Camel Snus

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Camel Snus
401 North Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2866
1-800-334-8157 (ph)
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A substitute for cigarettes
By -

I quit smoking 9 months ago after going into the hospital and of necessity, used the patch.

I have never stopped in my desire for a cigarette seeing as how I smoked Camel regular non filters for 54 a rate of 2 packs a day!

About a week ago I was introduced to a product called Camel SNUS which is a Swedish form of packet snuff.

all that is required is to put the tiny packet under your upper lip for about a half hour and it satisfies your craving totally!
It doesn't require spitting and you don't end up with a mouthful of loose tobacco under your dentures.

Because of the pasteurization of the product, carcinogens are reduced and the "mellow" flavor is light and pleasant.
I have yet to try the menthol type.

As for me, one or two packets a day satisfies my craving for tobacco TOTALLY.

If you're are a hard core smoker like I was, I highly recommend it..

Let's face it folks, at my age it doesn't make a hill of sheeet difference what this type of tobacco does and I intend to continue it's use.

I know for sure that it's head and shoulders above the other products and I recommend it for you dudes out there that just can't bring yourselves to go cold turkey...

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