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Fake Olive Oil
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The Capatriri Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Cold Pressed) sold in The National Wholesale Liquidator in Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, NY -is totally fake olive-oil. No taste, no color, no smell of an olive oil. Try to put it in a refrigerator -and it will stay exactly the same, unlike a real olive oil.
I don't know if it the fault of the distributer or the manufacture (in Italy where it was imported from, there were many cases of fraud in the olive oil business.)

Anyway, the NWL still sell this product without any warning.

The manufactured on the label:
Gourmet Factory,
Hauppauge, NY 11749

Please try to call them.
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Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Capatriti Olive Oil is exported from Spain. There seem to be a number of US distributors. Interestingly their own web pages do not respond. Maybe it has something to do with their registration expiring on Dec 17. If you firmly believe the oil is a fake then contact the FDA with a complaint.
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
buy a different brand.
GenuineNerd on 11/11/2008:
Often times, items, including some food products, could be counterfeited. And since this was a "wholesale liquidator" selling this product, heaven knows where this company got it from. Chances are the supplier took generic olive or other vegetable oil and put fake Capatriti labels on the bottles. Almost like pouring cheap Corby's whiskey in an empty Seagram's Crown Royal bottle. Or pouring cheap vodka in an empty Absolut or Skyy bottle. Or substituting margarine for butter. Counterfeiting is a major problem faced by consumer product companies, for anything ranging from baby food to automobiles. In many cases the counterfeit products could be unsafe...people have gotten sick from consuming counterfeit food or drug products, and people have been hurt or killed when using counterfeit products as well. And when there are problems arising from a counterfeit product, often times the original manufacturer is blamed. Many of these counterfeit products come from China.
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