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My experience with CanadaPharmacy.com
Posted by Diogenes000 on 02/06/2011
I recently had a very unsatisfactory, disturbing transaction with a company that does business at www.canadapharmacy.com. That may be the formal name of the company, or maybe not. The formal name of this company is not clear.

Here are the *major* problems I had with this company. I am omitting the minor ones.

1. I ordered a blood pressure medication called Benicar, made by Sanyo. The company shipped me a medicine with the same generic name (olmesartan medoximil), but made by Pfizer.

I complained about not being given Benicar. The explanation I received from CanadaPharmacy for why it shipped a product I did not order, made no sense.

I was told that CanadaPharmacy.com is not allowed to ship Benicar. Yet another Canadian pharmacy told me that it would ship me Benicar, made by Sanyo, if that was that I ordered.

2. I was billed as soon as CanadaPharmacy received my order, even tho it claimed it had not received the actual RX from my doc. (I had mailed my order, and the RX, in the same envelope.) Yet the product was not shipped until 2 weeks later, and I did not receive it for another 3 1/2 weeks.

3. CanadaPharmacy apparently does not have the ability to trace its own shipments! I was told there would be a delay because some agency of the US gov't was inspecting meds packages shipped from Canada. Yet this package was shipped from England. That was why there was a delay, not because of any inspection of meds packages.

4. The company maintains a postal address in Washington state. I mailed my RX from a neighboring state, but after 10 days Canadapharmacy insisted it had not yet received the RX. It then took more than a week for CanadaPharmacy to contact my doc's office and ascertain that my doc did in fact write this RX for me.

5. CanadaPharmacy was totally unresponsive to my emails (? perhaps because it does not want to document anything in writing?) Its phone is apparently answered around the clock.

6. Here is something that in retrospect probably should have been a red flag: I was unable to determine any canadian postal address for the company.

Altho in the past I had a successful transaction with this company, this transaction stands out as the worst one I have ever had with any mail-order or web-based business.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-07:
I'm going to stick with my local pharmacy. For something as important as my medicine, I just feel safer dealing face to face with a human pharmacist.
Posted by travisselina86 on 2011-11-29:
I am l00 percent satisfied with the quality of the prescriptions and the excellent service that I receive at Canada Pharmacy. I have saved a substantial amount of money and time at their pharmacy!
Posted by muriel.joshua52 on 2012-01-05:
Continue to carry items not found in the USA and the continue the good service you are providing.
Posted by Tamara Mitchel on 2012-01-11:
Long time customer....always pleased. Just signed on as a 2012 Platinum Canada Care client when I called in to order my refills.
Posted by julietjacobs31 on 2012-01-17:
Your customer service is extraordinary. Products are of top quality. Usually receive our orders in a timely manner. We are very thankful to be able to purchase our meds from Canadapharmacy.
Posted by jessicawinterpeg on 2012-01-20:
My first time shopping online. you were recommended to me by the doctor who wrote the prescription

Posted by paultracie on 2012-01-24:
Good to find it online because medications for thyroid has been discontinued in the U.S., such a life saver and the price is not as high as in the local pharmacies here in the U.S., plus I like that I can pay once for shipping (year or lifetime). That will end up saving on cost if I have to keep taking this medication or for others in the future.
Posted by heatherdaniels48 on 2012-03-07:
Long established and quite cheap and I've tried their generic medication and works well. Best choice for non US online pharmacy. Love their lifetime shipping, I just paid it one time and I won't be charged for shipping anymore. Only thing is there are times that your order takes time to arrive so i order in advance to avoid that.
Posted by marcusjoshua47 on 2012-03-29:
Your website has always been dependable when it comes to my prescriptions, continue providing excellent products and excellent work force.
Posted by robbie.flint@yahoo.com on 2012-03-30:
Thank you to all of you at CanadaPharmacy.com. I ordered four medications and saved about $220 over a three month period. My wife and I have hit the doughnut hole on our local service and we ordered in advance and it worked out great. We received two packages with our medications but I only paid one shipping charge. I have recommended the service to my brother and his wife as they are in the same situation as we are.
Posted by philipcruz962 on 2012-04-03:
Ordered my COPD medication from Canada Pharmacy cost about a 3rd of what I was paying locally. They were upfront about delivery times so if you place your order allowing for the longer delivery times you'll have no problems. The medicine works perfectly and saved me so much.
Posted by frankevers730 on 2012-04-05:
The pricing from Canada Pharmacy is competitive. I can find most popular prescription drugs for my family needs. Even during the Christmas and New Year holidays, my order was successfully delivered after 12 business days! I love this site for their excellent service & prices!
Posted by cindyeleanor on 2012-04-15:
This site happens to be the best on my list of online pharmacy. I have ordered from them for several years now and have paid the lifetime shipping. Their prices are really low and they have products in generic which are really affordable and effective. Had my daughter and grandson sign up with your company. Keep up the excellent service you provide.
Posted by janebishop755 on 2012-04-19:
Good website for your prescription medication, best prices and promotional discounts. Great customer service too everytime.
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