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Three Strikes And Your Out!
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In the spring of 2008 I bought three bicycles for my children at the Canadian Tire Franchise located 16821 Rte Trans Canada, Kirkland Quebec owned by Claude L'Hereux. They cost me around $600.00 and they lasted only one season. One of the bikes even had the handle bars come off when my son was riding. The reason they lasted one season was two of the bikes had the gears break and were non repairable. The third the brakes broke and were to costly to replace. The comment from the bike repair shops was the bikes are garbage.
In 2009 I bought from them a store brand of a wet/dry shop vac. After one use I returned it, why you ask? The wheels kept coming off during use, the wand for the brush was so thin I thought it would snap and the brush at the end kept falling off. When I returned it to this store it was as if I was creating a great insult to them. When I asked for my money back they refused, saying I was only entitled to a store credit because I had used it. I regretted not buying the real Shop Vac from Costco in the first place. If I had this problem with Costco I would have had my money returned.
In July 2009 I bought a gas trimmer on sale with a 2 year warranty from them for $169.00, regular price was $259.00. In September 2010 I brought the machine to manufacturers service center where it was determined the trimmer was beyond repair. I was given a note from them to return it to the store for either a replacement or refund. I wanted a refund. Guess what? They did not want to give my money back, only a store credit. Imagine the trouble I went through with this machine and they were only interested in forcing me to buy more junk from them. They even wanted my phone number to check to see if I was one of those chronic returners. Finally after confirming with the manufacturer they relented reluctantly. Although by this time the supervisor took over and tried to stick me with a store credit again.

I try to support Canadian business but the quality of the products they carry and how difficult it is to get your money back from them is not worth it. I do think that this particular franchise is worst then average to deal with. I spend 10k a year at Costco and I only returned a one item in the last year without a bill for $100 with no problems. The quality, the low pricing and service is there. When I had to return something for credit it was with no difficulty.

