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Inconsiderate Employee
Posted by on

COMPLAINT ; STORE #4257 - 19800 BEACH BLVD. HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648 (01-01-2012)

Dear Burger King,

I am so pissed off I can hardly write. I've been going to this particular Burger King for over 10 years.. I was never insulted like this before. I am a handicapped senior citizen. I ordered lunch and usually sit at one of the 3 tables with chairs. (I have 2 metal knee replacements) so it's very hard to twist my legs into a booth. Your worker in the pictures had stuff on all 3 tables including baby stuff and a baby bottle, I had to squeeze in sideways at a both right next to him. He completely ignored me and was sitting at the first table texting on his phone. While the baby was throwing his keys on the floor and running around my table. He never asked if I needed one of the tables he was occupying. There was another employee having his lunch at the last table. At first I thought the boy was just a rude customer, until I noticed he was talking to the worker next to him and the manager behind the counter. Also in pictures. I was just about done eating. Then I took out my cell phone and started taking pictures, that's when he stopped texting, got up cleared the table he was sitting at and got the baby off the floor. He went to the side door and talked to his manager, they both looked and the boy went back to work, trying to hide from me. They never apologized or nothing. I really pissed off. I think your help in this store needs a talking to, I'm not looking for any free hamburgers, I'm just pissed, cause I eat at Burger King about 3 times a week.

I hope this helps you control some of the attitude at this store. What got me so pissed is he could see that I was having a hard time fitting into the booth. But he was having fun watching me struggle to eat in the booth.

An old time customer.

Joe Albano
Huntington Beach, Ca


I never received a answerer from Burger King - I guess they just don't care about their customers.

[note: photo removed - please no personal information (names, pictures, etc) regarding someone else]
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Early Closing And Problems With Orders
Posted by on
SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had a problem on more than one occasion with the Burger King in Somerville, Massachusetts, located on 185 Somerville Avenue.

The people who work there don't speak very good English, which has made it difficult when placing an order in the drive through. I am often asked to repeat my order at least 4 or 5 times, only to find it is still wrong when I receive it, or something is missing.

In addition, I have ordered a "PLAIN" iced tea and was given a sweet iced tea, loaded with sugar. This has happened to me twice. The second time, I was told there was no plain iced tea, obviously no ice either. Just tea in a large cup. I asked for a diet Coke instead. Again, no ice.

There have also been instances where this particular establishment closes early, even though the lights are on inside, the menu and microphone area where you place orders are lit up. According to the drive through window, they are supposed to be open until midnight. I work the over night shift at my job and stop by there sometimes on my way to work, to pick up some dinner, and find it frustrating when I am literally ignored by the women inside cleaning, who want to close early. Someone needs to tell them they are open until midnight, and remind them to wait on customers until that time. This has been an ongoing problem at this Burger King. I complained about this once before, and it was OK for a while, but it's starting to happen again. I don't think the management/owner would appreciate knowing his night staff are losing business. In the past when they didn't ignore people, it was not unusual to see a line of cars at the drive through from 11:30pm to midnight.

I would also like to know why Burger King hires individuals who have a limited understanding of the English language, who will be assisting English speaking customers. It is very frustrating when they make you repeat your order several times, and still manage to screw it up.
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Cwazychicken on 2012-01-04:
I notice the less I ask for something, the more I get it. The more I ask for something, the less I get. Isn't it ironic?

As far as closing early, most restaurants close inside a half hour or even an hour before they actually close, to clean up. If they are short staffed, maybe that's why they close early.

