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My 2002 Buick Has Fallen Apart
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My 2002 Buick LaSable is falling apart.. The transmission is going out, both rear windows electric will not work and I already had one fixed before. I've had both c v joints repaired. Recently I had to fix the brake system for $2000. The dashlights go out and back on intermittently. My airbag light is on. The gas gage does not work. I had two Buicks before and had a lot of the same problems. I am now 81 years old on Social Security so I have no way to ever buy another auto. Life can be unfair. I hope you are not.

George Rowe
P O Box 11
Glenwood Springs CO 81602
My Email is growe1932@Aol. com
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User Replies:
cmthru on 09/23/2013:
You've gotten at least 13 years of service from your Buick. A great many cars don't even last that long. You spent almost as much as the car is worth just fixing the brakes system. An acquaintance, recently passed away, owned an '02 LeSabre with about 140k miles on it. The gas gauge and one rear window stopped working years ago. The transmission was replaced last year. Maybe there is a local school with an automobile repair class that can do some fixes for you.
FoDaddy19 on 09/23/2013:
How many miles are on the car? My daily driver is a 2003 model year car with about 130k miles on it. And I've had to do some minor repairs (driver's side window regulator, ABS/Traction control control module, and couple other Bits and Pieces). It's also important to realize that some things are maintence items that are just part of ownership of any car. Brake jobs, tires, oil changes, and so on. CV joint replacement wouldn't be out of line if the car has over 100k miles on it. What was wrong with the brakes that necessitated a $2000 repair bill? That's steep even if they had to replace the calipers, rotors, and pads.
CU on 09/23/2013:
It stinks to be in that position, but I can't imagine they will do much for a 12 year old car. Most cars sold these days won't even last that long.
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Wouldn't you rather have a Buick???????
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- My 2003 Buick has never let me down, it looks like a brand new car. I paid $14,00.00 dollars for it and thought I would have it for a long time! About a year ago I noticed some rust on the rocker panels both sides, it looked pretty serious to me but I am not an auto body person. I am just a stay at home mom, now grandmother. I spend most of my time on the highway going to see my grandaughters. On Thursday May 24, 2012 I needed and inspection sticker. My trusted mechanic said "You need tires." I said "Can you put it on the lift and check the rust for me before I buy tires". He came back and said "It is junk because of rust get rid of it. The rocker panels are rusted out and so is the radiator mount, I can move the radiator up and down it is going to fall out!!!" My Buick dealer was concerned took photos and sent a report to BUICK "we will call you on May 29, to talk."
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raven2010 on 05/27/2012:
The car is ten years old. Any warranty by Buick is beyond expired. Did you per chance purchase an extended warranty? And if so, is rust covered? it usually isn't.

You live in a state with very harsh winters---I wonder if they salt used for the ice and snow is what has caused the rust.
FoDaddy19 on 05/27/2012:
After ten years in the northeast, your car is not under any warranty, as the typical rust-through warranty is for 7 years at most. It's going to be your obligation to handle the repair costs yourself. Fortunately a rusted out radiator support is usually an easy repair.
trmn8r on 05/27/2012:
As a fellow northeasterern I can vouch for the severe winter environment we have due to ice melt applications on the roads.

