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Boycott Burger King
By -

I have a real problem with Burger King and this "Spongebob Squarepants" commercial. This commercial has nothing to do with selling food but is promoting "BUTT" fetishes and the viewing of women in a substandard way. What I find most disturbing about this commercial is that most little kids usually mimic what they see on TV and what adults do.

Clearly this is focused on women's butts regardless what shape they are and that it's perfectly OK to go "checking" them all out because "butt is butt". I can mentally see little kids dancing to this and acting out what they are actually promoting in this commercial - checking out women's butts. It has nothing to do with food or anything else associated with it. And, you'll get rewarded with a kid's toy for acting like this.

Having sexual attractions for butt is illegal and immoral in most states. It's called sodomy. I don't believe the police should start going around trying to arrest everybody that partakes in this sexual practice, but I also don't believe it should be promoted on national TV either especially tied in with a kid's meal and toy and a child's TV program/movie.

I've been told that if I don't like it just simply change the channel. It's pretty hard for me to change the channel when I'm at work and my children are at home watching TV. I can't block a particular channel because I don't like the content of its programming, or tell them that I don't want them watching TV at a particular time of day because something I find offensive is being broadcasted then. My only alternative is to deprive my children of TV totally because this commercial is being aired on several channels and at different times of day. It's not about ME. It's about CHILDREN and, MY CHILDREN particularly.

I do believe the Government has and the FCC has a responsibility to the consumer when it comes to commercials and that they should heavily sensor them for content; both morally and for validity. When any company attempts to do something considered inappropriate or dishonest, I would like to see the FCC come down on that company very heavily. It's damaging to the fabric of our society by their being permitted to pollute it in this way either by immoral portraits or attempts at ripping Americans off.

Needless to say, I will NOT be buying anything "Burger King" or companies/commodities associated with this company. That means "Spongebob Squarepants" products, "Nick", "Nickelodeon", "Nick at Nite", "Nicktoons Network", "Nick Magazine", "Noggin", "Nick", "Neopets", "Nickelodeon Family Suites", "Nick Arcade" and "Nickelodeon family Cruise. They are also associated with "VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC." So, it's not JUST "Burger King" involved here.

I honestly believe that the TV syndicates like ABC, CBS, NBC, ABCFAM, TBS, USA, SPIKE, SCIFI & TNT hold viable responsibilities here because they are permitting this exceptionally bad commercial on their channels. If all you're interested in is "THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR" then I guess it wouldn't matter much what contents are in anything being aired on your channel. However, if you have ANY sensibilities at all, you'd pull this junk off something YOU own real fast.

When you have adults doing EVERYTHING within their powers to influence children into buying their products as Burger King and Nickelodeon do, and want to portray themselves as "child friendly", then there should be a GREAT deal of responsibility placed on their actions and image.

Without strict scrutiny on their conduct, they start to resemble entities that are more predatorial than anything. Using false pretenses in order to profit from it and dismissing any damages that it may cause as nothing, is wrong. If you wish to file a complaint over this commercial - or anything else for that matter, please follow the link below. If you wish, simply copy and paste this review into the complaint box. **. Thank you!

Nasty Attitude
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Today I went to Burger King about 3:40 pm and ordered two large onion rings and a raspberry smoothie. The girl that took my order told me that the price was about $9.98. I proceeded to the pick up window, and waited there for more than 15 minutes wondering where everybody was because there was no one on site. When finally somebody showed up with the food. I asked this person how much the onion rings were and he tells me about $3.89. He proceeds to charge me and he tells me that the price was ten something, then I replied "no" the girl that took my order told me $9.98. How come you are charging me differently?

He calls the girl to correct the problem, then they started laughing and playing while she corrected the mistake. When she was done correcting the mistake the guy that is handling my order takes my money without saying anything about the price and charged me like $12.90 and gives me the change. That is when I realized that he was charging me the wrong price again. So I say to him, "listen you made a mistake, this is not the right price", then he tells me "well that is what the total is", then I said "no the price is $9.98. call the girl that took my order", so he did. The girl comes and fixes the mistake, then this is when it all started.