You know what they say "three strikes and your out of my purchases Canadian Tire "
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Fufu487 on 10/02/2010:
I've personally always received nothing but great service at Canadian Tire. Store credit is often all stores will issue now after something is used. And the prices of the items speak volumes about the quality you should expect. $200 a bike. $169 for a trimmer. The shop vac sounds to be of a shady quality. Was it a good price? I agree, things should not break immediately and companies should honor their warranties. But my personal experience with Canadian Tire has been just that. It's unfortunate it wasn't the same for yourself :(
Johnny_D on 10/03/2010:
How much are you going to pay for 2 bikes for a preteens and one teenager? If they cannot deliver quality at those prices why sell them? The trimmer regular price was $249.00
Costumerchx on 11/10/2010:
I bought a cruiser bike this summer; the first time I rode it the handle bars came off... and the seat. Then I could hear the back wheel rubbing and it turned out it needed to be trued. Then after I got everything tightened (staff said the bikes are thrown together and always need to be sent to a shop to have maintenance done before used) I was riding my bike to the lake and on the way the front wheel came off. Usually the customer service at the Canadian tires around Winnipeg is pretty good, and I do realize we're getting deals for the items, but my last visit to the McPhillips location made my blood boil. I waited in the chain Isle for 10 minutes after pushing the service button. I pushed it again, and again I heard the announcement over the PA. When I went to the service counter to get help, there were 5 employees chatting and laughing. I interrupted (in a pleasant tone) and asked for help and a man in his 50's said he'd "take care of this" to the other staff, then antagonized me and berated me while he cut my chain. I emailed Customer service and never heard back. Truly disappointing as we spend upwards of $3000 there a year. I feel your pain.
Johnny_D on 11/17/2010:
They have temps(students) assemble the bikes. If you want a great bike with low maintenance get a TREK. The cops in Montreal also use them.
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Grumpy old man at Canadian Tire was a shock
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WINNIPEG -- On our last visit to the Garden City Mall Canadian Tire location we were very disappointed. I was waiting in the chain isle for 10 minutes after pushing the service button. (I needed 12 feet of chain cut) After waiting the 10 minutes I pushed it again, and again I heard the announcement over the PA. When I went to the service counter to see if I could get help, there were 5 employees chatting and laughing. I interrupted (in a pleasant tone) and asked for help and a man in his late 40's, early 50's said he'd "take care of this" to the other staff. (I was later told his name was Merl) I thought that was a rude response and said, "sorry, but I've been waiting 15 minutes and no one came. Then I walked all the isles in that section while my partner waited by the chains and I couldn't find anyone." He told me I had to push the service button, like I'm an idiot. I told him I pushed it twice and he said that I must have cancelled it out. I told him I heard it announced over the PA both times and there was 10 minutes between pushes. I started to feel attacked and told him it wouldn't be a big deal, but I didn't expect to see 5 employees standing around laughing. He asked what I did for a living and assured me that at my profession I would be allowed to take occasional breaks. I told him what I do and that in fact, NO, if we're seen to be standing around with nothing to do that we are considered unnecessary and let go. (I work in the entertainment industry and it's pretty cut throat, but at the wages we get, to stand around and do nothing is expensive) I also told him that I have done customer service and breaks were always taken off the floor as not to confuse customers, and that I had been waiting for help. He kept saying, "I'm so sure that's the case, ma'am." in a very sarcastic tone. All he had to do was apologize and laugh it off, say it's a shift change or an employees birthday or anything that would defuse the situation. Instead he challenged me, which I didn't expect from Canadian Tire, they're usually more laid back. I wasn't actually upset until I felt antagonized. He said a few more condescending comments and I walked away with my partner, telling him what a jerk he had just been. I emailed Customer service and never heard back. Truly disappointing as we spend upwards of $3000 there a year.
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Anonymous on 11/10/2010:
Well, now you know that your business is wanted elsewhere. I hope you just decided to leave and not give them your business and never plan on returning again.
Fufu487 on 11/10/2010:
I agree he was indeed acting unprofessional. I would have taken your comments as challenging should I have been in the employees place. However, customers are going to challenge him all the time and as an employee he needs to learn how to remain professional.
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Canadian Tire uses false advertising to get you into their Store
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KINGSTON, ON CANADA -- Canadian Tire uses false advertising to get you into their Store and then charges you full price for the item in the flier. The flier advertised kitty litter for $4.99, on sale from $8.99. The written description had the brand name and the size of the litter. It did not state selected varieties, or scented only. I went to the store and they had a large display at the end of the aisle all unscented, that usually means that is the product on sale. That's not where I picked mine up though, I went to the regular shelf that had the yellow sale tags all over the shelves. Again nowhere did it say selected varieties or scented only. I get to the cash register and they charge me the $8.99. Forget about trying to talk to a manager, she accused me of being illiterate because the picture showed a box of the litter and if you looked really closely at the picture it was a scented box. Of course they did not have any scented variety to sell at $4.99, only the unscented at $8.99. It must be much more expensive to make it without the scent!! I requested a rain check but of course they weren't giving those out. BEWARE OF SHOPPING AT CANADIAN TIRE THEY ARE OUT TO RIP YOU OFF!
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Alain on 05/17/2010:
I'm always careful when something is on sale for as much as half off. The sales flier frequently says, "limited quantities', 'where available', etc. to cover legal requirements. Also, for something that is almost half off the supply may be bought up quickly. Insulting a customer is just a bad business practise under any circumstances.
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Helpful and civil, even when exit alarm sounds
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TRAIL, BC, CANADA -- My compliments to Canadian Tire in Trail BC on two points.

First, the AM Ford dealership diagnosed my vehicle as needing work done on the brakes but could not schedule anything until the week after next because they were too busy selling and changing out tires. I drove over to Canadian Tire and they scheduled me in to accommodate my travel plans.

