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Very Bad Customer Service Ordering online With the Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I am very disappointed with this company online service on Dec.14.2013 I order my grandson a kid chair for a Christmas gift I received a email saying that I will receive it after Christmas and I was find with that then Jan.4.2014 came so I email them and the company reply that my order is being process so Jan.10.2014 I email again the company reply order being process so I email them again and they reply late that day that my order cannot be filled they don't have the product they will refund my money this was my 2year old grandson Christmas Gift if I would have known this in a timely manner I would gotten him something else .......I want customers to known that when you order from this company theirs no phone number to reach anyone and no tracking number for your order they have PISS POOR SERVICE AND COMPANY I will never order from them again
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andbran on 01/10/2014:
IMO ordering anything that close to xmas delivery is always going to be iffy.
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Would Not Return My Call to Resolve Issue
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I ordered a car seat with an extra base. The base did not have the same name as what we ordered. We ordered a Snugride 35 we got a Snugride Classic Connect 30/35 LX. This is a Graco item and per Graco they are one and the same. I just want to know how I'm supposed to know they are one and the same, if the name has been changed then someone should update it on the website. I also had contacted them via email to check mailing status and I never got a response back. This was my first and last time ordering from them-
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Sale Clerk and Store Manager Very Rude unprofessional. Also the Main Office Had the Same Attitude. Will Never Shop There Again.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- Went to the store to return an item that was purchased in April with tag still attached never been worn and had my receipt. Cashier refused to give me a full refund because the item is on sale now, and it is passed thirty days . Talked to the store manager which also refuse to do so . I did point out to the manager that they have the same item on the flower still with the same amount that I paid for mine. Manager and cashier had the worse attitude, unprofessional, rude, worse customer service you can imagine.

Today I called the main office trying to solve this problem. The main office customer service had even worse attitude!! Will never shop there again and going to tell all family and friends not to do so.

Burlington Coat Factory you need to set your customer service straight, no customer no business . And shame on you for cheating the consumer .
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andbran on 08/23/2013:
this is a common practice in retail. once the return window is closed the receipt is taken out of the system. once that happens you will only get the last sale price. it does not matter if the tag is still attached or if it has never been worn. if you want what you paid for you have to return in the time you are given. so this is not Burlington fault. you tried to return after the 30 days.
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Avoid!!! They Do Not Believe in Customer Service Whatsoever!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI -- Wanted to make a somewhat large PURCHASE from them. Kirkwood store manager was rude and unwilling to help. They act like they don't want to make any sales? Why are they in business then? I'm very confused by their attitude.

I went to another one of their stores and explained the situation to another manager. Within a few minutes, she was on it and made the sale. It was simple. Not hard. I let the main office know the situation . . . that the Kirkwood store did a horrible job, but the other store did a great job. Even the main office never responded to my e-mails. This company does not believe in Customer Service, and evidently does not believe in rewarding their good employees. Avoid at all costs.

**Give your time and money to a company that cares about their customers!!!
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Susan on 02/05/2013:
What was the reason given by the first location for denying your purchase?
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I Purchased Bad Merchandise, and Could Not Return It, With a Receipt.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased $100 of merchandise from BCF, which one item was a sweater for $19.99. I wore it about 3 or 4 times, and it began to bead up a lot. $20 is a lot of money, to pay for something and you wear it a couple of times and it looks like you have had it for ages.

I took the sweater back before my receipt expired and I could not even get a store credit. That's really bad, and the manager was very rude. I will never again shop at this store, ever again. Take your money to Kohl's or Ross, I know you will get good quality merchandise. At least you can exchange it if it tears up.
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At Your Service on 01/21/2013:
I can appreciate the frustration, but one company's marking mixture is different from another. They offer a product at a fair price, but may not feel the need to exchange the merchandise. I wouldn't feel this is bad unless there was a guarantee to do so EVEN THOUGH THE MERCHANDISE HAD BEEN WORN.
shayen on 01/21/2013:
Per their website:

Return Policy - For Items Purchased In Our Local Stores:
•An original receipt dated within 30 days of purchase is required for all returns/exchanges in our stores
•Merchandise must be new and in unused condition

Ironically, had you purchased via their website, they state they accept returns with receipts FOR ANY REASON within 30 days.

