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Bad Company
Posted by Ddiamond77 on 02/18/2011
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- The candy was old and had been affected by moisture is what they told me. It was very chewy not crisp and crunchy like seafoam candy should be. When I complained they replied I was stuck with it since I opened it. BEWARE OF THEIR RETURN POLICY... If you get a defective product they will refuse a return because you opened the box.

How would you know it is bad if you do not try it??? I will report to BBB, FDA, Attorney General and more. God Bless, I will keep them in my prayers.

Company does reply to the comoplaint with a bald face lie... Here is their email to me. They never offer to accept a return or I would have sent it back immediately. They say they requested I send it back but you can see here they do not... Shady company indeed.
"February 15, 2011
Dear Dave:
Please note our return policy which can be found here http://www.candywarehouse.com/returns.html
Unfortunately, since the item was opened we cannot accept that return. You are free to contact Ashers (the manufacturer of the chocolates) and they'll be able to verify what I have explained to you. Let me know if you have further questions."

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Company Response on 02/23/2011:
Dear Mr. Davis:
We have reviewed your complaint and are extremely sorry you were not happy with your experience at CandyWarehouse.com. Please be assured we take every customer’s complaint seriously and in your case our purchasing manager personally called the manufacturer of this product directly inquiring about your complaint. What they told us is that the manufacturing process is not always perfect and that certain isolated pieces contained in the 7lb box (which has over 100 pieces of candy) may have not have been completed coated with chocolate and that even a pin-sized-hole in the chocolate coating can cause the seafoam to be chewy. We then also opened up a new box in-house from the same shipment (which we recently received) to confirm the candy was fresh. Moreover, we have not had any prior complaints about the Seafoam Honeycomb Chocolates and have actually had numerous reviews that were both recent and positive: http://store.candywarehouse.com/seafoamcandy.html#ReviewHeader

After explaining to you our entire exercise of calling the manufacturer and examining the product in-house, our customer service representative, Luz, gave you the option to still return the product for inspection. She explained that if we did find the product to be bad/stale, we would refund all of your money, including shipping. Unfortunately, you did not want to send the product back to us for inspection and therefore there was nothing we could do for you.

We hope you understand that as a business, we need to have certain policies in place to handle these situations. Take for example if you were to purchase something at the grocery store, then called the store and said you wanted them to credit back your money because the product was stale. If the grocery store then checked its own inventory and did not find anything wrong and you were unwilling to show the grocery store why the product was bad, it would be unreasonable to expect the store to credit your money back.

Please note that our policies are standard in the industry:

“Candy Direct, Inc. will refund the cost of your candy less restocking and shipping charges when the return is pre-approved and it's received in an unopened and new (saleable) condition.” http://www.candydirect.com/shipping

“For simple health reasons we cannot accept any candy for a refund; unless it is damaged in transit.” http://www.blaircandy.com/upsshiptimta.html

“Due to candy being a perishable item and in compliance with The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) policies, Candy.com does not accept any return on candy products.” http://www.candy.com/Returns_ep_39-1.html

Please note we have thought long and hard about our return policies and established rules that we felt were fair and reasonable.

CandyWarehouse.com has been in business for over 12 years and our growth and longevity are largely due in part to the high quality of our products and great customer service. See our almost 2,000 reviews - http://shopping.yahoo.com/merchantrating/?mid=3694

We deeply regret you were unhappy with your CandyWarehouse.com experience but stand behind our fair and reasonable policies and inspection processes.

CandyWarehouse.com Management
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-18:
What kind of candy is your complaint about?
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-02-18:
a warehouse full of candy?

what kind of candy was this?
Posted by azspots on 2011-02-18:
Seafoam...never heard of a candy by that name. Thought that was stuff you dumped in your car to clean it out.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-02-18:
sounds salty.

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-18:
I agree. How will you know it is bad unless you eat some? Chewy seafoam, blech!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-18:
It's not salty. It's wonderful. You've probably had some and didn't put a name on it. It has been around forever and ever.
Posted by Skye on 2011-02-18:
According to the site, they accept returns within 10 days. They do however, say they are not responsible for hot weather issues, but they do refund for stale candy:

As stated on our FAQ page, CandyWarehouse.com cannot take responsibility for products damaged in transit due to extremes in temperature, nor will we replace said product before reviewing the delivery circumstances involved. If questions arise as to perishability, please contact us and we will do our best to provide guidance.
In the event that a product is received in unusable condition, for reasons other than extremes of temperature, a claim must be submitted within five (5) days after physical receipt of merchandise as determined by UPS tracking. In the event that a claim is submitted after the stated time period, we will not be able to issue credit nor refund product.

