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Incompetence of Employees
Posted by Jterry on 05/04/2005
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- First Contact

On 2/12/2005 went to Burlington Coat Factory and ordered 3 pieces of furniture.

§ Vikki Convertible Crib by C&T
§ C&T 5-Drawer Chest
§ C&T Changing Table

Lisa was the sales person who assisted me on 2/12/2005. The computers were down so Lisa had to hand write the purchase order. Lisa walked me up front to put down a deposit (as Burlington does not allow you to pay in full for “special orders”) Lisa failed to get the deposit amount that I intended to put down. She assumed it was the standard 25%. I wanted to put $800.00 cash down. So they took the payment of $800.00 and kept the purchase order, as 25% down which was only $294.55 leaving the balance owed as $879.65. I questioned this and Lisa attempted to dismiss this because she did not want to rewrite the purchase order! So I asked for the manager and they had a gentleman by the name of Jay come and correct the purchase order by scratching out the balance and deposit sections and rewriting the new amounts and signing off on them.

Second Contact

In March the 3 pieces of furniture that I order had gone on sale. I called the store and spoke with Lisa who said that the sale did not count for “special orders”. So I asked Lisa the name of the Manager and when that person would be in. Lisa gave me the information. That following Friday night I came into the store and spoke with Rhonda. Rhonda had the already had everything prepared for me and gave me the sale price. So I asked for a copy of the receipt that she had with the sale information on it.

Third Contact

I called Baby Depot on Friday April 15th just out of curiosity to check on my order. I spoke with Rhonda who advised that the furniture was in. So I said great and I got off of the phone. A few minuets later I called the store back and spoke with Rhonda again just to ask her about transportation of the furniture, I told her that we have a Ford Explorer and wanted to know if that would be bid enough because I was not sure if the furniture was reassembled or not. Rhonda said that the chest and the changing table was already assembled and that we would need a bigger truck for that but the crib was not and we could probably fit that in to our Explorer.

Fourth Contact

On May 1, 2005 my husband, Steve, and his friend went to pick up the furniture. Upon arrival Steve walked into the desk paid the new remaining balance of $256.80. They got the chest and the changing table into the truck went back in to get the crib and the gentleman said that they could not find the crib. So Steve waited 45 minuets while the sales people looked for it. While waiting Rhonda had walked in from lunch and the gentleman asked Rhonda about the crib and she immediately stated that she was already aware of the situation and was looking into it. She then told Steve that there was nothing they could do besides call him later. So Steve left.

Fifth Contact

When I got home on Sunday May 1, 2005 evening at 5:45 PM we had not been contacted as of yet. They close at 6:00 PM. So I called the store and asked for Rhonda the Manager of Baby Depot. The guy who answered stated that she was outside at the moment. I said thank you I will hold. He said okay and placed me on hold. Rhonda finally got onto the phone and she immediately started off by apologizing. She said what happened is that another woman who was ordering the same furniture with the same last name was in the store and was very intimidating to the sales person. So the sales person gave her my crib. She said that she was not in the night that it happened!!! Rhonda stated that she has already contacted other stores to see if they might have the crib and they did not. So now they have to reorder the crib, which could take 10-16 weeks!!! Granted I due in 6 weeks!!! So what they will do in the mean time is give us the floor model that we can come and get! So naturally any “parent to be” concern would be safety? The question of safety with the floor model is that people shake, press, and pretty much do anything to cribs to check for sturdiness. The next point with safety is germs. There have been a lot of people who have touched the floor model. Rhonda said that that is all they can do until they get the crib in. She said once they get the crib in she will have it delivered and assemble for us on top of offering 10 % off our next purchase in there store. Which is laughable because there will be no next purchase in their store from me! I am registered with them and I will soon be undoing. So we ended on that note and left it up to me if we want the floor model or not.

Sixth Contact

May 2, 2005 I called the store and asked for Jeff the store manager. It was Jeff who answered the phone and so I asked him for the name of the District Manager as well as the phone number to the corporate office. Jeff stated that they currently did not have a District Manager and gave me that name of their Regional Manager who is Natalie Ordene and she is in Chicago. He then gave me the phone number to the corporate office, which is 609-387-7800. Jeff asked that I wait to call until he speaks with Rhonda to see about calling other stores. I tried to explain to Jeff that Rhonda has already tried to call the other stores and Jeff cut me off not even wanting to hear about the conversation that Rhonda and I had. So I said okay but I am still going to call corporate along with contacting the BBB.

