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"... And YOU Are a GM???"
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I ordered 3 combos and 2 pies. One of my combos was supposed to be a bacon double cheeseburger combo with heavy pickles, add onion. I get my order, drive all the way back across town to my home to find out that I have only 1 pattie on my sandwich. I drive all the way back across town with only this combo in hand to the restaurant. The employees were so sloppy in their professionalism according to my observance while waiting, that I decided to ask for a refund.

Once my turn arrived, I politely asked the cashier for a refund. She called the shift leader over and he asked what's the problem. I proceeded to inform him that my double cheeseburger only had 1 patty, I asked for heavy pickle and they managed to put 2 on there and not to mention how sloppy it was made. In addition, after my drive back over here, my fries were now cold. He then turned around and hollered to the back saying "Somebody fix me another bacon double!" I said "Excuse me sir but that won't be necessary. I would just like my refund."

He then stuck his hand in the bag scrambling his hand inside locating the burger. Then had the audacity to say "Well, we can only refund the burger and they're only a dollar so I'll give you $1.09 back for the sandwich." I said "No...I ordered the combo and have returned it all so I would like my refund of this combo." He stormed off to the back saying "Well I'll have to get GM approval for all that." The GM then comes up to the counter and I explained about my order all over again to her.

She immediately whisked around yelling "Who fixed this sandwich?!" No one confessed however the shift leader tried to justify the error by saying someone must have picked up the wrong sandwich and gave it to me. The GM then yelled again saying "Fix me another bacon double!" I then said, "No that's OK." The GM never bothered to turn back around to face me when she said "Ma'am! We still have to fix your order!" And I replied, "No really, that's OK. I'll just take my refund and go somewhere else."

I could already tell that she had an attitude with me as she said to the shift leader that was about to remake my sandwich "Never mind honey, she don't want it." She said this to him in a manner shrugging her shoulders like "Oh well, I'm not going to beg you." After all of that...the GM asked the cashiers who had rung up my order. The drive-thru cashier responded that she had rung it up. The GM goes over to the drive-thru register to key in my refund.

GET THIS! The GM then turns to hand the receipt to the cashier and says (and I quote), "Here...Take this receipt, Throw it away, cause honey I ain't got time for all this mess." I was floored to hear a so called GM say this about a PAYING CUSTOMERS concern! Wow! Anywho...the GM went to the back I assume to retrieve my refund. To top this already bad experience off, when the GM came back, she slammed my $5 bill down on the counter and then put my change on top of it. Then took her 2 fingers and "slid" my refund to me across the counter. Handing my refund to me seemed like that would have been just "too right".

She then turned around to start preparing other orders without even saying "I apologize." I hated to bother her again but I just COULD NOT leave that restaurant without getting her name and confirming her title. Amazingly after asking for her info she appeared to have a lighter attitude. She even smiled for once! Go figure! I left by saying "Thank-you for your assistance. I appreciate it and I hope you have a blessed day."

Blatant Rudeness
By -

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS -- I am sorry to be informing you of such a matter but it happened and upset me greatly... When my roommates and I were hungry that night at around 9:30 I decided to go right down the road to Burger King for everyone. I just recently moved here, Brownsville TX., and had enjoyed the Burger Kings in VA... so why not, Chicken Fries sounded delish. The food was as always delicious (that part I compliment you on) however the service down here is disgraceful.

I simply order a 9 piece Chicken Fry with Fries and a Cheese Cake. (Plus my roommates orders, 2 Angry Burger combos.) I like to think of myself as the typical nice person so I was nice lady even if she was kind of rude to me besides it was nothing I couldn't handle maybe she was having a hard day.

I proceeded to sit against the counter and waited... and wait… and wait. Finally, I glanced at my cell phone to see how long they would take. Then I noticed that they were giving people that came after me their orders and it wouldn't have bothered me (I thought their orders might be easier to make) except the ordered was almost the same thing as mine, Burgers and Chicken Fries!

