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Early Closing And Problems With Orders
By -

SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had a problem on more than one occasion with the Burger King in Somerville, Massachusetts, located on 185 Somerville Avenue. The people who work there don't speak very good English, which has made it difficult when placing an order in the drive through. I am often asked to repeat my order at least 4 or 5 times, only to find it is still wrong when I receive it, or something is missing.

In addition, I have ordered a "PLAIN" iced tea and was given a sweet iced tea, loaded with sugar. This has happened to me twice. The second time, I was told there was no plain iced tea, obviously no ice either. Just tea in a large cup. I asked for a diet Coke instead. Again, no ice.

There have also been instances where this particular establishment closes early, even though the lights are on inside, the menu and microphone area where you place orders are lit up. According to the drive through window, they are supposed to be open until midnight. I work the over night shift at my job and stop by there sometimes on my way to work, to pick up some dinner, and find it frustrating when I am literally ignored by the women inside cleaning, who want to close early.

Someone needs to tell them they are open until midnight, and remind them to wait on customers until that time. This has been an ongoing problem at this Burger King. I complained about this once before, and it was OK for a while, but it's starting to happen again. I don't think the management/owner would appreciate knowing his night staff are losing business. In the past when they didn't ignore people, it was not unusual to see a line of cars at the drive through from 11:30 pm to midnight.

I would also like to know why Burger King hires individuals who have a limited understanding of the English language, who will be assisting English speaking customers. It is very frustrating when they make you repeat your order several times, and still manage to screw it up.

Very Sorry Customer Service & Too Long of a Wait Time
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- First I'd like to say that I am a self employed service contractor. I travel to other cities and work in and around Nashville and to the Murfreesboro areas. I always alternate between fast food places so I don't get tired of the same thing each day between jobs. My main concern the fact that the BK Fish Sandwich has shrunk over the past year to almost a breakfast sausage and biscuit size. It's really pitiful!! And the fries have become larger and less of them in a regular meal (I like the longer thin fries).

Now, I know that you guys have to make money but some of us cannot eat meat, if you can call it that, and the only thing left on your menu is fish or chicken, so why are you cutting these down to children meal sizes? First it was the size of the fish patty that shrunk, now it's the bun!! Are you sure you want to keep your customers happy and fill them up at the same time? Or are you just interested in how to crunch the numbers game? You know, nobody makes a fish sandwich like you guys do or did until recently...

I've noticed that the Whopper is still the same size as well as your other burgers although I can't eat them now. Still, I'm puzzled as to why the big change in the fish sandwich? Are you not selling enough of them to keep them on the menu? Thinking about doing away with them altogether? If so, then I can take my business else where... Another thing is the wait time. I waited for almost 20 minutes to get my fish sandwich the other day and it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

The place was not busy and they only had one person serving the drive window and the front end at the same time. Then when the sandwich was in the pick up area, it stayed there until the girl was done at the pick up window and still waiting on the fries. It was then taken down from the main area and placed on a tray and then it sat there for another 5 minutes until the fries came up and finally given to me. You know how I felt, I don't have to tell you the rest... All I can say is why Burger King? Just Why?

Too Nasty to Eat Meal
By -

WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was returning home from the emergency room around 11:45PM on Thursday 10/11/11 and hadn't eaten since that morning and was looking forward to a hot meal. Arriving at the drive-through window I was greeted by a less than cheery gentleman who had a very limited command on the English language. After going back & forth several times repeating my order we finally pulled around to the service window. I was handed a bag of food out of the window with no "thank you", "have a nice night", nothing.

Now I realize this particular restaurant was getting ready to close in about 15 minutes but was that a reason to be abrupt in handling customers? Just coming from the emergency room I was too tired & hungry to worry manners or the lack of them. I live less than 5 minutes from this Burger King and when I got home to my kitchen to eat my meal I was horrified by how bad it was. The sandwich was apparently sitting under a heat lamp for quite a while. The first bite was so nasty I couldn't take a second bite. The cheese on the sandwich was so dry and hard it brought up a gag reflex, the fries were so hard you could snap them (inedible).

This nasty mess came with a soda so I thought I'd just drink my soda and go bed with a bad end to a bad day. They couldn't mess up a drink, right? Wrong! I'm diabetic and cannot drink sugared drinks. It wasn't the diet drink I ordered. I've had less than pleasant experiences at this same Burger King in the past but I think last night's horrendous experience was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

I've read that Burger King isn't doing so great on the market & with too many similar experiences such as mine it's no wonder. I spent $6.99 for this foul "meal" and in these economic hard times who can afford to throw 6.99 in the garbage? I waited 'til the following morning to write my concerns to give me a chance to calm down & get over the day I had but I woke up still as concerned as I was the night before. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss this further.

