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Worm in Campbell's Chunky Soup!!
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MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a can of Campbell's Chunky brand Chicken & Corn Chowder on 12/4/06. Actually, I had purchsed 6 cans of their soup in 3 varieties. Opened the can and microwaved it and split it with my daughter. While my daughter was eating the soup she spotted something on her spoon. She wasked me what it was and I said probably a stem of some sort and took it off her spoon. I then looked at at closely and saw it was a WORM! The insect looked like a maggot and was about 3/4 " long and fully intact. I called Campbell's 800# on the can and they took all the info from the can and my contact info and said they would send a reimbursement check ($1.85?). I returned all of the remaining Chunky soups to the store and I WILL NOT be buying their product ever again as obviously they have bad quality control. This experience was so traumatizing that I can't fathom eating a canned product of any kind ever. The customer service rep sounded like she gets these calls all the time which is truly disgusting. I purchased these products because my son plays pop warner football and always admired the commercials with all of the pro-football players and their moms. He has been asking me for Chunky soup for months and for this to happen is disheartening. I am sorry but there is no excuse for an full insect to be in a can of soup. I feel as though all kinds of insects could be in their products just not detected---T. Harrison
Low Sodium New England Clam Chowder Tastes Like Sulfur And Is Awful!
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TALLAHASSEE -- The company claims to have added Sea Salt but something makes it taste like sulfur. It is awful and that is all I taste. Why couldn't they just cut back on the salt - use the sea salt but not add the other awful taste.

I could have added any additional salt I wanted but now I can't fix it - all I taste is sulfur.
Company Response 11/15/2010:
Hi Sue8888,
Sorry you were not happy with the New England Clam Chowder you tried. We would love to gather some more feedback. Please give us a call at 1.800.257.8443. We are here Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM EST.
Where the beef ?????
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BOISE, IDAHO -- I just finished eating a can of chunky vegetable beef soup, not one piece of beef in it. That's not very good.
Almost Ate The Worm
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I thought they only put mealworms in the bottom of bottles of cheap Tequila. I found out today that they somehow find their way into Campbell's soup too. I was disgusted to find it and could not believe it was actually in the soup. I guess some of the ingredients were past very rotten. I guess they make too much money and don't care about quality control.

Well I was a regular consumer of the Chunky soups but no more! I will find a company that cares what goes into their soup.
Wow! I (did) have a V8!
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- When I was a teenager, one of my favorite beverages was V8 vegetable juice. I recently had a craving for some, but didn't want the high sodium content, due to hypertension.

Having tried several low sodium soups (YUCK), I was hesitant to try the low sodium V8. I purchased a 6-pack of the 5.5 oz cans.

What a pleasant surprise! This product will be something I purchase on a regular basis. The flavor is exactly how I remember it. I certainly recommend this refreshing 30 calorie drink to anyone who likes vegetable or tomato juice.

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