Second, as I was leaving the store, the exit alarm sounded. I had not, of course, taken anything. Also, of course, I waited and staff approached. There was none of that intimidating stuff that you might see in other stores. They were just trying to help me figure out what set off the alarm. I cooperated and we tried a number of things. We never did figure out what was setting it off, and I even offered to let them search me, which they declined to do. After a few minutes they just let me go. Throughout this they were very pleasant and polite, which I think is unusual in this situation. Admittedly, they probably wouldn't have been so pleasant and polite if it had turned out that I had stolen something, but nevertheless, I think it is worth omplimenting them for their professional behavior.
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MRM on 10/30/2009:
Remember this: when the entrance alarm goes off, it is not your fault. You did not take anything, so do not worry about the alarm going off.
MRM on 10/30/2009:
Sure, you may stop when the alarm goes off, but you don't need to have them search you.
semblance on 10/31/2009:

Well, I did not really mean to start a discussion here on the legality of the store detaining someone based on an exit alarm sounding. I appreciate your concern and your points, but to me it was not really a “worry or not worry” situation or a “can they legally search me or not” question. In this kind of situation my decision was based on factors having nothing to do with the law My reasoning is that the exit alarm is there for a reason, namely, to try to stop theft by shoplifters. Yes, there are often false alarms for all sorts of reasons. However, concealed stolen merchandise is also one of the reasons – indeed the main reason - the alarms go off. Even though I knew I had not taken anything, when the alarm went off anybody in the immediate area could not help but think it was at least possible that I was a shoplifter. (That has been my reaction when I have seen it happen to someone else.) My reputation is important to me and I want to be able to shop at that store again without them thinking I am a thief. Therefore, I was willing to cooperate fully, and perhaps more than the law requires, even to the point of having my person searched if necessary to dispel any suspicion. Again, this was a personal decision by me, which has nothing to do with legal technicalities. In a similar situation others may look at it differently and choose to stand on what they believe are their rights. That is, of course totally up to them.

Again, the store personnel were very nice and polite in this situation, which minimized the embarrassment and the stress to me. I am grateful to them.
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Fraud practices by TD Canada Trust visa and Canadian Tire in league
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MISSISSAUGA -- Ref: Order# 4103029
Date Ordered : 2004-08-10 23:59:38

I ordered a mattress on 10th Aug 2004 online being a new resident in city. Due to the very fact of not having own vehicle, I paid online against order by credit card on 10th of Aug for door delivery.

To my astonishment till today (March 2005) I have not received the ordered items.
My family suffered firstly because of waiting indefinitely in hope of getting the mattress but to no avail

Till today March 2005 , I have not received product from Canadian Tire and now **************** big but not final SHOCK & BLOW****************************** comes to me when my credit card company TD CanadaTrust Visa charged me 189 C$ for third time for the non delivered goods. I have been so far charged $567.00 and 100s of complaints to Canadian Tire & TD visa card for the undelivered goods which costs only 189$ if delivered.

*********As a new resident in this country I sought help from my bank, Canadian tire, Dispute Settlement Supervisor -BBB of Mid-Western Ontario Inc- but none were able to help me so far in last seven months, rather they have put a big hole in wallet.
********Now my credit card company TD canada Trust visa say Canadian Tire has done fraud, and Canadian Tire says it is your problem, since their claim is that TD visa is doing fraud.

*******Wonder What vested interest TD Canada Trust Bank is having with Canadian Tire? May be to get some kick offs in return, for boosting their sales by misusing customer's information and credit facility by illegal and unethical means and doing credit card frauds.
We have the court system to go about. I am sure Bunch of hungry and aggressive lawyers are willing to work on consignment, No matter how these cheaters hide under TOLL FREE NUMBERS, IVR, AND P.O. BOXES.
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User Replies:
ABCD on 04/12/2005:
bad bad bad
fact-finder on 06/21/2005:
Canada has known history of Credit Card frauds, Internet pharmacy frauds, Online frauds. It is common aspect of consumer based economy here. White collared crimes with so called hidden policies, terms and conditions are part of local system prevailing in any company, institution, organization.
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Thumbs up
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Last week, my car stopped running. Turns out it was a broken ball joint. I had it towed to Canadian Tire, even though I have heard the negatives of overpricing, and poor service. They exceeded my expectations. They did the job in the time they quoted, and when something else needed to be done to complete the repair (the axle needed to be replaced as well), they called me even though it was something that had to be done. Also, the bus drives right by the store and goes right by my work. I had mentioned that I would pick the car up after work, and the service advisor got someone to drive me to work. Kudos to Canadian Tire.
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DebtorBasher on 11/26/2006:
It's hard to find a company that will think of their paying customers as human beings instead of dollar signs...Good post!
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