I know how frusterating it is to understand people who's 1st language is not English and it must be hard for them to understand us too (especially when it comes to having to call customer service on the phone)...goes both ways. That is America for you. America will hire people of all cultures so, we have to accept that. I would hate for someone of a different culture to not want me to work because I don't speak their language. But if its a really thick accent, I don't think it hurts to ask someone else who may be able to help you more. Its not rude, sometimes it can be very frustrating to both sides.
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Very Sorry Customer Service & Too Long Of A Wait Time
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- First I'd like to say that I am a self employed service contractor. I travel to other cities and work in and around Nashville and to the Murfreesboro areas. I always alternate between fast food places so I don't get tired of the same thing each day between jobs .. My main concern the fact that the BK fish sandwich has shrunk over the past year to almost a breakfast sausage and biscuit size. It's really pitiful !! And the fries have become larger and less of them in a regular meal ( I like the longer thin fries ) .. Now, I know that you guys have to make money but some of us cannot eat meat, if you can call it that, and the only thing left on your menu is fish or chicken, so why are you cutting these down to children meal sizes ? First it was the size of the fish patty that shrunk, now it's the bun !! Are you sure you want to keep your customers happy and fill them up at the same time ? or are you just interested in how to crunch the numbers game ? You know, nobody makes a fish sandwich like you guys do or did until recently .. I've noticed that the Whopper is still the same size as well as your other burgers although I can't eat them now .. Still, I'm puzzled as to why the big change in the fish sandwich ? Are you not selling enough of them to keep them on the menu ? Thinking about doing away with them altogether ? If so, then I can take my business else where .. Another thing is the wait time .. I waited for almost 20 minutes to get my fish sandwich the other day and it was 1:30 in the afternoon .. The place was not busy and they only had one person serving the drive window and the front end at the same time .. Then when the sandwich was in the pick up area, it stayed there until the girl was done at the pick up window and still waiting on the fries .. It was then taken down from the main area and placed on a tray and then it sat there for another 5 minutes until the fries came up and finally given to me. You know how I felt, I don't have to tell you the rest .. All I can Say Is Why Burger King ? Just Why ?
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User Replies:
bcd on 2011-11-15:
You are absolutely correct. The size of the fish sandwich decreased by 20% and the price increased by 10%. Yet they still call it a Big Fish. Excellent review.
Kris10 on 2011-11-16:
Why not try a small local establishment. Because they are not chains, you won't get tired of the same stuff every day. Some of them may even have other options for you to eat and may be healthier.
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Too nasty to eat meal
Posted by on
WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was returning home from the emergency room around 11:45PM on Thursday 10/11/11 and hadn't eaten since that morning and was looking forward to a hot meal. Arriving at the drive-through window I was greeted by a less than cheery gentleman who had a very limited command on the English language. After going back & forth several times repeating my order we finally pulled around to the service window. I was handded a bag of food out of the window with no "thank you" "have a nice night", nothing.
Now I realize this particular restaurant was getting ready to close in about 15 minutes but was that a reason to be abrupt in handling customers? Just coming from the emergency room I was too tired & hungry to worry manners or the lack of them.
I live less than 5 minutes from this Burger King and when I got home to my kitchen to eat my meal I was horrified by how bad it was. The sandwich was apparently sitting under a heat lamp for quite a while. The first bite was so nasty I couldn't take a second bite. The cheese on the sandwich was so dry and hard it brought up a gag reflex, the fries were so hard you could snap them (inedible)This nasty mess came with a soda so I thought I'd just drink my soda and go bed with a bad end to a bad day. They couldn't mess up a drink, right? Wrong! I'm diabetic and cannot drink sugared drinks it wasn't the diet drink I ordered. I've had less than pleasant experiences at this same Burger King in the past but I think last night's horrendous experience was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.
I've read that Burger King isn't doing so great on the market & with too many similar experiences such as mine it's no wonder. I spent $6.99 for this foul "meal" and in these economic hard times who can afford to throw
6.99 in the garbage? I waited til the following morning to write my concerns to give me a chance to calm down & get over the day I had but I woke up still as concerned as I was the might before. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further.
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Venice09 on 2011-10-21:
Since you live less than five minutes away, I would go back and explain what happened to a manager. You might get a replacement meal. I wouldn't wait for them to contact you.
DebtorBasher on 2011-10-21:
Sounds like they made it up ahead of time and stuck it under the heatlamps so they can start their clean up, since it was so close to closing time. That's not right, you're paying just as much for your hot meal as anyone during earlier hours. I'd complain about it too!
Starlord on 2011-10-21:
The proper thing to do would be to talk to the manager. They can't fix it if they don't know it's broke. If I came to your hospital and gor less than what I considered proper care, do you think I would just go home and write M3C about it? No way, I would be contacting the administrator. It is exactly the same thing, when you spend money, you expect a certain level of professionalism. Speak up, don't just complain where it really won't help. We are with you, but you need to tell the manager of the place.
trmn8r on 2011-10-21:
I used to always order sandwiches at BK with "no..{something}" so they had to make it fresh.