Did you make your claim within 5 days? Sounds like they will give you a refund, if your complaint is within 5 days.
Posted by danny54 on 2011-02-18:
azspots--if the seafoam that is being referred to is what I think it is, I remember it as being a cooked candy a little denser and heavier than meringue. Good stuff if it's done right!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-18:
I've only known seafoam candy as a homemade treat. It *looks* a little like a Butterfinger, with the texture of the dried insulation you spray into the walls of your house. Here's a recipe:

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A Very Disappointed Little Princess
Posted by Leahlemay on 02/01/2010
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- Several weeks ago my five-year-old daughter and I found cute, little, green gummi frogs on candywarehouse.com. These candies were perfect for her Princess and the Frog birthday party. We ordered them for the loot bags. The package arrived and upon opening it, I immediately noticed that one of the two bags was torn open. I phoned the company on the spot to tell them. The man was polite and did issue me a refund for that open bag. Saturday morning arrives and my daughter and I sit down to fill the party bags with frogs. My daughter popped one in her mouth and immediately made a yucky face as she clearly struggled to chew the frog candy. I then put one in my mouth and noticed right away that this gummi frog was like no gummi candy, bears or worms, that we have ever had before. We both threw the candy out into the trash. These gummi frogs are terribly difficult to chew and I honestly don't see how a young child would even be able to swallow one. It is certainly a food that as a mother, I would be concerned about as a choking hazard for small children. I phoned the company back on the spot. It was a Saturday and they were closed. We clearly could not give these candies to children so we were off to plan B. My daughter and I were off to the party store to shop for items to fill loot bags for her guest. I phoned today, Monday morning to ask for a refund. I'd be happy to return the bag so they know that we absolutely did not use the product. The man needed to call me back and when he did, he told me that I could not have a refund. I am a customer that bought a product that is not edible but the company does not care that you paid for something that you can not eat. If you are thinking about purchasing a candy product from this company, please know, from my bad experience, that customer satisfaction may not be the end result. It is a chance that I would not be willing to take. Their website states that "...a friendly candy elf will return your telephone call..." The elf that called me said "NO REFUND."
Read Company Response
Company Response on 10/18/2010:
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to this complaint. CandyWarehouse.com takes pride in the quality of our products and that is why our company has been growing from the first day it started business back in 1998. Just take a look at our thousands of reviews by customers:



When we receive any calls from customers complaining about a product, we immediately quarantine the entire lot from which the product in question was pulled and check for expiration dates and quality. We will actually open a brand new package and have several employees inspect and sample the product to confirm quality, freshness and taste. Only when we determine that the product in question is in good condition will we then continue to sell it to our other many happy customers. If a product is determined to be in poor quality, we will refund a customer’s costs completely, pay for all related shipping fees and pull all products in question off our shelves.

When this particular individual called us about the Haribo Gummi Frogs, we proceeded to do exactly what we do with every product complaint. After our inspection and review process, we determined the candy the customer complained about was perfectly fine (in fact the expiration date was quite some time in the future). We explained to the customer if she did not like the texture of the candy that she may return the candy but that our return policy would apply. We also told the customer that Haribo brand gummies tend to have the hardest texture of gummies on the market and it is actually this harder texture that many customers prefer. The product is not bad or stale but just made differently than other brands.

Our return policy is clearly stated on our website http://www.candywarehouse.com/returns.html and our 20% restocking fee is quite generous considering many of our counterparts do not take returns at all. We of course value our customer’s satisfaction but also need business policies in place to address situations when a product is in good condition but simply does not suit a customer’s tastes. We deeply regret this customer was unhappy with her CandyWarehouse.com experience but stand behind our fair and reasonable policies and inspection processes.

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Posted by andbran on 2010-02-01:
apparaently who did not read the part about returns,'All claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of the order, as determined by UPS or FedEx tracking information. We will refund the cost of all merchandise returns that are received in unopened and undamaged condition'if you opened it they cannot refund you at all
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-01:
Wow. These guys have a really tight returns policy. Here's more of it:

In the event that a product is received in unusable condition, for reasons other than extremes of temperature, a claim must be submitted within five (5) days after physical receipt of merchandise as determined by UPS tracking. In the event that a claim is submitted after the stated time period, we will not be able to issue credit nor refund product.

I would suspect that it's designed to prevent folks from "sampling" candy and getting refunds for things they don't like. Note to file: only buy stuff you know you like from these folks.
Posted by goduke on 2010-02-01:
They do, however, have the Swiss Mini Fruits, which are really, really hard to find nowadays.
Posted by laklisa on 2010-02-01:
I just looked on their website and they said that they accept returns for unopened packages. With food items, it can be tricky so most places won't accept them back. However you did part of your refund back-which is better than nothing.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Pat Kelley on 03/10/2009
IRWINVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I love candy hearts very much and when both my local stores ran out of them at least 6 days before valentines day I resorted to ordering them online. I can't get to to many places due to the fact I am physically disabled with severe arthritis. I recently did just that and got the package yesterday from Candy Warehouse and the candy hearts tasted absolutely horrible and were substandard. They looked fine but all tasted the same and had no different flavors. On the advertising on the site it said they were from Brachs but the ones I had last year from Brachs never tasted anything like the ones that I got in this order. They were all this fake kind of fruit flavor that tasted HORRIBLE and substandard/basd. So today I called the company on my only day off to find their Customer Service unable to do NOTHING for me. Then I called my credit card company and they told me the same thing that Candy Warehouse told me. they said many companies are doing this to consumers today. When I called today they told me that since the package was opened that they could not give me a replacement product or give me something else that I wanted. I have taken things back to my local grocery store that were bad sometimes and never did they tell me this that these jerks did. They ALWAYS give me my money back. It cost $10.00 to have them shipped to me and the hearts cost almost $20.00 for a 5 pound bag. Grocery stores do not tell you this ever when you bring back substandard products. I feel RIPPED off by Candy Warehouse and want people on this site to know about them. I plan to tell 10 people what happened to me. I work in a huge huge call center.

How customer service works is that those people will tell 10 others and so on. With the economy being bad I guess this is what some companies have resorted to to keep business. After what happened to me I plan to never order from them ever again. I want people to know from this site too and that is why I posted this story for people to read.
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