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Too many chances
Posted by Lisa9765 on 06/28/2009
ARVADA, COLORADO -- We have a new bar and restaurant in our area. It is really a great setting. It sits on Hidden Lake, but the service is really really bad. I have been there 4 times now and you can't ever get anyone to serve you. I took my Mom last night(the last time I go) and we couldn't get menu I had to go to the bar and get one. There where 4 staff members working a bar area and maybe 25 people in the whole place. I had to get a wet towel to wipe down our sticky table. We ordered starters that took 25 mins. to get there and then our food came. Key word starters. The burgers where not Med. very well done. I think when I went back to the bar to ask about our starters they forgot them and our meal was done so they put our burgers on the back burner for a while. This is the same thing every time I go there. I thought maybe just they where having a bad day the last times, but it is just they way this place is run. Like sitting on the lake and If you don't mind getting your own beer and cleaning your own table this is a great place for you.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-28:
Maybe the newness will wear off and they'll get better organized down the road. Sounds like a cool place.
Posted by vbrent on 2009-06-29:
Have you bothered to complain to the management? You didn't mention so. Maybe they don't know of the problems, especially in a new business they may be relying on someone else to lead the wait staff. I always try to make my issues known to management and I usually get resolutions I can live with.
Posted by KarenCasual on 2010-07-28:
I think its the owners of C-Level that are the problem. They are known around town for in my opinion their dubious business practices in other fields. I think they wanted to get into another area to avoid the problems they were having as the public were catching onto what they were doing.
So in my opinion they started a restaurant that they knew nothing about, and carried out their same ways and business practices.

Their names are Rosy and Shon Kokoszka. Please do a search on them to find out more.
Posted by Britton on 2012-05-07:
I tell you what. You couldn't ask for better people who have kids and are solid citizens. You might want to look deeper who else created such a beautiful in such a crappy area of town. People with ideas and passion like that are all over the place but to actually incorporate a creative idea for the betterment of a community is priceless.
So check yourself Karen.

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