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Receiving My Order
Posted by on 04/30/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- 4/17 made large order..4/19 was shipped..4/20 arrived in LA, Ca. facility..4/28 finally left LA facility..thought it would head south to San Diego..NO..it THEN went to Billings, Montana!! 4/28 processed through USPS sort facility ..4/29 DEPART USPS sort facility in Billings..4/29 10:26 pm, processed through USPS sort facility AGAIN in Billings!! But supposedly it had LEFT this facility..WHY DID IT EVEN LEAVE CALIFORNIA??

I have talked to them on the phone twice, and yes they are very willing to refund AFTER I receive the package...I would receive a shipping label (no cost to me) to return the package to MISSOURI..being a pesticide, it can not go back across the border to Montreal, Canada where it came from.

They told me they get their supplies in bulk from France...WRONG..the Frontline Plus does come from Merial (made in France) but this bulk supplies is coming from South Africa!!!!

So 9 days sitting in LA postal facility..2 days so far in Billings, Montana..delivery for San Diego, CA.

I would not trust this company as far as I could throw it!!

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM..there is something not right with this company..price of flea control meds is atrocious..but the old addage..'you get what you pay for' WHEN AND IF YOU GET IT..might apply here.

And so I wait...as I said in beginning..t his was a very large $$$ order!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-30:
My opinion about pet meds would be the same as meds for myself - I want them to be the best quality and have faith in their legitimacy. Therefore I buy locally.

I don't understand the tracking that you reported, which I assume is from USPS. It appears the package was shipped with lightening speed to Los Angeles, which wouldn't happen unless this was almost overnighted. I am wondering if the Billings MT location was actually the first stop, for customs. BPC shipments often take 2 weeks because of the international aspect.
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Excessive mandatory insurance sprung on you at the last minute
Posted by Lyle_z on 04/12/2013
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I live in the US (California) and traveled to the UK. Before leaving, I reserved a Budget rental car through Argus. The agreed upon price was $490.97. In the confirmation email I got from Argus, it refers to "Optional Extras or Fuel Charges are payable at the rental desk". When I got to the Scotland airport, after traveling for 24+ hours, and I was delirious with jet lag, they demanded I buy insurance for 501.50 pounds, which, at the current exchange rate, worked out to $796.36! That's 1.62 times as much as the original rental price!!!

Because I'm not used to either driving on the left side of the road, or driving a car with a manual transmission, I felt having a car with an automatic transmission (which I reserved) was mandatory. Those were getting to be in short supply even when I was making my reservation, and were likely sold out by the time I arrived, so I reluctantly agreed UNDER DURESS to buy the insurance. I was standing there with two suit cases in hand. My friend that I was meeting there had taken two weeks of vacation to spend time with me. I had made numerous non-refundable reservations, etc. I pretty much didn't have any options at that point.

I contacted Argus the next day through their web site, and they opened a ticket, but said the issue could not be investigated until I returned the car. Now, why on earth would that be the case? I'll tell you why: it's so that I would be more likely to hang on to the car, rather than shopping around for a better deal and returning the car early.

I called Argus a few days later, and someone assured me (and I questioned it and clarified) that this $796.36 insurance charge was a deposit, not a premium, and that it would not be billed to my card so long as I didn't damage the car, which I didn't.

I returned home on April 2, and on April 4, they had attempted to bill me for the entire $796.36. They only got $671.33 because that's about all I had in my checking account. They got a little more than what I had due to the overdraft protection, and of course I incurred overdraft fees.

I emailed Budget, and they beat me over the head with the fact that I had signed their contract, and basically told me to go to hell. Argus is expressing a little more sympathy, but I have yet to get a refund. The guy said he would pull the audio tape of the conversation I had with the Argus customer support woman, and if indeed I was assured that it was a deposit rather than a premium, I would receive a refund. That was stated on April 8. Today is the 12th, and I have not been given any updates, and I couldn't get the guy on the phone who was assigned this case, and he hasn't responded to my emails requesting updates.

