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Don't Buy a Buick!
Posted by on
Not only were the windows cheaply made for this particular year/model Buick, which windows either suddenly stop working or fall into the door never to be seen again, the automatic transmission for whatever reason goes unexpectedly as well. What a lemon this car is. I can't even give it away. And fixing the windows doesn't guarantee they won't break again. It costs $400-500 per window!

Buick never issued a recall for this because there wasn't a safety issue - no one has been killed yet. And no class action lawsuit was ever started. Why? How do you start one?
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klobbersaurus685 on 2010-08-26:
it's a 10 year old car. there are bound to be parts that need replaced
Weedwhacked on 2010-08-26:
Why would you want to start one? The lawyers would get all the money and you all clients would probably get about $12 each. Don't forget you have to pay your lawyer!
fast327 on 2010-08-26:
I have a 2005 Buick LaCrosse---couldn't be happier with it. Can't speak for a LeSabre though.
Anonymous on 2010-08-26:
We're talking about a 10 year old car here, what do you expect? Cars don't last forever.
bj on 2012-04-06:
I had a 2003 Buick regal that was recalled for a minor issue but the electrical system has had serious issues but I am tiredof getting nthe run around so it is sitting in my nback yard and a Ford Fusion is in my garage,I am 70 and this is then first car I have had that wasn't a chevy or other General motors .
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Window problems
Posted by on
I would join in a class action. I have a 2001 Lasabre and have replaced both windows on the passenger side at a cost of $300.00 each. Definitely a manufacturing defect/
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TGT101 on 2009-06-19:
... Why would you sue? People like you are the ones that make this country the way it is today. The car was old, and broke, it happens.
tnchuck100 on 2009-06-19:
A lawyer would likely laugh at you harder than the people here will. Ridiculous.
PepperElf on 2009-06-19:
your car insurance doesn't cover your windows?

Dude switch to State Farm. My windows are 100% covered.
(yeah that means if they break, I pay nothing to get them fixed)
tnchuck100 on 2009-06-19:
Pepper, if you check I think you will find the 100% window replacement only applies to the windshield.

I don't think the OP is referring to broken glass. It is most likely power window operator failure. Consider the car is 8 years old. No real complaint here.
PepperElf on 2009-06-19:
Ah. and no, it applied to the passenger windows too.

I left work one morning (I had duty the day before) came to the car and saw the right backdoor window was smashed. Some jerk had thrown a rock into the window.

It was Sunday morning, but I called State Farm. My agent was in a different state but they looked around until they found a glass company that was open to take my order.

The window was fixed at my apartment on Thursday. And the bill came to $0.

as for the power-window parts breaking. eh dunno what to say. could be that model wasn't slated to be long lasting.

to me 2001 isn't too old cos that's what I'm driving now, but it's a car with a long lifespan, so I'm expecting it to live at least 5-10 years more.
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Failed Window Regulators
Posted by on
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Yesterday I had my fourth window regulator replaced. I now have almost $2000 invested in new window regulators for my 2000 Buick Regal. I cannot get any assistance from Buick regarding my issues.

I have owned many cars and this is the first car that has had this problem. This must be due to poor design and they should be recalled.
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jktshff1 on 2008-11-29:
8 yr old car..going to have problems. At some point, you have to make a decision if it's worth it to keep putting money into the car or get another one.
Anonymous on 2008-11-29:
July 1, 2001 GM issued technical service bulletin #010864001. It covers the problem you describe. Unfortunately it's way too late for you to do anything about it.
old fart on 2008-11-29:
What's a window regulator..??
Anonymous on 2008-11-29:
old fart: Google is your friend.
old fart on 2008-11-29:
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Buick Window Regulator
Posted by on
I have a 2000 LeSabre....the FR window regulator broke last winter, the RL went out two days ago. This seems to be an ongoing problem. Does anyone have instructions about repairing this? It cost me $400 to have the 1st one repaired. Last Buick for me!!
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DigitalCommando on 2008-09-07:
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Please help me determine a price
Posted by on

Several days ago, I had a crash accident. My car is 1997 Buick Century. Though the speed was slow, the front body was a little bit bended. It will cost $1800 to repair it. I'd like to sell it, could you give me a suggestion about the price?

Really appreciate your help.

Best Regards,
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Anonymous on 2008-01-18:
Without knowing the details of the car, mileage, extras etc... here is what Kelly has to say: (private party sale)




I based the mileage on an 11 year old car.
Principissa on 2008-01-18:
I know in Kentucky you can't sell a damaged vehicle without a salvage license. So unfortunately I can't add any helpful information. Sorry.
zzsmall on 2008-01-18:
I think (Excellent: $3,600; Good: $3,225; Fair:$2,800) is the price for repaired car. I want to sell the damaged car. By the way, when I bought it in July, 2006 the price was 2,900 and mileage was around 100,000. I didn't drive too much, I think now is lower than 108,000.

Thanks for your reply.
GothicSmurf on 2008-01-18:
If the cost of repairing the vehicle, plus its salvage value, plus rental reimbursment expense during repair equals or exceeds its actual cash value, it is not economically feasible to repair. There's a good chance that your car is now "totaled" - usually around 80% of the ACV. I'd suggest doing your own blue book value on it. www.kbb.com Do two values- one if you chose to repair and then sell and one if you chose to sell as is.

