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Improper Food Handling and Bad Service
Posted by Vertis on 09/28/2005
PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- Let's start with my wanting to advise BK of terrible customer service I received this afternoon, Saturday, 08/20/05 from their 556 Busse Hwy., Park Ridge, Illinois store. This being 2005, one would assume a customer could go to a website and submit an email from the Contact Us link. What you will find is the statement "Communication with Burger King Corporation is not accepted via e-mail." Hmmm, why is that? Is it possible they couldn't keep up with the complaints?

This afternoon I went through the drive thru and ordered 1 angus burger and 1 angus burger with ketchup and mayo instead of the bbq sauce. It wasn't bad enough I had to repeat myself no less than 5 times. It wasn't bad enough that when we got to a nearby picnic table and I opened my sandwich it had ketchup and mayo alright, but no lettuce, tomato or onion. Again, I said ketchup and mayo instead of bbq sauce. No, this wasn't bad enough (I'm used to never getting exactly what I ordered at BK). I drive back to the BK and, because the drive thru is backed up with 5 cars I park and go in with the sandwich. I ask for the manager, and she saunters overa middle aged stocky woman with short blondesh hair - I add this because I want you to know I talked to the manager. I explain my order. With her bare hands (which she had been changing money with), she takes the top bun off, stares at the sandwich and goes "so you want lettuce, tomato and onion on this?". I say yes, thinking she surely is going to have them make me a fresh sandwich since by now it's almost 15 minutes since I left the drive thru. But no, she hands the sandwich over to the girl behind the preparation counter and says "here, put lettuce, tomato and onion on this". The girl takes the sandwich with her bare hands and continues to stick her bare hands in the metal lettuce, tomato and onion containers, putting each on the sandwich. She wraps it in the wrapper I brought it in in, hands it back to the manager who handed it back to me without a word. As I walked out the door I realized who ridiculous this was, the sandwich going from the original person’s hands, to my hands, to the manager’s hands, the girl who put the condiments on, back to the manager and then to me again. After walking out the door I was so aggravated I walked back in and put the sandwich on the counter and said they could keep it, I was going to contact the main office - only to find out they don't want to hear from customers. What a way to promote their high end sandwich. I didn't even bother to get my money back.

What the manager should have said was "I'm sorry about that, let us make you a fresh, hot sandwich." Mind you, I hadn't taken a bite.

One question remains, aren't food handlers supposed to be wearing gloves when they are making sandwiches and each one is putting their hands in the condiment trays? Not one worker was wearing gloves at this location - yuck!!!

Would BK executives have eaten this sandwich handled by the grubby hands of so many of your employees? Is this how your managers are trained to handle this type of situation?

I have contacted numerous people including Chet England (cengland@whopper.com), Director or Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Rob Doughty, rdoughty@whopper.com, jchidsey@whopper.com, kmiller@whopper.com, and Pete Pepoff, RPEPOFF@WHOPPER.COM. Not one single response.

It's interesting that the Better Business Bureau site (http://www.bbbsoutheastflorida.org/nis/newsearch2.asp?ID=1&strBCode=06330000&ComID=0633000011003365) indicates:
Customer Experience

Based on BBB files this company has an unsatisfactory record.
Specifically our files show a pattern of failure to eliminate basic cause of complaints and a pattern of no response to customer complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau.

