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Poor Customer Service & Relations
Posted by Charitybwhite on 09/27/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought some cute Carter boots for my daughter, but upon getting home and putting them on her, to see how they worked with the outfits I bought them for, the zipper was separating below, so I decided I would return them and pick out some other boots.

I pulled into the lot, and got my daughter out of her car seat when she then kicked off her shoes. I already had the diaper bag, my purse, and her and didn't have room to carry the shoes, so I placed them in the bag and carried her to a cart.

Immediately in the store, I get in line to replace my items. The man at the counter asks for my return and I hand him the bag. He takes the boots out and asks for my receipt, which I then got out of my purse. It checks out and he gives me a refund. I then head back to the shoe department to find another pair of boots. However, they are low in supply and there aren't any that will fit my daughter, so we leave.

The next morning I remember the shoes are in the bag. I return to the store and speak the manager, Randy, to ask him for my daughter's pink Nike sandals in the lost and found. He informs me that there aren't any in the lost and found but that he will personally find out what happened to the shoes. He asks me who handled the return and asked the cashier where they placed the boots and the bag they were in. The cashier states the bag was placed on the counter, even though I saw it thrown onto the floor after he handled the refund.

I ask the manager if it is possible they threw the shoes away, and he flat out denies it, "No way, we don't throw bags away." He suggests that maybe they thought my daughters shoes were shoes they were selling. I told him that "Burlington doesn't sell pink Nike sandals, and besides they weren't brand spanking new, I bought them last month." He asked me what time we were in the store, I told him from 6:30 to 7:15pm. He said, "Well, our camera guy will be in in the morning, and I will have him review the cameras. It is possible a customer stole the shoes off the counter." I said, "I highly doubt someone would steal used shoes from a store, especially right off the counter by the register." But he assures me they will find out what happened to my daughters shoes. He double checked to make sure he had my correct number and I confirmed it for him. He said, "I will call you once my camera guy reviews the tape." I felt like he was just trying to get rid of me. But regardless I gave him the benefit, and I waited....and waited... and finally I called him. And guess what, after finding out who I was, the person answering the phone said, "Randy wanted to know if you would like to leave a message since he can't talk at the moment." No thanks, it's apparent he isn't too good at answering calls, returning calls, or customer service for that matter. So, I think I have had enough of Burlington's increasingly poor customer service, regardless of the prices of their products. It's a shame, I used to work at this store and we used to provide excellent customer service.

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Posted by andbram on 2013-09-27:
i use to work retail. now the store i worked at was not in a great part of town. i have seen people who will steal anything not nailed down whether it was new or used.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-28:
With all the detail and effort you have gone through, my suggestion would be to pursue contacting Randy at least a second time. My guess is the shoes were not located, and he didn't want to break the news to you. He should have called you back though.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-28:
You seem to think that it's Burlington's responsibility to solve a problem that was more or less of your own doing. How much time passed between when they said they would have the camera guy call you and when you called them? If it was a matter of days then yeah, I think it was appropriate to call them, but it was the same day they said they would call, then I think you should've given them more time.
Posted by yoke on 2013-09-28:
It is possible that they have been really busy and viewing the tape is the last thing on their mind. It really isn't their fault the shoes were left behind and is not top priority for them.
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Sale Clerk and Store Manager Very Rude unprofessional. Also the Main Office Had the Same Attitude. Will Never Shop There Again.
Posted by Ghaddakallabat on 08/23/2013
STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- Went to the store to return an item that was purchased in April with tag still attached never been worn and had my receipt. Cashier refused to give me a full refund because the item is on sale now, and it is passed thirty days . Talked to the store manager which also refuse to do so . I did point out to the manager that they have the same item on the flower still with the same amount that I paid for mine. Manager and cashier had the worse attitude, unprofessional, rude, worse customer service you can imagine.

Today I called the main office trying to solve this problem. The main office customer service had even worse attitude!! Will never shop there again and going to tell all family and friends not to do so.