While the guy was getting the right change to give it to me I made a comment and asked the guy, why did they take so long to bring me the food and how come they made this mistake with the price? "Because I am entitled to know. I am the client being served and I am spending my money here." So this guy got this very nasty attitude and started screaming at me, that the mistake was because the girl that took the order had put down three orders of onion rings instead of two. Then I said "well if you would be paying more attention to what you are doing this would not happened in the first place."

Then he kept on the defensive throwing words in a very bad attitude at me, then I said "why are you talking to me with that attitude. you should not talk to me in that way. I am your client and you should have a little respect towards me." That is when he got really mad and said "I don't care" then told another girl that was around, "you take care of this. I am not putting up with this anymore", so he left.

The girl comes and fixes the mistake and gives me my change back, then I started complaining to her about what had happened and asked her if she heard what happened and she says "yes" and then takes the employee's side in a confronting way, then I asked her for his name and she refuses to give me the guy's name and tells me in an also very bad attitude that the guy didn't have a bad attitude towards me. When in fact he did.

Then at that point I said to her "well can I talk to the manager?" Then she replied to my surprise, "I am the manager", then I asked her very confused "why are you taking the guy's side?" Then she replied, "because I want to". So at this point I asked her to give me the guy's name and her name that I was going to file a complaint against him and her, and her reply was "no I don't have to give you either my name or his," but then my wife and my daughter that were witnesses of everything that happened remembered the name that was on the guy's name tag, because he was wearing a name tag with the name **.

The manager was not wearing any name tag at all and refused to give her name to me when I asked, so these are the kind of things that can not be tolerated because these are public places that are supposed to give a service to the people in a nice way, because the people are the ones who pay for that service and expect it. Thank you.

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Rating: 1/51

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- My complaint takes place over a number of visits to Burger King (all at the same restaurant) and over a couple of years. The first complaint is that on a couple of visits, I received moldy sandwiches. The second visit was just last week, at which time I ordered one of their cones. When I came to the window to pay, I gave the clerk 2 quarters, at which time she asked me if I wanted my change back. I was so taken off guard that I stammered out that I didn't. I had in mind that McDonald's does have a basket in which you can tell them to put the change in there for charity use. Anyway, I took my cone and left.

Then today really tops everything! I ordered a fish sandwich (no fries), a raspberry smoothie and a cone. When the total came up on the screen, it was for $14.+. Now I knew this couldn't be right and mentioned it to the clerk and asked her to over what I had ordered with me and the price of each thing. She said I had ordered a chicken sandwich at which time I stopped her as I had really ordered a fish sandwich. She then said, "Oh that was for the car in front of you." OK, now that was straightened out but we aren't done yet!

I proceeded to the pick-up window with one car ahead of me that had already been there for a while, while I was straightening things out at the order spot. I waited...and waited...and waited. By this time there were several cars lined up behind me. I finally got to the window and thought OK, finally I'll get my food and be on my way. Nope! I waited....and waited...and waited some more. It probably took me half an hour all told to get through this line!

A woman finally came to the window but did not open it and totally ignored me. I honked my horn, thinking maybe they didn't know I was there. Nope again! She completely ignored me. I again honked my horn. I think I did this 3 times. She finally opened the window and asked me what I wanted. I told her, "my food would be nice". She said, "Oh, it'll be here."

Then someone did come up with the smoothie and I took it but then she wanted my money and I told her I wasn't going to do that until I had the rest of my food. She said that was OK and closed the window. Then someone else came up with the cone and attempted to give it to me and I said that I didn't want it until I had the rest of the food as it might melt while I was waiting for the fish sandwich.