At this point, your only recourse may be to contact the manufacturer of the sweater.
spiderman2 on 01/21/2013:
How long had it been since you purchased the sweater? Their website states 30 days and unused. If you are not pleased with the quality of the sweater, you need to contact the manufacturer and complain to them.
Anonymous on 01/21/2013:
It sounds like the jacket had normal wear and tear. Cheaper fabrics tend to pill very fast. You bought the sweater at a discount retailer. It's been my experience that they sell cheap no-name clothing and leftovers/excess stock so I'm not sure why you would of expected them to accept a return on a used item? Very few retailers allow you to return "used" merchandise anymore, especially clothing that, as in this case, is not defective, just poor quality.
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Cannot return the item which is worn once
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I got an expensive dress for my daughter, she wore it just once and it has the small yarn bubbles every where. when I tried to return it with the receipt next day, they said it is worn.. I asked is this the dress worth the money I put? The guy was very rude and said he cannot take it.. after few days my husband went to return it without the receipt, they took it back and gave half of the money I paid for it saying that the current rate of the dress is that much... They just try to rob you when they get a chance. I stopped visiting Burlington.. Target, Walmart, Kohls are much better.
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Tezrien on 06/05/2012:
I would side with the store on this one. A worn dress is just that, worn. BCH is in the business of selling clothing, not renting it. If they let everyone return things they had worn, even once, they would be out of business very quickly.
James239 on 06/05/2012:
I'm with the OP on this one. She had the receipt and the return within the a lotted timeframe.
raven2010 on 06/05/2012:
Return Policy - For Items Purchased In Our Local Stores

An original receipt dated within 30 days of purchase is required for all returns/exchanges in our stores
Merchandise must be new and in unused condition
Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. Returns from a check purchase will be sent a mail check within seven (7) days. Debit cards using a PIN will receive cash
Merchandise returned from a completed layaway and receipted returns accepted after 30 days will receive a gift card
Non-receipted returns, accompanied by a photo ID (driver’s license, state issued non-driver ID, passport, or military ID) and returns after 60 days will receive a gift card for the lowest selling price
All returns are subject to system verification and/or approval
Items bought in our local stores cannot be returned to our Webstore fulfillment center.

Comfortably_Numb on 06/05/2012:
pretty much a no brainer: merchandise must be new and in unused condition. seems getting half the money back and declaring not to shop there again is a win-win for you. nobody wants clothes that start falling apart after one wear.
trmn8r on 06/05/2012:
Your husband got the lowest sales price because he didn't have the receipt - that is standard practice to avoid fraud.

As for you being told the dress was worn, you admit that it was. Therefore, it was technically not returnable.
Anonymous on 06/05/2012:
Why did your husband return it without the receipt? You had the receipt the first time you returned it, so it doesn't make sense that he returned the dress without it. When you don't have the receipt, the store refunds it to you at the lowest price of the item. They have no way of knowing what you originally paid.
Anonymous on 06/05/2012:
You bought the dress at a discount store that sells leftovers and cheap unknown brands and you got what you paid for. Trust me, I know. My mom buys my daughter dresses there all the time and I've had dresses fall apart before they've been worn.
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Consumers Beware - Debit Card Purchase Double Charged
Posted by on
HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- On Dec 20, 2011 I made a purchase of 50.72 at Burlington coat Factory and my debit card transaction was "supposedly" not being accepted even after I had entered my pin. The cashier tried the transaction again, and still the same results. She then got the manager and same results. She asked that I now (4th attempt) to try selecting credit card vice debit and the transaction went through. I asked it the charge might have been made and was told that it had NOT because no receipt printed. Today, I called my credit card company and sure enough, I was charged TWICE (SO FAR) for that purchase. Now I am thinking back on the many times that I have had similar experiences and might have been charged twice. Consumers Beware.