Seventh Contact

I called the corporate office and left a voicemail for Dave the VP of the Baby Department.

Eighth Contact

May 2, 2005 Jeff called me at work around 11:30 to update me on what was happening. Jeff stated that he got in contact with Tony Winbush the District Manger for the Baby Depot Department. Jeff stated that Tony was getting in contact with the Buyers to get in contact with the manufacturers to see when the next shipment would be in.

Ninth Contact

May 2, 2005 Jeff called me at work at 12:20 PM and stated that my option from Tony is that the next shipment would be in at the end of May and that if I deliver early he will have the Maintenance lady wipe down the floor model crib and give it to us as a loaner until the new one arrives and that they will give us 20% off of the crib. I told Jeff that I did not want the floor model and that 20% off was laughable due to the fact that they gave my crib away to another person because they were intimidating! I told him that I have left a message with Dave the VP and I will await his call and deal with him.

Tenth Contact

May 3, 2005 I called the corporate office at 609-387-7800 and spoke with Joyce, Dave Statero’s assistant. She put through with Dave. Dave started off by apologizing and blaming it on a human mistake. He then got right into the situation and stated that he will not overnight the crib via FedEx as he has done this in the past with Cribs and they usually end up cracked. He said that they are better off being ground shipped. So he offered 20 % off of the crib when it arrived which will not be until the end of May and an instore gift certificate. I told Dave that 20% is not acceptable and that I do not want an instore GC, as I do not plan on ever shopping at their store again. I then stated that I am not sure if he is a parent or not but as any first time parent you want to be as prepared as possible and this was causing me not to be prepared. I told him that I want 40 % off of the crib and he said he couldn’t do 40% off. I then asked him if any stores have another crib that matches my furniture set. He knew the crib I was speaking of and he had Joyce on the line with us and asked her to look into that for me. He said they would look into that and call me back.

Eleventh Contact

May 3, 2005 Joyce called and left me a voicemail at my work # stating that she has info regarding the other crib and to call her back.

Twelfth Contact

May 3, 2005 I called Joyce back and she stated that the Dublin store has the other crib in and the name of it is “Madison” and they have placed it on hold. However it is $100.00 more than the crib that I purchased and they would like to extend the offer of 20% off so I would owe them the balance of the new crib versus the crib that I ordered. I told her my intention was not to buy that crib I just want that crib as a loaner crib until the crib that I ordered has come in. I also stated that I initially looked at that crib and did not like the look of it as well as the other crib so I did not want that crib for keeps. She said that her and Dave misunderstood me and she is not authorized to offer that. She said she would talk to Dave and call me back.

Thirteenth Contact

May 3, 2005 I got a voicemail from Tony Win bush on behalf of Dave. Tony stated that the final offer is 30% off of my crib when in comes in and the floor model as a loaner, which they will wipe down.

Fourteenth Contact

May 3, 2005 I called Joyce back and informed her to tell Dave that Tony’s offer was not acceptable and that the next contact would be from my lawyer. She said she would relay the message. So at this point I have acquired legal representation, filed a claim with the Attorney Generals Office, Filed a claim with the BBB, Called the news media, channel ABC 6 and FOX 28 to speak with a consumer reporter who reports on situations such as this. I have posted feedback on two consumer websites to inform other people. I also have informed my OB who stated that they would never go to Burlington as they have had issues with them in the past. My OB stated that this is good info as their office comes into contact with pregnant women day in and day out and she will spread the word.

Fifthteenth Contact

May 3, 2005 Joyce and Dave were on the line and Dave thought that I might have misinterpreted Tony’s offer. They want to offer 30% off and a new out of the box loaner crib that might not match my set. I said I do not care I do not want a floor model and I would accept this. So Dave said that he would contact Tony who would be in contact with me.

Sixteenth Contact

May 3, 2005 Tony called me and said that I will need to come back into the store for the credit and that the manager can deliver the loaner crib tomorrow and wanted to know what time was good for me. I said I planned on coming into the store to revoke my registry tonight so I can get the refund then. We then talked about the delivery of the loaner crib and I stated that I had an appt. in the morning at 9:45 AM and Tony said it could be anytime in the afternoon and I just said name a time I can be there. Tony said that I could also get it if I wanted tonight when I go to the store. I said that is fine I asked if there would be some one there to load it into my car and he said yes.