He was kind of confused and turned to someone else inside the store at which time they finally produced my food, I took it and the cone and then went to pay for it. They then told me it was free for the aggravation I had endured. Now, that was fine, but I still feel something should be done about this whole thing. This shoddy service, etc. has been going on for a few years now.

Spitting On Food
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Rating: 1/51

ELIZABETHTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I had just left the BK store #7194 of Elizabethtown, KY. I wish to make my self very CLEAR that I am beyond mad; beyond angry, beyond outraged, beyond furious with what happened a short real ago. An employee (female to be exact), said (on her way out with food) she has been SPITTING on some meat. Here, I had eaten more than half a double Whopper and fries as she sad it. She was walking out with an unknown size bag of something for a drive-through customer. I can't help wonder if she had done that to that customer and with mine.

As the lady came back in, her co-worker (who is new) says, "you did not just say that?", and the girl says (sounding proud of it) "œI most definitely did." I could feel my blood purser SKYROCKETING in anger after hearing that. I nearly said something to a manager about this, if I was not so angry and outraged. In many ways I wish I had when she (I believe could tell) seeing me that upset would have asked if everything was O.K. I nearly would have expressed how angry I was and still am. That made what that girl said just as bad (judging from her voice behind me) "there won't be a phone call and what are they going to do to me anyway?"

I thought of getting up and answering her. It was bad enough listening to her complaining while on the floor about she hates being at there (BK) and can't wait to quit in April. But to hear the rest of what she said, if I were THE UNDERCOVER BOSS I would have fired her for what she said she did, but that's up to the management and owner/CEO. In some ways I hope this complaint gets to him/her. Hearing what she said made me sick to my stomach. I do not know if she did do it or not, I will never know.

The second complaint is that a lady kept asking for the fish sandwich to be made and how long and never heard anybody answer her the first four-six times she asked and a guy had the nerve to bark back to her saying, "I just got here and you can't blame me." The guy who said that, I know had been there long enough to have answered her the first time and I felt that was extremely rude.

Regardless if one just got there or not. If it's that person's job to do so when calling for them, then that person should do so without barking back. How many times should she have to ask for fish sandwich before somebody does what she asks? I was about to buy some to take home to my handicap mother who can't get out. Before going in for some of those fish sandwiches, but out of fear of the girl spitting on food and not knowing if they are thoroughly being cooked I did not buy any.

I used to work in restaurants and my family has owned restaurants for sometime and I perfectly understand the demand that it takes to run and keeping loyal customers and to bring in new ones, but it's those kind of people whom are (in my mind) destroying it by saying what I had heard today.

Manager Errors
By -

CLAREMONT STORE #13133, NORTH CAROLINA -- When a manager makes a mistake and talks to someone so ugly. He or she should, check the records to see who the mom is. I am someone who will never back down (NEVER). When you screw up and dirty my name, you dirty my family name. I take this, very seriously. I have 1 son and if he was wrong about something, I would teach him the difference between right and wrong. But, if he was right about something, I would want him to stand up and take action on the problem. Any mother or father, would be proud of their child. I am a mother that would give her life, to save her son. If by chance the managers lies about anything, this problem will get very bad.

TECHNOLOGY. My computer works very well. I hope you understand that statement?? Burger King store #13133, address: 3005 Centennial Blvd, Claremont, NC. 28610-9694, telephone #828-459-1558, manager name: **. My son was offered a job in the end of the 2nd week of November. He was given a shirt and they talked about his start date. She said, Saturday, Dec 5th, be here to work at 5am. He said, "Yes thank you and I will see you Dec 5th, correct?" She said, "Yes, Dec 5th." He called me and was so happy to have a job, after a long time of looking for a job. I told him to write this down on the refrigerator on the calendar, for Dec 5th start date.

