Canoak Flooring

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Canoak Flooring
4835 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R4H 1C7
204-888-3045 (ph)
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Bad After Sales Service And Poor Quality
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WINNIPEG -- Canoak Flooring - Knots Popped OutWe purchased hardwood flooring from this company in June 2007. We made our decision based on a sample at the store as well as a sales rep who talked about the great value of the floor as well as the industrial finish and wonderful warranty on the product as long as used their installer.

Within days of the floor being installed it started to fall apart. Large chunks fell out of the floor and knots popped out. It slivered and became jagged in spots. The installation was horrible as well. There are huge gaps between the boards and in a few spots you can actually see the subfloor beneath.
After trying to get somewhere with the owner of the company not only on issues of the quality of the floor but also with the installation and getting nowhere, we contacted the Better Business Bureau. We found that they had many complaints against them and most of them remain unresolved. We tried to work out a deal with the owner where we were willing to pay the difference between the inferior product they sold us and a higher grade floor but he wouldn't agree to that. He wanted us to foot the entire bill. We contacted the company which supplies all the flooring to Canoak (Model) and they refused to do anything for us either. The sample boards weren't indicative of the wood quality and the rep certainly didn't mention that the floor would fall apart and sliver. Our three children and ourselves have to watch for slivers in our feet!

The owner refused to even deal with the Better Business Bureau so we are left with no other option than to get word out that this business doesn't play fair. After speaking with others over the past year and telling our story we know of 2 other families who have had similar dealings with the company.

I would not deal with this company and would caution everyone to deal with a bigger store such as Home Depot were they believe in Customer Service!

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