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Management trainees lie and steal.
By -

I went to Burger King in January of this year for coffee with a friend. I had just lost my job the day before and was in such a funk that when I got up to go to the bathroom and was engaged in conversation with my friend that I didn't even notice that I had left my purse. When I returned to get it about a 1/2 hour later it was gone. Fearing the worse, I thought another customer walked off with it. I asked two employees if they had seen a purse or if someone had turned one in. Both said no.

I returned again in another 1/2 hour thinking I should look in the trash in case it was thrown away. I went back to these two girls and specifically asked to speak to a manager, which they did not get for me. I gave them my name and phone # and searched the building area a second time before leaving for the police station, because the one thing that was obvious to me was that my purse was stolen.

Both my friend and I went to the police station, filled out a report and was told that they would go right over to question the help, manager, and check the building. This proved to show up nothing. The police were later called by the manager to say that one of the girls I had talked to and the police talked to had done another search and had found my purse... right out in the open! There had already been 2 sweeps by me - 1 sweep supposedly by the girls and then one by the police. How could we not have seen this big black purse.

The police requested the security video, but it wasn't quite helpful yet they could see the girl. How can this girl have a job (where I didn't), and feel like she can just take from the patrons. They couldn't make it stick to prosecute but I will never go back and cannot get ahold of corporate Burger King.

Burger King - Salem, NH
By -

SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I'm not normally one to complain. But I believe that people need to know this. At approximately 8:15 am on November 21, 2010, I pulled into the drive-through at Burger King, 181 South Broadway, Salem, NH (603) 898-4511. There were no cars ahead of me or behind me. In fact, I don't believe there were any patrons in the establishment at the time either since there were only one or two cars in the parking lot. I assumed that they belonged to the workers.

I placed my order which included a cup of decaf coffee. I pulled around to the window, paid, then was told by a guy working there that the coffee was brewing. He asked me to pull all the way around the building again or at least pull up so I was off his timer. I said that that's what timers are for, to see how long it takes to fill an order. I asked if there was anyone behind me. He said no. So, I told him I'd just wait at the window where I was. I didn't get his name.

Next the woman working there, ** (at least that's what her name tag reflected), again, and more emphatically told me that I needed to pull over and park. There were still no other patrons behind me. She was getting pretty rude about it and stated it was within her right to make me move. So I told her that I'd just like my money back. She returned my money. I said that I needed her and his names to make a complaint. She refused, slammed the drive-through window and locked it.

I went down the street to McDonald's, was treated great, and had my order very quickly. Maybe it was just stupidity on my part for going to a Burger King that had no customers when the McDonald's down the street was, and always is, busy. However, it doesn't surprise me that this Burger King isn't busy when people are treated as I was. To the potential patrons of this establishment, I'm merely reiterating my experience.

To the store manager/owner/whatever, I'm guessing that these two were not acting independently and have been instructed to keep the wait-time down. But inconveniencing and being rude to customers shouldn't be the way to do it. I'd recommend keeping the wait-time down by being prepared and properly trained. To the Burger King management and leadership team above the store manager level, I'd offer that you have a problem here that needs to be addressed.

The King is not listening he has left the building!
By -

HELENA, MONTANTA -- I must have been very hungry as I just ate a very disgusting BK Stacker! Of course BK prides its self on common services and food and I am well aware that my recent visit was local store issues but, I found BK's complaint services to be ridiculous. They can say the King is listening but if they make it difficult enough they don't have to listen to you. If you go to their website they have nowhere to complain online. Next they have no toll free number to call. Third you call the number and you are put on hold forever. Forever was long enough for me so I hung up so others get to endure my bad experience.

Anyway, with the local store not answering their phone also I expect this to be true that others will get the same. If you are interested in the issue I went in for lunch at 11:30 am so before the lunch rush and very few individuals were ordering. They only had one till open which was odd since the lunch rush was coming and they had it must have been twenty people working with a lot standing around. Even with very few orders I had to wait an extremely long time listening to them putting up the same thing I ordered to the drive through window.