Seventeenth Contact

May 3, 2005 I arrived at the Dublin store and there was nobody in the Baby Depot department so my mother and I walked up to the service desk and asked for the manager on duty. They called a gentleman named Mike who came to the front and asked us to pull our car around so they could load the crib. I told Mike that I wanted my baby registry deleted he said okay we will do that. Mike then went outside and got another man who was smoking out front to help with the 30% refund. I did not get this persons name. He went behind the counter got out some paper work and asked me to sign a receipt in order to get the refund before signing I asked the amount which was around $64.00 I immediately questioned the refund amount as I had pre-calculated the amount I should have received before entering the store. He tried to state that I only paid $209.99 for the crib. I paid a sale price of $269.99, which with tax should be $86.46. He said that this was what was in the email from Tony and that was all he was allowed to offer. I said forget it I will contact Dave back in the morning and started to raise my voice so that all customers in the front new my situation and said I still expect the loaner crib and I do not accept the refund. Another person came and loaded the loaner crib and off I went with another trip wasted.

Eighteenth Contact

May 4, 2005 I called Monroe Milstein’s extension, as I am tired of dealing with incompetent people I spoke to Terry his assistant who advised that I need to speak with Carole Abbott. I then got Carole Abbott’s assistant who was very nice and informative. FINALLY a person who understood the situation and she asked me to send all information via email. Please note that I checked online today and my name has not been removed from the registry! We will see how the saga pans out!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-05:
This is beyond my word limit, I'll just wait for the mini-series to air on TNT.
Posted by rmsk on 2005-05-05:
So, the furniture arrived on April 15, but you didn't go in to pick it up until May 1.
In that 2 weeks, an error was made, and your crib was given to someone else. That's unfortunate, but I am sure if you go back and read this letter, you will see how easy it is for irate and demanding customers to end up browbeating staff into caving to their demands.
The store offered you a perfectly reasonable compromise, but you didn't want to accept that offer. So it was the floor model. All it would take is to check all the screws and joints, and wash the thing down with soap and water.
If it would take 10-16 weeks for the new crib, and you are due in 6 weeks, then you would only be using the loaner crib for about 4 weeks, anyway. (BTW, I don't understand how your original order only took about 8 weeks, but a reorder would take twice that long.)
The store screwed up. The minute the clerk noticed the error, she should have placed a new order for you, or at least given you the crib that actually belonged to the other customer, when it arrived. (Unless I read that part wrong, and the intimidating customer actually demanded product rather than placing an order, and that's how she ended up with yours.)
From what I was able to read through all your minute details and name dropping, the store worked hard to try and get this fixed up within two days, an offered you several compromises. You were being so obstinate and uncompromising, that it actually took 2 days to come to a satisfactory decision, and even then you still weren't happy, as evidenced by this letter, your demand to be dropped from their registry, and your contacting the news media!
Big deal that your name is still on the registry. If people want to buy gifts for you, then who are you to demand where they do and don't buy them?
I'm sorry you had problems with this company, but from what I can see, aside from the original error, you brought many of them on yourself with your attitude. If you had picked your order up when it arrived, the crib would not have been there to be sold to the wrong person.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2005-05-06:
I agree with RMSK about the delay in picking up the furniture. I had to doublecheck your dates when I read that on 4/15 you called abou the furniture, clearly anxious for it which is understandable, but did not pick it up until May 1. You even said you called back 4/15 to inquie about the size of the pieces, etc. but then proceeded to leave your very important special order at the store for 2 more weeks? It is certainly not acceptable that the store sold your crib, but you left them the opportunity and bottomline, you created the opportunity that unfolded into this. And deleting your registry weeks away from delivering...that was out of spite and certainly imparied anyone who actually wanted to purchase something for you as planned.
Posted by jessAZ on 2006-07-17:
As a pregant, first time parent, I feel bad that you had to go through this because I too have had a negative experience with this company. When we picked up our dresser it was damaged. The sales associate was willing to check the other dresser in back and "Switch the tag" if it was not damaged so we could take it home that night. I wonder how many other people this has happened to. As for those commenting on how long it took you to pick up the furniture and insinuating that you caused this situation is absolutely CRAZY! When you place a special order, they tell you they will tag it when in arrives and call you. This is your furniture and they should keep it until you can get in there to get it. Our Baby Depot didn't even call us when ours arrived, we had to contact them 4 times!
Posted by askdata on 2006-08-26:
I had a great time with my 3 big orders at baby depot. I think you are one of those people who live just to make other people bend to your requests. First off, those furniture are rare and are shipped from overseas, so it takes a long long time. Secondly, where else can you get atleast this much service? Third... You should'nt special order anything from overseas. Buy only what is in stock. If they don't have what you want in stock, look for something else. Don't complaint about stuff if you never done your research on this stuff.
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Burlington Coat Factory A USA Sweat Shop
Posted by Burlington Worker on 02/07/2010
Burlington Coat factory buys what they call buy outs. Which is merchandise other companies no longer want. Say Macys orders a certain coat and they no longer want anymore or they see its out of style, they then stop the order. With all the extra merchandise the vendors offer them a very cheap price so Burlington buys it. Its really out of style stuff.