Furthermore, it's interesting that McDonald's gives an email contact and a toll free customer service number. http://www.mcdonalds.com/contact/contact_us.html
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Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-09-29:
Your best protest is not going back. I haven't returned to Burger King since my last bad experience with them. I even wrote a complaint about it on here. Their restaurants have really gone downhill in the past few years. I used to love their flame-broiled whoppers over anything McDonalds made, but now they make me sick to my stomach and nobody bothers to clean the place. McDonalds can be pretty bad as well, but I've had worse experiences at Burger King. One time me and my girlfriend ordered two bacon cheeseburger value meals with a Dr. Pepper and a coke. Not only did it take 20 minutes, but we just got one whopper and two cokes. Usually the manager is some fatazz obnoxious black lady who is just as irresponsible as the crew. But it will come back to haunt them.
Posted by KenPC on 2005-09-29:
You'd have done a whole lot better if you'd gone to the local board of health and filed a complaint there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-29:
Bad deal vertis. When time permits I try to go inside to order so I can half way see what I am getting ready to eat.
Posted by tander on 2005-09-29:
There is no law that says they have to wear gloves.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-29:
Showing you racist, stereotyping tendancies, eh doc? I see managers of all sexes, sizes and races at the ones I go to. I don't see all of those problems eithr but that's just me. I am sure that manager doesn't miss your lying, whining @ss anyway!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-29:
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-29:
you said it yourself: "ketchup and mayo" and one assumes that's all you want asides from the l&t, onion...what you should of said is 'instead of bbq sauce can i get that wit ketchup n mayo'...you should be a little more specific next time. Therefore, no one will mess up your orders as you stated it happens to you in the past. Keep in mind that people are not mind readers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-29:
Good point. ^^^
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-09-29:
The manager should not have touched the food after touching money without washing her hands. The food prep people don't wear gloves but they aren't touching the money either. Very dirty!
How come you asked for the manager though? Why couldn't you just tell the front person your order was wrong? They are used to that I'm sure?
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-09-29:
No, there is no rule about having to wear gloves. I would rather see someone wash there hands than wear gloves. Gloves can be even more of a health hazard. Just because they were gloves doesn't mean that they or the food is clean. She asked you if all you want is the missing condiments. You didn't state that you wanted a new sandwich. And since you didn't state it, you got what you asked for.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-10-01:
All this hoopla over ONE sandwich? Perhaps you should eat at home in the future. Even in high-end restaurants, you can't see how the food is handled.
Posted by slopshop on 2005-10-22:
Maybe you should have asked them for their head office phone number if they are a franchise or corporate store there has to be an office number. Emails are impersonal and people recieving them at the coporate level probably assume your situation wasn't an emergency and that you over reacted. And oh about the gloves, I am so tired of hearing people complain about the people in the kitchen not wearing gloves. I work at Burger King in Ontario, Canada and this past summer tourist season was the worst I've ever seen people calling out to me in the kitchen, miss...miss, I looked up and the landy is like you should be wearing gloves. I said we don't have to wear gloves here in Ontario and she used two of her fingers to imitate the ganging look. I was also on cash one day and a customer said to me...why isn't anyone in the kitchen wearing gloves? I responded by saying because we don't have to wear gloves here in Ontario. Look at it this way. Something touches your hands in the kitchen you are surely to feel the yuckiness of it, but on the gloves you don't have the same feeling, so some people may not feel the need to rush and wash their hands right away. I am far more worried about what their gloved hand has touched opposed to their bare hands. Lets say someone drops the box of gloves of the floor or get knocked over, whatever the case may be, some or all fall out and rather than listen to a manager screeching about the cost of the darn things you put them back in the box, not me but other staff per say. What happens next? Some unknowing person comes along puts a pair on and goes and makes food. Are you really any safer? not likely! Gloves have their place as all things in restaurants do but not making food all the time. I put them on if I'm preping frozen grilled chicken, I find it easier to use my gloved hands instead of the blue tongs. Sorry its just the way it is in this world. In fact near Toronto, Ontario there is one district where they either don't allow or it's not mandatory for the restaurants to use nail brushes in the establishment. I believe its not allowed all though can't remember for certain. Sorry I'm just long winded somedays.

