Budget. I will never rent from you again, nor will any of my friends or family (as well as the countless people who drove by our broken down truck that day). If I heard tomorrow that Budget was filing for bankruptcy, I would rejoice that bad business practices and poor customer service had finally taken its toll on them. Shame on you, Budget, you spineless weasels.
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User Replies:
MRM on 05/20/2010:
What a friend they are when you have to charge them to move your stuff.
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Budget at MCI scams customers!
Posted by on
PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- We just returned from a road trip to St. Louis. We returned our rental car early to the MCI location (Kansas City airport) of Budget and forgot our contract at home. They couldn't find a copy of the contract that showed that we had pointed out scratches on the hood of the car. I stayed while Rob went back to get the contract. When I handed them to them, they accused us of lying. They said they had no proof that Rob didn't write the S and circle on the hood on the contract. That's not the way their guys do it and they would sign it and take the yellow copy.

This is how it happened on Thursday night. We were late picking the car up. The counter agent was helpful but one thing did make me suspicious. He said the car was pre-checked and there was no damage. We checked the car anyway, in the parking lot around midnight. We found scratches on the hood. We saw the counter agent in the parking lot and told him. He said to tell the guy at the exit booth. I got in our car and Rob drove the rental ahead of me. I saw him hand the guy at the booth the papers. The guy wrote on them and handed them back. We drove away.

We didn't look at it after that, just stuck it in a bag and went on. Maybe we should have but that guy in the booth should know his job better than we would. When we returned the car, the lady at the counter went out to check it and said there were scratches on the hood. I said, I know, we pointed that out when we checked the car out. She went and look for a copy of the contract and couldn't find it. I sent Rob back home to get our copy. While waiting I said they either did a sloppy job on the pre-checks or they are intentially trying to snare naive customers. Because, if we could see those scratches at midnight, walking around the car, they should have been able to see them in the daylight. The lady tonight clearly saw them. So how were they missed in the pre-check? How was there "no damage?" So then when I have the papers, the manager comes out and says that may be Rob wrote in the damage. I said we wouldn't know how they mark it. He said the circled S was common sense, but then he said it's not how they do it. He said the guy standing next to him was in the booth that night and he would do the paperwork right. Of couse, the guy next to him wasn't going to admit to doing a sloppy job, so he went along with it. I was--still am--livid! I wanted to speak to someone higher than the manager. He gave me his card, which I pointed out wasn't higher than him. He said if I called that number, I'd get it. But when I intended to call, he said it would just ring there. I said I'd find the number. I tried on the internet on my phone but I got a mobile site with limited information. So I called the reservations number on the coupon I had. They gave me the customer service number but Customer Service isn't opened until Monday at 7:30am. It was Sunday, about 10:30.

Finally, after I called back again and at least got a sympathetic reservations agent, they said I could leave but the counter agent said the car wouldn't be "returned" and we'd be charged for extra days. I said no. I also said I absolutely would NOT sign any accident report for an accident that didn't happen. The manager said he's close out my contract now but he couldn't give me a receipt without an accident report. I said I wanted it in writing because I didn't trust him.

I told them I'd be calling Customer Service tomorrow and I'd never rent Budget again and I'd tell everyone I could not to rent Budget. They have some serious customer service issues and, in my opinion, are actively scamming customers and maybe getting away with it with customers who give in to their lies.

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User Replies:
Alain on 05/10/2010:
The number and nature of this and similar complaints would discourage me from using Budget.
Gabina on 05/10/2010:
Thanks for your support. Update, I called Customer Service today and they said that since its a claims issue, I have to take it up with the location. In other words, the same people who are trying to screw us. They did give me the name of the general manager--not the guy I dealt with last night. But if she doesn't help (I left VM), or if she's in league with them, we have no other recourse. I suppose, I can try to fight the charge on my credit card.
Gabina on 05/12/2010:
I finally talked to the Location Manager for Budget at the airport. He called and my husband answered yesterday. They agreed not to charge us for the scratches. They did take off $30 for our coupon. So we were only charged $109.22. That is acceptable. However, I'd like to know that the people involved, especially the manager on duty Sunday night, Matt McGee, are at the very least reprimanded for the way I was treated.
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Cold Unprofessional A Bunch Of Thieves - Apopka, Florida
Posted by on
My son and I happily made advanced reservations online for a fourth of July trip which was to be started on July 3rd. We made reconfirmations 3 days prior (I am always organized and timely)We were to be picked up by 8 am on July 3rd. At 8 am we called and got a gruff voice that stated"I don't know anything about that I can't leave here I have 21 reservations and I am alone. When the manager arrives I will call you."This went on till 9:30 am when we decided to drive over there. He insisted for me to drive there and leave the car there even though there were numerous signs saying you will be towed if left there. I was reassured otherwise. I had my paperwork all ready but was told he did not know where the car was coming from. We waited some more and was told they would be there and was on its way from Daytona beach(2 hours away) and that the paperwork was overlooked. I was told the car would be thereby 12 noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I insisted on an arrival time. Car was 4 hours late with no pick up at home. You haven't heard the rest yet !!!!!Listen up----------He swiped my card and told me Equifax was saying do not rent to renter and that it didn't mean I had no money.(this time the car arrived but according to them I did not qualify to rent it. I told them it may be a protection for identity theft. I called the bank immediately and the bank representative told me that it wasn't even showing any attempt to remove funds. He hadn't swiped the card it was a phony attempt!!!I told the budget representative to redo transaction and it went through. Were it not for my persistence they cared nothing!!!!!!! The manager said he would give a 10% discount for the inconvenience(I was already missing an important function being 4 hours late.