Once I got back to the office this is when I was rather disgusted. I must have gotten extra cheese as it was melted all over and the stacker looked like someone had stepped on it as it was flat. Upon further investigation my double stacker was 1 and a half as the first hamburger was half the size of the other. Oh by the way there was no bacon. If I wanted a grill cheese sandwich I would have gone somewhere else that specializes in them.

Burger King's use of the 'C' word.

ANYTOWN USA -- I got a beef with BK and I'm not talking about the nondescript patty in their double cheeseburger. This ain't going to be easy to do but my challenge is to convince you the reader that what appears to be a clever ad is in reality a painful kick in the marbles for those of us who suffer brain chemistry problems or in laymen's terms 'cr*zy'. Although I call it the 'C' word which is far less demeaning.

Now it was bad enough growing up with 'Coo-Coo for cocoa puffs' and 'sometimes you feel like a nut' advertising stabs. Painful child memories indeed but I thought as a society we had evolved past those type of cheap shots at the mentally unique. Well friends I was wrong. DEAD WRONG! Some Madison avenue pencil-neck saw fit to once again disparage the 'March to your own drummer' crowd in order to move product. Well that sounds 'C-word' Stew. What the heck are you talking about Stew?

I'll tell ya, I'm talking about the latest Burger King ad which features the plastic headed nightmarish king running through an office building breaking glass panes and befuddling women with his Whopper offers THEN tackled by two white uniformed obvious mental ward workers who proclaim the king is "insane" and 'C-word'. This is blatantly offensive to those of us who suffer in silence in our illness. Those of us who feel the sting of alternate reality perception. Those of us who have been forcibly restrained by state hospital workers. Ya know me and my people.

So I say to you let 'argumentum ad baculum' be the my3cent's battle cry as we the my3cent's community bond together in our bitter finger letter writing campaign to put an end to these ruthless, insensitive and heartless advertisements. If not for yourself then do it for your friend Stew. Be HEARD! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You'll be glad you did!

Not Happy
By -

SYDNEY RIVER -- January 30th, 2010. I was recently at your Burger King Located in Sydney River Nova Scotia. I got a # 10 which is double stacker combo, plus a chicken tender meal and a chicken sandwich combo. The double stacker we asked for no sauce but ketchup. When we got the order the receipt said no sauce and ketchup so my son bite into the sandwich and yes there was sauce on it. He wasn't happy. He got sick. He could have been allergic to the sauce but he wasn't. I then had to make him something else for lunch and the sandwich had to be thrown out. So I call the Burger King and they said they were sorry and "the next time you come in the combo will be free."

I have just once again come from the same Burger King and told them about the meal. Also got the other things I ordered. When my order was ready there was only 2 drinks instead of 3. I asked why. They said (the manager) said there was nothing wrong with the pop and fries. I am sorry but I couldn't believe my ears. I told them, "I was told it was a combo." Yes I was getting a little angry. He once again said there was nothing wrong with the fries and pop. I left saying, "I will never come back here again." Also I said, "Anywhere you go and they mess up on your order THEY GIVE YOU THE FULL MEAL AGAIN BECAUSE IT WAS AN INCONVIENCE TO THE CUSTOMER.”

I am truly upset about this and embarrassed. Other customer were there and said I should have got the full meal. I even went to Kenny's Pizza and they messed up on my pizza. They gave me a new pizza, told me to keep the old one and gave me a liter of pop for free for the inconvenience. Grego to same and also McDonald's. I guess I will be going there instead. Also I will be telling all my family and friends the story and tell them not to go to Burger King. Very upset customer.

Fast Food Convenience a Farce
By -

On a cold January morning while awaiting a prescription to be filled at the local pharmacy, a nice cup of Hot Cocoa sounded soothing. I approached the drive through of the nearest fast food rest. Burger King. Now, I discontinued frequenting this establishment years earlier for the poor quality of food to begin with. But how can you mess up hot chocolate. I paid for and received what I assumed was hot cocoa in the cup with lid. Left to further wait on the script to be ready. As I sat in my car I lifted the cup to my mouth and smelled the scent of hot plastic. I looked in the cup to find simply hot water!