My last exerperience at a BK was not wholly different than yours. About 11:45 PM, NASTY drive through person. Told the manager the next day, she looked up the employee # and said "OH her, she has a history of that." And so ended the great BK experiment. Never went to BK again.
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BK brewed sweet tea
Posted by on
OK, so the kid wanted to go to BK today for lunch so I agreed. As I pulled into the parking lot I notice a big sign on the window that says "$1 Iced Tea fresh brewed". Now I love McDonalds Sweet Tea, so I'm thinking "Great now I'll have another choice of FF places since BK now has (what I call) Sweet Tea".
We go in and order and get our cups. I put ice in the cup and starting dispensing the brewed sweet tea and notice that the color is kind of dark. OK, maybe they made it strong. I've had strong tea before. I take a sip and instantly knew that there is no way this can even come close to tasting as good as McDonalds. I wouldn't classify this as "unsweet tea" but for me it might as well have been. Now if some of you think McDonalds makes their tea too sweet, then maybe you'll like this one. I also think it might be whatever brand they use that tastes different.
I stopped and asked the manager if it was something that was prepacked or is made by each location thinking maybe another location would have better tea. She told me that all they do is put some kind of package in a machine and it does the rest. The only part that they add is the sugar. So unless somewhere, someone gets carried away with the sugar, I don't see myself ordering this again. She also mentioned that they have only had this for about a week. Maybe I'll be brave after some time and see if they improved their recipe.
I don't classify this as a complaint since it just wasn't to my liking. Someone else may love this stuff as much as I love McDonalds sweet tea.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2011-07-27:
A key question before I can evaluate your complaint is, did the sign say:
"$1 Iced Tea fresh brewed"?

To me, this means unsweetened tea. Now, maybe in Tennessee and around those parts it defaults to "Sweet Tea" but not here N of the M-D line.

From your complaint, it sounds like this must be advertised as sweet teas somewhere, if not on the window.
trp2hevn on 2011-07-27:
It's not a complaint. It's informative. Yes the sign said sweet tea, but they also offer unsweetened tea as well. Yes, I'm from the south so my version of sweet tea may be (a lot) different than someone up north. Sorry, I didn't make it clear that it was meaning sweet tea. Around these parts it's big at McDonalds.
Nohandle on 2011-07-27:
I enjoy iced tea but it never occurred to me to order at a FF place, fact is I didn't even know they had it. Was there sugar available so a customer could add some if not sweet enough? We had a deli not far from our office with the best sweetened ice tea anyone ever drank. The owner told me the brand of tea she used and for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I seldom eat at a FF but will try the tea at McDonalds and wait for BK to get their act together.
trp2hevn on 2011-07-27:
They have sugar available if you ask for it. However, sugar doesn't dissolve well in cold tea. It's best to add it when it is done brewing and still hot/warm. When going to FF places with my kid, what drinks are available makes a big difference. He doesn't drink soda, so it's either sweet tea, milk or water.
Anonymous on 2011-07-27:
Good review trp. I don't care for iced tea, but my boyfriend does. I'll warn him about the tea at BK
Alain on 2011-07-27:
Good information, Trp. I might like this as I'm not big on sweet tea and I prefer a strong blend.
Anonymous on 2011-07-27:
trp2hevn> Very nice and informative review! As a former beverage specialist (fancy for the guy that installed and repaired coffee and tea machines), I can speculate that perhaps the brewing cycle is somewhat off. They run on timers. Pop-in the packet, push the button, and voila! But if it doesn't dispense enough water, the end result is a dark and strong tasting product. Just a thought?
Anonymous on 2011-07-27:
Temperature also plays a part as well. If the water is cold, it doesn't brew the tea as well either. There are a handful of explanations that could cause this, so I won't bore you. Especially, since you stated the machine is fairly new to the store. They seem to have some kinks to work out.
Anonymous on 2011-07-27:
And btw...I love my tea sun-brewed with absolutely no sugar or lemon. It's really bitter and drives my family nuts, but I like it that way:)
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Non service
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On July 23rd at 10:44 am I decided to stop at my local Burger King restaurant as 3983 Buford Highway to get a bit to eat on the way out of town. Well on the way into the restaurant I passed one employee that was cleaning the windows and she was very nice and spoke to me on the way in. When I entered the restaurant there was a couple eating so I proceeded to the counter to place my order. I waited for about eight to ten minutes and in the meantime one person passed me on the way to the drive through window saying nothing to me then the a male with a headset came in and went to the freezer wearing black and white, I figured that he was one of the manager while he was in the freezer another employee came in and again said nothing to me. When the manager came out of the freezer he and the employee that had just entered went to the counter and started making sandwiches and started joking and the whole time I am still waiting to be served, even if they had just acknowledged me I would have been OK with that but it never happened. I at this point had enough and I was not going to make a scene. At this point I walked out. Well I guess the whole have it your way was not happening at this Burger King so I would took Burger Kings advise to have it my way, just have it my way somewhere else since it was apparent to me that they did not care about providing me with any service at that time, even a acknowledgment to say “may I help you” or “I will be with you in a minute” would have been fine with me. So I went across the street and got the service that I was expecting from Burger King. Well for me since this is not the only time that I have had problems with service and being in the service field I made up my mind that if they don’t want my service then I know that there are other companies that will welcome it.
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User Replies:
Skye on 2011-07-24:
While I understand your complaint regarding being ignored, maybe they did not realize you had not been helped.