Finally the woman placed the bag in front of me I said thank you and looked at my cell phone. 15 minutes had past but I shrugged it off and glanced inside the bag, as always, and saw Chicken Fries, Fries, and a Burger on top. I was rather hungry and didn't go all the way through the bag, I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and the meal looked right.

When I got home my roommates were happy and asked what took so long as they grabbed their food. Their orders were correct but when I went sat down to watch TV I had 5 Chicken Fries and no French Fries at all. I sighed thinking this woman must have had a really hard day and my roommate shared Fries with me. When I reached for my Cheesecake I found the bag was empty! I had waited forever, half of the Chicken Fries I ordered, and didn't have any French Fries and NOW MY CHEESECAKE!

I went back up there to state how rude the woman was but she left the counter when I walked in and went to clean, all the while she was giving me a smirk. I ignored it and walked to the counter, how immature of her. I stood at the register and waited and waited and waited. NO ONE WOULD WAIT ON ME and they weren't even busy. No one was in the restaurant except people eating. They were just standing around talking and laughing! I was so shocked!

Finally a girl came up to me, she was a cook from the back, and looked down at the counter and asked what I would like in a quiet voice. She seemed to know her fellow employees were being rude. I didn't have the heart to unleash my anger toward her. I simply told her that I ordered a Cheese Cake earlier and didn't receive it. She asked if I had gone through drive-through and I said no I was in here and had gotten it to go. She checked my receipt and handed me a new Cheese Cake and apologized on behalf of her employees.

I smiled… Finally someone with some respect, and told her thank you and went to leave. Near the other door was the woman who had been so rude to me staring at me with that same smirk on her face, but by this point I didn't even feel like taking it up with her and went towards the opposite door. I will no longer eat there the Burger King in Brownsville… it has lost my service. I eat at Chick-fil-a, who has wonderful service and great food also. I just thought you should know how the employees treat people.

Veggie Whopper Hell
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- OK, so you would think that the same restaurant would get something wrong on the first, second or maybe third occasion, but every single time over a period of about 2-3 years? Ridiculous! I'm a pretty strict vegetarian and there aren't a lot of restaurants by my work, so when BK came out with the Veggie Whopper, I was excited. Finally, something I could order fast and take back to work.

On the first occasion of ordering this, I asked what comes on it... I was told only mayo, catsup, lettuce & tomato. I added cheese and asked them to leave off the mayo. When I got back to work, there was no cheese (although I paid for it) and there was mayo, as well as onion (something they didn't tell me came on it). I let it go this time...

The next time I went there, I learned my lesson and checked the sandwich before pulling away from the drive through... This time it had mayo, mustard, onion & pickle and again no cheese. Immediately I sent it back and asked them to remake it. It came out wrong again. This time they had me pull forward while they remade it and they would bring it out. Yep, it was still wrong, but I was going to be late for work so I just got my money back.

I waited a pretty long while and revisited, this time going inside to order. Yep, you guessed it, completely wrong again... With pickle & onion and no cheese. I returned and had it remade. This time the manager came over and told me to specifically order it this way from now on "veggie whopper-plain, ADD cheese, lettuce, tomato, catsup" as they were remaking my sandwich.

The next time I visited, I went inside again, I ordered just as the manager told me, but still the cashier didn't ring it up that way. When I got my sandwich, it was wrong, so I told her how I had ordered it. She was a smart mouth of course and said to me that I didn't have to order it that way because it doesn't come with pickles and onions. I explained all of my prior issues, although I shouldn't have had to, but still she insisted that she shouldn't ring it that way. I asked to see the manager. The same manager corrected the cashier & told everyone working.

