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PO Box # 1160
Monsey, NY 10952
844-333-2600 (ph)
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BvhCell Phone Company
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So I bought a Samsung i8510 cell phone from a while back. I spent about $700 on this phone. It was advertised as brand new. I even called the company before purchasing the phone to verify that this unlocked world phone came in a SEALED BOX. After confirmation that it did, I used my PayPal account to make the purchase. I have linked and use a separate bank account for my PayPal accounts. This way I can transfer the amount of money I need for each purchase just prior to the purchase allowing me to better track my money. Through the process of convenience I apparently authorized the auto-debit function on PayPal which back fired on me. decided to bill me twice for one cell phone. This led to overdraw issues with my bank which of and in themselves took nearly 2 weeks to correct, as a result of the seller dragging his feet on issuing the refund. This should have been my first warning about the quality of this company and what I should have expected. However, I proceeded with my purchase.

I received my phone a full week after I purchased it, which was funny because it was being shipped from Monsey, NY to Lake Budd, NJ which is only like 30 miles away, if I had known I would have just gone and picked it up myself. But I finally got it. Upon receiving the phone some things became apparent immediately. First the packaging was already opened. This phone didn't come in a SEALED BOX as promised. Next after I opened the box, I noticed that the phone had a fat finger print on the screen. Pretty good evidence that someone had been handling it. Next when I put the battery into the phone the battery had a nearly full charge. Most brand new phones will come with a limited charge of around 10-20%. So that you can power them on, see the software updates, etc. and then fully charge them. Next thing I noticed was the phone came with about 10 numbers on it still in the memory log and phone book. Evidence that the phone had been used. Now I continue to unpack the box and I come to notice that there is no Registration card nor an Owner's Manual. WTF!!! Anything new has both of these.

So I call the company. By now I'm back in California and I'm very disappointed in my very expensive used cell phone. I talk to the same guy. I explain the situation and he tells me that this phone is supposed to come with a nearly full charge and it doesn't come with the Owner's Manual or the Registration card bc they are available online. So I then ask him about the SEALED BOX issue and he tells me its bc they switch the power plug from the European to American wall adapter. So I say, well that's not what you told me when we talked before. You told me that it was SEALED. However, in the spirit of being equitable I temporarily dropped the qualm about the box. I then asked him about the phone numbers in the phone and he tells me that they tested the phone for me. AGAIN WTF?!!!
So my new phone has become a test subject. However, I figured at the time that this guy had enough benefit of the doubt that I needed more substantial evidence to finally get this thing switched out.
So I start doing my hw. I find some unpack instructions, and sure enough the phone is in fact supposed to come with an Owner's Manual and Registration card. What do you know he lied...again. So I called him back. I explained that he was mistaken and I even gave him the link to see why he was wrong. I told him that I wanted was one of three things. Either A I wanted him to refund me something like $250 because it was a used phone and as such should be sold for like 40% less the value of a new phone, or B he sends me on his dime a new and unused replacement cell phone or C he just refunds me my entire cell phone price. Well he didn't want to do any of these and he starts to stonewall me. Incidentally, this is about the time that I start to notice that the phone is actually malfunctioning. At first it started as a small issue. The phone wouldn't stay connected to my car's Bluetooth; even when it was authorized to connect. Then the phone started to blank out my entire phone book. One minute my buds were there the next they were gone. This became very aggravating especially when someone was calling and I had no idea who bc I stopped memorizing people's phone numbers when I paid $700 for a cell phone. Keep in mind its still only been like 8 days of having and using this phone. Eventually this phone starts to reset itself every so often without warning. Especially fun when your in the middle of an important business phone call. Extremely professional. After a short while the phone actually stops working altogether. It was like 12 days. OMG WTF!!!!!
So I start emailing this clown bc he isn't answering my phone calls. I tell him I'm sending this defective used phone back to him and I expect my money back. I won't support a dishonest company. He responds, comically I might add with, we won't accept it back without an RA#. I'm like OK give me an RA#. And as expected he says no. So I send the phone back anyway. Insured to the hilt in hopes that may be the thing will just disappear and I can possibly get my money back from the insurance. I also sent with the phone a letter explaining what was wrong and why I wanted my money back. I mailed the phone from Tennis Warehouse bc they have pretty good rates on insured shipping and they are close to my house. Well I email this guy when I see that the package was signed for via UPS tracking. And he tells me he sent the phone back. It turned out that the guy mailed the phone back to the Tennis Warehouse. The phone got lost for like 7 weeks. I couldn't find it, he had no idea where it was and didn't care, and they couldn't find it. Eventually it surfaced and I got it back. But the letter was gone. A careful inspection of the phone revealed new scratches on the face and body indicating that someone, presumably this guy, had tried to use it and then tried to repair it.

