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Fast shipping on a really good computer!
Posted by Wowplays2013 on 01/22/2014
I picked out an Asus laptop computer from the Buy a cheap laptop .net website, paid for the shipping which was maybe a little high, and then waited for my laptop to come in the mail. In two days I got a package from UPS which turned out to be my brand new laptop!

If guarantees mean anything, then this Buy a cheap laptop .net company is the best place to go for a new laptop at a good price.

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Buy Squad = Huge Fraud
Posted by Flaviobeda on 12/30/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Buy Squad Inc. is synonym of huge fraud. They offer products they don't have for the best price, take purchase's money and steal it.

Before I place my order, I saw good comments of Buy Squad Inc. at internet but now I know all are fake. They do their own reviews!!

Unfortunately I did not see Buy Squad bbb's rate before my purchase. It is "D" !!!

In Dec. 5th, I bought one Sharp 90 inches TV at Buy Squad web store, order # 1386156987 and had paid $ 6,245.98 by wire transfer on Dec 6th.

Now, Dec 30th I know I was victim of a huge fraud. They took my money, did not deliver my order and do not answer e-mails or phone calls.
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Huge Fraud
Posted by Flaviobeda on 12/27/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Buy Squad Inc. is synonym of huge fraud. They offer products they don't have for the best price, take purchase's money and steal it.

Before I place my order, I saw good comments of Buy Squad Inc. at internet but now I know all are fake. They do their own reviews!!

Unfortunately I did not see Buy Squad bbb's rate before my purchase. It is "D" !!!

In Dec. 5th, I bought one Sharp 90 inches TV at Buy Squad web store, order # 1386156987 and had paid $ 6,245.98 by wire transfer on Dec 6th.

Now, Dec 30th I know I was victim of a huge fraud. They took my money, did not deliver my order and do not answer e-mails or phone calls.
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Damaged Furniture with No Follow Up
Posted by Limartin115 on 07/03/2013
CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- This whole process has been a mess. I have never dealt with a company with such disregard and lack of follow-up with their customers. Especially when they are charging high end prices! We ordered our nursery set on 2/17/2013. There were 3 pieces - a crib, 5 draw chest and a 6 drawer dresser. Our contract noted the expected available date as 5/19-6/2. Once piece arrived prior to that date and the other 2 arrived after the contracted date. During this 14-16 weeks we constantly had to call to follow-up ourselves. There was absolutely no communication offered by the local store. Why am I the customer spending hours of my life on hold to be transferred trying to figure out if my order has come in yet? Then go days / weeks without a call back. We received a call one day saying how was your delivery? We're like what delivery - the store supposedly scheduled (not that we knew) and it never came. When we finally receive the last 2 pieces the chest is delivered broken. The delivery men were kind enough to point it out and attempt to "correct" it. It looks like the whole piece was dropped and the frame is cracked. Not one drawer closes. Do you think customer service called to follow-up? Nope! We call back asking what is the next step. They tell us to keep it while they look for another at a different store. Our daughter is now a month old and we have broken nursery furniture still sitting in the room. That was 4 weeks ago. I have posted on Facebook and leave an order number and contact #, they respond with please email at.... - are you kidding me? You should be calling ME. I called the corporate customer service this week on Monday 7/1 they tell me I'll receive a call within 48 hours from the district manager. No call as of yet. At this point I will have no other alternative then to dispute the full charge with the credit card company and tell everyone how HORRIBLE BUY BUY BABYS products and services are.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-04:
Not that BBB shouldn't make good, but have you tried going through the manufacturer?
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Extended Warranty trouble
Posted by Drraz on 04/21/2010
I purchased a laptop from Buy.com plus an extended warranty. I sent the laptop in for hardware repair when my touchpad stopped working. They fixed the touchpad but they dropped the laptop and broke the corner off of it, and wiped my hard drive clean! Why would they mess with the hard drive when it was a hardware problem?

I called and asked what was done and why, and they said they sent it out to a 3rd party company and couldn't give me any details, and wouldn't be responsible for any lost data or programs.

Don't fall for their fake "extended warranty"!!
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Special return policy
Posted by Canton, Georgia on 01/05/2010
Buy.com Complaints - Return policy
Review all Buy.com complaints
Posted: 2010-01-05 by Canton, Georgia

Return policy

Complaint Rating:
Company information:
United States

I will never again purchase anything from them. Beware of their Special return policy. See below for their policy.