BK Brewed Sweet Tea
By -

OK, so the kid wanted to go to BK today for lunch so I agreed. As I pulled into the parking lot, I notice a big sign on the window that says "$1 Iced Tea fresh brewed". Now I love McDonald's Sweet Tea so I'm thinking, "Great now I'll have another choice of FF places since BK now has (what I call) Sweet Tea". We go in and order and get our cups. I put ice in the cup and starting dispensing the brewed sweet tea and notice that the color is kind of dark. OK, maybe they made it strong. I've had strong tea before. I take a sip and instantly knew that there is no way this can even come close to tasting as good as McDonald's.

I wouldn't classify this as "unsweet tea" but for me, it might as well have been. Now if some of you think McDonald's makes their tea too sweet, then maybe you'll like this one. I also think it might be whatever brand they use that tastes different. I stopped and asked the manager if it was something that was prepacked or is made by each location thinking maybe another location would have better tea. She told me that all they do is put some kind of package in a machine and it does the rest. The only part that they add is the sugar. So unless somewhere, someone gets carried away with the sugar, I don't see myself ordering this again.

She also mentioned that they have only had this for about a week. Maybe I'll be brave after some time and see if they improved their recipe. I don't classify this as a complaint since it just wasn't to my liking. Someone else may love this stuff as much as I love McDonald's sweet tea.

By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On July 23rd at 10:44 am I decided to stop at my local Burger King restaurant at 3983 Buford Highway to get a bit to eat on the way out of town. Well on the way into the restaurant I passed one employee that was cleaning the windows and she was very nice and spoke to me on the way in. When I entered the restaurant there was a couple eating so I proceeded to the counter to place my order.

I waited for about eight to ten minutes and in the meantime one person passed me on the way to the drive thru window saying nothing to me then the a male with a headset came in and went to the freezer wearing black and white. I figured that he was one of the manager. While he was in the freezer another employee came in and again said nothing to me. When the manager came out of the freezer he and the employee that had just entered went to the counter and started making sandwiches and started joking and the whole time I am still waiting to be served. Even if they had just acknowledged me I would have been OK with that but it never happened.

I at this point had enough and I was not going to make a scene. At this point I walked out. Well I guess the whole have it your way was not happening at this Burger King so I would took Burger King's advice to have it my way - just have it my way somewhere else since it was apparent to me that they did not care about providing me with any service at that time. Even an acknowledgment to say "€œMay I help you"€ or "€œI will be with you in a minute"€ would have been fine with me.

So I went across the street and got the service that I was expecting from Burger King. Well for me since this is not the only time that I have had problems with service and being in the service field I made up my mind that if they don'€™t want my service then I know that there are other companies that will welcome it.

Management trainees lie and steal.
By -

I went to Burger King in January of this year for coffee with a friend. I had just lost my job the day before and was in such a funk that when I got up to go to the bathroom and was engaged in conversation with my friend that I didn't even notice that I had left my purse. When I returned to get it about a 1/2 hour later it was gone. Fearing the worse, I thought another customer walked off with it. I asked two employees if they had seen a purse or if someone had turned one in. Both said no.

I returned again in another 1/2 hour thinking I should look in the trash in case it was thrown away. I went back to these two girls and specifically asked to speak to a manager, which they did not get for me. I gave them my name and phone # and searched the building area a second time before leaving for the police station, because the one thing that was obvious to me was that my purse was stolen.

Both my friend and I went to the police station, filled out a report and was told that they would go right over to question the help, manager, and check the building. This proved to show up nothing. The police were later called by the manager to say that one of the girls I had talked to and the police talked to had done another search and had found my purse... right out in the open! There had already been 2 sweeps by me - 1 sweep supposedly by the girls and then one by the police. How could we not have seen this big black purse.

The police requested the security video, but it wasn't quite helpful yet they could see the girl. How can this girl have a job (where I didn't), and feel like she can just take from the patrons. They couldn't make it stick to prosecute but I will never go back and cannot get ahold of corporate Burger King.

Burger King - Salem, NH
By -

SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I'm not normally one to complain. But I believe that people need to know this. At approximately 8:15 am on November 21, 2010, I pulled into the drive-through at Burger King, 181 South Broadway, Salem, NH (603) 898-4511. There were no cars ahead of me or behind me. In fact, I don't believe there were any patrons in the establishment at the time either since there were only one or two cars in the parking lot. I assumed that they belonged to the workers.

I placed my order which included a cup of decaf coffee. I pulled around to the window, paid, then was told by a guy working there that the coffee was brewing. He asked me to pull all the way around the building again or at least pull up so I was off his timer. I said that that's what timers are for, to see how long it takes to fill an order. I asked if there was anyone behind me. He said no. So, I told him I'd just wait at the window where I was. I didn't get his name.

Next the woman working there, ** (at least that's what her name tag reflected), again, and more emphatically told me that I needed to pull over and park. There were still no other patrons behind me. She was getting pretty rude about it and stated it was within her right to make me move. So I told her that I'd just like my money back. She returned my money. I said that I needed her and his names to make a complaint. She refused, slammed the drive-through window and locked it.