A simple, "excuse me, I've not been helped", could have saved you from being annoyed. I don't think a scene would have been necessary. Not that you made on, but that's just me.

Yes, walking out without telling them why did not benefit you or those who as you say, were ignoring you.

Taking your business where you are truly appreciated is showing them with your wallet, even though they may never know why you walked out.
Anna Molly on 2011-07-24:
I tend to be ninja sometimes, and, it requires me to speak up to get noticed. I agree with Skye.
Venice09 on 2011-07-24:
I see similar complaints about Burger King more often than other fast food restaurants. The drive-through seems to take priority over the people waiting inside. If they are short staffed, and the drive-through is busy, the customers inside are ignored. I would have left, too, but I would have let the manager know.
Anonymous on 2011-07-24:
I don't think the onus should be on the customer to mention that they haven't been helped. A properly trained staff should ask that of any customer when seeing them for the first time. As soon as the manager exited the freezer or another employee passed by, it is customary to ask, "Hi, have you been helped yet?" Good review!
trmn8r on 2011-07-24:
I used to frequent BK. After a few incidents of bad service I decided to switch gears to MCD's. I have been very happy with that switch, though I must say that at 10:44 am it may be they are busy switching to lunch.

You shouldn't have to, but in this situation I would speak up as nicely as I was able to under the circumstances. It doesn't take much to anger me.
trmn8r on 2011-07-24:
J4A - the onus shouldn't be. Unfortunately, despite how well trained everyone would be ideally, things like this happen. The restaurant deserves bad feedback here, no doubt about it. But being prepared to speak up is a good offense when defense fails to produce results.
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Management trainees lie and steel
Posted by on
I went to Burger King in January of this year for coffee with a friend. I had just lost my job the day before and was in such a funk that when I got up to go to the bathroom and was engaged in conversation with my friend that I didn't even notice that I had left my purse. When I returned to get it about a 1/2 hour later it was gone. Fearing the worse, I thought another customer walked off with it, I asked two employees if they had seen a purse or if someone had turned one in. Both said no. I returned again in another 1/2 hour thinking I should look in the trash in case it was thrown away, I went back to these two girls and specifically asked to speak to a manager, which they did not get for me. I gave them my name and phone # and searched the building area a second time before leaving for the police station, because the one thing that was obvious to me was that my purse was stolen. Both my friend and I went to the police station, filled out a report and was told that they would go right over to question the help, manager, and check the building. This proved to show up nothing. The police were later called by the manager to say that one of the girls I had talked to and the police talked to had done another search and had found my purse .....right out in the open! There had already been 2 sweeps by me, 1 sweep supposedly by the girls and then one by the police. How could we not have seen this big black purse.