On Monday I returned the car in one piece gas level where it was and the representative is asking me where the level was when I took it. Next the transaction rung up over $100 extra. the budget representative (same one barking at me he couldn't pick me up)states it was a late fee return plus an additional day. He stated he was new and that I should return 09:30 next day for manager. I did and was told he was in a meeting. Finally I drove in at 11:00 AM and he pretended never to know me nor the previous circumstance. I told him about the extra day and the 10% discount he had calculated prior to taking the car for the inconvenience. nothing done for 4 hours late for me but 2 hour late return has late fee of $10 plus full late day charge of $80.Go figure that disparity!!!!I was refunded the $80 after I told him I was going to write this review and then he stated I couldn't have the 10% and $80 off one or the other. Then he asked what kind of work I do?I guess if they don't think you are a lawyer you are in deep doo-doo.

I am glad after all I never allowed him to taint the roads and pick me up in my community. I have learned my lesson and will stick to enterprise. They are very professional and timely. Only they did not show a convertible. and we wanted a convertible. Never ever use budget no matter what!!! P.S. by the way my son of 12 years did the math and showed the representative the incorrect charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 07/20/2009:
since when doesn Budget advertise they will come pick you up? Its news to me
spiderman2 on 07/20/2009:
Budget does offer limited pickups. It also says the only time they will guarantee the exact car you want is if you reserve one from their street fleet, which is more expensive. http://www.budget.com/budgetWeb/locationsearch/location.ex?hyperlink=notenable&countryName=&prevCountry=US

I needed to rent a car once after mine was squashed and found that the pick-up service from the company that advertises we will pick you up was so limited and difficult that it wasn't worth it.
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Budget terrible Breakdown Service. Do not trust Budget!
Posted by on
MUNICH -- Do not trust Budget! Forget “Rent More Save More” from Budget!

In the last year [December 2008], on the Christmas Vacancy we rented small car Opel Corsa [for one week] from Budget company to get our designation in Italy, Canazei [SKI place] from Munich Airport. We came there from Israel.
It was our first time for me and my daughter trip in Italy.
On the next day of our Driving, before about 50 km from our designation Hotel the car was broken. It was so strange faultiness. It had begun problem in conditioner and was seem system failure on car computer. In the next stage was very cold in car and started flash “Service requirement” indicator. Definitely was possible continue to Hotel, but it was very cold in car and we was afraid do not give any damage to car.
We stopped car and called Budget Break Down Service. After two hours our waiting came truck with Service mechanical. He start up engine of car and was surprised, why we called him. He confirmed that everything is OK.
He does not speak English [German or Italian] and it took me so many time explain him problem. And I’m not sure what he had understood. Service Mechanical did not repair car and did not give us another car, but asked Drop all our staff from car with my daughter out to take this car to Service Center.
Obvious it was absolutely impossible. After so many time on cold my little daughter got sickness and I can not allow Drop her out from car on cold [it was winter] in unknown place, in the middle of nowhere.
I contacted to Break Down Service with all explanations and asked take us together with car to Service Center, but Service Mechanical did not agree and left us. After more than 6 hours there on cold did not any choice to leave failure vehicle and get taxi to Hotel designation.
Two days with sickness daughter we were waited in Hotel replacement vehicle, but it not happened. No one come to us to give keys of failure car. After this time, being in despair, we took taxi and came to leave place to return vehicle. I was so naive had hoped have repaired or replacement car. Unbelievable, it not happened.
There all time, every day, I was contacted with Break Down Service and wasted to unsuccessfully conversations a lot of many.
In hopeless situation I had locked another way to return us to Munich Airport. There was nightmares for us. Doubtless all our vacation was broken.
I got apologizes from Customer Service [Fred Winokan], but after my requiring return me all my wasted money, after half year the Budget Company have begun charge money from my Visa card. By the way, the car was rented with super CDW. In another word, it says you will be never surely what event, case or matter you cover in paying insurance of car.
Apparently Budget Company in order to cover falls in service decided throw to customer bearing of charges. This is how they make money!
There no was any accident. The faultiness of car was completely out of my control [of car rental].
Needless to say, I have not rented from Budget since last December and of course I have shared this story with all my friends, customers and my company who had made a note of the event and have been encouraging travelers to have used other Car Rental Companies until we can get this resolved.
Now, I have used Hertz Car Rental Company every month and do not complain.

Definitely, this event turned out to cost Budget, as my friends, customers, my company will not be renting from Budget [doesn’t matter which department].

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Soaring Consumer on 07/04/2009:
Dispute the charges with your credit card company. You should definitely not have to pay for this rental, especially since there was an obvious problem with the vehicle they refused to fix.
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