Burlington Coat Factory you need to set your customer service straight, no customer no business . And shame on you for cheating the consumer .
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Posted by andbran on 2013-08-23:
this is a common practice in retail. once the return window is closed the receipt is taken out of the system. once that happens you will only get the last sale price. it does not matter if the tag is still attached or if it has never been worn. if you want what you paid for you have to return in the time you are given. so this is not Burlington fault. you tried to return after the 30 days.
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The Doesn't fit.....so Why Should I Have to Wear It?
Posted by Traijuhn0382.rr on 07/03/2013
The box says one size but, that's not what was in the box. I tried to return it but, because its after thirty days its gone on sale. I understand that but my receipt tells you what I paid. I should be able to get what I paid. It's clearly the wrong box:)
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Posted by CU on 2013-07-03:
What is the return policy stated on your receipt?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-04:
I think it's reasonable to expect the consumer to at least try it on within 30 days. If you bought it at the store you could've easily have tried it on before you bought it. If you bought it online, then it's your responsibility to try it on when it gets to you.
Posted by andbran on 2013-07-04:
here is their return policyReturn Policy - For Items Purchased In Our Local Stores

An original receipt dated within 30 days of purchase is required for all returns/exchanges in our stores
Merchandise must be new and in unused condition
Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. Returns from a check purchase will be sent a mail check within seven (7) days. Debit cards using a PIN will receive cash
Merchandise returned from a completed layaway and receipted returns accepted after 30 days will receive a gift card
Non-receipted returns, accompanied by a photo ID (driver’s license, state issued non-driver ID, passport, or military ID) and returns after 60 days will receive a gift card for the lowest selling price
All returns are subject to system verification and/or approval
Items bought in our local stores cannot be returned to our Webstore fulfillment center.
Posted by andbran on 2013-07-04:
according to their website it does say the receipt is only good for 30 days. then it goes out of their system. you could try selling it on craigslist.
Posted by ILOVEMYSON on 2013-07-04:
I remember when they didn't even let you return stuff at all..I think they only let you get an exchange if that..I'm not sure why people buy things and then never try them on or never use them or at least check it over just in case something could be damaged or wrong..
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Avoid!!! They Do Not Believe in Customer Service Whatsoever!
Posted by Toofunnyhaha on 02/05/2013
KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI -- Wanted to make a somewhat large PURCHASE from them. Kirkwood store manager was rude and unwilling to help. They act like they don't want to make any sales? Why are they in business then? I'm very confused by their attitude.

I went to another one of their stores and explained the situation to another manager. Within a few minutes, she was on it and made the sale. It was simple. Not hard. I let the main office know the situation . . . that the Kirkwood store did a horrible job, but the other store did a great job. Even the main office never responded to my e-mails. This company does not believe in Customer Service, and evidently does not believe in rewarding their good employees. Avoid at all costs.

**Give your time and money to a company that cares about their customers!!!

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Posted by Susan on 2013-02-05:
What was the reason given by the first location for denying your purchase?
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Jota27 on 01/23/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was in the Burlington Coat Factory store located on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, Florida yesterday, store number 322, at 8204 S. Orange Blossom Trail, and encountered several issues that I feel need to be brought to someone's attention.

I was there to sign up and complete the baby registry for the birth of our first baby at the end of May. After filling out all of the proper information at the self-service baby registry I followed the directions on my printout in order to receive the price gun so that I could begin adding gifts to the registry and since no one was in the general area I decided to go to the Customer Service desk in order to be helped.

I stood for 15-20 minutes at the Customer Service desk before I was told that I had to make the line to the cashier desk which happened to also be the Customer Service desk and is not clearly defined as such, and not only did I stand there for a while before being told this information I was told rudely by an employee that was just walking by, not even by the "Customer Service Representative/ Cashier". After speaking with the “Customer Service Representative/ Cashier" an "all call" was made for an employee, Jesus, that there were customers in need of assistance in the baby registry area, and they needed assistance.

My wife and I then went back to the baby registry area immediately and waited for Jesus. Not only did he not show up at all, we waited for 20 minutes before an employee to even remember, or notice, that we were still waiting for this employee. The other employee said that he would find Jesus and let him know that we were still there but he still never came. Another 10 minutes go by before another employee walked by and noticed we have been waiting for a long time in the same area and asked if she could help us with anything, we told her that we were waiting for Jesus to come and help us and give us the scan gun in order to add gifts to our registry.