My son and I talked about it for the next few weeks. He went to work Dec 5th, got there at 4:40am. The manager, ** showed up and talked to him. She told him he was to be here on Saturday not Monday. My son said, "You said Dec 5th and I am here to work." She said, "You screwed up and that's the end of that." She fired him before he ever got started. She was so ugly to him. He was so mad about what happen, he called me that morning and I asked for the manager's name and the telephone number. I called and yes I was mad. I just wanted the store (# 13133) so I could call Miami Corporate office on how she talked to him.

She asked me what was this all about. She was nice to me but when I gave her my name, everything from that point went wrong. She said, "Your son was not here Saturday to work and he was wrong and that's all I have to say," and she said good-bye and hung the phone up. She never gave me a chance to say anything or talk to her at all. I called the store back and no answer. No one would answer Burger King's phone.

If she took the time, as a professional manager for Burger King, look at the calendar. She was looking at November's month. November 5th Saturday, not December calendar. December 3rd, was Saturday. December 5th was Monday. Do you see how something so small can turn so ugly so fast. All the store manager should have done was, call my son, talk to him. Say she made a error on the day to the date and could you please come in. My son would have been there with bells on.

WHY, WHY, can a store manager talk to people this way? Maybe, if she took the time and talked to me, I could have saved her a lot of headaches over her errors and this problem could have been resolved. To the district managers and regional managers, this problem will not go away that easy. I promise you, you cannot buy me off with a gift card or send me a sorry letter. I am one mad mother.

Manager Attitude
By -

As every time, after I stop working, I go to BK to have my dinner about 10 pm or 11 pm because BK is the only "open" restaurant in this little town at mentioned time. This time, when I go there, saw the "open" lights on and tried to go in, but the door was closed. In the meantime, drive through was still open and tried my chance to get my order on "drive through". But the thing is I don't have a vehicle, I walked to "drive through", waited couple minutes for the car in front of me, when my turn comes, here we go, started to speaking for my order. But what do I see??

Cashier girl didn't even let me talk and called the manager because of me trying to get order from drive through. when manager comes out, I explained to him that, on the door, it is written that BK is open between 10 am to 11 pm but, even though, it is 10:30 pm, door was already closed, "the manager" didn't even let me talk more and started to "explain" that the time I had been waiting in drive through line, I could get crashed or mashed by a car, so it's not possible that they could take an order from me, and he closed the window on my face.

So where was this manager when my life is in "danger" waiting in drive through? I thought manager is for "warn" the people instead of giving lessons or keep the place open as it is written on the door so that people who doesn't have a vehicle could go "in" to get an order, instead of drive-through!

After a week, I was going to get my lunch from the same BK because, "unfortunately", this BK is the only one in this little town, so I had to go there. Thanks god this time, door was open. I was happy to be able to go in for my order. But the thing is, I had only my coins with me, about 15$, consisting of pennies, dimes, etc. so here we go, before I order, asked the cashier "the manager from drive-through night" that is he going to accept me trying to pay by coins or not? Because I don't want to seem as if I am trying get my revenge by paying it all with coins, I am here because this is only BK in Mackinaw and the coins are all I have got.

So, he asked me that what did I have as coins? I said they are all mixed with dimes, pennies, etc. but about 15 bucks. He called another manager looks like ranked manager or sth, explained the situation to her and, in front of my eyes, she accepting taking the money of order by coins, so I did my order which is about 8$ and gave coins to him. He started to count the whole money, but "however" the "drive-through night manager guy" was tired of counting the coins. He said that he'd be back, after a while he came back with ranked manager, and she told me that "they are not going to accept my coins, because I didn't declare them that I did have "pennies".

I was totally shocked, told her that "You guys, exactly, accepted me paying by coins few minutes ago but now, don't want to do that, so what am I going to do with all coins lying on the counter?" by keeping myself calm. But what happened right after that? She's become total freak, started to shout at me in front of BK crew, so called drive through manager and customers, and moreover she was saying me that "calm down" excuse me!? Who have to "calm down"? I caught up couple sentence when she is totally angry about me, she was saying that "We are not a bank that is able to accept your coins! Pay it with another way or order will be cancelled"

After that I was just standing there in front of her "the ranked manager" trying to understand. Is this a joke? Where is the cameras? But unfortunately it was not a joke. I thought those kinds of situations only happens in the movies but that happened in real life. I was humiliated by the manager herself in front of people and crew of BK, just because of "drive through night manager" didn't want to count the whole money and they covered whole their wrong by insulting me in front of people. At that time, I did not want to continue that conversation and started to gather back my coins.