I have not YET returned to Burlington to take care of this issue, but intend to soonest.
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Anonymous on 12/25/2011:
I think your credit card company should be able to assist you. If they see the same amount going through at least twice, and possibley four times they should know that something isn't right and be able to intervene on your behalf.
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An Absolutely WONDERFUL Experience!!!
Posted by on
STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN -- If you are looking for a motor home, travel trailer, tent trailer - or any RV, definitely give Burlington RV a look. From the first time we set foot in the dealership, looking through the lot, making the deal, to the delivery of the motor home we purchased and beyond, we have been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Jim Kerkman was the salesman who took us through the whole process and was, and still is, extremely pleasant to talk to and deal with.

We continue to go to the dealership for RV supplies/parts and the people there go out of their way to help and are always so kind and respectful. You can tell the people there really care about their customers.

They have a HUGE selection of all types of RV's in everyone's price range and their parts and supplies department has reasonable prices and a wide variety of products.

It has been almost 2-1/2 years since we purchased our RV from Burlington RV and when we made the purchase, the AC was not working. Jim promised that they would take care of it/make the repair. We waited almost a year after we made the purchase to take it to the shop for the repair and even a year later, Jim was there to help us out.

I HIGHLY recommend Burlington RV. They are in no way like the typical auto/rv dealership. Extremely nice people and you can tell they really enjoy where they work - it shows in the way they treat their customers.
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Do not appreciate employees
Posted by on
OHIO -- I have worked for Burlington Coat Factory for the past 9 years. I used to love my job and enjoyed going to work everyday. I traveled to numerous locations and helped with grand opening and remodeling. For the past 3 years, I would say this company just abuses its employees and the management staff at store levels. They say they care, but they don't! They work you all year around and around the holiday season, your forbidden to request off... as if though you can't make plans to go out of town ! There's nothing fun and exciting about working for this company anymore. You' re underpayed, while the company keeps on hiring these vice president and president and sr this and assistant that.. to the company>>> it's all bull ! What they need to do is increase the wages of their and hire more staffing and along with that, they need to stp cutting emplayees hours ! It seems as if though, nothing but Big shot scome to stores and ask why a billion and 1 questions... and all I want to say is; Are you really kidding me, we have no help?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
Do you still work there? The conditions you describe can and do apply to many, many other companies.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
It is an unfortunate sign of the times that employees are not valued in the retail industry, as well as many others. Consider investing in your education if you haven't already, it will expand your options and opportunities. Best of luck to you.
Unappreciated Employee on 08/05/2011:
Yes,I have worked at BCF over 5 years now and they could careless about their employees, when I first started it was fun and I enjoyed my job..right now things are totally different they work employees to death like were some kind of pack-mule.I think their motto is "if you don't like then leave", they will find someone else!!! excuse me!! If they cared they need to show it. My store in Spokane, Wa is totally GHETTO,people complain about how messey the store clothes all over the floor, linens, shoes, accessories,etc. That store is disgusting corporate pull your HEAD-OUT...
Over worked and underpaid employee on 12/12/2011:
I know how you feel I too work at Burlington coat factory. They tell you open door policy and when you complain they cut your hours, treat you like crap. You go to their regional managers they say their going to call you and they never do. Their managers are ignorant. Over worked and underpaid. Enough is enough.
anonymous 482 on 02/09/2012:
I have only worked for BCF for 15 months and it was, like others are saying, fun in the beginning.

I make minimum wage ($7.25) and bust my butt every day in the receiving department. I go home sore, beat up, cut up and bruised every single day. Being stuck with sensor pins, ticketing needles, cut by broken glass, shocked by static crated by garments on the rolling racks really sucks. They refuse to give us new ticketing guns. They replaced our American made ticketing "bullets" with crappy ones made in Korea that jam up after 3 tags. They keep re-arranging our production area and wonder why we can't adapt. We NEVER get "smiley cards" for the hard work that we do. Not one single receiving employee has won employee of the month in the history of my particular store.

Recently I found out they they're hiring new floor employees at more than a dollar more than minimum wage and they're absolutely worthless. For instance, family members of management??? It is my understanding that this sort of thing is against company policy.

I am a "part time" employee, I work more than 35 hours a week but reap no benefits of being a full time employee. In one year I have earned .6 sick days. Not even 1 whole day, but .6 sick days! Holiday pay is a joke too! I work 7 to 8 hours a day, but they say that my average hours are 4? Who does their math, a 4th grader?

