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Buy Owner's Prices
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OAKBROOK, ILLINOIS -- I would not recommend Buy Owner ( to anyone. They promise marketing tools that aren't really available. This is what they charge:
For internet and a magazine ad 1 page
$900.00 down payment, 4 installments of $699.50
For the 2 page ad $1200, and 4 installments of 699.50. They are no help and you get no calls or hits. The commericals are insane as if you really saved $20,000 using buy owner your house would have to cost well over a million dollars! Don't use them! Use a realtor or just try on you own without their help when selling your house! Please pass on the word so other people don't have to suffer what I went through. I am not the first person to have problems with this company.

This People Are Scam...
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EDGEWATER, FLORIDA -- There service are scam. Their promises are not true. They just after the money you have to pay. Our property is still for sale. Its been almost a year now. We paid 2,600 for their service. If they will give our money back that would really nice.

Damn you buy owner. I hope god will punish all of this people.

Deceptive business practices
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- DON'T USE BUY OWNER! They use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up with them. What the sales person says and what they actually do are drastically different. They charge outrageous prices and the service if pitiful. The only thing they are good at is collecting your money. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau, I wish I had before I signed up.

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