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Ca Exotic Dancers - Scam - 800.700.0322
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM!!!! I booked my BFFs Bachelorette party 2 months in advance. The party was in Sept. 2009. I used them because their website says over and over that you get what you see, that they pride themselves on sending you the person that you book!! DIRECTLY FROM THEIR WEBSITE:

We offer a variety of sexy shows that's sure to please even the toughest critics. No matter what kind of show you're looking for, we have it all. From our infamous xxx extreme wild bachelor party show, to our V. I.P show we can customize your party to cover all tastes, preferences, budgets and locations. Variety is the spice of life, and that's exactly what we offer. Our unforgettable exotic dancers will exceed your expectations, and have you calling back again and again. Our shows range from mild to extremely wild, you choose"

About 1 hour before the girl that my BFF chose from the website was to arrive. I received a phone call from another girl stating that the girl we booked would not becoming because the party she was at before ours her car was vandalized. The girl that called me stated that she could come if I still wanted someone but she wanted to let me know she was white!!? and that she knows I booked an African American girl. I was so pissed!! Seriously I said it is too late to not have anyone come, my BFF is expecting a stripper tonight!! I said I do not care what color you are, as long as you show up and we get the show your company said we would. This chick showed up, not attractive at all! and she had the Nerve to come out already topless asking the Bachelorette what she wanted her to do!! what the heck...Who does that!!!!!! We paid for a show. I can not tell you how awful it was and a big waste of my money. The girl gave no show, and could not dance. It is my mission to tell everyone I know about this horrible experience. I have been calling to the Company for over a month now to speak with a supervisor. They said there is only one and she only works one day a week. I have left my name and number and I call every week. The supervisor never calls me back (KE KE) and every time I call they say she is unavailable or not in, really??!! which leads me to know for a fact that they are scamming people, which is really messed up.

All I wanted was for my BFF to have the time of her life on her last night out and instead I was DISAPPOINTED and really upset when we should have been having a good time. I sooo wanted to tell her to just stop and get out!!!!!!!!! So they do not send who you book and they wait until the last minute to call and tell you the person cannot come because they are hoping you are going to panick and say well send someone!! CA EXOTIC DANCERS MORE THAN SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! SO INSTEAD OF HAVING GOOD MEMORIES OF THE ENTIRE NIGHT, WE AT LEAST HAVE A FUNNY AS HELL MEMORY BECAUSE THAT DANCE WAS PATHETIC. I WAS EMBARRASSED FOR THE GIRL IT WAS THAT BAD!!

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Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
The girl's car got vandalized so I am sure she spent a while talking to the police taking care of that. You got a call and an offered replacement, that you accepted.

You chose a female entertainer for a bachelorette party? I feel for the girl who had to deal with you lot. I am sure she would rather have been anywhere but with you to make fun of her.

Oh good thing you didn't choose that Presley girl. Her knockers look deformed.
ashley310 on 01/23/2011:
I want to tell anyone reading this to definitely NOT hire this company. I had absolutely nothing but trouble from start to finish. Although their office people were very nice the overall experience stunk. First of all the guys we saw on their website and requested were not the guys that showed up. The guys that did show were very nice though. The guys that we requested were muscular , these guys both were skinny, hairy and short. We called the office and we were told that the guys we requested both had last minute emergencies and that they were the only guys available due to it being the night of the party. We were stuck with these two so there was no choice. The night continued to get worse as the strippers danced and their clothes came off. We asked the guys to leave it was so bad. I immediately requested a refund but they refused. I wouldn't use California Exotic Dancers again. new scam website is . Use this company if you don’t mind different strippers than you requested showing up at your party.
Steve Johnson on 06/08/2012:
The owner of the company is named KIM and she lives in Wenettka Ca
Dee on 07/26/2012:
I concur, this was a scam! I ordered two females to come, specifically an Asian and African American. I got two white girls one was alright looking but everything fake, the other was barely plain okay face but no body! The agency didn't even give me a courtesy call, the girls where about to just walk right in if I hadn't been standing outside and caught them! I had to ask if they were the girls which they confirmed then I called the agency and asked why the girls I had requested that we had a lengthy conversation about being Asian and African American didn't show up, and they told me they knew nothing about it they were sorry and I could either make due with the girls who showed up or ask them to leave. On top of that I had explained that it was for my husband to the two girls who did show up and right after they had the nerve to ask if me and my sister were married. I had told the rep Jaime when I booked the girls it was going to be a co-ed party in which the strippers where shocked and said they didn't do. Then the ugly stripper had the nerve to say that the $300 that I had spent was only for 5 minutes and that because they felt bad for me they would dance for my husband for 10 minutes! I couldn't believe what she was telling me! I was nice but extremely upset and I believe these girls were racist. Jaime from the agency said that I was paying for two hours not 10 minutes! They were so rude and could not dance, broke a** strippers and the one with attitude didn't even have a body! I then tried to call spoke to Jaime and she said that there was only one manager named Kee Kee if she even exists, and that was the only person that could help me. Its been over a month now and still no call from the manager, if they think they got away, they messed with the wrong one! I taking them down filing with the FTC and all that. They want to run game, Ha not for much longer. Please anybody out there don't use this company!
sms72584 on 01/16/2013:
I wish I had seen these before I used them!!! They were awful! I booked a party for my boyfriends 30th surprise party with a girl by the name of Yvette. I got some ugly flat chested girl named Maddison with braces!!! The girl was supposed to come dressed as a cop and be "mild". Well this replacement girl came and didn't dress up. Her costume was a thong. Then she got totally nude and did obscene things! Including a lollipop inside of herself. I've been calling everyday for a month and Jamie the front desk girl keeps telling me that only Monica can handle the problem but Monica never calls me back. I spoke with Jamie today to get the mailing address so that I could file a small claims suite and she started telling me I was loppy and that I must be boring and had to spice up my sex life! She even went so far as to call my work phone and say that I had one a lifetime supply of lollipops for my boyfriend! Worst experience ever!
not happy on 09/15/2013:
I do NOT recommend the company exclusive strippers....booked a female stripper was given a confirmation number the night of the bachelor party the stripper did not show up when called they said they did not have a booking even when I was giving them the confirmation number.....never using this company again!!!
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