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I think you may have been hacked
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- This is a copy of an email I just sent Mind you, I have used their service for at least five years, averaging 3-4 times a month, with ZERO issues until today. Because it is a weekend, and outside of normal business hours, I want to get this out there ASAP.

To the owner/operator of Café Courier:

I believe your website may have been hacked. I placed an order this afternoon using the same debit card number I have had for over ten years. There is just under 1000.00 in the account. (I verified this before, and after this incident)

Less than 30 seconds after placing said order, I received a voice mail from “Steve” asking me to call 457-3900 because he could not get my card to go through.

Oddly, the caller ID on my phone said the call came from 614-457-5069.

I dialed 457-3900 and got a message saying my call could not be completed as dialed. Odd, as I know this has been your number for years.

I then hit “send” on the number 614-457-5069, where the call came from. “Steve” answered the phone, claiming there was an issue with my card.

I declined to provide any further info to “Steve” when I told him 457-3900 got a message saying could not be completed as dialed, yet when I returned the call on my caller ID (457-5069), it went through.

“Steve’ insisted, I repeat INSISTED I had dialed 457-3900. I will be more than happy to provide copies of my phone records indicating I reached him by dialing 457-5069, the number that showed up on my caller ID.

Regardless, I no longer trust your service and will be sure to post my experience today on as many consumer websites as possible.
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User Replies:
Skye on 03/13/2010:
Raven, I just called 614-457-3900, and an automated voice said, Cafe couriers, please hold for the next available....

It worked for me. Maybe your lines got crossed??
PepperElf on 03/13/2010:
that does sound odd though

I say protect your finances though - it's better to be safe than sorry

good luck too!

raven2010 on 03/13/2010:
I agree, Skye, 99.999999% of the time, if you call that number, you get cafe courier. I have been dealing with these folks for maybe 3-5 years. They started here in the Columbus , Ohio area, then when their family moved to Montana (interestingly enough, THE place I want to live some day), they started it there, also.

My point of this review is to let folks know there MAY be an issue , based on my experience tonight. I will follow up with their corporate office on Monday.
Anonymous on 03/13/2010:
When it comes to your money and your card information it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to blindly give their info to someone. Good info!
raven2010 on 03/13/2010:
Agreed, Pepper and Pro. When a company I have been dealing with for years suddenly has issues over weekend, I get concerned.

Hopefully, just an odd blip. I would rather be safe than sorry.
Skye on 03/13/2010:
Totally Raven, great warning for those out there. Let us know what happens. You can never be too careful these days!
raven2010 on 03/13/2010:
I sure will, Skye. I support this company 110%. Their delivery fee is more than reasonable, they let me order from a bazillion places with a few miles of my address, and their service id GREAT

Once, a guy forgot to get silverware from the restaurant I ordered from and he tried to deduct FIVE dollars from my order, even though he was delivering it to my home, where I have DRAWER full if silverware.

Needless to say, I doubled his tip that day.
spiderman2 on 03/13/2010:
I want this service where I live!!!
Skye on 03/13/2010:
This place should go national!
ticia232 on 03/14/2010:
"Steve" could have used this.

I really don't know how this card is not illegal.
Cafe Courier Founder on 03/14/2010:
Dear raven2010, Having picked up your concerns via Google Alerts and looking into the situation at hand, I can assure you that Cafe Couriers was not hacked and your credit card and other personal information is very safe. We have redundant safe guards in place to protect customer information.

Steve was our dispatcher on duty Saturday evening and my guess is that he used one of several phone lines we have to call you regarding your order. These various phone lines/number are sometimes correct a roll group and do ring back into our Columbus call center. Sorry for the scare and thanks for being one of our great customers. One of our Managers will follow up with you on Monday.

P.S. I'm the guy who moved to Montana, and loving it. Going skiing this afternoon with 6" of new snow in the mountains. (come on out!)
Anonymous on 03/14/2010:
Yay Raven! It looks like this was just a misunderstanding and it's business as usual! You can keep using this great service! :)
raven2010 on 03/14/2010:
WONDERFUL!!!! How great to have a thoughtful and reassuring response so quickly, and over a weekend. Doesn't explain why they could not get approval on my debit card, but at least I know there aren't any issues and I can feel safe using them again. THANK YOU CAFE COURIER!!!

I have family in Laurel, Montana. I haven't been out there since I was a kid and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Beautiful, just beautiful.
Anonymous on 03/14/2010:
Raven, I have to say I am impressed with them. I don't know of any company on this site responding so quickly.
raven2010 on 03/14/2010:
I agree, Pro. Great job proving the do care abut customer concerns.

The only thing I would change about them is they do not deliver from a wide enough variety of restaurants in my "zone". for example, there is a Chili's and a Ruby Tuesday's less than three blocks from me, and an Applebees maybe 10 blocks away, but they are not included in my zone. An italian place 8 miles away is , though.

Subway is odd, also. There a Subway three blocks away, but they one they use for my zone is a couple miles away.

Probably a good thing,though, or I would eat out even more often!
raven2010 on 03/28/2010:
UPDATE: We used Cafe Courier at work last week, and I used them last night with absolutely zero issues.

fast, friendly and accurate service and a reasonable delivery charge!
*Brenda* on 03/28/2010:
Thanks for the update Raven. A lot of businesses have multiple phone numbers, our small office has 6 lines but I can see why you were concerned and A+ for them replying so fast.
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