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Stains after ONE wash!
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MINE HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a reversible down coat made by CK from MACY's for my mom's birthday last year. This year I washed it following the instructions very carefully and am very disappointed with the results. There are tan stains all over the white side of the coat that were not there when it went into the wash! I have several down jackets from other companies and this has never happened before. I would appreciate a response from the company as MACY's has no idea what to do and will not exchange it- none others left and I don't have a receipt (but I do have the credit card statement).
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Anonymous on 03/14/2006:
What was it that was spilled on the coat? We have some regulars that can help especially if it's a food stain. Was it 'mayo' based sauce by chance? Good luck.
tander on 03/14/2006:
If you followed the instructions like you said and it was stained, then I think you deserve a refund, if I worked there, you'd get your money back, but I don't so your out of luck, Sorry!
Anonymous on 03/15/2006:
Sorry!(?) What was the exclamation point for? Isn't that a little rude? Show some compassion!
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