In addition how there is no employee union is based on how they treat there employees. They will not start one (employees) for they will get fired. Burlington coat has hired many from Macys and Kholes (presidents and vice presidents only) which also treat there workers horribly. There raises are the bottom of the barrel. 10 or 15 cent a hour raise (no raises 2009). They had let go all there full time employees only to get part timers so they don't have to pay for vacations, sick, etc. They don't care about any employees and over work every single one of them. A modern day sweat shop.

Ask anyone who works at one. Believe me they will do anything possible not to have a union as they know and will continue to treat there employees under the worst conditions.
There quality of clothes have gone down since a company called bains bought them. A company who will run it to the ground and then sell it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-07:
You are right. Burlington is like a big lots. They buy out LOTS of furniture or anyting else that is overstocked by a company and not selling. That is why they get them cheap, and turn around and sell them to the comsumer for cheaper than retail.

ummm....So if you don't like your job, quit. Why come on here and tell us about it? There are thousands of people out there that are unemployed right now and would be happy just to have A JOB. If you don't like what you make, then maybe you should look into taking up a trade, or find out how to go back to school to get a more proffessional job.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-07:
Many, many , many employers have done the same thing you describe. Cut backs in hours, full/part time status, benefits, 401K matches, etc.

Myself, I LOVE Burlington. I shop there before TJMaxx, Filenes basement, Steinmart, etc. Better name brands, better prices.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-07:
And lots of people don't want unions.
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2010-02-07:
I agree with LS on unions. Unions have the ability to destroy a business and cause major job loss, just look at what the UAW Union did to GM and Chrysler. At Burlington, a union would probably cause the prices to go up, which would hurt business.
Posted by Burlington Worker on 2010-02-07:
Some of there stuff even had a different label over the one that was originally on the coat. Bad business. Better check your coat it may be one of them.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-02-08:
Uh what? That's because your company bought it and needs to cover the msrp. I've been other buy out places that don't retag but cover old tags with new stickers. What exactly is wrong with that?
Posted by Burlington Worker on 2010-02-08:
If you cover up labels. Its not a ticket. A label discribes the merchandise. If you thought you bought a Calvin Klien and underneath the label was the an original label that said something like henry's coats, what would you think? One, you over paid...........you can guess the other.
Posted by bcfworker2 on 2010-06-18:
burlington worker, you need to tell the whole story. As soon as those coats were discovered they were pulled from the salesfloor. We had to check every coat in the building to make sure there weren't anymore, by any other vendor. It's ok to be disgruntled about your job, but don't tell half truths just to make the company look bad.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-06-18:
a sweat shop?

so you're paid less than minimum wage, off the books so you can't ever complain to the labor board about anything, and you make the coats yourself until your fingers are sore and bleeding?

or are you just in a job that you dislike?

you might want to consider job hunting, perhaps even use an employment agency, and put down that you only want full time positions
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Burnz4life on 12/28/2005
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Burlington after Christmas to exchange a coat I had been given by a friend. My friend went with me, and we ended up exchanging for a cheaper coat. The cashier and store manager refused to credit my friend’s card for the difference in prices, insisting that we had to accept a gift certificate instead. They were incredibly rude, implying that we were idiots for not knowing store policy regarding returns. I felt quite angry about the gift card, especially since there is nothing else at the store that we want. I talked to a few people at corporate about the situation, and they were also all quite rude (I’m pretty sure that none of them had any power to help anyway).

However, after thinking about it for a couple days, the no returns policy does seem to be inline with several of Burlington’s competitors. I guess what upset me the most is that no one at that corporation seems to have the people skills to handle my type of complaint in a diplomatic, friendly manner.