I have 1995 and 2005 vehicles, and I must admit I would be very upset if they were in the condition that you describe. Unfortunately, I think you are out of luck. I don't believe you are going to get compensation, but please stop back if you hear anything.
katherineann1818 on 05/27/2012:
I did have extended warranty to February of 2010. The Buick dealer was very concerned about the amount of rust damage on the my car. It can't be driven and would not take a hit in an accident. The car is rusted beyond repair so that option is out. Thanks for all the comments, I will let you know what they have to say.
BigAl on 05/27/2012:
Written in the owners manual of most cars is the proper way to wash them when living in climates that use road salt. Many people disregard this and pay the consequences.
Starlord on 05/28/2012:
My mom had a 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon, and the car had a serious cancer problem. She took it to Earl Schieb, and the guy who did the estimate told her that the body work to repair the rust would cost a fortune. Fortunately (of course), he did body work at his home, and he could give her a huge discount. When we got the car back, it was gorgeous, the yellow and white paint job looking like a new jewel. About two weeks later, she went out to go to work one morning, and it was raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock. She got in the car and when she shut the door, she heard this CLUNK. He had filled in the gaping holes with wadded newspaper and Bondo. When it got wet, the paper gave way. Mom learned her lesson the hard way.
Katherineann on 08/03/2012:
Buick said my car rusted out because I drove it on the Mass. Pike and I don't have a garage. I bought a new Toyota Corolla. Buick owners should check under car for rust horror show! Good Luck!
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Speedometer Malfunction
Posted by on
I have loved my Buick for all the time we have had it until last year. The first thing to go was the compass but We figured out how to fix that. Now My speedometer gets stuck and I don't know how fast I am really going. We have had the car serviced on a regular basis so it has been kept up. I would think that since this is a safety problem this should be a recall. We checked with a Buick dealer and we have been informed it will cost over a $1000.00 to have this repaired. WOW, the dash isn't even digital.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 03/30/2011:
you should be able to find a speedometer shop for another opinion. Lots of cars went to plastic gears and they start slipping after a while. I would think any mechanic would be able to switch out another speedo even if you got one from a junkyard.
redmx3racer on 03/30/2011:
I'm not aware of any recommended maintenance that will prevent a speedometer from malfunctioning, and I work in a service department. Some things are simply malfunctions that can't be prevented. As far as "gears" go-older cars had mechanical speedometers like Dan is describing. Most modern cars have an electronic sensor in the transmission that is wired to the electric speedometer. So these days a speedometer failure is likely a sensor failure.
Anonymous on 03/31/2011:
Things break down after 7 years of constant use. You need to pay and fix this issue. It's your car.
Anonymous on 03/31/2011:
Go to a mechanic and get it fixed. Unless there was a mass problem with these speedometers, there is not going to be a recall. Be thankful the only problem you are having with your Buick is a speedometer problem.
nstigator39 on 03/31/2011:
I also have a 2004 Buick Rainer and had the same problem, actually the vehicle has been very good except for the electronic issues I hae experienced with it. It was going to cost me $1200 to get it fixed, I called the 800 number in the owners manual and talked to someone who rejected any help, so ask to speak to the supervisor and was able to get it down to about $300 if I remember correctly. Good Luck.
katherine on 09/17/2014:
wouldn't you rather have a Buick???????continued In addition to structure corrosion problems.My 2003 Buick Century had no heat or ac. The headlights would go out while driving (surprise)! I had to replace my brakes twice, more money wasted. Buick did not offer the trade in value or even help renting a car while I shopped for a new one. On June 22, 2012 my car was put on a flatbed with rust falling all over the place from underneath it, it was horrifying. It could not be driven from Middleboro to Brockton and would have disintegated in an accident. Shame on you Buick!! I bought a new Toyota and will never buy another Buick. Please take a look under these cars get them off the road.
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Paint On Mid And Late Model Buicks
Posted by on
WASHINGTON -- Hello I just happen to read a review about a 1995 Buick how the paint was falling off the car well for what this is worth to you myself and the wife have the same trouble with our 1998 Buick Century I just shut the drivers side door at the gas station and a nice round piece of paint came off from the door so we completely understand what you are saying I can't understand how Buick let alone GM could have approved the paint jobs in the first place there had to be complaints right! I mean its hard for us to believe that there were not complaints so why are we talking about this?

Well the reasons I can see is if they recall every thing else why not the paint hmm they used to take pride in what they used to do as a car company I guess that doesn't apply anymore or has no one shouted loud enough to get there attention on this matter other than that I'm not sure how a person or persons could make them accountable for such a cheap paint job? Other than a class action lawsuit there is one option, option 2 a recall of bad paint jobs or a petition signed by the 1st or second or even third owners of these GM paint jobs there is no excuse for this type of cheap way of cutting corners and expecting all GM owners to just somehow understand how gullible dose GM think we are!

I don't mean to rave to much but I'm really disappointed in Buick and GM for these type of tactics thanks for my 3 cent worth actually I think I passed 3 cents a long time ago I think I better get me a government bailout I own more than 3 cents that on this page lol... Thanks and take care Buick owners!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/20/2009:
I believe the complaint being referred to was posted Dec 2004.
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Speedometer Problems 2004 Buick Rainer
Posted by on
WISCONSIN -- I have been currently having issues with my speedometer sticking. All the other gauges work fine except the speedometer on my 2004 Buick Rainier. My Rainier only has 38,000 miles on it and I have only had the SUV for 11 months. I've been doing research on this particular problem and have not seen any recall on this item regardless of the countless complaints that I have read. In all the cars I've ever owned I have never had to deal with this issue before and it seems to be a rather costly repair.

It doesn't make any sense to me how this is not considered to be a safety issue and how the Buick company hasn't done anything about it.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/15/2009:
I suggest that you report this problem to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/