I felt pretty confident now because the same manager was there and seemed to be on top of things, so I tried again... After checking the website to find out what really comes on the veggie burger. I went in and again ordered the veggie whopper as the manager instructed me to... Yep... Again no cheese, but pickle and onion! Oh I was furious! I called for the manager whom this time put the blame on me for even coming back when they had gotten it wrong every other time... She didn't remake the sandwich but gave me a refund.

I told her I ordered it exactly how she told me but shouldn't have had to do that since the website says it doesn't come with pickles OR onions and the only thing I added was cheese. She was extremely rude and almost made me feel bad for even ordering there. When I looked at the receipt, I noticed that the gal at the register didn't even ring it up like I had told her and although she did add the cheese, the cook didn't even put it on my sandwich. So, it's poor customer service all the way around.

The very last time I visited was with my son and this time I ordered a salad only for myself. I was disgusted to see that they had a trainee class going on in the store at a table in front of customers! We would be better off not hearing this or seeing these employees in their street clothes considering one of the outfits on one of the gals that looked like she was going to work at a strip club, while her "ride" waited outside in a big SUV with loud bass coming from huge speakers right in front of the building.

When we finished eating and left, the class was over and two of the trainees got into the vehicle and left. It's no wonder with the idiotic common sense their new hires have, that BK is losing customers! I have nothing against revealing clothing, strip clubs or loud bass music... After all I have a teenager... But come on... For a job training class at a fast food joint?

Unfair Treatment Of Customer
By -

SAN JACINTO, CALIFORNIA -- Shame on to whom it may concern. I have been dining at this establishment once or twice a week for more than a year. I come here because it is the only place in town serving vegetarian burgers and because it is fast and convenient as my place of business is only a few blocks away.

Recently I wrote a poem about the eyes of a girl in your employ and I gave a copy of it to her as a gift. I am an artist and a poet, when I create something it is important for me to share it with the person who inspired it. I do not feel I should have to explain myself on this point but lately, when dining in your restaurant, I have perceived a negative attitude toward me by your staff. I particular, I have noticed that the girl I gave the poem to, at her own reservation, or at the behest of the management, goes away (into the back somewhere), when I come into the restraint.

In my intentions, there is noting to apologize for. I do not know the girl any better than I know any of the rest of your staff. The poem I wrote was not about her, it was about her eyes and where they took me in a particular moment, a moment which passed as fast as it came. If I have in any way caused the girl to feel uncomfortable in my presence, to her I apologize emphatically, I am an intense individual and am prone to being taken the wrong way occasionally.

I would like it to be known that I have been made to feel terribly uncomfortable in your restaurant to the point that I will not be eating there anymore. Let it further be known that a copy of this letter has been sent to your corporate office for their consideration. I am hurt and enraged that it is not possible in this day and age of supposed equality and freedom of expression, that I would be chastised and convicted for what began (and still is), intended as a gesture of thanks for just helping to contribute to my creativity.

I will not be treated as a weirdo or as some kind of stalker type for having freely given the gift of my words. I never expected any reciprocity other than possibly a thank you and a smile. The gift was intended to make the girl feel beautiful and good. They were not a proclamation of love or longing,

I hope that whoever is responsible for this situation is made to realize that, as I see things, I write them down, the actions of your restaurant and staff have caused me great pause and loss of sleep. I am a good person and wish prosperity for everyone around me, all I ask in return is not to be stifled. Along with the copy of this letter that has gone to your corporate office, I am also sending copies to local media outlets and am in consult with an advocate from the NAACP.

No toys for kids meals FALSE ADVERTISING
By -

FULTONDALE, ALABAMA -- It's been 3 times now in the last month at the same Burger King that the Kid's meal was a problem. First, the local Burger King didn't have SpongeBob toys that were advertised that day on TV & gave some little ??? toy to my son. I went back in and they said that they always run out of SpongeBob toys and would have some in the next day. Next day: no SpongeBob. Some other toy satisfied my little boy almost as well. I didn't complain, things were tense behind the counter anyway. We went back again and this time we just wanted any toy! I ordered a Big kids 6 piece chicken meal. I received a 4 piece with fries and no toy.