In the meantime, she stopped speaking, and I asked her that what was her name? She heard of it, I am totally sure that she did, but did not response to answer to me, as customer. And then I asked the same question to the "drive-through so-called manager guy" but same attitude, he didn't even open his mouth. How come it is possible giving such a terrible attitude in BK? So, when I finished my job gathering my coins, they came up with "roll paper"!! She said to me that I could roll my coins with the roll paper so that they could accept my paying. Are you guys kidding me?? Is it for real??

I just left the place! And I am never going to go there, never! Terrible approach to cover their fault, and moreover, treating to a customer with such insulting way! But I have seen her name on her t-shirt. It was "jamie", so that I could complain on her and the place. I wish this is going to end on the side of right person!

Horrible Service, Listening to Manager Yelling at Everyone
By -

Please do not go to this Burger King. I avoid Burger King in Branford, CT for its shabbiness and dirtiness. But I went there this Saturday morning to buy breakfast for my staff, on their request. I should have fought their choice. When I walked into the restaurant at 9:30am, there were two customers in the seating area and no one in line. I walked up to the counter and stood there waiting. The manager walked passed twice, the counter person walked passed twice, but no one acknowledged me, not even with a look.

Slowly, over the next 4 1/2 minutes, I was ignored, and a line of customers grew behind me. I know the amount of time because there is a digital timer clock posted where you can see it from the counter. Finally, I stopped the counter person, and asked if the counter was open. She said they were all busy waiting on the drive-through customers. At this time, the manager started to yell at the cook about hash browns. She returned to the drive-through area.

The counter person then took my order and payment, then walked away to the drive through, leaving a line of customer behind me. The manager walked back to the kitchen and again started yelling at the cook for being slow. The manager returned to the drive-through, yelling back that there was a customer in the lobby who hadn't paid. She then stuck her head out and yelled at the customer directly. The customer said he had waited so long for someone to come to the window, he thought they weren't coming and came inside. The manager yelled again at the customer, yelled at the front counter person and yelled at the cook to hurry up.

At this time, I asked for my money back. Counter person ignored me. When I got the manager's attention and asked her for a refund, she just stared at me and walked back into the drive-through area. During all this time (15 minutes) only one other customer at the counter had is order taken and one drive-through order given out. I asked the counter person to give me my money back or give me my food. She said she was trying, but they were busy.

Then manager yelled again at the man who had come in from the drive-through that he hadn't paid, and "you can't have your food if you haven't paid." He said he'd pay if someone would wait on him. I asked again for my money back, and finally the counter person started to bag my order. I didn'€™t want to put the customers who were in line to any more delay so I took the food and left. I had been in the store for 25 minutes.

My store is next to the Burger King, but I was still surprised the hash browns were still hot when I distributed them to my employees and myself. They were disgustingly soggy and grease-filled, but hot. The sandwiches were cold and the biscuits were burnt and hard as rocks. And the Cini-minis were Blueberry Biscuits. Nothing in the order was good or correct. So I had waited for 25 minutes, was treated rudely and didn'€™t even get the orders for my staff.

I know it is only fast food, but it'€™s so unprofessional. The manager was horrible. She can only yell. She has no customer service skills. She was irresponsive and nasty. She is not an asset to the company. I wish I had gotten her name, but since she would not come to the counter, I did not see her name tag. Please do not go to this Burger King.