Posted by anonymous on 2014-03-01:
I hear you. I went to the new A and W at Pape and Danforth and the female food handler was grabbing the onions etc from the containers with her bare hands and putting the toppings on the burger. I asked to speak to the Manager. He said that is the way we have always done it. Another customer said you don't use gloves? He said no because the risk of cross contamination is greater when using gloves. I said I was going to report them. Later I said to the female at the counter, she uses the washroom, you don't know for sure if she washes her hands afterwards. That is why they are supposes to wear gloves. Discard them when leaving the work area and put new ones on when returning to work area. No contamination!!
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Cheated Me Twice, Caught Them Once
Posted by Trader131 on 01/12/2004
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Drive-through experience at 24th Avenue and Northern store in Phoenix:

1) Hand the cashier $20, he gives me change for $10. When I point out the error, he looks in his cash box and explains, "I put it where the 10's go."

2) I ordered a "value" meal (Whopper, fries and Coke). A couple blocks away I look in the sack that was handed to me, complete with six packages of catsup, and find two Whoppers. The receipt says "no pickle, heavy onion." Not exactly the way I like them.

3) The receipt has a toll-free number to call for an automated survey. It says that if I call, I will be given a validation number that will entitle me to a free Whopper if I pay for a drink and fries. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You think I'm going back there? I call anyway, hoping to relate my experience to a real person.

The survey asks for the restaurant number on my receipt. Why am I not surprised, that there is no restaurant number on it? Just a long string of zeroes, a register ("C") and a time.

Surprisingly, this is the first time an attempt has been made to short-change me at a drive through. And it probably has been ten years since I was handed the wrong order.

Talk to a live person, when you call the toll-free number? Forget about it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-13:
So, a (possibly) accidental change shortage which was quickly remedied and one wrong order in ten years time?
Then you don't get your precious free Whopper that you didn't deserve in the first place.
I'm finding it REALLY difficult to feel sorry for you.
Posted by mikey on 2004-02-03:
I worked in a restaurant where the cashier repeatedly shortchanged customers, was netting herself an extra 50 to 70 dollars a night on a good night. Short changing can be a simple mistake, but...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-22:
I think that you "forgot" that you handed a $10 bill and "thought" that you handed a $20 bill.
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Insulting, Horrible Service, Attitude
Posted by Shaka915 on 09/27/2010
MUNDELEIN, ILLINOIS -- I work at a store almost next to my Burger King Location in Mundelein IL.

I always order the same thing, at least 3 times a week. Tonight, after I placed my order and went to the pick-up window(I have my receipt), I mentioned that last night, when I placed my order, there was hardly any lettuce at all, and since I order "extra onions", they too were missing.

The person at the window told me.."you always complain about something(they charged me $.10 extra for lettuce?)....why don't you take your money and go somewhere else....."McDonald's is right across the street from them. I was stunnned, after ordering meals from that location for 1 year, that the person would have the audacity to speak to me that way. I do not know if corporate headquarters will even care about the matter, but I do intend to mail them a certified letter!
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-27:
I think that remark was uncalled for. If you continually don't get what you paid for, why wouldn't you say something? Instead of telling you to take your money elsewhere, maybe they should just get the order right.

Maybe you should order inside so you can check to make sure everything is right before leaving. It's easier to check the order inside than in the car.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-09-27:
The franchise owner is the one to talk to. Corporate does not get involved in the day to day operation of any BK that I know of, u8nless maybe it is a corporate location, which are few and far between. Got to the BK in question, go inside, and you will find the information on the franchise holder. They are the only ones who can help you. If the person did indeed say this to you, what did the manager say when you advised them? Bet you didn't, did you?
Posted by shootingstar1284 on 2010-09-27:
I tend to check my order at the window. I know, I shouldn't have to, but I find certain locations of fast food joints routinely give me the wrong items. If it's bad enough, OP, I'd find a different location that gives you what you order and no hassle if you have to mention that they didn't.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-27:
When the cashier accused you of always complaining, I would have simply and politely replied, "I promise to stop complaining, if you just promise to stop getting the order wrong".
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-27:
I also wonder, do you complain a lot? And if you do, why haven't you talked to the franchise owner by now? Or gone somewhere else? Too many other options out there to have to put up with lousy service from a lousy FF joint.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-09-27:
If things like "I didn't get enough lettuce" happen with you often, I can see the CSR getting frustrated. But I would think you would have gotten frustrated enough to speak with a manager if there are always problems. Or that you would have gone somewhere else. My gut feeling is you should go elsewhere - I wouldn't put up with the constant disappointment.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-09-27:
Justice-4All: Great! I love that!