A sticking speedometer is indeed a safety issue.
Anonymous on 04/15/2009:
There is a suggestion to disconnect the battery to allow the entire console to reset. If that doesn't work then you may have to replace the entire console. At safercar.gov there are numerous complaint about speedometer inaccuracy.
nstigator39 on 04/15/2009:
I had the same problem with my 04 Rainer. The speedometer went out, sticking, showing twenty five MPH while sitting in my garage, 120 on the roads. I had to take it in and they had to replace the entire console. I have had several electrical issues with my Rainer. The lock on the lift gate would not stop clicking and I never knew when I was leaving it if it was locked or not. It took them three days to figure out what was wrong, they still are not sure what they did to fix it but at least its working now. Had a couple of other issues too. They difinitly have an electrical issue with this vehicle. This hurts to say too because I am a GM retiree.
Pascha on 04/16/2009:
take your Vehicle to your GM-Dealer Service Department. They are aware of this problem with 2004 Vehicles. They will replace your Instrument Cluster at no cost to you. There is no recall but there is a special policy. I work at a GM Dealership
nstigator39 on 04/17/2009:
Thanks Pascha for posting that. I did get my repaired under the special policy but didn't know wheather to publish that or not. My dealership has been very fair to me in dealing with these electrical issues.
crlesdad on 04/30/2009:
My wife just started having this same problem. What do I need to due to qualify for this? Do I just take it to the Buick dealership?
Esi on 05/01/2009:
I went to my local GM dealership and they told me there is no special policy after another employee of there's said that there was but to bring it in anyway so they could get a code from scanning my suv and if the code matches the code they have listed then they can replace my instrument cluster at no charge to me but if it is not the same code then I have to pay $45.00 for the scanning. I think they're lying to me about this special policy because I have had numerous people tell me about it. So I would say just give your local GM dealership a call and maybe you'll get someone who will be more willing to help you and one that will be honest about the situation. Good Luck!!
Wayne R. Thomson on 01/09/2014:
I am having the same issue with my 2004 Buick Lesabre. It has 150,000 miles but that shouldn't matter. Thus us a critical operation gauge.
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Enclave Auto Liftgate
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Liftgate opens when the remote is put in pocket or purse. Should need pushed more than once or recessed. I have written to Buick with no response more than once. Also the o/s temp does not update until you reach 50 mph. Living in the city, this is not satisfactory. These simple complaints and no response are my big problems with Buick. Thank you
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/11/2012:
The two items that you mentioned sound like "engineered in" issues that have no solution.

I admit I am surprised that the temp does not update unless you hit 50mph. The logical reason is that the sensor is in the engine compartment, and they want air flow to push the hot air out so the sensor isn't perturbed.
At Your Service on 12/12/2012:
It's good for you to provide feedback to them. They're not likely to provide a solution with your particular model, but may help them with their engineering in the future.

Thanks for posting the review.
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Buick Tires Not Street Worthy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- My 2012 Buick La Crosse came with tires that could not handle NYC potholes at all. In the first 6 months we had to replace 3 tires due to hitting a pothole at about 25 mph. They are supposed to be 'extra special' tires. Special defectives?
If you live in NYC or anywhere else where the streets have potholes, avoid the problem by choosing a different car.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 10/22/2012:
You can get various tires as an option on just about any new car. The standard tire on a new car does not meet all of the requirments different users in different parts of the country may need. To blame Buick seems a little odd.
Bill on 10/22/2012:
Tires on most new cars are designed to meet the minimum DOT specs and not much more. You're lucky to get 20,000 miles in normal driving.
There's no such thing as "extra special tires", more sales double-speak. If the tires don't meet your need replace them as soon as you can.

Another thing -- you're supposed to avoid the potholes, they can cause other damage.
trmn8r on 10/22/2012:
I would blame the tire manufacturer. The brand and model would be helpful. I'm curious as to what the failure mode is - I am assuming it is on the sidewall.

The tire provided on new cars car vary within the same model. I recall asking to have the wheels/tires swapped from one to another at a dealer once prior to purchase. I also have gotten lousy tires myself on a new car - a agree it is an unpleasant experience.
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Automatic Windows Regulators
Posted by on
I just replaced the 4th window regulator in my 2002 Lesabre. To say that the part was poorly made is a understatement. My wife has a 2001, and we have replaced 2 reg, and have one window locked in the up position. I had a 1996 and replaced 1 or 2 reg, on it.

I bought Buick because of reliability, but the windows are not.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/23/2011:
I feel your pain. I had two VWs that required numerous window regulator replacements. What can you do, other than lay out money over and over, not USE your windows, or change makes of car?

Helpful review.
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Buick Window Regulators
Posted by on
We have a 2003 Buick Century 4 dr. with 37,000 miles! We never have put the rear windows down. And 1 yr. ago, the right rear window regulator went out, the window was down, but we didn't put it down! No recalls, so it cost us $212.00!
This week, the left rear window regulator went out, costing $323.00! Buick said they know the manufacturer was having some issues with these! - SOME! We've owned Chevy, Ford, Toyota's, and NEVER, NEVER, replaced window regulators!
I hope someone starts a class action suit against the manufacturer & Buick, for continuing to use them!
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 08/04/2009:
I had a LaSabre (I loved the stuffins out of that car) and we had the same problem. The driver's side window regulator had to be replaced twice. Luckily, we had a mechanic who would find used ones to replace them, so they weren't so ridiculously expensive.

I feel your pain. Very helpful.
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Window Regulator
Posted by on
GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- Last year we had to replace the window regulator behind the driver, this is on 2001 Buick LaSaber.

This was in February and colder than you know what. Then in the fall the one on passenger side back went out. I have spoken with several other Buick owners in our church and the same thing has happened to them. This is no easy task to deal with... we have to carry the car in leave it several days (usually 2-3 days)We are without the use of the car. The cost is usually in range of $500.00 plus dollars we are on fixed income and every dollar we can come by is really needed, and we do not need to be spending it on something totally unnecessary, if had been engineered properly to begin with. Tonight the window regulator on the passenger side went out.

This should be a recall item to be fixed at the expense of General Motors.
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