We get calls on our days off because someone did something they weren't supposed to do that we had no control over when we weren't even there. One manager tells us to do something and another manager comes right along, tells us to do something else and we get yelled at by the original manager. We constantly get called to the office on our 15's, our 30's, before we're supposed to be clocked in and as we're leaving the building.

In my store there are people who lie, cheat, steal, come to work under the influence of alcohol, prescription medicine and narcotics AND GET REWARDED but the hard working employees get crapped on and ignored not only by management but upper management and corporate as well.

How is it fair that the old guy that got hired for seasonal gets more hours than me? How is it fair that I know Fed-Ex / UPS, how to set up the talxan gun, how to change tickets, how to receive a truck, how to do carton production, how to make tickets, how to do mark downs... I know every inch of the censoring chart frontwards and backwards, left to right, I know the sizing conversions like the back of my hand...... but the old guy that has been there for 2 months, who does not know WHAT the talxan gun is, who constantly puts cartons off the truck in the wrong place gets more hours than me?

How is it fair that a floor associate who has been there for 4 months, who literally does nothing, who's idea of "recovery" is to push a basket to the center of the floor and leave it to go talk to the "hot girl" looking at shoes for an hour and never touches it again and leaves it for the associate that comes in after him FAIR? oh, I know... he's a family member of upper management. He gets paid more than ANY other floor associate and brags about it.

BCF is crooked, PERIOD. Because this is the only stable job I have been able to find in a decade, I am forced to stay and deal with this BS.

I really hope that someone from corporate see's this, puts the pieces together and does something about it. Wait a minute, I almost forgot, they don't care.

Julie on 11/24/2012:
I work in this hell too. Everything that you said is true for me too. In my work we are treat like borderline slave, and no body cares. The use and abuse are awful. I just hate this place. I work there while I find other job. I dpnt understand the company they prefer that the merchandise get broken, get seal that the clothes are in the floor, the shoes all mismates, the toys broken, the lines all open than hire more employees or give more hours. The bottom line is the company is greedy.
nancy on 04/12/2013:
Worked with burlington, managers have no respect for their employees, they loud talk you in front of customers, they tell you the customers are always right, even if you are in danger. They make lots of mistakes on your pay check, so employees be sure to look over your check clearly.The company never wants you to call out sick or for an emergency, if you do management wants to know why, which is none of their business.Burlington clearly needs to get there priorities strait about how they treat employees,
cause if you do not I'm afraid you will not get all the clientel that you are looking to get and therefore your business might go down hill. And you need to have a discussion with management about laying their hands on employees. I see a lawsuit, coming.
John on 08/15/2013:
Since Bain Capital bought Burlington there has been a gradual but contiuning emphasis on productivity in their stores. This means less people / more work for whom is left. Many new programs and teaching aids are in place. Unfortunately, store management doesn't utilize these tools and still throw new hires on the sales floor after a two hour( at most ) orientation. Customer service is constantly stressed but payroll won't support near enough help to raise scores. Cashiers are ask to do multiple tasks while still delivering a great check out experience plus getting phone numbers, talking up surveys, selling Light the Night balloons, doing recovery in every understaffed department, and keeping that positive outlook, all at a wage that still qualifies you for food stamps. Management doesn't have it any easier. That have many,many new programs to implement. But their already overworked so their implemented half assed ( the Voice Committee ) or not at all ( Manager on Duty ). Unless of course someone fom corp. is coming. Then there's a mad scramble to get paperwork up to date and put on that Corp. face. There is a concerted effort in effect to erase the old Burlington philosophies and the people (high seniority managers ) who might harbor them, so there is a fear factor involved that is not conducive to a good working environment. Upper management new hires come from main line retailers ( Macy's , May Company, Sears ) and have no idea how off- price retailers work. They want Main Line customer service, merchandising, and operational compliances at off-price payroll percentages. Aint going to happen. It takes people to build and maintain a business. Go in any Burlington, how many sales associates do you see? If you can find one.
anonymous on 09/20/2013:
I work for Burlington Coat Factory. I get the gut feeling my store manager hates me.I feel that I am being discriminated. Last year, I got the lowest amount of hours including seasonal people. My store manager refuses to let me work early in the receiving. He wants to stick me with hours nobody wants to work. He calls me in when every body in receiving left for the day and I am stuck all by my self. Do you think it rude for management to call at noon on labor to do receiving when he scheduled people to start early and did not ask me ahead of time? Do you think it is rude for a manager not to ask me how late I can work until?
Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the hours I am getting this year. I wish the management team would be more fair and listen to me. I wish they would stop lying to me and making false promises. I hope and pray to God that I will find something better or be able to transfer to a different Burlington that is closer to home. Hopefully, with better management.
lui rojas on 02/11/2014:
Do they check you if you smoke weed
Discrimminated on 02/24/2014:
Who wrote the comment about weed? I am just a woman who is a victim of discrimination. I liked working at Burlington Coat Factory. It breaks my heart to see a younger, taller woman still working there. She started after me. I wonder how these managers would feel if they were being discriminated..
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Burlington Coat Factory A USA Sweat Shop
Posted by on
Burlington Coat factory buys what they call buy outs. Which is merchandise other companies no longer want. Say Macys orders a certain coat and they no longer want anymore or they see its out of style, they then stop the order. With all the extra merchandise the vendors offer them a very cheap price so Burlington buys it. Its really out of style stuff.

