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Burlington Coat Factory Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On October 28th I went to the above store to return a coat I purchased. I went to the CUSTOMER SERVICE Desk and got in line behind another customer who was in the process of returning an item. I waited a moment and two other women got in line behind me. Before the first woman was finished, the other two women in line behind me stepped to the side of me.

I could tell they were together and thought they were waiting for their friend to get finished with her transaction. When the clerk finished with the return, the other women stepped in front of me and started pulling items out of their bag to return. I stated, "Excuse me, I believe I was next in line?" I was told by the Clerk "Oh no, they are together". She never asked if I minded that she take them ahead of me since they were together. I would have agreed and the issue would have resolved itself. I waited for them to get finished... I was put off over the Clerk's obvious dismissive attitude towards me. I expressed to the Clerk I did not appreciate what she had done.

She again told me they were together (they came to the store in the same car???). I asked the Clerk to speak to a supervisor as I thought she had been extremely rude to me. She made a very curt reply that I could not make out and called for her supervisor. I told him what had occurred and he said he would take care of me. I could hear the Clerk making issue in the background. I told the supervisor that I did not feel this was right and I wanted the names of the parties involved and contact information for BCF so I could lodge a complaint. The Clerk turned and started yelling at me. At this point her supervisor is trying to get her to stop. She gets louder and louder.

She takes her name tag off and hurls it at me. I told her to back off and get out of the conversation as did the supervisor. It continued. I again told her to just back off. It continued. I told her to shut up. I was not dealing with her. She continued to the point her supervisor had to stand between us to keep her off of me. Had he not done so I am sure she would have hit me! Her supervisor and I walked toward the front of the store. I told her supervisor I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He said he would get him (meanwhile the clerk is still out of control assisting other customers between rants). Nobody has asked her to step away from the "CUSTOMER SERVICE" desk!

The store supervisor appears. At this point this is playing out in front of the WHOLE store. I told him I could not believe anyone could condone such activity. He told me that he had just walked up and could not take sides as to what happened and that he would have to review the "tapes" himself (even though the supervisor was present through the majority of what happened) and even though the Clerk was still wailing away in the background.

He said he could not give me any names as that was against the law and for their protection (meanwhile the psycho clerk has access to all of my information). He did provide me with a card which he wrote his first name on along with the general customer service phone number. I told him I felt like I was not being taken seriously and that nothing would be done.

The unemployment rate in Orlando is extremely high. It is beyond my comprehension BCF can't find more stable employees and if not, I would suggest that CLEARLY this employee SHOULD NOT be allowed near a customer. I expect an immediate response and can't imagine that I would not get one. My observation is the supervisor should be promoted to store manager and the clerk and store manager fired! The Supervisor is the only party that expressed his deep regrets for what had occurred.

Treated Like A Thief
By -

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- My 14 year old son entered the store in Concord NH to purchase an MP4 player. He had the cash in his pocket. He was tailed as soon as he approached the product simply because of his age. Undaunted, he continued to shop trying to ignore that the manager had been immediately paged as soon as he went near the high end products and was now following him throughout the store glaring at him angrily. Naturally, at 14 this made him a bit nervous. He decided it was best to finish up his shopping. When he headed for the registers, he was approached by the assistant manager and told to leave.

Being rather shy, he did as he was told, but was followed still, all the way out the door. When he picked up his scooter to leave, he was yelled at by the manager to stop riding in front of the store; he wasn't. At this point he lost his patience and insisted he would be informing his parents of what had happened.

He did inform me and I told him unfortunately his age was going to cause suspicion, as unfair as this might be, and he was best advised to leave larger purchases for a day when I was with him. I promised to take him to purchase the item myself. Again my son entered the store, this time slightly ahead of me and my husband, the manager was again immediately paged to follow my son. Who, by the way, has no criminal record, nor has he ever been a behavior problem, anywhere! The child has never even chewed gum in class! I decided it was best to avoid a confrontation by simply letting it be known he was with his parents.

Again we picked up the item, again the manager and the assistant manager approached him, or rather me this time. Amazingly they admitted to having asked him to leave because he had acted suspiciously by looking at the higher priced items in the store. I informed them this was not a crime and that he had money to make his purchase in his pocket. A rather rude response followed and, as a former retail manager, I explained to him that I understood his reason for suspicion, however, the better way to handle it was to watch from his security room, or follow him discreetly, whereupon he would have seen my son pay for the item, not steal it.

