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Massive Delays in Transport to Rental Car Facilities
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MARYLAND -- I have been traveling to BWI almost weekly in the past months. And, there is a recurring problem that makes me not want to travel to BWI: Usually I need a rental car to get to where I need to go, and the transportation to the rental car facilities is not working.

There is a bus-system that is supposed to pick up customers. On the average, I have waited 10-20 minutes for these buses. The long waiting times, BTW, come from occurrences where the entire bus was totally full from early terminals.

This is much above any reasonable standard in other national airports. Either, there should be an alternate, fast way to get to rental car facilities. Or, the buses should run at much, much higher frequency.

I have many friends who will not fly into BWI, or not rent there because of that broken system. It does not help if there is a very cool new facility if the bus-transport there is broken.

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spiderman2 on 10/18/2008:
Is this the only available option to get from the airport to the rental facility? Can you take a cab?
Ben There on 10/18/2008:
Luckily everywhere I tend to go in the DC area is near a Metro stop, so National airport is perfect for me. A friend of mine that lives there calls BWI "Baltimore Walmart International" because all the low cost carriers tend to attract a different kind of customer than National or Dulles.
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After coming home from a trip I used my credit card to pay the $64.00 fee for my long term parking, The next day somebody opened an account with my credit card and hit me for $$$ on some stupid thing called yahoo wallet that I had never even heard of, This was the first time I had used the card in two months so beware of the Ghetto attendants....
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Alain on 10/24/2010:
By now I'm sure you've all ready contacted the police to report the fraud and contacted your credit card company to do the same so that an investigation can be initiated. You might also find the website to be useful.
MRM on 10/24/2010:
Its a good thing that you have caught the fraudulent charge the next day! Some people would just wait till their next billing statement comes in and they would be in a rude awakening!
Lifemates on 10/24/2010:
Just because you did not use your card for 2 months does not necessarily mean that the fraud came from the parking. It is possible that other people got hold of your CC information and held on to it for a while before making use of it.
Ben There on 10/24/2010:
If they opened an online account, most likely they had your billing address as that tends to get verified for many online purchases. Did you give the attendants your billing address?
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Lack of Handicap Access
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I am a disabled person in chronic pain from a knee and leg injury, which prevents me from walking long distances at any one time.

I was shocked, appalled, and dismayed to find that after returning my rental car to this airport, there were NO elevators or any handicapped access to get to the main terminal. Moreover, to make matters worse, the moving sidewalk that WAS provided from the rental car return lot to the terminal was OUT OF SERVICE on the day that I was there.

I am VERY angry that the airport did NOTHING to rectify this situation, nor offered ANY personal service to me whatsoever. Consequently, because I had to make frequent stops in order to get to my gate and because I was in VERY severe pain, I almost missed my connecting flight and had to resume using crutches for several days after this incident. This has all now caused me to not EVER want to return to this airport again.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would like the airport to provide handicap access to people such as myself AND when the moving sidewalk is in a state of disrepair, then I would like people available to assist us with wheelchairs and our luggage. (This could easily be done by the rental car agents using walkie-talkies to airport personnel and skycaps.) Lastly, it would be nice if the airport manager sent me a letter of apology as well.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Anonymous on 02/23/2002:
I do not know what BWI airport is. I wondered if it were British West Indies? Years ago I was in Barbados airport watching a person in a wheelchair being forced to get up and walk through the scanner device. The security people had no concept of the person being unable to walk. Some places are not in tune with handicap travel, and need to be trained properly. If you are handicapped and travelling, there should be some way for you to check that the location you plan to visit understands your needs. Is there not some type of travel alert program within the handicapped community? Possibly this is something you, the writer, could consider setting up as a website.
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