I quickly went back to the drive through and proceeded to hand the window clerk the hot cup of water. I stated for her to take it and that I had ordered hot cocoa. She stated she was not allowed to mix it and that the package of powdered cocoa was in the bag with the napkins. Now, I ask you, how convenient is it to mix powdered cocoa into a cup filled with scalding water while in the driver's seat?!! I was paying for the convenience of having it delivered prepared!

I demanded she take the cup, did not want a refund, did not want a substitute. The gal at the window (with tongue piercing) said "Ok. Thank you". Thank you? Was thanking me? For what? I told her I would be going to McDonald's where they actually give you what you pay for. What happened to the motto "Have it YOUR way at Burger king".

The food is terrible, the service is sub par, and now you have to prepare items yourself... While DRIVING! I am waiting on a lawsuit to appear in the news where a consumer is scalded while trying to mix hot cocoa while driving. Or better yet, fatality due to "mix up". PLEASE! What kind of marketing is this? I am telling everyone I know about this incident. I am calling the "hotline" to report the complaint. And I will defer any other visits to any Burger King as well as encourage others to do the same!

What Would You Do?
By -

I recently went to a local Burger King with my 2 small children. We were meeting our play group there to make up out gift bags for our Halloween party. To make a long story short, we had lunch in the play area and while the moms were working the kids were playing. My family arrived last and I made my kids sit and eat something before taking off to play with friends. My almost 3 year old went ahead to play with friends while I got my almost 1 year old out the high chair and set him down on the floor of the play area. I noticed there was poo literally throughout the area.

As I kept walking you could see it had been stepped in a lot and just spread everywhere. So I picked up my little one and we went and quietly told the manager (and of coursed freaked out and grossed out because you know a little poo really means a lot of poo everywhere). I was very discreet about it and went back and told my daughter to get her shoes back on. Grabbed wipes and started cleaning my kids up and getting ready to leave. A worker came with a BROOM and pretended to sweep for a second so I went and was like "Oh it's over here you will need a mop and stuff to clean this mess up. I'm sure it's everywhere."

She left and no one ever came back or had any intention to come back and clean up. I got my kids out the area and helped pick up the playgroup's mess and get other kids cleaned up and still no one came back to even put signs up or close it down. Meanwhile more people are walking in and out and settling down with kids for lunch and play. I left, went home and stripped my kids, washed them their clothes, put them down for nap. Not too long after they woke up they had terrible diarrhea for the rest of the evening.

I called the BK number and let them know and after about a week they had their insurance call me (why I don't know) and I answered their questions. My one year old ended up being sick for about 2 weeks. He missed his first birthday and halloween because of it. Basically I'm wondering what you all would have done in my shoes. I mean I called corporate and complained but they didn't even apologize. They just called their insurance company. I guess in case I was going to do something. I don't know just am so disgusted. I keep thinking I should have done more as who knows how long it been there and if they ever did clean it up.

(Atlanta) Burger King Distributing Old Goods to Customers.
By -

ATLANTA, GA, GEORGIA -- My name is ** and today, (July 20, 2009 at 1:31PM), I recently purchased the Burger King Burger Shots Meal for my niece, from the Burger King Location 4182, Greenbriar Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia. As we were on the way home she started to eat her Burger Shots sandwiches that come in a box with 6 individual miniature sized hamburgers.

After she finished her second Burger Shot she started to eat her third one, as she took her second bite into the third one she noticed that it had mold on the bottom side of the miniature bun by the way that the mold tasted in her mouth. She immediately gagged and spit the contents in her mouth into the Burger King bag. I proceeded to drive back to the Burger King to get my full refund. While in the Burger King parking lot, I looked at the rest of the Burger King Shots to see if the other one's containing any mold and there were two other Burger King Shots that she had not eaten yet that contained black molding on the bottom sided of them.