Posted by yoke on 2010-09-27:
If the OP is paying extra for the lettuce and the OP is not getting the extra lettuce and has to complain each time it is not the OP's fault but the BK workers.
The OP needs to contact the district manager. They take the complaints seriously.
Posted by yust on 2010-09-29:
I happen to know this specifc BK in Mundelein and they have more issues than condiments. If I remember correctly somebody was shot outside this BK about 6 years ago. The McDonalds right next door is much cleaner and has always had decent customer service. But serously don't goto either of those because there's a Portillos right down the street!
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Bad Taste with New Square Pants commercial
Posted by H2D2 on 04/28/2009
My wife and I were shocked, then horrified and then disgusted by the recent commercial from Burger King for their kids meal. What were you thinking BK!!!

You're advertising for kids and trying to sell kids toys, by showing women, shaking their square a*s' and trying to make it look hip and cool. Are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME. Get some morals for gods sake. WAKE UP. Not only does your food send us to the bathroom but your commercials have been hand plucked from the toilets. Wake up. Try to improve the values we live by and have our kids aspire to do great things. Not chase girls and gold and have girls think that a*s shakin is what it's all about. How about education, doing good, being kind...real values!!!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-04-28:
I was vote #10...I don't feel a complaint is any less "helpful" just because there's been so many before it. I voted the earlier ones helpful and as I said before, I don't care for this commercial either...and you can't condemn a person for posting what they feel...whether others agree with them or not. I've seen complaints made about only 'certain' members getting a high number of helpful votes while at the same time a newbie posts and gets maybe one vote. I'm not saying vote every newbie, but if it's a legit complaint, then that's what the voting option is for.
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False Advertisement
Posted by GWalt on 04/05/2009
The local Burger King sign is advertising Kid's Value Meal $ .99 cents. When we attempted to purchase the Kid's Value Meal for. 99 cents we were told we had to purchase a regular value meal at regular price in order to receive the Kid's Meal for. 99 cents.

No where on the sign does it state that the additional purchase is necessary to receive the Kid's Meal for. 99 cents.
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Posted by TGT101 on 2009-04-05:
Are you sure it doesn't have any fine print?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-04-05:
Oh, yes, TGT, a detail such as that would be prominently displayed in both the men's and women's restroom under the rim of the toilet seat for the handicapped.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-05:
When ever BK runs the .99 cent Kid's Meal deal it's almost always combined with buying an adult vlaue meal or something similar. Found this on a quick search, not sure what time period the OP is refering to though.

