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"Soup Nazi" Store Manager
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Rating: 1/51

MASON, OHIO -- Visit was Sunday, April 7th, approx. 3:15 pm. Soup Nazi is store manager. The "Soup Nazi" works here as the store manager. We went through the drive-through to order. Halfway into our order, the lady stopped taking our order and the store manager started to take our order. I asked him to repeat it back. Only the first 3 sandwiches (we ordered 6) were on the order. We tried to repeat the order. He DID NOT LISTEN TO US and only repeated the 3 sandwiches again.

We pulled up to the window so that we could get our order right. We again tried to tell him our order. He spoke with a thick Indian accent. He told us to pull over without us giving him our order. I asked to speak to someone who spoke English. He said that he spoke the King's English, he had read the whole book (it's been the Queen's English since Queen Elisabeth has been reigning, by the way). He got irate with us and told us to pull over or he would call the police. I asked him for the manager. He said he was the store manager.

I asked him for the name of the area supervisor, wanted him to spell his last name (he didn't want to) and the area supervisor's phone number. Now all this time, I have been speaking to him in a business-like manner. He was the irate one. I have worked in restaurants for decades, including in management. I am absolutely flabbergasted that someone who is in management has not learned how to speak to customers. It was more important to him that the time at the drive through was within the specified goal than it was to get the customer's order right.

Finally, a woman came over. She was the one who had taken the first part of the order. She was also in management, said that he was her boss. She also said that there must have been phone interference with our order (I did not have a cell phone with me), which was a start, but she also did not want to get our order right and only wanted to sell us the 3 sandwiches and not all 6 that we had ordered.

She did not want to take the rest of our order but told us to pull forward to get the rest of our order. She was not apologetic. In this day and age when most people have cell phones that are video-capable, it is not wise for a manager to be irate to customers. I wish I did have my cell phone with me to record his irate behavior and show it on YouTube.

Extremely Unsatisfactory Visit!
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- My wife and I went to the Burger King on Highway 41 in Naples FL today and it was a MAJOR disappointment in every way from start to finish! First, the woman at the counter only spoke broken and inadequate English so had a hard time understanding the simplest directions. We gave her a VERY complicated order consisting of two number ones, a Whopper, fries, and drink and simply asked for one with and one without cheese and to NOT put any of the standard mayo on either, but rather, to instead, on both, put mustard, ketchup, a leaf of lettuce, and tomatoes.

We were served promptly, which suggested all this was precooked and standing by rather than to be cooked then, to order. The result was, a lukewarm sandwich, similar tasteless and not hot fries, failure to put cheese on either sandwich, a 3 inch glob of tasteless iceberg lettuce on both, and raw onion rather than the grilled onions on both as originally requested. When we had to take the sandwich back to complain of the failure to put cheese on it as had been clearly ordered, and paid extra for, they took time to slowly accommodate this after first insisting they had not been told to in spite of the fact that our receipt confirmed our statement that we had.

When they did ultimately decide to put the cheese on, they simply slapped a pc of cold cheese onto the now colder less pleasant sandwich rather than doing anything to melt it and make it hotter once again. By then, the fries had chilled even more. I got a glass of tea, wanting unsweetened but the only tea available, was a crappy tasting over sweet concoction. That completed a completely crappy and totally unsatisfying excuse for a meal that was our experience today. When I tried to go online to get to their website to complain, it did not exist for this purpose. Imagine my surprise.

Failure to Receive all of our Order - then given Cold Food when we Returned
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Rating: 2/51

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- The coupon was for 1 Whopper, 1 Jr. Whopper, 1 (10) piece Chicken Nuggets, 3 (small) Fries, 3 (small) Drinks. We used the drive-through at 9:30 P.M. and had teens in the car on a Friday night. They forgot the Chicken Nuggets and 1 of the Fries, and no straws. It was not discovered until we got home. We had to drive back, where the clerk argued he had made the order himself and he knew he had made the order right, yet the Chicken Nuggets were still sitting on the shelf and he handed them right to me.

When I asked for the fries, he said he knew he put them in the bag. I showed him the bags, so he said, "OK, I will give you a large fries to make up for it." When I was there the first time, twice he had walked off while I was talking to him. He was very rude. I asked him the first time for dipping sauce; he gave me 2. The 2nd time I was there, I asked for more and he said, "I gave you 4 the last time!" I showed him the bag and said, "I don't come back here and waste my gas for nothing!" (I drive a 7 passenger van, and with gas in California at $3.75 a gallon, I sure wouldn't waste it to get a free 10 piece order of Chicken Nuggets and Fries!)

When we got home, all of the food was cold and the ice was melted in the drinks; not a happy experience, especially since my family rarely gets a chance to eat food outside of the home, with expenses being what they are these days. Yet the few times we do go to Burger King, the kids enjoy the food and have a good experience. I believe our problem tonight was related to the clerk and not the restaurant.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- My daughter and I went through the drive through, ordered two number 8s... they gave us two number tens... I went to correct it, told them I ordered a number 8s and she called me a liar. She said they all heard us say 10, but that is not true. She even accused me of calling her a liar. When I corrected her she got mean and told me she was tired of **you people**. I am a white woman, I thought... she being Mexican, then continued to say something in Spanish and once again called me a liar.