I went down the street to McDonald's, was treated great, and had my order very quickly. Maybe it was just stupidity on my part for going to a Burger King that had no customers when the McDonald's down the street was, and always is, busy. However, it doesn't surprise me that this Burger King isn't busy when people are treated as I was. To the potential patrons of this establishment, I'm merely reiterating my experience.

To the store manager/owner/whatever, I'm guessing that these two were not acting independently and have been instructed to keep the wait-time down. But inconveniencing and being rude to customers shouldn't be the way to do it. I'd recommend keeping the wait-time down by being prepared and properly trained. To the Burger King management and leadership team above the store manager level, I'd offer that you have a problem here that needs to be addressed.

The King is not listening he has left the building!
By -

HELENA, MONTANTA -- I must have been very hungry as I just ate a very disgusting BK Stacker! Of course BK prides its self on common services and food and I am well aware that my recent visit was local store issues but, I found BK's complaint services to be ridiculous. They can say the King is listening but if they make it difficult enough they don't have to listen to you. If you go to their website they have nowhere to complain online. Next they have no toll free number to call. Third you call the number and you are put on hold forever. Forever was long enough for me so I hung up so others get to endure my bad experience.

Anyway, with the local store not answering their phone also I expect this to be true that others will get the same. If you are interested in the issue I went in for lunch at 11:30 am so before the lunch rush and very few individuals were ordering. They only had one till open which was odd since the lunch rush was coming and they had it must have been twenty people working with a lot standing around. Even with very few orders I had to wait an extremely long time listening to them putting up the same thing I ordered to the drive through window.

Once I got back to the office this is when I was rather disgusted. I must have gotten extra cheese as it was melted all over and the stacker looked like someone had stepped on it as it was flat. Upon further investigation my double stacker was 1 and a half as the first hamburger was half the size of the other. Oh by the way there was no bacon. If I wanted a grill cheese sandwich I would have gone somewhere else that specializes in them.

Burger King's use of the 'C' word.

ANYTOWN USA -- I got a beef with BK and I'm not talking about the nondescript patty in their double cheeseburger. This ain't going to be easy to do but my challenge is to convince you the reader that what appears to be a clever ad is in reality a painful kick in the marbles for those of us who suffer brain chemistry problems or in laymen's terms 'cr*zy'. Although I call it the 'C' word which is far less demeaning.

Now it was bad enough growing up with 'Coo-Coo for cocoa puffs' and 'sometimes you feel like a nut' advertising stabs. Painful child memories indeed but I thought as a society we had evolved past those type of cheap shots at the mentally unique. Well friends I was wrong. DEAD WRONG! Some Madison avenue pencil-neck saw fit to once again disparage the 'March to your own drummer' crowd in order to move product. Well that sounds 'C-word' Stew. What the heck are you talking about Stew?

I'll tell ya, I'm talking about the latest Burger King ad which features the plastic headed nightmarish king running through an office building breaking glass panes and befuddling women with his Whopper offers THEN tackled by two white uniformed obvious mental ward workers who proclaim the king is "insane" and 'C-word'. This is blatantly offensive to those of us who suffer in silence in our illness. Those of us who feel the sting of alternate reality perception. Those of us who have been forcibly restrained by state hospital workers. Ya know me and my people.

So I say to you let 'argumentum ad baculum' be the my3cent's battle cry as we the my3cent's community bond together in our bitter finger letter writing campaign to put an end to these ruthless, insensitive and heartless advertisements. If not for yourself then do it for your friend Stew. Be HEARD! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You'll be glad you did!

Not Happy
By -

SYDNEY RIVER -- January 30th, 2010. I was recently at your Burger King Located in Sydney River Nova Scotia. I got a # 10 which is double stacker combo, plus a chicken tender meal and a chicken sandwich combo. The double stacker we asked for no sauce but ketchup. When we got the order the receipt said no sauce and ketchup so my son bite into the sandwich and yes there was sauce on it. He wasn't happy. He got sick. He could have been allergic to the sauce but he wasn't. I then had to make him something else for lunch and the sandwich had to be thrown out. So I call the Burger King and they said they were sorry and "the next time you come in the combo will be free."

I have just once again come from the same Burger King and told them about the meal. Also got the other things I ordered. When my order was ready there was only 2 drinks instead of 3. I asked why. They said (the manager) said there was nothing wrong with the pop and fries. I am sorry but I couldn't believe my ears. I told them, "I was told it was a combo." Yes I was getting a little angry. He once again said there was nothing wrong with the fries and pop. I left saying, "I will never come back here again." Also I said, "Anywhere you go and they mess up on your order THEY GIVE YOU THE FULL MEAL AGAIN BECAUSE IT WAS AN INCONVIENCE TO THE CUSTOMER.”

I am truly upset about this and embarrassed. Other customer were there and said I should have got the full meal. I even went to Kenny's Pizza and they messed up on my pizza. They gave me a new pizza, told me to keep the old one and gave me a liter of pop for free for the inconvenience. Grego to same and also McDonald's. I guess I will be going there instead. Also I will be telling all my family and friends the story and tell them not to go to Burger King. Very upset customer.

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