Search (past 7 days): .99 Kid's Meal w/ Any Burger King Value Meal Purchase.
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Bad sandwich , poor customer service skills from store manager.
Posted by Sherrytaylor30 on 03/16/2004
CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- I was polite in telling them that i had recieved an old sandwich, either that or there grease in the fryers was old. After waiting a few minutes they made me a new sandwich. Imagine my surprise when it looked the same as the one i just returned. The manager informed me that the fryers where cleaned that morning. I agreed with that because my onion rings where golden brown but the fryers for the chicken sandwich could not have been clean, the chicken patty itself was a very dark brown(like it had either been cooked for to long or that the grease was old.) I pulled it in half and took two bites out of the center, it tasted like dirt. When i went up to return the sandwich and ask for my money back the manager had insisted on the fact that i had ate a third of it already so i could not have my money back. When i asked for the store managers number to complain she told me that i would just get her because she was the store manager. So i came onto the web to lodge a formal complaint but i cant seem to find the corporations web site for complaints so i thought i would at least get it out to the general public. The burger king in clackamas, Oregon by the town center is not friendly nor does it provide good edible (fried) foods.
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Posted by kapapineau on 2004-03-17:
one bite and you should know to have it remade. 99% of restaurant managers will not give money back if you have eaten more than 1 or 2 bites. Its the I want something free if I complain morons that create the informal policy.
Posted by JBBunger on 2004-03-17:
BK Sucks,they direct their marketing toward the "urban" customer...thats why they are going BK as in Chapter 7. These Cadillac driving customers do not have any allegiance to any particular establishment, unless they sell crack!
Posted by Kalypso on 2004-04-07:
Do processed chicken parts taste like dirt?
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BK Survey, Not Active, or BK Coupons,
Posted by Srmoody1950 on 07/27/2012
FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA -- I went online to the above site to enter my survey from Burger King, which entitles you to a free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken. The
site said unavailable. Wait 30 days before entering your survey. I will lose out on my Free Whopper, by entering the code to be placed on back of my receipt. My husband and I went there for lunch. We eat at BK a lot. It has been awhile, that I applied for the bk experience to get a free Whopper sandwich. I went to the BK coupon site, to see, if I would print a coupon, but it took me to lots of other coupons from other business, I do not do business with.
I hope you receive this.
Thank you Sandra Moody
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Posted by raven2010 on 2012-07-28:
Do you mean www.mybkexperience.com? The website you list is not a valid BK site and may be the cause of the problems you experienced.

if you were on the correct website, I beleive you can only get the free sandwich once every 30 days. So if you have done it recently that may also be the issue. I tried looking for "rules" on their site but came up empty.

Maybe someone here will have a receipt and be able to help with the fine print.
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Why Change The Fish Sandwich??
Posted by Perlet1 on 04/02/2012
I used to enjoy going into the local Burger King and having a fish sandwich every now and then, they were so good! I went in a few weeks ago and found out you had changed them to the "pressed cardboard type" served by your competition, YUCK !! I know everyone is trying to save money, but I probably won't go in there again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-02:
This is similar, but different, than when I went into KFC and the Honey BBQ wings had changed from real wings to the pressed cardboard kind.

I gave them the heave-ho and never looked back. Good review! Where's the fish?
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-04-02:
McDonalds has a pretty good fillet-o-fish.. if you haven't tried it lately, give it a shot and post your findings.
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Posted by Axlsbabe on 04/26/2011
TUCSON, AZ 85705 -- We went to the drive-thru at Burger King. I love bacon but my BF doesn't. He asked to not have bacon but wanted a slice of tomato instead. He was charged for that slice of tomato in addition to after paying for full price of BK with bacon. I've worked in foodservice for 25 years. you sub meat for meat, veg for veg and you don't rip people off like that. Wanting to have tomatoes which are cheaper then bacon and getting charged for them is just WRONG! I suggested he just get the bacon and we'd go to the store and buy tomatoes was a better idea. I will retweet your idiocracy and the fact that you can't have it your way. Better change your slogan!
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-04-26:
I don't think Burger King ever said you could have it your way and not pay for it. They'll give you whatever you want for a price. Why didn't your boyfriend just order something that came with tomato instead of bacon?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Thats definitely a ripoff. I dont see why that couldnt have been substituted. I think its ridiculous the prices these FF joints charge. Its almost costs just as much to go to a retaurant and order a burger and fries thats made a lot better than going to a fast food place. Then again, I dont understand why you would order a burger with bacon and tell them to hold the bacon. Its basically a double cheeseburger then. Thats what I would have ordered.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-04-26:
Not sure I understand this. You ordered a bacon burger and told them to leave off the bacon? Makes no sense when you can order a plain burger and load it from there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Not sure I understand this, either. I'm not familiar with BK's menu, but, I'd like to know what your BF originally ordered.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-04-26:
There is a sign on the drive thru's of all the BK's around here that tomatoes are extra and if a sandwich doesn't come with tomatoes that it will cost extra if you want one.
Posted by momsey on 2011-04-26:
I also wonder why your boyfriend ordered a bacon burger but asked them to hold the bacon. And I'm not as sure as the OP that tomatoes are cheaper than bacon. Fresh veggies like tomatoes are pretty expensive, especially if there's a shortage, which I think there is right now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Due to really cold winter, tomatoes are on short supply in a lot of areas. Bacon is probably cheaper than tomatoes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Maybe the bacon burger had something else on it/in it that was more appealing than the others. We went to some restaurant awhile ago, and my husband does not eat bacon and did the same thing. It was because the bacon burger had a different type of meat and spices.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-26:
Unfortunately, a latge chain like BK doesn't see it your way. I agree with the concept to which you refer, which is something a smaller more flexible organization would do for you. I don't hold it against them, simply because I know this is how they do things.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
I don't eat FF so I don't know the BK menu, but don't they serve a regular burger w/o bacon or is that your only option?