He then informed me that my son was acting suspiciously and harassing the customers. I said if my son was being rude I was happy to hear his report, as this was unacceptable behavior and would be punished, he had no report. I asked for specifics, he could give me none. I asked if he'd videotaped it on his security cameras, he said that was private. I asked if he could tell me what was on the videotape, again he said that was private. I asked if he'd reported my son's behavior to the police and if so what was the claim. He had none.

“So, in other words my son came in, looked at a product he wanted to buy, decided to buy it, and was thrown out because you assumed he wasn't going to pay for it, and now you want to harass me when I bring him in to buy the item with parental assistance.” I asked for his district manager's name and phone number, I was told it was private. I reminded him that I had been in retail management for many years and knew contacting his DM was not a private issue.

He gave me a phone number that turned out to be false. I managed to contact the DM anyway. I was told by the DM that the situation would be investigated. Three weeks later I have yet to hear back from him. I am appalled. My son took his business elsewhere and so have I. I sincerely hope anyone who cares for children's rights will follow suit.

Outrageous Return Policy
By -

HORSEHEADS, NEW YORK -- I have shopped at Burlington Coat Factory for many years, but in stores far removed from where I live in Upstate New York. Imagine my delight when one of your stores was slated to open at the Arnot Mall, Horseheads (Big Flats), NY, just a mere 20 minutes from my home! I spent a couple of delightful shopping trips at your store, some with friends, others just to browse on my own. I enjoyed the multitude of choices available in all departments.

On November 29, 2006 I made a Christmas shopping trip to the mall, and of course, I included the shiny new Burlington store. I didn't spend a lot that day - my sales slip reports $42.91. But included in that sales slip was a purchase I made for my sister – I was excited about your selection of plus-size ladies clothing. The items were on sale – 2 items at $9.99 each. What a bargain for just what I was looking for! Sadly, some time after gifting her with the clothing, she told me it didn't fit, and would I be so kind as to return them for her. "Of course", I said. I love to shop at Burlington Coat Factory!

I'm sorry to report that my positive experiences at your stores ended there. When I tried to return the items, I was told I could only receive the amount back that they were currently selling for on the rack. But, I explained, I have the sales slip with me showing exactly how much I paid for the items; and tags are all intact on the items; and I wouldn't mind taking a credit rather than money back. I can always find something I want at Burlington! I was told no, company policy said that because I had returned the items 2 days after the deadline, I was going to have to take an additional discount on both items as a refund.

I've spoken with the floor manager at your store, called Customer Relations (**, x1998)) and I am still refused the amount I originally paid for these items. I have NEVER shopped at a store that refuses to give you your money back (or a credit) as long as the items are like you bought them, and you have a sales slip proving what you paid. I could understand if this was a year later, or even a different season, but it was not!

I respectfully ask you return my complete cost of $19.98 plus tax. Please consider the loss of a customer over this petty amount, as well as a reputation as a customer-friendly retail store in this area. Enclosed is a photocopy of my sales slip, and the return slip that was not completed at the store that day. Thanks for your consideration and timely decision in this matter.

Failed to deliver product yet refuses to refund money
By -

APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- On October 22, 2005, I purchased a baby gate from Burlington Coat Factory. When I got the gate home, it didn't fit the space for which it was intended. The next day I brought the gate and my receipt back to the store for a refund. I was told the store does not offer refunds for returned merchandise, only in-store credit. Their policy was not clearly posted. I was very upset and asked to talk with a manager. The manager asked me condescendingly, “Didn't you measure the space before purchasing the gate?”. He said they did not have the ability to issue a refund and repeatedly referred to their no refund policy.

I told him their policy is not clearly posted and is most certainly not customer friendly. The store did not have a gate that fit my needs in stock nevertheless, as an attempt to make a bad situation better, I begrudgingly agreed to special order a gate. They applied the money I had paid for the returned gate to the special order gate and I was told I would receive a call in eight to ten weeks. I never received a call.