All about the Midlothian VA Burger Kings
By -

MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- On Midlothian Turnpike just outside of Richmond VA there are two Burger Kings I have never been more disgusted in. They are by far the worst restaurants I have ever been to. First off every time I go to them the person at the drive through sounds like they are annoyed that you bothered to come and offer your money to be part of their paycheck. They answer in some annoyed ass way that makes you just want to drive off after hearing it and it doesn't change at all through the entire process.

Second is the total lack of any kind of fast food experience. I have waited in their drive through with my mother for 15 minutes to get a large drink and had to wait five more at the window until we got the drinks. The places are never busy, there is no need to be waiting so long. And it was not only that one time but everything I have ever been to them.

The third and final experience has topped it and made me never want to go to these two locations again. About a week ago me and my friends came to the one location to order some dinner because we were feeling the hunger after work. Not only were we greeted with the usual irritated tone but we waited, hmmm, about 30 minutes at that location to receive or meal. I must say when I got to the window the young lady was much nicer. However the wait was on so we had to pull forward to wait for our two orders.

When they finally came the annoyed customers in front of us took our meal probably because they had to wait so long or they are just bad people (the only thing this site lets me put). Opps, so 5 minutes of it was really waiting for the food to be remade. The manager was kind and offered a refund or a sandwich. Me being the kind individual took the sandwich. When I got the meal however there were only two sandwiches and I had ordered two meals and got the free one. Cheated again by these people. And wouldn't you know that one of the meals sandwiches was not in the bag. So I did get my free one and I didn't not receive my whole order.

We decided to call the number on the receipt and in the process of getting the area number for the boss of those locations the damn thing hung up on us. How nice. Then we finally got it when we got to the house and used the Internet and made the complaint. Now that it was seriously looked at. I doubt it because those locations get complaints from friends and family all the time and it hasn't changed a bit.

Burger King is probably one of my top 3 most hated restaurants ever and will continue to be with its attitude. Burger King you have lost all respect from this consumer and the likes of us in the Midlothian area. If any of the corporate guys are reading this step it up or you're going to lose to these bad times.

"... And YOU Are a GM???"
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I ordered 3 combos and 2 pies. One of my combos was supposed to be a bacon double cheeseburger combo with heavy pickles, add onion. I get my order, drive all the way back across town to my home to find out that I have only 1 pattie on my sandwich. I drive all the way back across town with only this combo in hand to the restaurant. The employees were so sloppy in their professionalism according to my observance while waiting, that I decided to ask for a refund.

Once my turn arrived, I politely asked the cashier for a refund. She called the shift leader over and he asked what's the problem. I proceeded to inform him that my double cheeseburger only had 1 patty, I asked for heavy pickle and they managed to put 2 on there and not to mention how sloppy it was made. In addition, after my drive back over here, my fries were now cold. He then turned around and hollered to the back saying "Somebody fix me another bacon double!" I said "Excuse me sir but that won't be necessary. I would just like my refund."

He then stuck his hand in the bag scrambling his hand inside locating the burger. Then had the audacity to say "Well, we can only refund the burger and they're only a dollar so I'll give you $1.09 back for the sandwich." I said "No...I ordered the combo and have returned it all so I would like my refund of this combo." He stormed off to the back saying "Well I'll have to get GM approval for all that." The GM then comes up to the counter and I explained about my order all over again to her.

She immediately whisked around yelling "Who fixed this sandwich?!" No one confessed however the shift leader tried to justify the error by saying someone must have picked up the wrong sandwich and gave it to me. The GM then yelled again saying "Fix me another bacon double!" I then said, "No that's OK." The GM never bothered to turn back around to face me when she said "Ma'am! We still have to fix your order!" And I replied, "No really, that's OK. I'll just take my refund and go somewhere else."

I could already tell that she had an attitude with me as she said to the shift leader that was about to remake my sandwich "Never mind honey, she don't want it." She said this to him in a manner shrugging her shoulders like "Oh well, I'm not going to beg you." After all of that...the GM asked the cashiers who had rung up my order. The drive-thru cashier responded that she had rung it up. The GM goes over to the drive-thru register to key in my refund.