Supposedly this employee knew how to handle this so she located the scan gun and "programmed” it in order for us to be able to scan gifts into our registry. The first five items I scanned did not even register, the scan gun kept saying it was a bad scan and did not accept the barcode that I was trying to add to our registry, I had this error even after I scanned any barcodes that were shown. After much wasted time in waiting and faulty equipment my wife and I decided that it was time to go, as we were walking to the front of the store we walked by an employee and happened to look at the name tag and guess what it said, of course, Jesus, he was walking around the store and re-arranging items to make them look more appealing, and not helping guests that have been waiting for him since finishing the baby registry form.

Before we left the store I requested that a manager come and speak to me and had to wait another 15 minutes before one was even located. The manager came to speak to me and never gave his name, he only had his name tag and it did not show that he was actually the manager at this Burlington Coat Factory. I told him about the issues that I encountered at the store and was told that Jesus was a decent employee and is usually pretty helpful, and that he would look into the issues that we encountered during our trip to Burlington Coat Factory during one of the happiest times in our lives.

I cannot believe that Customer Service has gone this far to the waste side and that people are working "just to earn a paycheck". I also want to point out that many of the display items, in fact almost all of the display items, are covered in dust, stained, and just plain nasty looking, as if they haven't been cleaned in quite some time, some of the clothes were discolored as well but nowhere near as bad as the equipment.

I would never recommend anyone to shop at Burlington Coat Factory, especially the store on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, and most of all I am going to tell everyone that I know to never try to do the baby registry because of all of the recalled equipment due to child safety, dirty and stained equipment, a major lack of customer service and customer satisfaction, along with the inability to satisfy their customers. Although my wife, my unborn baby, and I will be brushed aside, I will make sure that everyone I know knows the issues that we faced and the lack of care that we were shown on this visit on January 22, 2013.
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Posted by erik dennard on 2014-01-11:
Just recently I went into the Burlington here in Seminole
Fl and got this incredible stench of mold and sewech, needles to say that I did an about face and from what I've been told the stench still is there and if so that's definitely a health Hazzard to say the least.
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I Purchased Bad Merchandise, and Could Not Return It, With a Receipt.
Posted by Emricks46 on 01/20/2013
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased $100 of merchandise from BCF, which one item was a sweater for $19.99. I wore it about 3 or 4 times, and it began to bead up a lot. $20 is a lot of money, to pay for something and you wear it a couple of times and it looks like you have had it for ages.

I took the sweater back before my receipt expired and I could not even get a store credit. That's really bad, and the manager was very rude. I will never again shop at this store, ever again. Take your money to Kohl's or Ross, I know you will get good quality merchandise. At least you can exchange it if it tears up.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-21:
I can appreciate the frustration, but one company's marking mixture is different from another. They offer a product at a fair price, but may not feel the need to exchange the merchandise. I wouldn't feel this is bad unless there was a guarantee to do so EVEN THOUGH THE MERCHANDISE HAD BEEN WORN.
Posted by shayen on 2013-01-21:
Per their website:

Return Policy - For Items Purchased In Our Local Stores:
•An original receipt dated within 30 days of purchase is required for all returns/exchanges in our stores
•Merchandise must be new and in unused condition

Ironically, had you purchased via their website, they state they accept returns with receipts FOR ANY REASON within 30 days.

At this point, your only recourse may be to contact the manufacturer of the sweater.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2013-01-21:
How long had it been since you purchased the sweater? Their website states 30 days and unused. If you are not pleased with the quality of the sweater, you need to contact the manufacturer and complain to them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-01-21:
It sounds like the jacket had normal wear and tear. Cheaper fabrics tend to pill very fast. You bought the sweater at a discount retailer. It's been my experience that they sell cheap no-name clothing and leftovers/excess stock so I'm not sure why you would of expected them to accept a return on a used item? Very few retailers allow you to return "used" merchandise anymore, especially clothing that, as in this case, is not defective, just poor quality.
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Talk about service at Burlington if you feel lucky hitting Powerball
Posted by on 11/06/2012
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Customer Service was so Rude. Enough about this store's customer service. This store has to come down eventually because of all this nonsense service. Experience: I bought a coat and showed them coupon on my phone. Cashier (boy) demanded that they can accept only paper version. Acceptable to me (prevents store fraud by their own employee in some cases). I asked if I can bring the coat and paper coupon back for price adjustment and I was told that I can do that. Cashier asked another employee (seemed to me like store manager) about the same and I got the same answer that I can do price adjustment during my next visit. Either way no big deal they can just process return and rerun the transaction using coupon.