I think Argus and Budget are co-conspirators in this. If Argus had given me correct information, I would have shopped around for a new rental car, and returned the old one, thus, at least minimizing the carnage. But, I was mislead, I was put off until it was too late to do anything about it, and now, I'm out an extra $671.33. This is highway robbery.

To summarize: I agreed in good faith to pay the stated amount of $490.97, and I did indeed pay this amount at the time I made the reservation. They ended up charging a total of $1297.33 for the rental car. That's 2.62 times what was originally agreed upon.

A rental company is well within its rights to charge insurance, but they should state their requirements UP FRONT and IN ADVANCE!!! They shouldn't spring this one someone at the airport! Even their own contract lists these charges as "Optional Services", but they refused to rent the car to me without me agreeing to pay these fees.

This is worse than bait and switch. Bait and switch at least gives the person the option to walk away. I had flown from California to Scotland, and I NEEDED a rental car, and had reserved one, and had paid the agreed upon price for it. Then, after they had me over a barrel, they extorted another $796.36 out of me. I will never rent from Budget/Avis ever again. I suggest you do likewise.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-04-13:
I suggest contacting your banker. They might be able to reverse the charge and feesunder the circumstance, however chargebacks from debit charges are fairly difficult.
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Breach of Contract by Budget Golf, Crest Hill, IL
Posted by Charlie46 on 03/22/2013
CREST HILL, ILLINOIS -- Had an experience with Budget Golf from Crest Hill, IL not a good one. Bought an item from them on eBay (buy now), which is a legal contract according to Ebay. I paid for the item, but they couldn't deliver because they did not have the product. They did refund my money and offered a 10% discount on an item on a purchase from their website and with a little coaxing, offered 2 other items for the same cost which wasn't acceptable to me (They knew up front what color & style were needed, but offered something else). I contacted eBay and they told me I had to deal with them direct and the only way I could complain was in their feedback system.

Their final compromise on their breach of contract was a 10% discount on an item from their website. I though a 50% off coupon on a purchase was a fair compromise. They wouldn’t even discuss it. Even with the discount, it would have cost me more to buy from their website then the item cost me on eBay because of shipping charges on the website versus free shipping on the item from Ebay.

Being in business myself for over 20 years, I found that the character of a company is ultimately decided by the way it reacts to adversity. They failed my expectations.

Caveat emptor- Let the buyer beware. I don't know if eBay's policy on contracts or the sellers unwillingness to do everything in their power to avoid responsibility for their lack of business skills.

Their Mission Statement on their website:

"We believe in complete customer satisfaction and lasting value, which is why we guarantee a perfect delivery of your discount golf equipment. We'd love to be able to promise that you'll improve your golf game but at least we can assure you that you will get the quality and service you expect, and together we'll improve your golf game”.

They get a double bogey in my opinion, along with Ebay.
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Worst Customer Service Ever and Charges, Charges, Charges
Posted by Junkboy96 on 03/19/2013
PORTLAND AIRPORT, NEW MEXICO -- I rented a car at the Portland airport so I could attend my grandmother's funeral. I was thrilled that I got a good deal on Priceline at 60% off. My week long rental was only $179. I rent cars at least twice a year for travel and have never had any problems previously. How was I to know that I was about to engage in the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life and be charged and erroneous $476.

One day in NE Portland, I accidentally parked in front of someone's driveway and my rental car was towed. It took me 42 phone calls, two days, and 11 direct hours of dealing with the situation to even talk to someone who was helpful. 80% of all the customer service reps I spoke with were some of the most non-empathetic people I have ever come across. They were rude, sounded annoyed from the start, had wrong information, I was hung up on three times during transfers, and all around unhelpful. Apparently it is Budgets policy that the customer cannot pick up the vehicle if it were towed. Every customer service person I asked (most of them just kept transferring me to the wrong person) could tell me that this was the policy, but no one could tell me where this policy was located or how I could get a copy. I finally found someone who could help me. He calls the manager of the PDX airport Budget and I am granted special permission to go pick up the vehicle from the towing company.