In this age of increased competition, companies need to do all they can to differentiate themselves from the Wal-Marts of the world. Great customer service is a good place to start. Generating positive word of mouth is the cheapest and arguably most effective form of marketing available.
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Posted by heaven17 on 2005-12-28:
I figure if you had a valid receipt when you went to exchange the coat, you would have mentioned it? If that was the case, I don't see how you could have expected a cash refund for the difference in the first place. And perhaps the rudeness you encountered was you simply being told what you didn't want to hear?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2005-12-28:
You cannot tell me that there is nothing at all at Burlington Coat Factory that you would be interested in buying. That is crazy.They sell everything under the sun. Sounds to me like you are just being difficult.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-12-28:
No to your request=Rude?
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-29:
Well I don't know about your burlington coat factory but every one I have been in and I have been in a few and in different states has this BIG asss sign on the back wall where you check out that they only exchange or give store credit it's also posted at every register and I think I have seen it post on some store doors as you enter the store and leave. It's the consumers responsiblity to ask the refund policy and not get pissy when they are told an answewr they don't like.
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Posted by Online on 12/19/2004
85236, ARIZONA -- There is no return policy for burlington Coat Factory... shocked I was too.

I bought a coat from this place and it was not of good quality... just after one day with my receipt I went to return it guess what.. they do not return any items at all...it is their corporate policy no returns.. that is how they ripp off people

The only store in whole United States that do not return any products at all... even dollar stores do returns.. shame on Burlington. it is their corporate policy

Want to get ripped off....visit burlington...you can loose$200 or even more depending on your purchases
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Posted by you r stupid on 2004-12-19:
thats not true. they only return merchandise with a receipt but you only get store credit. and every store i have been in they have a HUGE sign on the whole back wall near the registers that tells you there return policy and its on the back of the receipt also.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-12-20:
Why did you purchase the coat, if it was not of good quality?
Posted by Dixon-Illinois on 2004-12-21:
Returns? After one day? Did you seriously find out after one day the coat wasnt worth the money? Surely you could have figured that out IN the store. Anywho- the cheaper the prices, the less quality you will find. Dont be a cheapskate, and then complain. Create a Great day!
Posted by askdata on 2006-08-26:
get a life...
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Worst Shipping Service
Posted by Glenda1st on 02/10/2014
ONLINE -- I have ordered from Burlington on several occasions but I think their prices on girls clothes is spectacular! But if you are in a rush to receive the clothes - then I would suggest you not order ONLINE. I received an email from January 24, 2014 saying my order had been shipped and it would take 5-8 business days. Today is February 10, 2014! This is not the first time I have experienced this issue with Burlington but it is definitely the last!
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Very Bad Customer Service Ordering online With the Company
Posted by Taylorleona16 on 01/10/2014
I am very disappointed with this company online service on Dec.14.2013 I order my grandson a kid chair for a Christmas gift I received a email saying that I will receive it after Christmas and I was find with that then Jan.4.2014 came so I email them and the company reply that my order is being process so Jan.10.2014 I email again the company reply order being process so I email them again and they reply late that day that my order cannot be filled they don't have the product they will refund my money this was my 2year old grandson Christmas Gift if I would have known this in a timely manner I would gotten him something else .......I want customers to known that when you order from this company theirs no phone number to reach anyone and no tracking number for your order they have PISS POOR SERVICE AND COMPANY I will never order from them again
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Posted by andbran on 2014-01-10:
IMO ordering anything that close to xmas delivery is always going to be iffy.
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Honest and Helpful Staff
Posted by Cloud1962 on 12/01/2013
I walked out without my watches and day later I remembered. They helped me find my purchase and help me with a smile.

