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Burlington Coat Factory
1830 Route 130
Burlington, NJ 08016
609-387-7800 (ph)
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Failed to deliver product yet refuses to refund money
By -

APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- On October 22, 2005, I purchased a baby gate from Burlington Coat Factory. When I got the gate home, it didn't fit the space for which it was intended. The next day I brought the gate and my receipt back to the store for a refund. I was told the store does not offer refunds for returned merchandise, only in-store credit. Their policy was not clearly posted. I was very upset and asked to talk with a manager. The manager asked me condescendingly, “Didn't you measure the space before purchasing the gate?”. He said they did not have the ability to issue a refund and repeatedly referred to their no refund policy.

I told him their policy is not clearly posted and is most certainly not customer friendly. The store did not have a gate that fit my needs in stock nevertheless, as an attempt to make a bad situation better, I begrudgingly agreed to special order a gate. They applied the money I had paid for the returned gate to the special order gate and I was told I would receive a call in eight to ten weeks. I never received a call.

On June 5, 2006, I called the store and spoke with the assistant manager. I explained the circumstances, gave him the invoice details and requested a refund. He agreed failure to deliver the product was unacceptable and he would immediately issue a refund. He said I should expect to receive documentation in the mail. I never received documentation or a refund. On September 5, 2006, I spoke with the store manager on the phone. He said his assistant manager would call me back. I never received a call back.

On September 5, 2006 I filed a complaint with the attorney general. I received a response from Burlington Coat Factory's Vice President of Customer Relations dated September 22, 2006, stating I am not entitled to a refund because they issued a gift card and I am only entitled to in-store credit. (I assume when I returned the original gate and had the balance applied toward the special order, their internal accounting deemed the transaction as issuing a gift card).

On October 2, 2006, I went into the store to talk with the manager face-to-face. He said he would refund the money but ultimately did not. He told me he could not issue a refund but only offer in-store credit. I told him no. I'm going to the newspapers – they failed to deliver the product and now refuse to return my money. He said he needs to talk to corporate… then he said he needs to talk to the assistant manager to ensure a refund wasn't already issued… then he said corporate needs to issue a check in 14 days to refund and the excuses went on and on. In the end he said he would call corporate the next morning and promised to call me back the same day.

On October 3, 2006, I received a voice message from the store manager. He said he spoke with corporate and they are going to “look into it”. He said I should expect to receive correspondence from them (corporate) either in the mail or by phone. No commitment to time frame or to outcome was made – it was an obvious brush-off.

The following are excerpts taken from your Code of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics written on August 5, 2004:

At Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation (the “Company”), integrity is our core value, and our good name is our most valued asset. We are committed to uncompromising integrity in all our dealings with each other, our customers, trading partners and members of the public.

Making Ethical Decisions: When faced with a decision, ask yourself these questions about the choice you are considering: How does this decision affect others (customers, suppliers, partners, stockholders, competitors, the community, other employees, or you)? How does the decision look to others? An innocent action can result in the appearance of wrongdoing, or create an unintended sense of obligation between parties. How would you feel if this decision were made public? Could the decision be honestly explained and defended? Have the implications of this decision been fully explored, or would additional advice be helpful?

I can say with confidence, this code was not applied to my situation. The dollar amount in question is not a large amount – a mere pittance to a National company, yet the company seems willing to sacrifice their own code of ethics, customer base and reputation to keep it.

Worst Store to Ever Place an Order With
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I placed an order online and in a three week period, only received a few of the items. I called their customer service number and sent an email multiple times inquiring on the rest of my order. After a month and a half, I finally received an email just stating that they no longer had those items in stock. I don't understand why you would sell something online that you do not have. And why you would not bother to respond to the customer to at least give them information.

Worst Shipping Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE -- I have ordered from Burlington on several occasions but I think their prices on girls clothes is spectacular! But if you are in a rush to receive the clothes - then I would suggest you not order ONLINE. I received an email from January 24, 2014 saying my order had been shipped and it would take 5-8 business days. Today is February 10, 2014! This is not the first time I have experienced this issue with Burlington but it is definitely the last!

Honest and Helpful Staff
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Rating: 5/51

FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA -- I walked out without my watches and day later I remembered. They helped me find my purchase and help me with a smile. The honesty of the store personnel was a good sight for me. I got all the help I needed with no wait. Thank you to the team at the Fairfield, Alabama store.