Do you have pictures of the damaged car at all? You're going to have a VERY hard time selling the car with front end damage. Because no one wants to buy a car when it could need a LOT of work on the engine.
Slimjim on 2008-01-18:
Depending on how unsightly the damage is, as well as, the rest of the body and interior's condition, it sounds like a $500 to $900 car.
zzsmall on 2008-01-18:
The damage is just outside---the body. Interior is all good. I didn't take the picture, but I will. The car is in the repair store now, and I reluctant to pull it back. Where can I find the potential customer?
GothicSmurf on 2008-01-18:
Try craigslist.com, internet auto sites, local newspapers, post flyers where they will let you. Everything else is up to you.
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Window regulators
Posted by on
LIMA, OHIO -- Buick Lasabre 2002 . Last year I had to replace the left rear window regulator. Now the right rear has gone out. From what I can tell online Buick knows this is a manufacturer defect and doesn't care. I am a senior citizen and I can't afford these repairs. I'm fed up with Buick.

Does anyone know if there is a class action? There should be.

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User Replies:
ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-09:
Enough of the Class Action garbage. Just fix them yourself.

Buy the regulator, take the door apart, secure the window, detach the old regulator, attach the new one to the window, put the door back together and you are good to go!
Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
Next time, buy a Honda or Toyota. You will get better quality and reliability.
Anonymous on 2007-09-10:
Jgb203: Class actions only make the attorneys money. Your Buick is about 5 years old now and sounds like it has started to fall apart. Maybe you should put a for sale sign on it and sell it "as is" ?
Good information and I voted your review 'Very Helpful'.
engrolson on 2007-10-01:
This has been a big problem for me too. My 2000 Buick LeSabre had rear window regulators fail at 27,000 52,000 and 66,000 miles. Bought used 2002 Buick Lesabre last year. Now the rear window regulator just failed on it at 52,000 miles. It appears to me that GM/Buick did not resolve the problem in any timely manner. Cost of repair was about $290 for part and $125 for labor per window.
tecumseh on 2007-11-03:
I bought a new 2002 LeSabre in October, 2001. Since then, four window
motors/regulators have gone bad. The first one was the driver;s side front window, which was replaced under warranty. That same window went out again, which cost me nearly $500. Later, the left passenger window went out and cost another $500. I then wrote Buick, and after much correspondance and documentation, they sent me a check for one of the windows. Two months ago, the right passenger window went. out. We were on vacation, and bought tape to fix it in an upright position to gat home. Four window motors in 73,000 miles is outrageous. I agree that Buick/GMC refuses to admit that there is a problem - either with their design, or with their window motor supplier.
Papa Curry on 2008-08-08:
Buick 2002 Le Sabre both rear window regulators failed at 20,000 mi. Drivers window regulator failed at 28,000 mi. Filed a complaint with NHTSA 1-888-327-4236 after reading more than 500 complaints regarding Buick Le Sabre window regulators in 2000 to 2008. In 4/10/08 GM & Toyota recalled 662,000 cars for this same problem, but not mine!
Judith V. Godwin on 2013-06-28:
My Cadillac has the same problem. Began at about 30,000 miles when first cable broke. All of them continue to break at almost $400.00 each now. Car is still like new with just over 50,000 miles now. GM has been aware since 2005 according to personnel at Edwards Motors that the stainless steel cable oxidizes and breaks. Now they use a galvanized cable. They refuse to compensate those of us spending money on a known faulty cable. I'm up to 2,000 now and currently sitting at Edwards GM Motors having ANOTHER cable replaced. I will never buy another GM vehicle. The person who expected an elderly man to fix his own window should be ashamed. My WWII elderly husband was offended by that comment as was I. GM as well should be ashamed. My husband has been loyal to that company and this country. This certainly explains why fewer and fewer people are buying American made cars. I have been car shopping lately and my new car will definitely not be a GM vehicle.
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5 weeks to get an oil pan?
Posted by on
ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- On 3/8 an undercarriage accident required a new oil pan for a 2004 LeSabre with 1200 miles on it. This is for the 3800 Series II engine which is produced by the thousands. We were give a date of mid April. Because this is not a warranty problem, GM does not think this is unreasonable enough to justify a loaner. This will be my last American built car.
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User Replies:
jodieu on 2004-03-18:
Can't comprehend the above ^? Ask for help.....LOL
Anonymous on 2004-03-19:
Why do you feel GM should provide a loaner vehicle? It sounds more like you should be talking to your insurance co.
parker on 2004-03-20:
I could have told you Buick sucks...get a Honda or Lexus..even a kia
parker on 2004-03-20:
I could have told you Buick sucks...get a Honda or Lexus..even a kia
@hotmail.com on 2004-03-29:
driving off the road and ruining your undercarriage is not covered under warranty.
melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-03-30:
Dealerdirect made good point about checking with your insurance company, but keep in mind, unless you carry rental car coverage on your insurance policy, you will not get a loaner car from them either. Unfortunately, it sounds like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place my friend...still many dealerships will provide loaners, even for non-warranty work (mine does), so perhaps instead of swearing off American built cars you should just swear off that particular dealership. Good luck.
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