Special Returns Policy
Manufacturer Only Returns (Direct Returns)
Due to manufacturer's policies, certain items sold on our website may only be returned directly to the manufacturer. Such items are so marked on the website.

Contact the manufacturer directly to arrange the return. Be prepared to provide the manufacturer with the following information: Date of purchase, Serial number, manufacturer part number.

A list of manufacturer contacts is available if you need to return a product directly to the manufacturer.

I bought 2 memory modules, that were suppose to work in my computer. I received them and installed them into my computer. My computer would not turn on. I emailed Buy.com and they sent me an email saying that I had to deal with the manufacturer directly. I contacted the memory manufacturer directly and their technical support could not get the memory to work. They told me to return the items to Buy.com. Buy.com will not take them back under any circumstances because they state that the item was under their special return policy. I was somehow suppose to know that this was one of the items under their special return policy.

The manufacturer is not happy that Buy.com will not take back the memory, they simply will not work in my laptop and the manufacturer has updated their configuration finder to state so. I cannot get a refund from them because I did not buy it directly from them. I had no problems with the manufacturer and suggest that you buy directly from them (www.addoncomputer.com).
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-01-05:
This should be simple to resolve. Buy.com says it is due to the "manufacturer's policies" that they won't take the return. Seems like you have good rapport with the manufacturer, so get an email from them saying they have no such policy and please return them directly to Buy.com.

If after that Buy.com is still dragging their feet be prepared to challenge the charge with your credit card company. With all the evidence you will have in hand, it should be easy to challenge the charge. Good luck.
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Stay Away From These Jacks!
Posted by Jonathansamuellee on 12/09/2009
I purchased some video games with Buy.com on BlackFriday for my nephews and niece in another state for Christmas that I paid with PayPal. I didn't receive the purchase confirmation or the cancellation notice via email. The reason they claimed to cancel my order was the billing address was different from shipping. I had them shipped to my outer state sister house.

I tried to call them but they don't have a listed phone number so I left my number for them to call back. I received a call back from their oversea customer service that barely speaks English with strong accent and don’t listen. They asked me all sort of questions for "my protection" about myself and the order that could barely answered. When I made the purchase, I checked out as a guest paying with PayPal so minimum information given out during the purchase.

I was informed as their policies, they do not ship order to different (unconfirmed) address then billing address. They told me, I can't purchase anything for friends and families and it ship to them through their website. I refused to believe that so I asked for a supervisor. I was put on hold for 45 minutes then got hung up.

I requested another call back. Half hour later somebody called back, I immediately asked for a supervisor and he refused to transfer me to one and asked all sort of questions more than the first time about the order which they canceled and never notified me or sent the purchase confirmation. I couldn’t answer the questions and got so frustrated that I hung up on him.

Keep in this mind, I have made many purchases online and have them ship to different addresses using PayPal. Now I have no presents for my nephews and niece. The items that they canceled are older games that are hard to find plus the prices have double and triple since then. Now I have lost 12 days and I'm not sure if I can those games again and have them ship before Christmas.
What a bunch of jacks!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-09:
Paypal rules for sellers. If the item is not shipped to the address on file that is confirmed, the seller has no protection against fraud. You want your item, but the seller wants his money. It is so easy to steal with Paypal that is why MOST sellers will NOT accept a gift addre4ss for shipping. I know I won't.

It works like this: seller ships to gift address, item received, BUT buyer is dishonest and files a claim with PP for non receipt. Paypal AUTOMATICALLY finds for the buyer and refunds the mo9ney even though buy received it. The ONLY way, even with a signature and photograph of the buyer getting the item, for a seller to have fraud protection is to ship to the confirmed address.

Have the item sent to YOUR address, then send it on to your recipient. Or you can pay with a money order and have it shipped anywhere you want, if the seller accepts money orders.

Unfortunately, this time of year, millions of dollars will be stolen from honest sellers through Paypal.

Keep in mind, that just because other sellers may accept the risk you are asking them to take, NOT all of them will. Nor should they be forced to. Not all retailers take American Express just because the one down the street does.

As a seller, I NEVER accepted Paypal from an unconfirmed address and never shipped to a gift recipient.
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False advertisement
Posted by Ninalu on 09/05/2009
I saw an advertisement for 500/carton 10 oz. plastic cups for a total charge of $8.69. I ordered it and received it the next day. I opened the box and found only 25 cups in a package. I have been trying to contact the shipping company and BUY. Com. BUY. COM makes it very difficult to return the item. They have instructions to return the item and to get a RMA number but the instructions are completely incorrect! I finally was able to obtain their phone number ( it's not listed on their website!) and called them. Of course their customer service people have me on hold for hours without getting anywhere! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy from them, you'll only be in for a lot of aggravation.