The Doesn't fit... so Why Should I Have to Wear It?
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Rating: 1/51

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- The box says one size but, that's not what was in the box. I tried to return it but, because its after thirty days its gone on sale. I understand that but my receipt tells you what I paid. I should be able to get what I paid. It's clearly the wrong box :)

Consumers Beware - Debit Card Purchase Double Charged
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- On Dec 20, 2011 I made a purchase of 50.72 at Burlington coat Factory and my debit card transaction was "supposedly" not being accepted even after I had entered my pin. The cashier tried the transaction again, and still the same results. She then got the manager and same results. She asked that I now (4th attempt) to try selecting credit card vice debit and the transaction went through. I asked if the charge might have been made and was told that it had NOT because no receipt printed.

Today, I called my credit card company and sure enough, I was charged TWICE (SO FAR) for that purchase. Now I am thinking back on the many times that I have had similar experiences and might have been charged twice. Consumers Beware. I have not YET returned to Burlington to take care of this issue, but intend to soonest.

An Absolutely WONDERFUL Experience!!!
By -

STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN -- If you are looking for a motor home, travel trailer, tent trailer - or any RV, definitely give Burlington RV a look. From the first time we set foot in the dealership, looking through the lot, making the deal, to the delivery of the motor home we purchased and beyond, we have been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Jim Kerkman was the salesman who took us through the whole process and was, and still is, extremely pleasant to talk to and deal with.

We continue to go to the dealership for RV supplies/parts and the people there go out of their way to help and are always so kind and respectful. You can tell the people there really care about their customers.

They have a HUGE selection of all types of RV's in everyone's price range and their parts and supplies department has reasonable prices and a wide variety of products.

It has been almost 2-1/2 years since we purchased our RV from Burlington RV and when we made the purchase, the AC was not working. Jim promised that they would take care of it/make the repair. We waited almost a year after we made the purchase to take it to the shop for the repair and even a year later, Jim was there to help us out.

I HIGHLY recommend Burlington RV. They are in no way like the typical auto/rv dealership. Extremely nice people and you can tell they really enjoy where they work - it shows in the way they treat their customers.

You Are A Rude Cashier!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I just had the most horrible experience at the Burlington Coat Factory on 23rd St and 6th Ave in NYC. I was waiting in line to be checked out. There was only one cashier for a while and then another came on. After about 10 mins, the new cashier must have called me, but I didn't hear her, because the other cashier said "What did you fall asleep? Next customer!" I was a little annoyed by this but ignored her and went to the open cashier. While being rung up by a nice cashier, the heard the other one say "Jesus Christ... Actin' like I'm going to take the card. Where am I going to run to?" to the woman she was checking out. Then, she stated it again when the woman apologized. I was about 6 stations down and heard the cashier's rant clearly. I could not believe what I heard. To be that rude, taking the Lord's name in vain, AND repeating it again. WOW - she has nerve. After I was done, I walked down and looked at her name tag. It said [snip].

Well, [she] obviously hates her job and should not be in customer service. I'm in the hospitality industry and if any of my associates said even half that, they would be terminated on the spot!

I know plenty of people who are out of work that would love to have her job... and would smile while doing it.

Burlington Coat Factory Returns
By -

I ordered a jacket from the Burlington Coat Factory a few days ago. I got the jacket fairly quickly, but it is way too big. I wanted to exchange the jacket for a smaller size, so I went online to Customer Return section. I entered my name, email address, phone #, the order #, and the reason for the return, submitted it, and got an error. EVERY TIME I try to submit this I get an error. There is no customer service number I can call for returns, it seems you can only do them online.

Unless I am missing something (I hope). This website is not customer friendly! Its ridiculous!

Online service
By -

I ordered product from BABY DEPOT REGISTRY for Baby Shower. The first time I place the order I called to make sure it would be shipped to correct address. The person I talked to said the person that is on the registry has the address blocked out, but will be shipped to her. I followed through with my order. The shipping address was mine at the end of the submit order. So I called and the only way to change this was to cancel the order and reorder. So I did this, making sure the correct address was there. It was.
After shipping, I received email stating UPS deliver date and shipping address again as mine, not the name on the registry. I called a number of times. Burlington Coat Factory refuses to fix this, I have to refuse the order, have it go back to them, they will not ship it to correct address and I will get refund when it is sent back to them. I will NEVER use their online service again and will be sure to spread the word to others and my niece who was registered with them. As I live in Vermont, and she lives in RI, her shipping address is where it should have gone, and I paid extra for quick shipping time. They do not want to work this out at all, and I caution anyone who is doing any online business with them and want gifts sent to other address than billing address.


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