The police requested the security video, but it wasn't quite helpful yet they could see the girl....How can this girl have a job(where I didn't), and feel like she can just take from the patrons. They couldn't make it stick to prosecute but I will never go back and can not get ahold of corporate Burger King.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 2011-07-21:
There is a lot of "possible" things that could have happened here. It may be that this was an employee and/or manager that took the handbag. It is also possible that a customer picked it up, either intentionally or by mistake, and then brought the bag back and left it on a table.
jktshff1 on 2011-07-21:
1. what is the location of the store in question?
2. When you got your purse back, what was missing.
You are leaving too much out of the post for any + or - to be attributed to the employees or the company.
clutzycook on 2011-07-21:
Hey, you found your purse, great! Was there anything missing? That would be the only reason I would be complaining and then only if there was proof that the employee took your bag. You would be surprised how often I will be scouring an area for something, be it my car keys or Baby Clutzy's Bunny (the bunny is the more valuable of the two, believe it or not, LOL) only to find that the item in question was in plain sight the whole time and I just happened to breeze by it 20 or so times before. Or, worse, spending an hour looking for my sunglasses only to realize they were perched on top of my head.
Anonymous on 2011-07-21:
I am also wondering if anything was missing. And I agree with clutzy. I have torn the house apart looking for something only to find it in a spot I KNOW I looked a zillion times.
Venice09 on 2011-07-22:
I agree that it seems suspicious, and I understand how you feel. But there is no proof, and I'm assuming nothing was missing since you didn't mention it. You'll probably hesitate to return to this BK, but other than that, just be glad you got your purse back.
VolcomChickXo on 2011-08-30:
Honestly, I doubt they stole your purse.
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Posted by on
TUCSON, AZ 85705 -- We went to the drive-through at Burger King. I love bacon but my BF doesn't. He asked to not have bacon but wanted a slice of tomato instead. He was charged for that slice of tomato in addition to after paying for full price of BK with bacon. I've worked in foodservice for 25 years. you sub meat for meat, veg for veg and you don't rip people off like that. Wanting to have tomatoes which are cheaper then bacon and getting charged for them is just WRONG! I suggested he just get the bacon and we'd go to the store and buy tomatoes was a better idea. I will retweet your idiocracy and the fact that you can't have it your way. Better change your slogan!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 2011-04-26:
I don't think Burger King ever said you could have it your way and not pay for it. They'll give you whatever you want for a price. Why didn't your boyfriend just order something that came with tomato instead of bacon?
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
That's definitely a ripoff. I don't see why that couldn't have been substituted. I think its ridiculous the prices these FF joints charge. Its almost costs just as much to go to a retaurant and order a burger and fries that's made a lot better than going to a fast food place. Then again, I don't understand why you would order a burger with bacon and tell them to hold the bacon. Its basically a double cheeseburger then. That's what I would have ordered.
jktshff1 on 2011-04-26:
Not sure I understand this. You ordered a bacon burger and told them to leave off the bacon? Makes no sense when you can order a plain burger and load it from there.
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Not sure I understand this, either. I'm not familiar with BK's menu, but, I'd like to know what your BF originally ordered.
CrazyRedHead on 2011-04-26:
There is a sign on the drive through's of all the BK's around here that tomatoes are extra and if a sandwich doesn't come with tomatoes that it will cost extra if you want one.
momsey on 2011-04-26:
I also wonder why your boyfriend ordered a bacon burger but asked them to hold the bacon. And I'm not as sure as the OP that tomatoes are cheaper than bacon. Fresh veggies like tomatoes are pretty expensive, especially if there's a shortage, which I think there is right now.
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Due to really cold winter, tomatoes are on short supply in a lot of areas. Bacon is probably cheaper than tomatoes.
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Maybe the bacon burger had something else on it/in it that was more appealing than the others. We went to some restaurant awhile ago, and my husband does not eat bacon and did the same thing. It was because the bacon burger had a different type of meat and spices.
trmn8r on 2011-04-26:
Unfortunately, a latge chain like BK doesn't see it your way. I agree with the concept to which you refer, which is something a smaller more flexible organization would do for you. I don't hold it against them, simply because I know this is how they do things.
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
I don't eat FF so I don't know the BK menu, but don't they serve a regular burger w/o bacon or is that your only option?