I told her I could speak Spanish and that I was just as Spanish as she. I am also very little Spaniard. I understood the ugliness, the argument continued. I told her I know what I ordered and I know what she said. She then made it personal, “you people think you can come in here and...” she said, I stopped her. I explained I am the client. Now the way I see it, it should have ended there, but it continues in Spanish.

I don't really understand why she decided to continue the argument, rather than to just have replaced the food. But to be told I am a rich (B) and "What are you doing at Burger King?" and to be so hateful as to continue on. Now to be honest I am a wealthier woman, but I don't fault her for having to work for a living. I did inform her of that and that it was not my fault I didn't need to work and she did.

I was treated badly because the woman thought I was white rich woman and couldn't understand her Spanish words. I just decided to ask for my money. She battled a bit, I also asked how much I owed for my grandson nuggets. She refused to tell me so I tossed $5 on the counter. The woman didn't even write up the product.

Want to Try a Metal Whopper Burger Head to Burger King
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Rating: 1/51

ALGARVE PORTUGAL -- Just for people who enjoy fast food, avoid the Burger King outlet in the Algrave shopping center. Was there recently (days ago) actually with my husband & our three year old daughter. We headed straight for Burger King feeling very hungry. I ordered a Whopper meal to suddenly start biting into two pieces of metal. It broke my tooth straight away. I could feel the nerve in my back tooth. It cut the inside of my mouth apart from chipping another tooth, not a nice experience at all.

I complained straight away & took the burger & one of the pieces of metal to the counter where the staff were friendly enough to talk to & recommended me going to a dentist & they would sort out the bill! In this day & age I think in a food chain as big as Burger King that it's not good enough if it had of being my three year old daughter that had of bit down on it or even choked it would have been a lot more serious.

Obviously this came from one of the machines or tools used to prepare or serve the food. This very bad practice from Burger King. I think it's not good enough what so ever. OK sometimes in the food chain objects or things appear in food from time to time but not pieces of metal. I have kept a small piece of this to prove it was metal. I think Burger King needs seriously to look into this matter before someone else gets injuries.

Due to the same "I'm sorry" I normally don't complain too easily but I think it needs to be highlighted to the public & tourists who dine in the food mall. It sparked great concern to myself & my family who all eat here regularly. I'm a tourist from Ireland who travels up to four or fives times a year & eat in the mall very often they think needs to be looked into ASAP. It's caused me a day at the dentist, a lot of discomfort down into my jaw & ear apart from still not being able to eat properly still five days on. I'm very fussy when it comes to food but this has completely put me off Burger King for good!!!

Overcharged on Sale Product
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Aug 25, 2012... After shopping with my family and my kids were exceptional during this outing I promised them all (3) ice cream after viewing their advertisement on television. I have always been a fast food junkie and after the addition of ice cream at Burger King I figured I would indulge and for 50 cents you can't beat that for the price.

Upon placing my order for 3 cones as advertised I was informed that the price was 89 cents per cone not 50 cents as the television ad had stated. Only upon prying the info out of the clerk that they indeed have 50 cent cones but what also informed that price was only valid if I purchased a meal. "What the ** are you talking about" as I guess no one had challenged him on this issue before.

My wife calmed me down and we proceeded to pay full price for the ice cream. The following night the commercial appeared on TV again and as luck would have it my TIVO was on so I saved it for my wife to view. Nowhere does it require you to purchase a meal in order to receive an ice cream cone for 50 cents. I am not about disappointing my kids and I was thinking, what if I had been a single parent with 2 kids and only 2 dollars available. Please don't fall prey to this scam.

The Burger King in question is located at 16711 Nacogdoches Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78266. Now the ad in the store reads: Add a cone for 50 cents... Meaning you may purchase a cone for dessert for 50 cent not you have to buy a meal to add the cone for 50 cents. Who the ** hires these people to run these stores. As far as I am concerned someone owes me some ice cream. This may appear petty but this over the top as far as stupidity of the fast food clerk. Thanks for listening.

Unprofessional and Disrespectful Employees
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI -- On May 02, 2012 I entered into Burger King located at 4302 North State St., Jackson, MS to take home a 3-pc. chicken strips with an order of onion rings and a 12 oz. strawberry shake. While waiting for my meal, a young lady that appeared to be maybe the manager on-hand, seemed as though she was doing all of the work. It looked as if she was the only female there and the others were male workers. As she was trying to get the order out, a couple of the young men was just playing around and not doing their jobs. As I was standing there waiting for my food and as she was calling out for the cook to put a fresh order of onion rings on, it seems that the cooks disappears.

The young lady left from the front counter, running towards the back calling outing looking for the cooks. I hear her telling one of the that he need to get off the phone and that she need more onion rings. As she was telling the young men that they need to do their job, I hear nothing but profanity - the words ** coming from the cook in the back. At first I thought my ears were deceiving me, but when I heard him repeat it again, I asked the young lady to refund my credit card because I felt that it was very disrespectful as a customer to be subjected to that type of language while patronizing any business.