I get back home and the vehicle I rented from Priceline for $179 is now costing me $1000! My debit account, that I used as the security card when picking up the vehicle, has been charge $350, the full cost of the rental. I also just received a bill in the mail for $211 from Budget. Let me break this down. I completely take responsibility for the fact that I parked in front of someone's driveway. I paid $202 for the impound and I have the $90 parking citation to pay. Forget all of the illegal parking fees and I will have paid $476 directly to Budget (this does not include the Priceline rental fee I already paid).

Upon calling Budget customer service again to discuss this issue, I am told that the $350 that I was charged was for the towing fee and that I needed to prove that I paid the fee directly to the towing company. But $350 was the exact amount for a full price (non-Priceline) rental of the vehicle. I am convinced that no one knows what they are talking about. To top it off, the bill I received for the parking ticket states that the violation amount was $181.50. I have the ticket in front of me – It was for $90 and is not past due. Then they have a line item for $30.00 handling fee. Where did the other $91.50 come from??

This company does not have their act together and they are taking it out on the consumer. Not only was I two days without a car I rented, but they are charging me $476 in fees that they appear to have just completely fabricated. I am writing reviews every where I can and making a complaint to the BBB. I have never experienced such bad service in all my life.

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Taken Advantage Of
Posted by Cvanlandschoot on 03/12/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Picture this. We rented a car via Priceline. When we arrived to pick up our vehicle we were met by "Sikandar" at the airport in Orlando. Our understanding was the vehicle had already been paid for.

Mr "Sikandar" was a mumbler with a heavy accent and failed to inform us of numerous details on the contract and the items he was offering us. First off he offered us insurance at approximately 60.00. Great! We will take it. Failure one is he forgot to mention it was per day. Offered us a GPS. Approximately 12.00. Failure two. Didn't tell us per day....again. Keep in mind we just got off the plane, we are excited and believe that all people have good intentions especially companies who want our business.

As the staff member continues to not only speak with a heavy accent he mumbles. After several times of asking him to repeat himself (my husband and I had clearly indicated to him we could not hear or understand him) it was very clear we were confused and had the deer in the headlights look. As a result an additional 730.00 was charged to our credit card in addition to what we paid to Priceline. This was a preplanned trip. My husband just lost his job before the trip but because it was paid for already we chose to go anyways. Then we get hit with a bill we simply cannot afford.

When I spoke to the Company what did I typically hear throughout the conversation..."did you read the contract....you signed the contract". Yes yes we did.. believing you were good people and trusting you would not rip us off. WOW!!!! Not at any time did this "Zikandar" inform us IT WAS PER DAY for the insurance. He also said he was going to give us the GPS for free. DIDN'T HAPPEN. Charged us per day.

Good customer service is training your staff to inform the customer. NOT RIP US OFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And of course the supervisor that I spoke to at Budget say "I'm sorry mam but I can only tell you what the contract says not what the staff member says." Really so your not accountable for your staff!!!!!! Who is then. This is a real cop out and I will never rent a car from this service again. I really truly feel like we have been taken advantage off and will never rent a vehicle from this company again. I feel ill informed and I believe that the company should take responsibility for their staff.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-03-12:
It would be great if people were all good and trusting but they aren't - - that's why you have a contract to protect yourself. This situation is unfortunate but it is not Budget's responsibility to eat the costs for up-sells you agreed to without asking the right questions and getting all the details.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-12:
What they told you after the fact is true, they have to go by what is on the contract. When you rent a car, you have to read the contract over with a fine toothed comb and look at every line item before you sign - it shows the charges and per day, week, etc.

$60 per day for insurance does sound insane. I guess that is what was printed on the contract though.

