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Don't Use Cal-Coast Repiping
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BREA, CALIFORNIA -- My experience with Cal Coast Repiping was horrible. I took a day off of work and when they arrived they didn't have the correct supplies. When they came back 2 weeks later, the crew did not work well together and the workmanship was so shoddy that 2 return trips were required to repair and reposition many of the valves and faucets. The worst part was the drywall repair. The texture did not match my existing walls. Their own contract was not followed and the company would not back up their work. When their supervisor came to look at the work, he became belligerent and was cursing in front of my 2 kids. When I reduced their bill for the damages, they put a lien on my home and filed a case against me. Their workmanship and customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. Cal Coast is the absolutely most unethical company I have ever dealt with. In addition, they were charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Environmental Justice Unit, with 9 counts of violating asbestos emission rules.
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Anonymous on 02/23/2007:
Small Claims Court!
chemman on 02/23/2007:
One thing to keep in mind with any large construction job, make sure you get a release of lien from ANY subcontractors on the job. If you have a contractor that uses subcontractors (almost all do) and you pay the contractor in full and for whatever reason the contractor does not pay the subs, in most states the subcontractors have the right to file a lien against your property. Sorry, I know this doesn't help the current poster much but felt that this was an important point to make because many people don't know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to subcontractors and liens.
DivaCecilia on 08/22/2007:
I just had my house repiped by Cal-Coast and I had the same problems. My faucets are all tweaked and scratched and my walls look like hell. They refuse to make anything better and Ed and Chuck just threatened me if I don't pay. I don't know how these scarry people stay in business.
DivaCecilia on 08/22/2007:
victoriam on 04/14/2011:
Hi Victoria, President Cal-Coast Repiping, Inc. we did go to court on this honest with people and post the facts.
Diva Cecilia, I have no record of your repipe? Call our office (800) 649-7511.
Please keep all posting company based and remove personal names.
bill on 01/15/2014:
Had a re-pipe done 11/13. Need a couple a punch list items fixed. Their phone lines have been disconnected, and no response to e-mail. Out of business?
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