I went the next day and customer service (rude/dirty) lady/girl said I have to find it on the floor and then do another transaction. I requested that I was told that I could do price adjustment by the cashier (boy) who was also present at that time at another register but again I was declined service. I asked another (nice) cashier who was behind that rude girl cashier about the matter she informed the rude (girl) cashier that she could simply process the return and re-run the transaction using coupon. Rude cashier snatched the coat from nicer cashier and said its store policy (as if she owns the store) that she cannot even allow the same coat to be returned to customer and I have to find a new coat from the store. What a waste of time encouraged by self made store policy.

Am I Going back over there? Never. The environment because of such employees makes experience make worse. Buying is never fun in such an environment and spending hundreds on coats from Burlington seems wasted.

Store: 1563 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA
Date: 11/05/2012
Time: Around 7:30pm
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Posted by Alain on 2012-11-06:
Let Burlington Coat Factory corporate know about this unpleasant event: http://www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/ContactUs.aspx?Category=Corporate
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Cannot return the item which is worn once
Posted by Akshyanya on 06/05/2012
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I got an expensive dress for my daughter, she wore it just once and it has the small yarn bubbles every where. when I tried to return it with the receipt next day, they said it is worn.. I asked is this the dress worth the money I put? The guy was very rude and said he cannot take it.. after few days my husband went to return it without the receipt, they took it back and gave half of the money I paid for it saying that the current rate of the dress is that much... They just try to rob you when they get a chance. I stopped visiting Burlington.. Target, Walmart, Kohls are much better.

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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-06-05:
I would side with the store on this one. A worn dress is just that, worn. BCH is in the business of selling clothing, not renting it. If they let everyone return things they had worn, even once, they would be out of business very quickly.
Posted by James239 on 2012-06-05:
I'm with the OP on this one. She had the receipt and the return with in the a lotted timeframe.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-05:
Return Policy - For Items Purchased In Our Local Stores

An original receipt dated within 30 days of purchase is required for all returns/exchanges in our stores
Merchandise must be new and in unused condition
Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. Returns from a check purchase will be sent a mail check within seven (7) days. Debit cards using a PIN will receive cash
Merchandise returned from a completed layaway and receipted returns accepted after 30 days will receive a gift card
Non-receipted returns, accompanied by a photo ID (driver’s license, state issued non-driver ID, passport, or military ID) and returns after 60 days will receive a gift card for the lowest selling price
All returns are subject to system verification and/or approval
Items bought in our local stores cannot be returned to our Webstore fulfillment center.

Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-05:
pretty much a no brainer: merchandise must be new and in unused condition. seems getting half the money back and declaring not to shop there again is a win-win for you. nobody wants clothes that start falling apart after one wear.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-05:
Your husband got the lowest sales price because he didn't have the receipt - that is standard practice to avoid fraud.

