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Scam Of Not Sending Item And Keeping Your Money
Posted by on
Ordered item. Never received it. They have my money and will not give it back. Contacted Customer Service via phone and email for over 2 months. No response. CS cannot help; they say they are sending it to a complaint department. I was nice for one month and a half. Then I was angry because they ignored me and did not care. I told them if they would just send and email, so I would have something in writing, that they were issuing a refund; everything would be fine. The live CS representative promised I would have something within 24 hours. I never received anything. I threatened to dispute charges and contact BBB or anyone else that would listen. One representative actually giggled at this.

If this were a reputable company a refund would not be an issue. They are either incompetent or thieves. Either way, people should know.
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Buy.Com Didn'T Honor Thanksgiving Sales
Posted by on
I bought the Microsoft Zune 30GB refurbished during Thanksgiving sales for $94.95 on 11/24/07 and until today’s 12/25/07 I still didn’t receive my order yet.

In the meantime never shipped out my order, but continued to send out several emails to me offering the same item for $109.00 and up instead. They regularly posted it for sale for $109.00 and up on their website too. Zune 30GB is very demanding during this holidays.

Each time I checked the status of my order they claimed it was the setback from the supplier and never was able to give me the precise delivery date. I don’t believe a bit that there is a setback from the supplier. just sold my Zune to the people who paid it for $109.00 and more. They never confirmed a delivery date because wanted me and others to give up the order and canceled it. Like that they can make a shame profit of $20.00 or more for each order canceled.
I did check out with Google and the transaction has been posted into my statement. That means did get my money and I never get my order delivered.

The fact is there that just blew themselve up very well. On one hand, they claimed a setback from the supplier and don’t shipped out the item to their customers who paid Microsoft Zune 30GB refurbished @ $94.95 (maybe just a few lucky enough customers to get delivered), on the other hand at the same time they proposed exactly the same item Microsoft Zune 30GB refurbished for sale for $109.00 and up throughout emails and website.

I did inform that I bought the Zune 30GB for my son Christmas gift. They didn’t bother to let me know that they couldn’t meet to deliver it before Christmas.
I don’t believe that adults from for an additional of $20.00 profit for each Zune 30GB go to low to ruin kid’s holiday’s gifts.

PS: On 12/25/2007 Christmas Day, informed me that the item is no longer available and they automatically canceled my order and issued the refund without my approval.
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User Replies:
moneybags on 12/25/2007:
They don't need your approval to issue a refund. At least you're not out any money. Explaion this to your son. He should realize your efforts and be reasonable.
killerklown on 12/26/2007:
Do you really think they care who the Zune was for?
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on provides the worst service I have ever had with an online store. It took 1 hour 14 minutes to talk to someone (800-800-0800) and they provided no help. They did not reply to email.

If there is no issue it seems to work but the slightest problem will put you in hell. They sell the same things that others sell at about the same price. Avoid them as you will be frustrated.

They can not make it cheap enough for me to do business with them again and I am a very price sensitive customer.

This is not from an isolated incident, it took me a few tries to learn my lesson.

Add reply rebate fraud
Posted by on often advertises products with mail-in rebates. In January, I purchased a Connect3D brand SD card (camera memory card) that was advertised with a $50 rebate. I promptly completed all the forms and sent in the rebate materials. In March, I received an e-mail acknowledgment that this information had been received. To date, I have received no rebate. I googled " Connect3D rebate" and discovered many other people who have the exact same experience. I have e-mailed and phoned with no response. I believe that is defrauding people by inducing them to purchase products with the promise of rebates and then never issuing the rebates.
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User Replies:
wstaylor on 07/20/2007:
Who is sueing Connect3D on behalf of? - NOT the consumer.

Who should the consumer be sueing? or the Defendants of the VS Connect3D lawsuit.

The consumer needs representation here and NOW!

Look at this article and it should make you sick:



Thank you for contacting us about this matter. We are certainly interested in this but need to research the viability of bringing this as a class action. A number of rebate cases were denied class certification because of the overwhelming number of individual issues. We also need to make sure that this impacted sufficient numbers of individuals. I thank you for the information you have provided thus far. If you will give us a few days to do a little research we will have a better idea on the viability of this case.

Chris Cantrell, Esq.
Lakeshore Park Plaza, Suite 208
2204 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 933-1500
(205) 933-5500 Facsimile
(888) 933-1514 Toll Free
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Bad service
Posted by on
-- I received a broken iPod Nano from Returned it for repair, but received another non functioning unit. After 10 emails, 3 phone calls (average hold time 30 minutes) and letter to president, and promise of refund, not one single communication from company, other than form email. They lie, they have terrible service. Stay away is my advice.
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Pornography Policy
Posted by on currently carries pornography. This is highly disturbing since pornography is causally linked to violence against women.

Creating Social Justice has launched a campaign against 10 companies, including yours, that we have feel have played a role in the mainstreaming of pornography. As pornography becomes more mainstream it becomes more readily available with no consequences (to the men) for consumption. The women pay the consequences.

We realize that you make a lot of money off of pornography. However, the human cost has to be taken into account. A woman is beaten every 9 seconds. As if that weren't bad enough, domestic violence is one of the leading causes of women with their children becoming homeless and women with their children are the most rapidly increasing segment of the homeless population.

Creating Social Justice is calling for a boycott of your company until the pornography is removed.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/31/2001:
"Creating Social Justice" ???? That's a farce. You are controlling what I can see. And that is something I will not permit. I may not agree with the stuff that's available in the stores BUT! it is none of your darn business what I read and censorship is not right or domain. You don't like it, DON'T BUY IT!
Anonymous on 02/02/2002:
Where are you getting your facts? There has never been an official study that conclusively linked pornography and violence. This is a freedom of speech issue. As the previous post said "If you don't like it don't buy it."
Anonymous on 09/12/2002:
stop doing these form letter complaints. nobody believes what you are writing. get out of berkley.
Anonymous on 09/14/2003:
I am for legalizing prostitution in all states .It will keep men from violence and
there will be less rapes and crime in general . All countries with legalized prostitution have less crime than USA.
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