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First Experience Was Lousy
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Rating: 1/51

NILES, OHIO -- My wife and I had never ate at a Buffalo Wild Wings and after our experience last night, I doubt that we ever go again! It was at the Niles Ohio Location.

It is one of those restaurants that you sense that if you don't buy booze, then you do not get good service. We went in and got seated right away. Our waiter came to get our drink orders, and we told him this is the first time we had ever ate at a Buffalo wild wings. So all he did was point out the appetizer section, which we could read so that wasn't much help, the menu was kind of confusing, it did not say whether fries come with the sandwiches, the way it was listed, made it sound like it was the sandwich only. Our waiter answered our questions. We took a few minutes to look over the menu, then he came back.

My wife ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. Now the way the menu reads, you can have all of the veggies you want for free, then there is the cheese section and it says pick your cheese, does not say there is a charge for the cheese. Well, it didn't take long to get our order. My wife's sandwich was hot. I got the crispy chicken sandwich, and you would think it would be hot, since it is deep fried, lol, well, it was not even hot enough to melt the cheese. We both requested mayo with our sandwiches, which we did not receive.

We ask him where the mayo was and he said he would have to get it. I am sorry, but I would think when you order it for your sandwich, that it would either be on the sandwich or come out with the sandwich. Guess that is what I get for thinking. The fries were OK, mine wasn't hot either. We never seen our waiter again till we were done. Like I said, we mentioned we had never been to BWW before, so you would have thought he would have spent more time explaining the menu, that he would have checked on us, after a couple minutes to see how our meals were.

I had to flag someone down to get a refill on my water. My wife couldn't eat all of her sandwich, she doesn't eat a lot at each meal and she had the rest of her sandwich wrapped up in a napkin and he did not even ask if she wanted a to-go-container or baggie or anything. Then when we got the check, he charged us 60 cents for the free cheese. He did not thank us for coming in or even ask how we liked our meals.

Like I said, we mentioned that we had never been to a BFF before, so you would have thought he would have been a little more attentive to make our first time a great experience. We always tip really good, but we base it on how attentive our wait staff are. It really wasn't even that busy, and they had lots of staff, so there was no excuse. Maybe it is that way at all of them, maybe it is just this location, but I am sorry, when your first visit sucks, it makes you not want to go to another one. Maybe in a few months we will try another location and see how it goes, but at this point, we do not want to go back to any.

Not sure why, but it seems that bar/restaurants are offended if you do not buy booze, after all that is where they make their biggest profit. But, hey, not everyone drinks booze. I know, I know, we are in the minority in that area, lol.

What's All the Fuss About?
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Rating: 4/51

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Ever since the new Buffalo Wild Wings opened up locally, I have heard nothing but complaints from coworkers about the slow service, servers standing around chatting, high prices, etc... I finally decided to give it a try and took my wife and I there for dinner the other night.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. She ordered a spinach dip appetizer, since she wasn't very hungry to begin with. We were greeted and seated immediately upon walking in the front door. As we sat down and placed our drink order, I glanced at my watch to mentally note the time. 11-minutes later, our food was delivered. Our server stopped by 3-4 times to see if we needed a refill or anything else. At the end of the meal, we received our ticket, which was around $20 +/-.

The only negative was the booming disco-like music in the background. Turn down the volume on that, and you get a full 5-star review. For now, we'll leave it at 4-stars. Good food, fast service, attentive servers, etc... I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Tuesday is Wing Night!

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Okay let's do it. Let's talk about another 'win' for the customer. Last night my wife and step daughter wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings since they've never been there. I'm no fan of B-dubs but I love my wife and step daughter so what am I going to do? Tell' them no? We get seated, place our drink order then upon getting our drinks order our wings It's Tuesday, wing night, wings are 40 cents. Got to like that. The OKC Thunder are on the big screens giving the Lakers all they can handle and them some. Excellent.

About five tall beers later the waitress comes by and asked if we're ready to place a food order. I tell her we already did about forty minutes ago. She shuffles through her pad and says "oh yeah." The kitchen's really backed up although I could tell she was lying and that she had never turned in our order. So I say, "Come on now be honest you never turned our order in did you?" She says, "yeah I did." I said "no you didn't. Hey, people make mistakes. It happens. But don't lie to me." Through a sheepish smile she finally admitted she didn't turn in our order.

She brings the wings out. We had to send two orders back since they had the wrong sauce. Anyway four more tall ones later the bill arrives. I told the waitress there will be no tip because of the service. She kind of frowned but seemed to understand. I then said, "however I'll give you as a tip half of any amount you can get discounted off my check due to the little order snafu." She says, "okay."

The manager comes over profusely apologizing for the service. Tells me that tonight's visit is on the house. Good man. The check came to about 80 bucks. I'm a man of my word so I left two 20's on the table for the waitress and off I went. This what I call a 'win-win'. I got my food and drink for half off and the waitress got a fat tip. Best part of it all is that I didn't have to vent my complaint to the manager. The waitress did it for me. Chalk another one up for the customer!

Tasteless food
By -

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA -- As a first time patron, I was unhappy with the taste and quality of the food. The sauce was warm however the wings were cold. Not only were the wings cold they were also tough and difficult to chew. For an establishment to be known for wings, one would think this would be an area of expertise. The food tasted as though it had been from the night before. Being that we arrived at noon leads me to believe they wanted to get rid of the food from the day before. Each time I see the commercial I cringe because I ate there. I wish the ESPN zone never closed down because I would never have given this place a second thought. Overall the food SUCKS!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings: My review....
By -

PORTAGE, INDIANA -- I don't get it. Your food is served in paper products. You pay 7.99 for a flat bread with chicken and BBQ sauce. (Basically, 8 dollars for a taco shell with a couple ounces of chicken and BBQ sauce sets me off...) Wings are good, but they're chicken wings. How do you mess that up. I get the atmosphere. It's a sports bar. Sixty bucks for a family of four with one appetizer (Potato wedges) 18 piece wing and side of onion rings, cheeseburger, veggie burger, flatbread and four iced teas. That's 15 dollars a person to eat out of paper baskets. This is bar food at a outlandish medium high ticket price. Paying for the corporate atmosphere.

Alternative: Take your 60 bucks, 15% tip and shop it around anywhere else. You can go to Red Lobster, get salad, biscuits, 4 seafood dinners (of sorts) real utensils, real plates and a WHOLE lot more bang for your buck. (Unfortunately they don't have 35 TVs.)

Coupon Not Allowed!
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- Coupon stated 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for 10% off! We arrived 1:50 pm & there was nobody in sight to seat us for 5 minutes! Finally, somebody showed up & seated us but it took 2-3 minutes for a waiter to show up. I showed the coupon & it was now 2:00 pm (I showed her my watch)... She said the order has to be placed before 2:00 pm & the coupon is not valid. Her Manager confirmed this & really didn't seem to care about "our problem". March 23, 2012.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- I picked up dinner tonight for the family. The order was ready within 15 minutes of my call, and when we arrived the cashier double checked the order with me, looking at each item, including the number and type of sauces. I was really impressed!

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