Also, he wanted a slice of tomato...does that mean they do not put tomato on their burgers unless you request, or did he want an extra slice of tomato?

At any rate, if the only option is a bacon burger, than I see no reason why they couldn't swap bacon for tomato w/o charging you more. I'd hate to have to consider stopping by the grocery store to get the fixins for my burger to have it my way!
Posted by twizzy on 2011-04-26:
With having worked at fast food you should know they have yo ring up the tomato..not just "swap it." You figure, if they do that say for 6 people if theres one slice per sandwich thats about a whole tomato. So if you keep swapping for every 6 customers you lose one tomato. Now, you do that for 30 customers a day..about 5 tomatos not counted for. Times 7 daya of the wk is 35 tomatoes gone. Where I work, I need to do inventory counts everyday, and the whole store geta countes on sunday. So if you dont ring these up, for one month you will be missing about 140 tom which is how many cases? For us, about 3. Point is: if its not rang up it not accounted for. My job, if we are missing food, the managers lose their jobs. Im not gettinf fired for a tomato. PLUS they have to do that. If theyre told to do something they have to. So if your gonna get mad, get mad at corporate. And its "have it your way," which you did...not "name your price."
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Agreeing with Crazy on this one. Tomatoes are in short supply, and won't even come with your sandwiches around here unless requested. So to ask for some on a sandwich that doesn't have them to begin with? Yeah, I'd say they're probably going to charge you for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
I just wanted to say I like the OP's nic
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Tomatoes are in short supply? I did not know that..must not be affecting us because I just got vine ripened tomatoes for less than a dollar a pound and that is unheard of!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
That is cheap, JC.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-04-27:
In about a month or so I will have my very own vine ripened tomatoes. I know that not everyone can grow there own, but it really isn't all that hard, thanks to Walmart. I bought a tomato and used the seeds and planted a small row of them.
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Order Accuracy
Posted by TGT101 on 05/04/2009
I went to Burger King the other day and ordered about 15 different items many of which were "customized". I expected that there would be something wrong with the order being there were so many different things that could have gone wrong.

So I checked my order like I always do whenever I go places...and everything was correct. Good Job Burger King.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
A nice BK review! See BK is not all bad. (VH)
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2009-05-05:
VH....Go Burger King!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-05-05:
Have it your way!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
All well and fine. But what do you think of those Spongebob commercials?
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-05:
At first I thought TGT101 clicked on 'compliment' by mistake. Glad I was wrong. Good review. Pleased to see it's about something other than the cmmercial. VH
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
I've never had any problems with my order at BK, either...nice review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
Wow, what does it say about our fast food customer service expectations when it's cause to celebrate merely because an order was filled correctly. However, I completely understand being pleasantly surprised by an accurately filled fifteen item order.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
Crabs, it says..."Celebrate mediocrity!" (Publik skools may have already claimed that one.)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
What commercial?
Posted by Don12345 on 2009-05-13:
It all depends on the person working at the particular Burger King. I know the one I go to messes up my order at least 50% of the time.
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