On June 5, 2006, I called the store and spoke with the assistant manager. I explained the circumstances, gave him the invoice details and requested a refund. He agreed failure to deliver the product was unacceptable and he would immediately issue a refund. He said I should expect to receive documentation in the mail. I never received documentation or a refund. On September 5, 2006, I spoke with the store manager on the phone. He said his assistant manager would call me back. I never received a call back.

On September 5, 2006 I filed a complaint with the attorney general. I received a response from Burlington Coat Factory's Vice President of Customer Relations dated September 22, 2006, stating I am not entitled to a refund because they issued a gift card and I am only entitled to in-store credit. (I assume when I returned the original gate and had the balance applied toward the special order, their internal accounting deemed the transaction as issuing a gift card).

On October 2, 2006, I went into the store to talk with the manager face-to-face. He said he would refund the money but ultimately did not. He told me he could not issue a refund but only offer in-store credit. I told him no. I'm going to the newspapers – they failed to deliver the product and now refuse to return my money. He said he needs to talk to corporate… then he said he needs to talk to the assistant manager to ensure a refund wasn't already issued… then he said corporate needs to issue a check in 14 days to refund and the excuses went on and on. In the end he said he would call corporate the next morning and promised to call me back the same day.

On October 3, 2006, I received a voice message from the store manager. He said he spoke with corporate and they are going to “look into it”. He said I should expect to receive correspondence from them (corporate) either in the mail or by phone. No commitment to time frame or to outcome was made – it was an obvious brush-off.

The following are excerpts taken from your Code of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics written on August 5, 2004:

At Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation (the “Company”), integrity is our core value, and our good name is our most valued asset. We are committed to uncompromising integrity in all our dealings with each other, our customers, trading partners and members of the public.

Making Ethical Decisions: When faced with a decision, ask yourself these questions about the choice you are considering: How does this decision affect others (customers, suppliers, partners, stockholders, competitors, the community, other employees, or you)? How does the decision look to others? An innocent action can result in the appearance of wrongdoing, or create an unintended sense of obligation between parties. How would you feel if this decision were made public? Could the decision be honestly explained and defended? Have the implications of this decision been fully explored, or would additional advice be helpful?

I can say with confidence, this code was not applied to my situation. The dollar amount in question is not a large amount – a mere pittance to a National company, yet the company seems willing to sacrifice their own code of ethics, customer base and reputation to keep it.

Worst Store to Ever Place an Order With
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I placed an order online and in a three week period, only received a few of the items. I called their customer service number and sent an email multiple times inquiring on the rest of my order. After a month and a half, I finally received an email just stating that they no longer had those items in stock. I don't understand why you would sell something online that you do not have. And why you would not bother to respond to the customer to at least give them information.

Worst Shipping Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE -- I have ordered from Burlington on several occasions but I think their prices on girls clothes is spectacular! But if you are in a rush to receive the clothes - then I would suggest you not order ONLINE. I received an email from January 24, 2014 saying my order had been shipped and it would take 5-8 business days. Today is February 10, 2014! This is not the first time I have experienced this issue with Burlington but it is definitely the last!

Honest and Helpful Staff
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Rating: 5/51

FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA -- I walked out without my watches and day later I remembered. They helped me find my purchase and help me with a smile. The honesty of the store personnel was a good sight for me. I got all the help I needed with no wait. Thank you to the team at the Fairfield, Alabama store.

Talk about service at Burlington if you feel lucky hitting Powerball
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Customer Service was so Rude. Enough about this store's customer service. This store has to come down eventually because of all this nonsense service. Experience: I bought a coat and showed them coupon on my phone. Cashier (boy) demanded that they can accept only paper version. Acceptable to me (prevents store fraud by their own employee in some cases). I asked if I can bring the coat and paper coupon back for price adjustment and I was told that I can do that.

Cashier asked another employee (seemed to me like store manager) about the same and I got the same answer that I can do price adjustment during my next visit. Either way no big deal, they can just process return and rerun the transaction using coupon.

I went the next day and customer service (rude/dirty) lady/girl said I have to find it on the floor and then do another transaction. I requested that I was told that I could do price adjustment by the cashier (boy) who was also present at that time at another register but again I was declined service. I asked another (nice) cashier who was behind that rude girl cashier about the matter. She informed the rude (girl) cashier that she could simply process the return and re-run the transaction using coupon.