The honesty of the store personal was a good sight for me. I got all the help I needed with no wait. Thank you to the team at the Fairfield, Alabama store.
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Bad Experience With Layaway
Posted by Debralynn0630 on 11/26/2013
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I used the layaway at this store for the first time and when I picked up my layaway I had to return a few of the items, and when I did I was told that I could not get my money back and that they would have to give me a store credit on one of their gift cards. I ask why and was told that it was their policy. I let the manager know that I was never told that I would not be able to get my money back when I put the layaway on. Her response was they don't have to tell me because it is posted in the store and on the receipt. I let her know that I spent my money in there when I put the layaway on but now I choose to not spend my money in there and wanted it put back on my card, and who was she to tell me how I have to spend my money! If you go into the store and buy something and you need to bring it back you get your money back. Why is that any different then putting it on layaway and paying to get it out and not be able to get your money back if you need to bring anything back. It is my money and I feel that they don't have a right to tell my how I have to spend it. They need to change the policy!!! I will not shop there again. Just going to call it a lost and not give them any of my business again. I purchased a jacket from there last year and only wore it a few times before it ripped in the back and around the buttons it was ripping. I can't ware it now and can't take it back because I don't have the receipt for it and when I got the layaway out, I had put some jewelry on layaway and when I got it home the bracelet broke taking it off my arm and the two chains I got broke before I could even wear them broke. I will not be shopping this store again.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-11-26:
Burlington's website states that "Merchandise returns from a completed layaway accepted after 30 days will receive a gift card". This retailer is very strict about returns and it appears that they are counting the amount of time on layaway towards the 30 day mark where they don't have to refund money.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-11-27:
all stores do this now it seems....i have no idea why because what if you need the same thing and they are out but another store has it?
Posted by Likesbeefpies on 2013-11-27:
Layaways take inventory out of possible sale while a customer makes payments. You've entered a contract of purchase therefore a store credit is reasonable.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-28:
The thing is you tied up their inventory when you put those items on layaway. It's possible they could've sold those items in the time you had them on layaway. When you chose to use layaway you chose to abide by their policies.
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Would Not Return My Call to Resolve Issue
Posted by Toya12 on 10/11/2013
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I ordered a car seat with an extra base. The base did not have the same name as what we ordered. We ordered a Snugride 35 we got a Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 LX. This is a Graco item and per Graco they are one in the same. I just want to know how I'm supposed to know they are one in the same, if the name has been changed then someone should update it on the website. I also had contacted them via email to check mailing status and I never got a response back. This was my first and last time ordering from them-
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Poor Customer Service & Relations
Posted by Charitybwhite on 09/27/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought some cute Carter boots for my daughter, but upon getting home and putting them on her, to see how they worked with the outfits I bought them for, the zipper was separating below, so I decided I would return them and pick out some other boots.

I pulled into the lot, and got my daughter out of her car seat when she then kicked off her shoes. I already had the diaper bag, my purse, and her and didn't have room to carry the shoes, so I placed them in the bag and carried her to a cart.

Immediately in the store, I get in line to replace my items. The man at the counter asks for my return and I hand him the bag. He takes the boots out and asks for my receipt, which I then got out of my purse. It checks out and he gives me a refund. I then head back to the shoe department to find another pair of boots. However, they are low in supply and there aren't any that will fit my daughter, so we leave.

The next morning I remember the shoes are in the bag. I return to the store and speak the manager, Randy, to ask him for my daughter's pink Nike sandals in the lost and found. He informs me that there aren't any in the lost and found but that he will personally find out what happened to the shoes. He asks me who handled the return and asked the cashier where they placed the boots and the bag they were in. The cashier states the bag was placed on the counter, even though I saw it thrown onto the floor after he handled the refund.

I ask the manager if it is possible they threw the shoes away, and he flat out denies it, "No way, we don't throw bags away." He suggests that maybe they thought my daughters shoes were shoes they were selling. I told him that "Burlington doesn't sell pink Nike sandals, and besides they weren't brand spanking new, I bought them last month." He asked me what time we were in the store, I told him from 6:30 to 7:15pm. He said, "Well, our camera guy will be in in the morning, and I will have him review the cameras. It is possible a customer stole the shoes off the counter." I said, "I highly doubt someone would steal used shoes from a store, especially right off the counter by the register." But he assures me they will find out what happened to my daughters shoes. He double checked to make sure he had my correct number and I confirmed it for him. He said, "I will call you once my camera guy reviews the tape." I felt like he was just trying to get rid of me. But regardless I gave him the benefit, and I waited....and waited... and finally I called him. And guess what, after finding out who I was, the person answering the phone said, "Randy wanted to know if you would like to leave a message since he can't talk at the moment." No thanks, it's apparent he isn't too good at answering calls, returning calls, or customer service for that matter. So, I think I have had enough of Burlington's increasingly poor customer service, regardless of the prices of their products. It's a shame, I used to work at this store and we used to provide excellent customer service.
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Posted by andbram on 2013-09-27:
i use to work retail. now the store i worked at was not in a great part of town. i have seen people who will steal anything not nailed down whether it was new or used.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-28:
With all the detail and effort you have gone through, my suggestion would be to pursue contacting Randy at least a second time. My guess is the shoes were not located, and he didn't want to break the news to you. He should have called you back though.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-28:
You seem to think that it's Burlington's responsibility to solve a problem that was more or less of your own doing. How much time passed between when they said they would have the camera guy call you and when you called them? If it was a matter of days then yeah, I think it was appropriate to call them, but it was the same day they said they would call, then I think you should've given them more time.
Posted by yoke on 2013-09-28:
It is possible that they have been really busy and viewing the tape is the last thing on their mind. It really isn't their fault the shoes were left behind and is not top priority for them.
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