As for you being told the dress was worn, you admit that it was. Therefore, it was technically not returnable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-05:
Why did your husband return it without the receipt? You had the receipt the first time you returned it, so it doesn't make sense that he returned the dress without it. When you don't have the receipt, the store refunds it to you at the lowest price of the item. They have no way of knowing what you originally paid.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-05:
You bought the dress at a discount store that sells leftovers and cheap unknown brands and you got what you paid for. Trust me, I know. My mom buys my daughter dresses there all the time and I've had dresses fall apart before they've been worn.
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Debit card purchase: charged twice
Posted by Mbayasud on 04/04/2012
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On April 1st, I purchased a few baby items from BCF. The items, with tax, totaled $11.90. I thought I had made a terrific purchase, as I had bought other baby items for my son's baby at other stores, where the prices did not seem as fair. LITTLE DID I KNOW!
When I went to purchase the items, using my debit card, I put my PIN number in, and the clerk stated that it "did not go through" and would I put the card PIN through again. That did not seem unreasonable, and I made sure that my purchase was only listed one time, for $11.90 on my receipt.
After I got home, I went online to my bank account to look over purchase activities.
The $11.90 showed up, and was debited, twice.
I went back to BCF on April 2nd in the late afternoon. I had already spoken by phone with the stores manager of that day, who advised me that I would need to bring in my receipt and proof of the double-debit on my bank record, and that the info. would have to be faxed to the corporate headquarters! I had never heard of such a thing, having had stores such as Petco accidentally charge twice for a purchase, and they readily corrected their error at their stores.
So in order to get back my $11.90, I drove all the way to the BCF, incurring the cost of gasoline (due to driving distance from my home) as well as my own time, which I also value.
After giving my receipt and banking record page to an associate at BCF, I was told that they would need to make copies and fax the information to their headquarters. I was then told that the associate would call me to let me know when the headquarters answered their fax.
WELL... here we are on April 4th, and no phone call on the 2nd or the 3rd, and I finally called this associate this morning. She "explained" that there were circuit problems through the store organization, and that she would check into the situation and call me back. She also said to keep checking my bank account to see if the error had been taken care of, and my money refunded.
Well, it is now 4:31 P. M., and:
a. No phone call back from the associate, or anyone at the store;
b. No reversal of the extra set of charges on my account.

Am I to assume that when a mistake is made by an employee, the computerized cash register system, or whatever, that I need to just "swallow" the extra set of charges, thereby costing me $23.80 instead of $11.90?
I am furious. I realize that other customers have had far worse experiences, but I think I have give them ample time to respond and take care of this.
I welcome anyone thoughts on this. Thank you.
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Posted by Bill on 2012-04-04:
Be thankful it was only $11.
I would wait a few more days to see if the credit shows up. I know from experience store credits take a lot longer to show up then store debits.

If after a few days you still don't see it then contact your bank. They will be able to tell by the transaction times if it was a double entry then they should credit it back to you.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2012-04-04:
I'm going to bet the charge drops off your account. Is it listed in your pending charges? We had a customer who had an issue with her card not reading correctly and it was swiped twice. Her card showed that the charges were pending two times. We checked our records and we only received the money one time but we couldn't convince this woman that the charge would drop off. It was a matter of hours after the purchase. She was getting very angry so we mailed her the amount of money ($11.90) and I told my husband that it was worth it to get her to stop calling and keep her from getting very angry. Well, 2 days later her husband shows up at our store with the $11.90 and says "you were right, the charge was pending and its gone now."
Posted by Amyss3 on 2012-04-09:
The same thing happened to me on the same day. I was charged twice. I am just realizing the mishap. I called the bank, they told me to fill out a dispute form but they are also investigating. They told me to call the store. I called the store and was told that it was a national thing that occurred between 1pm and 7pm and if you used your debit card, it most likely happened to you. They told me to call my bank and call them on 3 way and they would explain. I live in the DC metro area and went to VA location. I am going to call corporate. I need my chump change back. As I remember, my card had to be swiped twice because "it didn't go through" the first time. I actually had to run it as CREDIT instead of DEBIT before it went through.
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Consumers Beware - Debit Card Purchase Double Charged
Posted by Cloydt15 on 12/25/2011
HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- On Dec 20, 2011 I made a purchase of 50.72 at Burlington coat Factory and my debit card transaction was "supposedly" not being accepted even after I had entered my pin. The cashier tried the transaction again, and still the same results. She then got the manager and same results. She asked that I now (4th attempt) to try selecting credit card vice debit and the transaction went through. I asked it the charge might have been made and was told that it had NOT because no receipt printed. Today, I called my credit card company and sure enough, I was charged TWICE (SO FAR) for that purchase. Now I am thinking back on the many times that I have had similar experiences and might have been charged twice. Consumers Beware.

I have not YET returned to Burlington to take care of this issue, but intend to soonest.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-25:
I think your credit card company should be able to assist you. If they see the same amount going through at least twice, and possibley four times they should know that something isn't right and be able to intervene on your behalf.
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