I went up and asked for the toy. They were out of toys again. They gave me some brochure or something for my 4 yr old to go online. I spoke to the manager and she said they had no control over how many toys they received. I said that I would like to pay for a 4 pc chicken and fry rather than a 6 pc kids meal. I got .56 cents back. They still had the signs up for the toys and when I asked about the toy, the manager said they would not have any more for 4 more days. You would think they would at least take down the signs and pictures.

We went way out of our way to go to Burger King because of the toy. It sure wasn't for the food. We passed McDonald's, Chic-Fil-A, and others that have better food. Try one of the chicken chunks in a kid's meal from Burger King. It takes bribing the child to eat it in the first place!!! I didn't bribe my child to eat food he doesn't like. He is okay with the food. I do not care for it. I made the remark about my taste preference, not his.

The whole point was the attempt to lure the customer to the restaurant by advertising a certain product in a certain form, knowing in advance that the product would be unavailable. Leaving all promotional signs in full display encouraging people to hand them money for what they saw in the posters.

Taking the order for the item, requesting payment, taking the money from the customer with no intention of giving the customer what they had just made payment to receive. Handing the bags to the customer omitting what the customer had seen and is still seeing on giant posters everywhere that you look. Upon inquiry by the customer, then and ONLY then is the information that they do not have the product plastered all over the store made available.

The information should have been given to the customer upon the placing of the order. The fact that the information was withheld from the customer until after taking their money is not just false advertising, it's just plain "crooked" business done by Burger King. The complaint was about a company doing crooked business. I obviously didn't make that point as clear as I needed to.

I am sorry if I made things more complicated than they had to be by bringing in my opinion on the taste of the food... or mentioning about needing to be bribed to eat it, etc. I didn't realize that it would confuse some people so badly that they could not focus on the point of bad business practice done by Burger King.

Cursed at by a Burger King Employee
By -

10388 BLUE STAR HWY,STONEY CREEK, VIRGINIA -- Saturday, May 26th between 5:10 pm and 5:35 pm my family and I were cursed and abused at a local Burger King restaurant. After a great day out in the country with my folks we were heading home and our 4 year old little girl got hungry so we decided that we would pull into Burger King for a quick meal. We walked in and up to the counter I noticed that there were two female employees out front cleaning and a male employee filling a drink cup from the fountain.

As the male employee walked by us we thought maybe he was going to take our order but he didn't he just walked into the cooking area toward the back of the store. I then turned back and the two female employees were still doing whatever they were doing. I turned to my wife and simply asked and not in an insulting way if she thought anybody was going to take the order.

That's when a male voice started cussing and saying "No I'm not going to take your ** order and I don't ** care if you ** eat at all" and that we should go somewhere else because "the service here sucks" and then kept on cussing as we walked out the door with our little girl looking very confused by not getting her kids meal toy and my wife dialing the customer service # .

We never saw his face but once as he walked by as I said earlier the rest of the time he remained hidden behind the cooking equipment in back. My wife left a message at the service #. But we couldn't just let it go with only a message on a machine somewhere so she got the store # and called it asking to speak with someone from management.

What she got was a female voice on the other end telling her that she had already received the complaint from the home office and that the stories we were telling won't even close to the story she had received and that all she had received was a complaint that one of her employees that she bluntly pointed out was off the clock. My wife then told her that if the employee is wearing a uniform he is representing Burger King which he was wearing a uniform. The store manager then told my wife that the only complaint received was from a woman and that all she seemed to be upset about was that of her employee saying that the service sucked.

Then the manager asked that we come back to straighten the whole thing out like she didn't think we would. We did go back and as we walked in there were now four employees all were women two were sitting down out front and one working the drive thru window and one standing in front of the register. We walk up to register and my wife asked for the manager and the woman standing at the register said she was the manager so my wife told her we were the ones who talked to her on the phone and the woman said that there was nothing she could do cause there were two different stories.