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Posted by bcd on 2009-09-05:
How many packages in that carton?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-09-05:
sams clubs sell a simlilar case. 500 total with 20 sleeves of cups. 8.95$ per case is a good price, but no way for 25!!

very helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-05:
Was the box big enough for 500 cups and only had 25 rolling around in it? That's kind of an odd mistake.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-05:
What did the invoice say? Was it the same item number and everything?
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Poor Policies - Incompetent Employees
Posted by RG11 on 11/28/2008
Be very, very careful with these people. Buyer beware.

I ordered 10 MP3 players and never received them. After being charged and the funds being held for some time I began to worry.

When I called to inquire, I was informed that they didn't have the items in stock when they advertised them, and still didn't have them.

In short, They actually advertise, then sell products that they don't even have in stock and have no way of obtaining!!! Outrageous.

So now I'm out hundreds of dollars and awaiting a refund that may or may not come in the next two weeks.

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Posted by TGT101 on 2008-11-28:
Where do the incompetent employees come in?
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Unobtainable Rebate For The Product In Question
Posted by Michael32548 on 11/17/2008
ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased the product (XG PC Combo Mod Kit) last November (yes, over a year ago, I've accepted the fact that I'm not getting the rebate... but I'd like to state what happened) and it had two rebates on it. It was a pretty good deal with the rebates, but horribly overpriced without.

I go and get it, and send everything in as best I could (there were some discrepancies between what they asked for (with the upcs) and what I had, however, I sent in undeniable proof that I had indeed purchased the products in question, and did so in such a way that they could determine that I was not capable of redeeming the rebate again.

I waited the time they said to allow on the rebate form, then emailed the rebate company. They first brushed me off saying that they had some "delays". I contacted them again, and then they said they'd honor one, but not the other rebate. Fine, it was okay. However, they didn't even send that, and there has been no contact since.

After looking around, I saw that other people also had a similar problem, and it was because the rebate information (part of the upcs) was supposed to be on a box that contained the kit (kit was mailed in a cardboard box but was in it's pieces). However, the box it was shipped in did NOT have the upc on it, and there was no other boxes to be had.

I'm not sure how buy.com got it from the manufacturer, however I am left with one of two conclusions:

1. Buy.com separated the kits sent to them from the manufacturer, and then threw said merchandise in another box, and set it to me. Which would mean that Buy.com's actions prohibited me from obtaining the rebate.

2. The manufacturer sent Buy.com the merchandise in the box as it was, and didn't put the upc on the box, meaning that they really didn't have any intention of honoring the rebate.

Either way, as the merchant of the product that I bought, this reflects poorly on Buy.com, and I will definitely look elsewhere for my purchases in the future. I don't really expect this to be read by the company, I just wanted to vent and maybe let people know that they need to be a bit cautious with Buy.com.

Thanks for your time! :)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-17:
Buy.com seldom stocks anything, most of what they sell is drop shipped. If you have the delivery receipt track the delivery to see where it was shipped from. If it was in fact drop shipped by a 3rd party or Ion that may be where the problem is. Buy.com does have issues with how it deals with rebates and needs to clean their act up.

Buy.com may have issues with this product right now as they advertise it free with rebates but post: "This item is currently unavailable from the Manufacturer".
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-18:
I had big issues with a very large rebate, and seven months of sending and resending, I finally sent it registered mail. I got it within ten days. I hate buying anything with a rebate that isn't instant. If I do, I never figure it into the final cost because they expect you to forget about it or go away after they have given you nothing after a few months. Rebates are one of the biggest scams in retail.
Posted by wood.smoke on 2008-11-18:
It is an unethical practice, I will not ever purchase anything that must receive rebate later, by mail. b.s.

I think it should be against the law for retailers to advertise these items period. I would bet my pet toad frog that they have not even paid for these items or own them until you put up your money.

If they are a "store" then they need to store it for me to buy. I buy almost everything from yard sales and second hand stores.

"Too much stuff weighs us down like turtles; so over-burdended, we are unable to do good." Wood Smoke
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-18:
Good info, Super. And I agree with you Sherdy. I'll buy a product if its got an instant rebate, but if it is a mail in rebate I don't count on getting it back and it is not factored into my cost.
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