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Service Manager
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MARLTON, NEW JERSEY -- Most obnoxious service manager. I took the car in for service of air bag light being on (for the third time) and was told it would cost $800. This was before looking at the car. I have taken the car for every scheduled service since I bought the car in 2001. When I talked to the general manager he scheduled an appointment which again the service manager told me there was no problem with the air bag but the light had to be fixed for $800.

I cannot take the car back to the dealership for service for fear of other hidden charges and unfair treatment.
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alanj76 on 05/23/2008:
I don't know who you were dealing with, but I had a great experience with them!

As I was driving home from work last Thursday, I noticed that my left turn signal was not working. Even though I called the service dept after 6pm, someone was there to schedule my car for service the next morning. The repair needed seemed to be that of a new "multiplex" box which, unfortunately, was not on hand. I was unable to leave my car
for Saturday and scheduled the repair for Tuesday 5/13.

On Tuesday, despite replacement of the new part, the turn signal still did not operate. They kindly provided me with a rental car for which I am grateful. This allowed me to keep my schedule of activities and, since the rental car was the same model as my own, it was a "no-brainer" to drive!

I am delighted to say that I now have my own car back and the turn signals both work!! Perhaps this problem with the turn signal would seem a minor to some, but I believe it was a huge safety issue on the road. Although the fault was originally thought to be with the"multiplex", they explained to me that it was actually in another relay.

Even though I was prepared to pay for the more costly multplex, my actual charges were much less. Their honesty in this matter makes me even happier and remains the reason I continue to use Burns Honda for all of my car's service.
Anonymous on 05/23/2008:
Thanks for the input, alanj76. I find myself grinning in anticipation of when Microsoft's SYNCH system goes 'toes up'.
Driver: "Call home."
Phone rings: "Allo, dissa Rome...you want to talka to da Pope?"
Driver: "Hang up."
Phone rings: "Oh yesh, by Jove. Dish Bangladesh."
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Horrible Customer Service
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CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a car from these guys few years back so when I needed another one this year I wanted to go back to them. I talked to their internet sales person online and explained my situation and she assured me that their finance guy [snip] is really good and blah blah blah. Any ways I went in there and met a different sales guy who had no clue what he was doing. He was repeatedly asking us questions that we already answered him and was wasting our time.

I told the guy not to run my credit check if they have a slightest doubt that can't get my application approved and give me 100% assurance. He swore up and down too that [snip] can do any thing. So I let them run a credit check. After being there for like 4 hours I finally went to find this guy who apparently forgot about us. So he started making excuses that all the banks are closed and he will call me tomorrow. OK I left and waited for his call all day and no call. I called him 3 times and left messages and he did not even have the decency to call me back. Finally I called and asked for a manager and told him what happened and of course they don't really care.

So unless you are a perfect credit score I don't recommend going there, they will treat you bad and lower your credit score even more by running credit checks on you. I will also be reporting them to Hyundai and BBB.
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Anonymous on 04/19/2009:
The dealer doesn't make credit decisions, so they can't guarantee anyone will get financing--that's in the hands of the lender. And a credit check might not even impact your FICO score. If it does, it probably wouldn't drop it more than a few points, which usually won't make any difference to lenders.
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