That's when I noticed that the camera overlooking the registers was turned away from where they should have been and the woman we were speaking to had no name tag on so I got the feeling we were wasting our time and told her straight up that we won't out to get free meal and that we were only here to confront the lie and try to straighten this out.

And then without anything straightened out and absolutely no apology at all we left still feeling degraded beyond belief from what we had been through not to mention the things our little girl had heard coming from the mouth of a male employee of Burger King. It was a very sickening thing that we want to put an end to before this type of thing happens again.

Later that evening around 7:30 pm a representative of Burger King called and spoke to my wife and finally gave us an apology for the way her employees had treated us and asked that we not hold it against the store and that she had an idea of who it was and that they would be dealt with and that this kind of thing wouldn't happen again. But the damage was already done and truthfully it will be a cold day in ** before I ever walk through the doors to that Burger King.

Safety Issue- My Child Injured in Burger King Restroom
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- This is a safety issue regarding the restrooms of the Burger King Restaurant at the Blossom Hill Road and Hillview Avenue location in San Jose. The door of the women's restroom has a very loose hinge. My husband said that it is the same issue with the men's restroom, as well. If you give either restroom door a slight push, the door swings inward very quickly.

Two days ago, as my children and I were about to exit the women's restroom, a customer pushed the door open. The door swung open so quickly, it slammed into my daughter's right ear. My daughter was screaming in pain. When I brought her outside, the staff took no notice.

My daughter's ear is now swollen and bruised. I explained the situation to the manager. I asked her to request for a sign to be installed cautioning people to open the restroom doors carefully. If you have a young child, or use a stroller for your kids, please be careful when using the restroom facilities at this location.

Whopper is a Whopper bun that's all
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Rating: 1/51

YADKINVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Why do they have this nice fat Whopper Burger ads on TV and pictures all in the Sunday news paper even posters on the outside of the building of this Burger about 4 inches tall with MEAT, TOMATOES, ONIONS, AND LETTUCE hanging out all the way around the bun??? Then when you get it and get home it looks like someone stepped on it or sat down on it. You can find the lettuce OK, a couple of rings of wilted onions. You might find 2 ( If you're lucky ) small slices of green tomatoes on one side of the small meat patty. The only thing about a Whopper is the BUN... I say false advertising. They say "well don't eat here." Hummm. So I eat at home.

By -

I bought the hype, visited my local Burger King for lunch and added a 3-piece rib to a Whopper meal for an extra $3.99. What I found I had purchased was three bone-in ribs ranging from 2" to 2.75" long. (Pull out a ruler, see how short that is!) I wish I could weigh them but I don't have a food scale handy at work.

Everyone in the world is familiar with the chicken nugget and knows what they are about to get when they order them. The rib that BK is now selling is grossly misrepresented in advertising that shows a rack of traditional ribs being grilled. Also grossly overpriced - I don't know anyone who would pay $1.33 per rib for this size serving! It's like paying $1.33 per chicken nugget!

I could go to a real BBQ joint and get a plate of BBQ with sides for under $10.00; my Whopper combo plus the 3-piece came to $10.05. BK succeeded in fooling me. And in losing a customer for a very long time. Do yourself a favor, do not waste your money on this menu item!

Trash In My Whopper Burger
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Rating: 1/51

MCALLEN, TEXAS -- The Burger King at McAllen, TX. 78501 on 10th street, very bad serving. I bought Whooper Jr to go and when I got to my office to have lunch, the burger had a piece of plastic transparent trash inside. I had my last bite of the burger and thought that it was a piece of lettuce but it wasn't. I'm starting to bring my own lunch from now on. Oh, and in addition I kept my receipt and called the manager, and he just said to me "Oh I'm Sorry Ma'am. I'm Sorry." Be aware people!

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