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Mislabeled Product
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Rating: 1/51
PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchase Albacore all the time. I have never liked the smell or appearance of regular tuna. I have always received what I paid for, "Chunk white albacore in water" as labeled. Recently I purchased 6 cans of BumbleBee Chunk White Albacore dated Oct. 10, 2015 because it was on sale. This was the most disgusting "tuna?" I have ever seen come out of a can. I went to squeeze the water out of the can but instead got what felt like an oily substance that squirted out the side onto my shirt while some greyish/brownish mush oozed from the edges. Whatever it's packed in did not "separate" from the contents. When I took the lid off 4 of the cans I opened, the contents looked like a discolored pile of oily looking mush. It definitely was not "Chunk White Albacore". There was not one chunk of anything and it definitely was not white. Regular tuna would have been more appealing than whatever it is in these cans. I called BumbleBee with a complaint 1-858-715-4000. They are to send me coupons to replace the cans. Really? No thank you. Keep them. Anyone else having problems with BumbleBee, please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Bumble Bee is mislabeling their product and selling uneatable albacore. This needs to stop! By the way, I normally buy Kirkland Signature Brand Albacore from Costco which is exactly as its labeled, "Chunk White Albacore in water". A bit more expensive but at least you get what you are paying for and it's eatable!
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This is not the first time I encountered tiny bones in canned Bumble Bee canned tuna, so because it has happened more than once, I decided to complain. The tuna was also not solid Albacore as the can specified. I have been buying this product for a very long time, and as of late the quality has been poor. Very dissatisfied!!!!
Resolution Update 01/11/2010:
The number on the can is 9043sbeskp or 90435eskp
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