To summarize this encounter, my niece had consumed 2-1/2 Burger King Burger Shots before she noticed that there was mold on the bottom side of them. Out of the two she completely ate, I'm sure at least one of them had mold on it that she did not see by it being on the bottom side of the bun. I proceeded to take pictures of the molded leftovers and receipt from the purchase to inform you. I then went into the store and asked for my full refund to which I was granted back onto my debit card. She is scared to eat anything at any Burger King after this occurrence.

This letter is to notify the Burger King Corporation and inform others of your corporation's lack of organization with the handling of goods. I will expect to be contacted concerning this issue very soon. If she has any signs of sickness or ill feelings within the next couple of days she will be going to the emergency room.

Never Again
By -

MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE -- On March 14, 2009, at approximately 1:15 PM, my family and I went to the Burger King located on Morris Blvd in Morristown TN for lunch. We of course had eaten at Burger King before, and had visited this particular location before as well. No more.

The restaurant was not overly crowded, and there was only one other customer in line besides us, so this was not during a "rush". We ordered off the menu, made no special requests, simply ordered two "value meals" and one additional soft drink for the three of us to share. One meal was a Whopper Jr, the other was a six-pack of the new Burger Shots sandwiches.

After waiting an inordinately long time, our food was presented by a less than friendly lady who turned out to be the manager on duty at the time. We went to a table, and prepared to eat. The Whopper Jr was cold. I don't mean not real warm; I mean cold. The Burger Shots had cheese on them (not requested) and were likewise cold. So cold that the cheese wasn't even close to room temperature. Even refrigerated cheese will warm up if placed on a hot sandwich.

We took the sandwiches back to the counter and voiced our dissatisfaction. They were immediately tossed into an overflowing wastebasket and a command to remake them was barked out. I watched as the Whopper Jr was mistakenly picked up and given to someone at the drive through over the protest of the girl working in the back. After that point, every employee of the restaurant walked to a hidden area and not one thing else was done.

Three minutes or more later a young man emerged who had taken our order (he appeared to be training). We asked to see the manager and stated that we simply wanted a refund. A short time later, the manager emerged and rudely stated that she would give us a refund for the sandwiches only (fair enough) and that it was going to cause her a lot of paperwork later because "some people wanted to be difficult", clearly meaning myself and my family.

Our refund was for menu price only; the sales tax on those items which we paid was not included. That's OK. Burger King can have the extra sixty-seven cents or whatever it worked out to be. The Chik-Fil-A sandwiches we eventually purchased were much better anyway. It will be quite some time before any of us return to another Burger King, and it will be a cold day in Hell before any of us return to this location. I wouldn't want to make that manager have to actually work while she is on the clock or anything. Heavens no.

Burger King Stepping It Up Finally?
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Well, well, well! Burger King has always been the pet peeve of mine! I gave up on them long ago. I rarely go now unless I feel I am going to die if I don't get a Whopper. I refuse every time my kids ask...BUT...I went today because, yes, it was one of those die without a Whopper days. I ordered a Whopper with Cheese. When I got home it was the wrong order (no surprise there) and was something called an Angry Whopper with jalapeños. Just ugh. I tried to eat it because A) I didn't want to drive back and B) I know in the past they are nasty there and horrid and what's the point?

I couldn't eat it. I almost threw it away and swore that was it BUT I went back. When I got there I actually went inside instead of the drive-thru this time and notice it is not filthy as it used to be. Actually looked pretty clean. THEN I noticed employees were not glaring at me and they seemed to be working! I asked for the manager. She actually didn't give me a nasty look! She came over and was very professional. I told her what happened and instead of a rude look and everything I am used to she APOLOGIZED! Yes! Really! She said she was sorry and tried to catch me but could not. She offered me my money back! YES! And gave me a free new lunch.

I must say I was shocked! Not used to this from Burger King! I actually felt a bit well, VALUED as a customer! At this point I think she saw my surprise. I asked if she was the new manager and she said yes, they are really trying to clean it up and bring customers back. I was like WHOOOHAHH! They must be really hurting to finally have HEARD the glorious call of the consumer!

Anyway, comedy aside, I must stand up and applaud BK for at least trying to clean things up and keep their customers. I may actually let my kids eat there one night soon again. I am sure they will be glad because they really missed BK.

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