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The hidden costs of moving
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NEWARK, CALIFORNIA -- NEVER use this company for moving. I wish I would have read Caroline A's review before I hired them. I had a similarly bad experience.
They offer the "free" use of their packing blankets. But if you allow the movers to wrap your furniture in the blankets and secure it with tape you charged packing and materials.
So what is the point of providing free blankets and pads on the day of the move if you will be charged for using them? I ended up paying hundreds dollars extra. I was told I could reduce costs if I had my own tape. I purchased 36 rolls of packing tape. I assumed this would be used if extra packing or boxes were needed. The movers had to supply me with 3 wardrobe sized boxes and used their own tape. Not once was I informed that the excessive amount of tape being used to wrap my furniture was going to be billed to me. No one asked or suggested that the tape I had available be used.
Of course they know they have all the leverage when they are holding your belongings for ransom. They can pretty much demand what they want, knowing the consumer will give in, if they want their belongings anytime soon
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Skye on 05/20/2011:
Yes, free packing blankets were offered, but they have to pay the workers to do the wrapping. That's not free.

What did your contract say, about the things you are complaining about now? Did they disclose or not disclose certain things to you.
Anonymous on 05/20/2011:
That's ridiculous. My movers did all of that for no additional charge. They wrapped and taped everything to avoid being blamed for damages. I paid $200 LESS than the quoted price at the end.
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