In addition how there is no employee union is based on how they treat there employees. They will not start one (employees) for they will get fired. Burlington coat has hired many from Macys and Kholes (presidents and vice presidents only) which also treat there workers horribly. There raises are the bottom of the barrel. 10 or 15 cent a hour raise (no raises 2009). They had let go all there full time employees only to get part timers so they don't have to pay for vacations, sick, etc. They don't care about any employees and over work every single one of them. A modern day sweat shop.

Ask anyone who works at one. Believe me they will do anything possible not to have a union as they know and will continue to treat there employees under the worst conditions.
There quality of clothes have gone down since a company called bains bought them. A company who will run it to the ground and then sell it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
You are right. Burlington is like a big lots. They buy out LOTS of furniture or anyting else that is overstocked by a company and not selling. That is why they get them cheap, and turn around and sell them to the comsumer for cheaper than retail.

ummm....So if you don't like your job, quit. Why come on here and tell us about it? There are thousands of people out there that are unemployed right now and would be happy just to have A JOB. If you don't like what you make, then maybe you should look into taking up a trade, or find out how to go back to school to get a more proffessional job.

Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
Many, many , many employers have done the same thing you describe. Cut backs in hours, full/part time status, benefits, 401K matches, etc.

Myself, I LOVE Burlington. I shop there before TJMaxx, Filenes basement, Steinmart, etc. Better name brands, better prices.
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
And lots of people don't want unions.
Critical_level2 on 02/07/2010:
I agree with LS on unions. Unions have the ability to destroy a business and cause major job loss, just look at what the UAW Union did to GM and Chrysler. At Burlington, a union would probably cause the prices to go up, which would hurt business.
Burlington Worker on 02/07/2010:
Some of there stuff even had a different label over the one that was originally on the coat. Bad business. Better check your coat it may be one of them.
Ytropious on 02/08/2010:
Uh what? That's because your company bought it and needs to cover the msrp. I've been other buy out places that don't retag but cover old tags with new stickers. What exactly is wrong with that?
Burlington Worker on 02/08/2010:
If you cover up labels. Its not a ticket. A label describes the merchandise. If you thought you bought a Calvin Klien and underneath the label was the an original label that said something like henry's coats, what would you think? One, you over paid...........you can guess the other.
bcfworker2 on 06/18/2010:
burlington worker, you need to tell the whole story. As soon as those coats were discovered they were pulled from the salesfloor. We had to check every coat in the building to make sure there weren't anymore, by any other vendor. It's OK to be disgruntled about your job, but don't tell half truths just to make the company look bad.
PepperElf on 06/18/2010:
a sweat shop?

so you're paid less than minimum wage, off the books so you can't ever complain to the labor board about anything, and you make the coats yourself until your fingers are sore and bleeding?

or are you just in a job that you dislike?

you might want to consider job hunting, perhaps even use an employment agency, and put down that you only want full time positions
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