GET THIS! The GM then turns to hand the receipt to the cashier and says (and I quote), "Here...Take this receipt, Throw it away, cause honey I ain't got time for all this mess." I was floored to hear a so called GM say this about a PAYING CUSTOMERS concern! Wow! Anywho...the GM went to the back I assume to retrieve my refund. To top this already bad experience off, when the GM came back, she slammed my $5 bill down on the counter and then put my change on top of it. Then took her 2 fingers and "slid" my refund to me across the counter. Handing my refund to me seemed like that would have been just "too right".

She then turned around to start preparing other orders without even saying "I apologize." I hated to bother her again but I just COULD NOT leave that restaurant without getting her name and confirming her title. Amazingly after asking for her info she appeared to have a lighter attitude. She even smiled for once! Go figure! I left by saying "Thank-you for your assistance. I appreciate it and I hope you have a blessed day."

Blatant Rudeness
By -

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS -- I am sorry to be informing you of such a matter but it happened and upset me greatly... When my roommates and I were hungry that night at around 9:30 I decided to go right down the road to Burger King for everyone. I just recently moved here, Brownsville TX., and had enjoyed the Burger Kings in VA... so why not, Chicken Fries sounded delish. The food was as always delicious (that part I compliment you on) however the service down here is disgraceful.

I simply order a 9 piece Chicken Fry with Fries and a Cheese Cake. (Plus my roommates orders, 2 Angry Burger combos.) I like to think of myself as the typical nice person so I was nice lady even if she was kind of rude to me besides it was nothing I couldn't handle maybe she was having a hard day.

I proceeded to sit against the counter and waited... and wait… and wait. Finally, I glanced at my cell phone to see how long they would take. Then I noticed that they were giving people that came after me their orders and it wouldn't have bothered me (I thought their orders might be easier to make) except the ordered was almost the same thing as mine, Burgers and Chicken Fries!

Finally the woman placed the bag in front of me I said thank you and looked at my cell phone. 15 minutes had past but I shrugged it off and glanced inside the bag, as always, and saw Chicken Fries, Fries, and a Burger on top. I was rather hungry and didn't go all the way through the bag, I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and the meal looked right.

When I got home my roommates were happy and asked what took so long as they grabbed their food. Their orders were correct but when I went sat down to watch TV I had 5 Chicken Fries and no French Fries at all. I sighed thinking this woman must have had a really hard day and my roommate shared Fries with me. When I reached for my Cheesecake I found the bag was empty! I had waited forever, half of the Chicken Fries I ordered, and didn't have any French Fries and NOW MY CHEESECAKE!

I went back up there to state how rude the woman was but she left the counter when I walked in and went to clean, all the while she was giving me a smirk. I ignored it and walked to the counter, how immature of her. I stood at the register and waited and waited and waited. NO ONE WOULD WAIT ON ME and they weren't even busy. No one was in the restaurant except people eating. They were just standing around talking and laughing! I was so shocked!

Finally a girl came up to me, she was a cook from the back, and looked down at the counter and asked what I would like in a quiet voice. She seemed to know her fellow employees were being rude. I didn't have the heart to unleash my anger toward her. I simply told her that I ordered a Cheese Cake earlier and didn't receive it. She asked if I had gone through drive-through and I said no I was in here and had gotten it to go. She checked my receipt and handed me a new Cheese Cake and apologized on behalf of her employees.

I smiled… Finally someone with some respect, and told her thank you and went to leave. Near the other door was the woman who had been so rude to me staring at me with that same smirk on her face, but by this point I didn't even feel like taking it up with her and went towards the opposite door. I will no longer eat there the Burger King in Brownsville… it has lost my service. I eat at Chick-fil-a, who has wonderful service and great food also. I just thought you should know how the employees treat people.

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