So now I start looking for ways to solve my problem without suing him. I contact the BBB (who he has listed on his website for "reassurance") and they have never heard of his business. They then try to contact him to help mediate a resolution. He refuses to talk to them. I then contact the NY Bar Association who mail him correspondence and also get ignored. Finally, I try to contact this guy in person as a last ditch attempt to resolve the issue and I was unsuccessful. I have since sent him a letter but I'm still waiting to hear back from him.


Ordered 2 Otter Box IPod Covers
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- On 11/28/2014 I ordered Otter Box IPod covers. The site stated order should be received within 2-7 business days. After 10 business days, I attempted to contact the BVH company 'multiple' times via phone, was always told Customer Service was not available, what company does that? Left information for C.S. to return my calls, never did. I finally found a email address to contact company through. They did answer the email promptly. Advised me one of the colors I had ordered was back ordered, would I like to pick a different one. Doesn't make sense that they would not contact me about the back order, they had my email address. By this time it was 12/16, these covers were Christmas gifts and I was getting very anxious about receiving them in time. Finally received order on 12/22. I would not recommend anyone using this company, I don't think they can be trusted.

Beware of Doing Business With!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- BVHCell.Com is a scam.

The business has dozens of BBB Complaints against it. Numerous Complaints are filed on other consumer web sites (like this one).

Do not do business with them. They are likely selling stolen goods.

I paid for two items, they only sent me one item and then refused to acknowledge the matter. They blamed me. The dragged me along via email until I finally stopped trying to obtain the refund.

The item in dispute was an OtterBox Defender Ipad Mini case for $38.99 purchased on Dec 16. BVHCell only mailed me one case when I purchased two cases.

They are selling these cases for about half of what any reputable business is selling them for. There is something fishy about this pricing.

Be Aware! Read the BBB complaints.

Do not purchase from:

Here is their address:
120 East Will Tree Rd
Spring Valley NY 10977

Horrible! Horrible! Do Not Order From!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- Where to begin? I ordered an Otterbox iPod5 case. It showed in stock on the website. I paid extra for expedited shipping, $6.99. After three days, I received a call from them saying it was not in stock. Needing it for a birthday gift that weekend, I cancelled the order immediately. This was 6/27/2015 today is Sept 1 2015 and I still have not received my refund. I called and spoke to some idiot who calms it has been taken care of. They took my phone number and still has not contacted me..... run far away and fast this place sucks.

GS3 Case
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Rating: 1/51

WATERVILLE, MAINE -- I bought a case, it was shipped and received pretty quickly and when I opened the packaging I found my Otterbox was not in its original packaging. I ordered the "waves" case and it came in a real tree package and the case broke within 2 days of having it. The people from BVH cell are really rude as well.

Fraudulent business practices
By -

MONSEY, NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I purchased an unlocked/jail-broken iPhone 4 for $859.00.

Initially, the company failed to provide tracking, made false promises of shipping dates, and finally, engaged in direct deception in an attempt to cover-up the fact that they ultimately shipped a phone that could not be carrier unlocked until Apple released an update.

As of today, the phone is still not operable, and refuses to respond to requests for a refund.

Other concerns/fraud:

Phone calls to company are answered via cell phone.

Does not answer any emails but takes phone calls. However; will employ a plethora of deception intended delay discussion of resolution (ie, I will call you right back)

Falsely advertises an approved BBB Membership, however bvc. cell is not a member of the BBB. In fact, the BBB has received many complaints and submitted demands to no avail.

Charges accounts and attempts to "verify" the order making direct telephonic contact.

Charges for other items and does not credit the account accordingly.

Link to Amazon feedback/store front items do not include any iphone's or other phones as advertised on the website. Ditto for Ebay.

Buyers beware!!!

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

They said the product will be arrived in 2-7 days, but it took 2 weeks.... I asked them in 10 days, they just replied it would be in couple days. That's it..... no tracking service, no apology about the late delivery. then finally it took 2 weeks. I asked them again why it took 2 weeks? They never reply it to me.... really poor service..

Defective Product - Awful Customer Service - No Refund.
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Rating: 1/51

MONSEY, NEW YORK -- I purchased the LG HBS 900 blue tooth headset. The product was defective. I called support and got "authorization" to return it. I did not receive a refund so I contacted BvHcell via email. The replay I got was "Sorry for the delay. We'll check what's going on with your refund." Since then I have sent multiple emails and have yet to get to get a response. Also I have still not received a refund

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