Rude cashier snatched the coat from nicer cashier and said its store policy (as if she owns the store) that she cannot even allow the same coat to be returned to customer and I have to find a new coat from the store. What a waste of time encouraged by self made store policy.

Am I Going back over there? Never. The environment because of such employees makes experience make worse. Buying is never fun in such an environment and spending hundreds on coats from Burlington seems wasted. Store: 1563 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA Date: 11/05/2012 Time: Around 7:30pm.

Debit card purchase: charged twice
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On April 1st, I purchased a few baby items from BCF. The items, with tax, totaled $11.90. I thought I had made a terrific purchase, as I had bought other baby items for my son's baby at other stores, where the prices did not seem as fair. LITTLE DID I KNOW! When I went to purchase the items, using my debit card, I put my PIN number in, and the clerk stated that it "did not go through" and would I put the card PIN through again. That did not seem unreasonable, and I made sure that my purchase was only listed one time, for $11.90 on my receipt. After I got home, I went online to my bank account to look over purchase activities.

The $11.90 showed up, and was debited, twice. I went back to BCF on April 2nd in the late afternoon. I had already spoken by phone with the stores manager of that day, who advised me that I would need to bring in my receipt and proof of the double-debit on my bank record, and that the info. would have to be faxed to the corporate headquarters! I had never heard of such a thing, having had stores such as Petco accidentally charge twice for a purchase, and they readily corrected their error at their stores.

So in order to get back my $11.90, I drove all the way to the BCF, incurring the cost of gasoline (due to driving distance from my home) as well as my own time, which I also value. After giving my receipt and banking record page to an associate at BCF, I was told that they would need to make copies and fax the information to their headquarters. I was then told that the associate would call me to let me know when the headquarters answered their fax.

WELL... here we are on April 4th, and no phone call on the 2nd or the 3rd, and I finally called this associate this morning. She "explained" that there were circuit problems through the store organization, and that she would check into the situation and call me back. She also said to keep checking my bank account to see if the error had been taken care of, and my money refunded. Well, it is now 4:31 P.M., and: a. No phone call back from the associate, or anyone at the store; b. No reversal of the extra set of charges on my account.

Am I to assume that when a mistake is made by an employee, the computerized cash register system, or whatever, that I need to just "swallow" the extra set of charges, thereby costing me $23.80 instead of $11.90?
I am furious. I realize that other customers have had far worse experiences, but I think I have give them ample time to respond and take care of this. I welcome anyone thoughts on this. Thank you.

Refusal to purchase
By -

EDMONDS, WASHINGTON -- I only get out without my kids to shop about four times a year. Yesterday I had one of these opportunities. One of the items I wished to purchase was a toddler dress. I found it on a rack with other items that looked to be on a sales type rack in the back of the toddler clothes section. When I went to the cashier she had a hard time ringing that item up because the bottoms that come with that dress where missing. I told her that was OK I assumed that was why it was the only one left in the jumble of other clothes on the rack I found it on. She called a sales representative from the kids department who then looked for the bottoms. I was in a hurry and said that's fine I'll pay for it as it is.

She said she couldn't do that. The sales representative came without the bottoms. The manager was called and after waiting all that time she said that she could not sell me the dress as it was. The reason was that they couldn't separate the outfit. I said there were no bottoms with it and the sales representative couldn't find it either. The manager said that she couldn't sell me the dress for full price. I said I'd pay less for it then. The manager then said that she couldn't do that either because if I returned the dress I would get more money back for the dress than I paid since in their system it would show I had paid full price. I was not happy.

They had wasted at least 15 min. of my time while I was in a hurry and in the end the best they could do was ask for my phone number and call me if they found the bottoms! I can't believe that a store would not let me purchase something they had on their racks to purchase. I can't believe they would choose to lose money by me not purchasing an item they had for sale!

Plus I can't believe they would call me a thief in that they assumed I would be dishonest and return the dress to gain a few bucks! Plus I still don't see why they wouldn't have just sold it and put a note on the sales receipt. I have normally been very happy with Burlington Coat Factory but this put a real stink on them for me.

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