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Poor customer service packed with lies
Posted by Jgrapes on 09/01/2011
On 8/28/11 cable service went out due to Irene, many outages in the area. I called Cablevision on Monday morning 8/29/11 and was told about the outage. Being that I work for a utility I understood the problems that were happening in the area. On Tuesday 8/30/11 I called cablevision back at 6:30PM hoping for an update on the outage. I was informed that the problems in my area Boonton, NJ were cleared. I explained that I still had no service at which point they attemped to ping my cable boxes. I was ton there was no conectivity to my house and a tech would have to come out. I told the representative that my 87 year old Father in Law lived with us and that he has had by pass surgery and was in need of a phone since he was at home through out the day by himself. An appoint was made for Weds. 8/31 between the hours of 8 nad 11am. I took off from work and waited. At 12 noon I called Cablevision to get an update and make sure a tech would be out, I was told that I now had an all day appointment and was reassured that someone would be there by 8pm. At 6pm I called again and was told not to worry someone would be there. Now it's 8:15pm so I made another call and was told someon was comming would I like there dispatch office to call me back. I gave them my cell number and was contact at 8:45pm. They told me that they have an email stating that I would like to reschedule. I told them they were wrong I need someone out explaining that it is a medical emergency and I need a working phone. Needless to say the lack of care and understanding that was shown by cablevision was pathetic. They are unprofessional. By saying I wanted to reschedul they will not take a miss commitment hit with the BPU and can continue to falsify records to the goverment on there performance as a utility. They like to pump out ads about caring but they don't. As you move up the chain of supervisors in the customer service center the become more rude and disrespectful. How many complaints are swept under the carpet, commitments change, and records altered by Cablevision so the can show outstanding results to the BPU, FCC and other regulators that they report to. Can anyone say Enron?????
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-09-01:
If you have a regular phone and still have a phone jack in your house (Even if it's not hooked up for service) Hook the phone up to the phone jack and you can still use the phone to dial 911. Every phone line (unless it is cut) has access to the 911 emergency number free of charge.
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Billed For Their Service Error
Posted by PAM2060 on 11/20/2008
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I called on 11/6/08 to have my service discontinued because I am moving and Cable Vision does not have service were I am going. The disconnection date was 11/21/08. I got home on the 11/19/08 and my service was cut. I called and spoke to three reps. One of them told me that they will call me back on my cell to let me now if they can turn on my service on the 11/20/08 seeing that it was their error. I did get a call 2 hrs after telling me that they will come tomorrow 10am to 8pm, so I am not really having service on turn on, on the 11/20/08.

And I will have to call again to do a disconnection, because they are coming to turn my service on and this is the procedure.

What they did not tell me is that I have to pay for disconnection and for them to come out and connect me back. I spoke to a representative who said that she spoke with a supervisor and he said that I will not have to pay anything. This is all lies. I feel I am being use and abuse by this cable company. Please help.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Pamela Joseph
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-20:
Oh wow, all of this over cable? In what way are you being abused? How do you know it is all lies? You are asking for people to "PLEASE HELP" and you havent even received your final bill yet to see if you were charged, and if you were charged whether or not the supervisor has waived the fee. Being without your TV may be an inconvenience but there are other things you can do instead. Why not forget having it reconnected and save yourself the hassle. Listen to music, read a book, watch a DVD, go to the movies...or any other activity you may enjoy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-20:
cable.....i don't know how they stay in business
Posted by Ponie on 2008-11-20:
John, in addition to your suggestions of what the poster can do, I have another one: PACK!! In the several moves I've made, believe me, a few days before the final move--I didn't have time to watch TV.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-20:
Right on, Ponie. I forgot to include the obvious. :)

When I move I am packing up until the minute the movers arrive to load the truck. UGH! I hate moving!
Posted by Ponie on 2008-11-20:
I hear ya'!
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