Also, he wanted a slice of tomato...does that mean they do not put tomato on their burgers unless you request, or did he want an extra slice of tomato?

At any rate, if the only option is a bacon burger, than I see no reason why they couldn't swap bacon for tomato w/o charging you more. I'd hate to have to consider stopping by the grocery store to get the fixins for my burger to have it my way!
twizzy on 2011-04-26:
With having worked at fast food you should know they have yo ring up the tomato..not just "swap it." You figure, if they do that say for 6 people if theres one slice per sandwich that's about a whole tomato. So if you keep swapping for every 6 customers you lose one tomato. Now, you do that for 30 customers a day..about 5 tomatoes not counted for. Times 7 daya of the wk is 35 tomatoes gone. Where I work, I need to do inventory counts everyday, and the whole store geta countes on Sunday. So if you don't ring these up, for one month you will be missing about 140 tom which is how many cases? For us, about 3. Point is: if its not rang up it not accounted for. My job, if we are missing food, the managers lose their jobs. I'm not gettinf fired for a tomato. PLUS they have to do that. If they're told to do something they have to. So if your going to get mad, get mad at corporate. And its "have it your way," which you did...not "name your price."
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Agreeing with Crazy on this one. Tomatoes are in short supply, and won't even come with your sandwiches around here unless requested. So to ask for some on a sandwich that doesn't have them to begin with? Yeah, I'd say they're probably going to charge you for it.
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
I just wanted to say I like the OP's nic
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
Tomatoes are in short supply? I did not know that..must not be affecting us because I just got vine ripened tomatoes for less than a dollar a pound and that is unheard of!
Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
That is cheap, JC.
CrazyRedHead on 2011-04-27:
In about a month or so I will have my very own vine ripened tomatoes. I know that not everyone can grow their own, but it really isn't all that hard, thanks to Walmart. I bought a tomato and used the seeds and planted a small row of them.
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All about the Midlothian VA Burger Kings
Posted by on
MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- On Midlothian Turnpike just outside of Richmond Va there are two Burger Kings I have never been more disgusted in. They are by far the worst restaurants I have ever been to. First off every time I go to them the person at the drive through sounds like they are annoyed that you bothered to come and offer your money to be part of there pay check. They answer in some annoyed ass way that makes you just want to drive off after hearing it and it doesn't change at all through the entire process. Second is the total lack of any kind of fast food experience, I have waited in there drive through with my mother for 15 minutes to get a large drink and had to wait five more at the window until we got the drinks. The places are never busy, there is no need to be waiting so long. And it was not only that one time but everything I have ever been to them. The third and final experience has topped it and made me never want to go to these two locations again, about a week ago me and my friends came to the one location to order some dinner because we were feeling the hunger after work. Not only were we greeted with the usual irritated tone but we waited, hmmm, about 30 minutes at that location to receive or meal. I must say when I got to the window the young lady was much nicer. However the wait was on so we had to pull forward to wait for our two orders. When they finally came the annoyed customers in front of us took our meal probably because they had to wait so long or they are just bad people(the only thing this site lets me put). Opps, so 5 minuets of it was really waiting for the food to be remade. The manager was kind and offered a refund or a sandwich. Me being the kind individual took the sandwich. when I got the meal however there were only two sandwiches and I had ordered two meals and got the free one. Cheated again by these people. And wouldn't you know that one of the meals sandwiches was not in the bag. So I did get my free one and I didn't not receive my whole order. We decided to call the number on the receipt and in the process of getting the area number for the boss of those locations the damn thing hung up on us. How nice. Then we finally got it when we got to the house and used the Internet and made the complaint. Now that it was seriously looked at. I doubt it because those locations get complaints from friends and family all the time and it hasn't changed a bit. Burger King is probably one of my top 3 most hated restaurants ever and will continue to be with its attitude. Burger King you have lost all respect from this consumer and the likes of us in the midlothian area. If any of the corporate guys are reading this. Step it up or your going to lose to these bad times.