I'm sorry you were taken for a ride. Expensive lesson learned.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-12:
Whenever a written contract is involoved it superceedes any verbal contract. The clerk could tell you anything and I repeat anything and it will not matter when a written contract is involved. The clerk could explain for 20 minutes what you are signing and be completely untruthful and it would not matter. The only thing that matters is the contract that you sign. Read and understand before you sign anything.
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Horrible service!!!!
Posted by Jenniferbettcher on 10/27/2012
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- We had a horrible experience with budget and we will never
Use your service again we had reservations for a month
For a car dolly and 16 inch truck, the night before we were supposed to get
Truck and dolly budget called us and said we rented out the last truck
So you have to drive to Tracy budget and get the truck then return
To stockton to get dolly which was a hassle but we had no choice,
Once we got there the employee called to get the vin # for the dolly
Well come to find out he rented out the dolly to someone else and had no more
And told us we would have to drive 30 minutes out of the way to go to another budget place
And get the dolly we asked for the gas money because this was not our fault but
They refused. We had a very stressful day with this and we are not happy that we had to fork out more cash for their mistake.
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-10-28:
Complaint, not compliment.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-28:
Do you mean a 16' truck?

This is what truck rental has become. It's pretty rough. I've reserved trucks several times, and never had to go elsewhere to get one. It seems to be typical these days. It's one thing to make you drive to pick up a truck, but then to have to do the same to get a dolly - that would be the last straw for me as well.
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Poor Communciation, Bare Minimum, Bad Attitude
Posted by Desleigh on 07/25/2012
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- I unfortunately had this company out to do a guttering job that was quite urgent. I accepted the quote as it seemed reasonable.

Later I realized that there were other associated issues with my guttering. However they made no recommendations to me about what I should do, and made no comments about issues with my downpipes, drainage etc Unfortunately at that stage I had no idea how bad these were.

They turned up without telling me they were coming, they called me chasing money after I had already paid. They chased money before the job was finished. They called me at 7am just because they had started work. They left rubbish in my backyard.

All in all I would recommend going somewhere else.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-25:
The web site http://www.complaintline.com.au/consumeraffairs.html has a decent list of consumer affairs agencies, including those of New South Wales, where you can lodge an official complaint about the behaviour of this company.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-25:
Unfortunately this isn't uncommon, whether you are in Australia or here in the US. A lot of gutter companies are good at bending metal and putting up gutters fast, but aren't experts or even novices at drainage issues. They specialize in putting up gutters fast and getting paid. It pays to choose the contractor carefully.
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Posted by Noname876 on 07/24/2012
Do not ever rent a car in BUDGET!!!!! They are a cheaters, they don't give back deposit and double charge you for nothing!!!!!!!! Staff is telling you that if the car will come back in the same condition you will have deposit back but then they taking over half of this amount and they saying that you've been told about it!! LIARS

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Quick response from Budget Supervisor
Posted by Samdman10 on 07/14/2012
Thank you for letting us know about your rental experience. Without our customer’s letting us know when their expectations are not met, we do not know where we fall short. I want to apologize for the experience at the counter and with the lack of a suggested resolution from my customer service team.
I have reviewed your contract and see that you did in fact return the car full, so I have issued you a credit for the gas charge of $66.95. I have also taken the extra charge of $5 a day for the upgrade off. If we do not have a vehicle in the class reserved, we should not be charging a customer for a larger vehicle. I have also adjusted half of the insurance charge back to your card as well. If an accident were to happen, our insurance would have handled the situation and that is why I cannot adjust the entire amount.
Your total adjustment is $182.43, which makes your new total bill for this rental $277.27 ($218.45 of that is covered by your pre-payment). I have sent you an updated receipt after I made these changes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Kindest Regards,
Tommy Mayfield | Supervisor | Email Customer Service
Avis Budget Group, Inc.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-15:
Without the details of the complaint, I'm left to assume what happened. It sounds like the rental agency tried to badly gouge this customer, and the customer got most of the amount contested refunded. I hope the agency gets a talking to so this kind of thing can be avoided in the future.
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Posted by Edward.casanova0520 on 06/01/2012
Budget/Avis rental off of IH45 and Richey Rd is horribly understaffed. They had me waiting 2 hours. Do not go here unless you don't care how long it will take you to get out.
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Posted by ditto on 2013-03-08:
read most of your comments and i agree. the people they hire seriously need help and more. professionalism does not exist when this young dude chews gum while completing reservation. absolutely no customer service skills, people skills or otherwise. will NEVER go to sfo airport budget!!
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