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Come on baby light my fire...
Posted by on 02/26/2012
While the title is a catchy tune in its own right, it was ever so close to becoming a reality in my home. Knowing my disdain for Walmart, my wife snuck in under the radar and purchased several candles from the local store. The brand of candles is Candle-Lite.

While we've always been fond of this brand of candles, the recent batch were less than desirable. The problem was that the wicks weren't evenly placed inside the wax. In some candles, the wick eventually burned and settled against the glass, causing the familiar black char against the side.

As we sat watching television, we heard a loud crack in the kitchen. It sounded as though someone had dropped and broken a drinking glass. To our surprise, the candle wick had been burning up against the glass and the heat street caused it to shatter. Wax was oozed all over, as well as the wick still burning. Fortunately, my wife places her glass candles inside of a glass lantern-like candle holder w/ floral etching printed on them. They're designed to offer a unique design when burning, but are also set upon a metal base for support. This protective vase was the only thing between the open flame and a possibly destroyed home.

It goes without saying to NEVER leave a candle burning if you plan on leaving your home, but one should also occasionally check on them in other rooms. We've never had a problem with Candle-Lite brand candles in the past, so hopefully this batch of misplaced wick stems was only a fluke. But its something definitely worth checking the next time you light up a candle. I hope this review helps others.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-26:
My favorite candle scent, regardless of brand, is the Sugar Cookie aroma. It always leave the home smelling like there's a batch in the oven.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-02-26:
Glad things didn't turn out worse for you! I have a very heave glass coaster that is used to place under flowerpots and that's what I use to set candles on when I burn them.

My favorite candle scent is 'Honeysuckle'...light up a honeysuckle scented candle and you've got me under your spell!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-26:
More evidence that just because you can get a better deal on something at Walmart or the dollar stores, you may be giving up too much quality. And in this case, the inferior quality could have been quite dangerous.

Thank you for this review, J4A!
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-26:
I've never tried Honeysuckle before. Just for you, I will.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-02-26:
I'mma Honeysuckle girl...it's my favorite colonge along with Lilac.
Posted by old fart on 2012-02-26:
I'm afraid of fire! I would NEVER leave an unattended flame even if it's "only" a candle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-26:
I am lucky to have a brother that works for Gold Canyon Candles. We get them for free and they smell so good
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-26:
My favorite candle shop was a little place that used to be in Santa Fe, NM. It was called Illuminations. They specialized in designer candles, carved and sculpted in various art forms. Not sure if they're still open?
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-02-26:
Justice, they all closed down. They were part of Yankee Candle.
Posted by Alain on 2012-02-27:
Thanks for the review and good tips, J4A! We usually keep a watch on candles just in case the cat gets curious about the flickering and decides to take a swipe at it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-27:
The cat may have 9 lives, but unfortunately we only get one...lol!

*Unless you're into the whole reincarnation aspect of things.*
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-02-27:
Good review and info.
btw, after 3 heart attacks, I feel I'm on my 4th life..don't know how many more I got:)
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-27:
3 heart attacks?!?! How much time between them, if I may be so bold as to ask...?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-02-27:
1. '98 2 & 3 4/11 3 days apart.
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