Leland H.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 2010-04-13:
You need to look for a software disc by Mavis Beacon, plus you shoould have stayed in school. The minuet is a dance, and segments of time-keeping are called minutes. The food coming to us is OUR, not or. I used to have to review my deputies reports, and your post gave me the same kind of headache. Who told you it was a good idea to put your name in your post. Well, I'll tell you one thing, THEY LIED! You think the full name is impressive, but after reading your post and finding you work at Chik Fil A, countered your pretentioness.
Ytropious on 2010-04-13:
lol Star, I Echo everything.
Starlord on 2010-04-13:
I apologize, as the auto program made me look as unintelligent, because it would not allow me to edit. I occasionally transpose letters in words, so I need Mavis Beacon as well. And one of the last words was pretensiousness. My apologies to any and all for my faux pas.
MRM on 2010-04-13:
Get your free copy of Mavis Beacon on a torrent website.
enemy on 2010-04-14:
I've been to those ones and they always take forever to give you your order. And they have that irritated voice when they greet you (if they do). Well am nobody to judge but if its my food and they don't give me what I asked for?? well I though they said you could have it your way... amm its not. its theirs...
Starlord on 2010-04-14:
I apologize to landle, but I was taught attitude determines response. That and the pain I have gets to me at times. You will find I am a friendly guy as dryad,ytropius and others can possibly attest. Welcome to M3C.
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"... and YOU are a GM???"
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I ordered 3 combos and 2 pies. One of my combos was supposed to be a bacon double cheeseburger combo with heavy pickles, add onion. I get my order, drive all the way back cross town to my home to find out that I have only 1 pattie on my sandwich. I drive all the way back cross town with only this combo in hand to the restaurant. The employees were so sloppy in their professionalism according to my observance while waiting, that I decided to ask for a refund. Once my turn arrived, I politely asked the cashier for a refund. She called the shift leader over and he asked what's the problem. I proceeded to inform him that my double cheeseburger only had 1 patty, I asked for heavy pickle and they managed to put 2 on there and not to mention how sloppy it was made. In addition, after my drive back over here, my fries were now cold. He then turned around and hollered to the back saying "Somebody fix me another bacon double!". I said "Excuse me sir but that won't be necessary. I would just like my refund." He then stuck his hand in the bag scrambling his hand inside locating the burger. Then had the audacity to say "Well, we can only refund the burger and they're only a dollar so I'll give you $1.09 back for the sandwich." I said "No..I ordered the combo and have returned it all so I would like my refund of this combo". He stormed off to the back saying "Well I'll have to get GM approval for all that" The GM then comes up to the counter and I explained about my order all over again to her. She immediately whisked around yelling "Who fixed this sandwich?!" No one confessed however the shift leader tried to justify the error by saying someone must have picked up the wrong sandwich and gave it to me. The GM then yelled again saying "Fix me another bacon double! " I then said, "No that's OK". The GM never bothered to turn back around to face me when she said "Ma'am! We still have to fix your order!" And I replied, "No really, that's OK. I'll just take my refund and go somewhere else". I could already tell that she had an attitude with me as she said to the shift leader that was about to remake my sandwich "Never mind honey, she don't want it ". She said this to him in a manor shrugging her shoulders like Oh well, I'm not going to beg you. After all of that... The GM asked the cashiers who had rung up my order. The drive-through cashier responded that she had rung it up. The GM goes over to the drive-through register to key in my refund. **GET THIS!** The GM then turns to hand the receipt to the cashier and says (and I quote), "Here...Take this receipt, Throw it away, cause honey I ain't got time for all this mess". I was floored to hear a so called GM say this about a PAYING CUSTOMERS concern! Wow! Anywho.. the GM went to the back I assume to retrieve my refund. To top this already bad experience off, when the GM came back, she slammed my $5 bill down on the counter and then put my change on top of it. Then took her 2 fingers and "slid" my refund to me across the counter. Handing my refund to me seemed like that would have been just "too right". She then turned around to start preparing other orders without even saying "I apologize". I hated to bother her again but I just COULD NOT leave that restaurant without getting her name and confirming her title. Amazingly after asking for her info she appeared to have a lighter attitude. She even smiled for once! Go figure! I left by saying "Thank-you for your assistance. I appreciate it and I hope you have a blessed day".
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andbran on 2010-04-02:
bk definitely have major issues.
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