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Sold to CVS
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CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND -- Cameron's Pharmacy on Broad Street (Pawtuxet Village), Cranston, sold their pharmacy service to CVS without telling prescription holders! I called to get a refill of my prescription and was patched through to CVS. They had all of my information, which makes me nervous. I wonder what the laws are about selling your business to another and moving people's private information without telling them?

I'm outraged and, though Cameron's is local and convenient for sundries, I will not shop there again.
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iowaboy77 on 01/09/2008:
The law varies from state to state, but for the most part, pharmacies are required to transfer your prescription to another licensed pharmacy if the first pharmacy is sold or closes. In most instances a letter is sent out stating the date the transfer is to take place, and the contact information of the receiving pharmacy. Other than request your prescriptions be transferred somewhere else prior to that, there isn't much you can do. I'm not sure why it makes you so nervous- its a good thing that allowed continuity of care rather than requiring you to contact your physician's office, and go through the headache of filing information with a new pharmacy yourself.
JasonJD on 08/10/2008:
"though Cameron's is local and convenient for sundries, I will not shop there again"

If they sold their business, I don't see how you would shop there again, even if you wanted to.

That said, it is an ever increasing phenominon for these independents to sell out to a chain pharmacy. If they close, they have to give their business over to another RX, and the major chains will often pay a good payout and offer jobs, etc to the owner of the independent rx.
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