I told the young lady that I didn't appreciate it and I thought it was a disgrace for any customer to come into an establishment and hear that. They were talking as though I was not standing there. What happened to good customer service when people took pride in their jobs and making the customer happy by giving great service?

Inconsiderate Employee
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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- COMPLAINT; STORE #4257 - 19800 BEACH BLVD. HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648 (01-01-2012) - I am so pissed off I can hardly write. I've been going to this particular Burger King for over 10 years... I was never insulted like this before. I am a handicapped senior citizen. I ordered lunch and usually sit at one of the 3 tables with chairs. (I have 2 metal knee replacements) so it's very hard to twist my legs into a booth. Your worker in the pictures had stuff on all 3 tables including baby stuff and a baby bottle, I had to squeeze in sideways at a booth right next to him. He completely ignored me and was sitting at the first table texting on his phone.

While the baby was throwing his keys on the floor and running around my table. He never asked if I needed one of the tables he was occupying. There was another employee having his lunch at the last table. At first I thought the boy was just a rude customer, until I noticed he was talking to the worker next to him and the manager behind the counter. Also in pictures. I was just about done eating. Then I took out my cell phone and started taking pictures, that's when he stopped texting, got up cleared the table he was sitting at and got the baby off the floor.

He went to the side door and talked to his manager, they both looked and the boy went back to work, trying to hide from me. They never apologized or nothing. I really pissed off. I think your help in this store needs a talking to, I'm not looking for any free hamburgers, I'm just pissed, cause I eat at Burger King about 3 times a week. I hope this helps you control some of the attitude at this store. What got me so pissed is he could see that I was having a hard time fitting into the booth. But he was having fun watching me struggle to eat in the booth. I never received a answer from Burger King - I guess they just don't care about their customers.

Early Closing And Problems With Orders
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SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had a problem on more than one occasion with the Burger King in Somerville, Massachusetts, located on 185 Somerville Avenue. The people who work there don't speak very good English, which has made it difficult when placing an order in the drive through. I am often asked to repeat my order at least 4 or 5 times, only to find it is still wrong when I receive it, or something is missing.

In addition, I have ordered a "PLAIN" iced tea and was given a sweet iced tea, loaded with sugar. This has happened to me twice. The second time, I was told there was no plain iced tea, obviously no ice either. Just tea in a large cup. I asked for a diet Coke instead. Again, no ice.

There have also been instances where this particular establishment closes early, even though the lights are on inside, the menu and microphone area where you place orders are lit up. According to the drive through window, they are supposed to be open until midnight. I work the over night shift at my job and stop by there sometimes on my way to work, to pick up some dinner, and find it frustrating when I am literally ignored by the women inside cleaning, who want to close early.

Someone needs to tell them they are open until midnight, and remind them to wait on customers until that time. This has been an ongoing problem at this Burger King. I complained about this once before, and it was OK for a while, but it's starting to happen again. I don't think the management/owner would appreciate knowing his night staff are losing business. In the past when they didn't ignore people, it was not unusual to see a line of cars at the drive through from 11:30 pm to midnight.

I would also like to know why Burger King hires individuals who have a limited understanding of the English language, who will be assisting English speaking customers. It is very frustrating when they make you repeat your order several times, and still manage to screw it up.

Very Sorry Customer Service & Too Long of a Wait Time
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- First I'd like to say that I am a self employed service contractor. I travel to other cities and work in and around Nashville and to the Murfreesboro areas. I always alternate between fast food places so I don't get tired of the same thing each day between jobs. My main concern the fact that the BK Fish Sandwich has shrunk over the past year to almost a breakfast sausage and biscuit size. It's really pitiful!! And the fries have become larger and less of them in a regular meal (I like the longer thin fries).

Now, I know that you guys have to make money but some of us cannot eat meat, if you can call it that, and the only thing left on your menu is fish or chicken, so why are you cutting these down to children meal sizes? First it was the size of the fish patty that shrunk, now it's the bun!! Are you sure you want to keep your customers happy and fill them up at the same time? Or are you just interested in how to crunch the numbers game? You know, nobody makes a fish sandwich like you guys do or did until recently...

I've noticed that the Whopper is still the same size as well as your other burgers although I can't eat them now. Still, I'm puzzled as to why the big change in the fish sandwich? Are you not selling enough of them to keep them on the menu? Thinking about doing away with them altogether? If so, then I can take my business else where... Another thing is the wait time. I waited for almost 20 minutes to get my fish sandwich the other day and it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

The place was not busy and they only had one person serving the drive window and the front end at the same time. Then when the sandwich was in the pick up area, it stayed there until the girl was done at the pick up window and still waiting on the fries. It was then taken down from the main area and placed on a tray and then it sat there for another 5 minutes until the fries came up and finally given to me. You know how I felt, I don't have to tell you the rest... All I can say is why Burger King? Just Why?

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