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Phone calls every month
Posted by happy2 on 02/08/2008
PLANO, TEXAS -- I have my car loan with Capital One Auto Finance for 2 yrs, biggest mistake! Every month I get phone calls asking me for a payment", how would you like to make that payment"? I know it by heart. My payment is due on the 18th of each month. I send it out way before due date it's just the way my pay day falls so I'm able to do that. If I send it in to far in advance they call me for a owed late payment. I'm not sure who does the book keeping but the company has inadequate customer service not to mention poor English speaking people to handle the phones. I ask one girl to help me with a mistake about my car payment she told me my card payment was not due. (I have a credit card with them also,no problems with that) After being transfered to 3 other customer service" specialist" (right) I got no where. I received an e mail offering to pay my car payment on line (which I like) they sat on the payment for 10 days or more. took them more than 10 days to tell me they were missing a number to my checking account so they couldn't debit my account. Now they are telling me I am in collection.

My payments are NEVER late. It look Capital one over a yr to finally fix my profile so I did not show that I owed a double payment. One lady called me at work & told me if I didn't make the payments they were going to repo the car and that I have void & null my contract with them. I never owed them a double payment & after they said they found the mistake I ask them to send me a letter of correction that they made the mistake,which I got. I would never gotten this letter if it wasn't their mistake.Well this month again 2/8/08 phone calls again.It never stops. So, I'm such a risk Capital One sent me a letter saying I can refinance my car, just call. Are these people nuts? I don't understand how they can do the things they do & get away with it. I am so fed up with them I would never have another loan with them again.

Capital One is to large of a company not to know whats going on.I also notice after watching my checking statement they sit on payments & do not process them right away. What ever happen to good customer service? I am very disappointed in Capital One.
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CapitalOne / BIG Hassle!!!
Posted by Noodlemaker on 11/12/2006
WASHINGTON -- "Capital One Flight Miles Card"

Nothing but HUGE B.S. HASSLE to redeem your so-called free flight you are made to believe you get as a 'reward'!

After collecting 32,000 "points" and believing that one would get one "free flight" on the west coast...and have "no hassle and no blackout dates" etc, etc, etc.......this company is nothing but full of bald face, 100% pure, B.S.!

FIRST ATTEMPT to redeem points: Called 11/12/06 for a flight from Washington state to S. California from my airport in eastern Washington state. "Mr. Moore the lowest fare is $658.00 and you will have to pay everything above $320."

My response: $#%^^&%%$#@!^**(!!!!!

"Mr Smith, if you want to redeem these points for the amount of credit you have we will need a 21 day notice."

My response: ^&&%%$#@88%$!!!!!

SECOND ATTEMPT to redeem points: calling back on 11/12/06 for a trip from my airport to S. California on Dec. 7th to Dec 11th (21 day notice and not blackout dates which they say are no problem in all their advertising).

"Mr. Smith, I have checked all flights and the total cost will be $485.00 and you will need to pay the balance over $320.00."

My response: "In all your 'NO HASSLE' advertising I was led to believe that I would earn a free flight on the west coast after I had put $25,000 through your card. Now you tell me that somewhere in the small print it really does not 'reward' me with a free 'no hassle' airline ticket without me paying considerably extra for the flight? This is total CapitalOne fraud, lies and 100% hassle!!!!!!"

ALL CapitalOne ADVERTISING leads one to believe that after earning 25,000 points there will be a 'no hassle ticket' issued...and 'blackout dates' are 'no problem'!!!!

Well, huge piles of sticky B. S. on you and the horse you rode in on and everyone that works for you including the one who cleans out your toilet bowls!!!!!!!!

In my opinion, this is nothing but consumer fraud!!!

Pox on you...CapitalOne!
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-11-13:
I never relied on the flight miles BS in the first place. Its all a bunch of scams.
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-11-13:
i just got my new ipod from redeeming my points with national city bank...
tough luck~
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Big "HASSLES" Gross Incompentence and morons with attitude
Posted by BatNoach on 01/24/2006
This is a copy of my third complaint for the same problem caused by Capital One Visa. I have lived at the same address for seven years. For reasons unknown they started sending my bill to the wrong address. They screwed up my cricket account as well. I have tried repeatedly over the phone to solve this matter.
They are trying to charge me late fees and 28% interest. I told them to kiss my butt. I'm not paying anything until all the charges are removed and my name is cleared.


TN Division of Consumer Affairs
500 James Robertson Parkway 5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

RE: 3rd correspondence: My conditions vis-à-vis Capital One Visa.

Dear Tom Groom,

The Capital One collection office been calling my home and I have tried to explain it to them. Please convey the following non-negotiable conditions to them:

1. I expect a letter from Capital One acknowledging that they made a mistake and apologizing for all of the trouble they have cause me.
2. Capital One will acknowledge in writing that I do not owe any interest or late fees for their bizarre uncalled for mistake.
3. Capital One will send me written proof that they have cleared my good name with the credit reporting agencies.
4. If my credit rating is smeared by Capital One I will not pay a single penny! (Frankly, I won’t have any reason to. Once I’m ruined I might as well keep the $1,100 for trouble Capital One has caused me. Think about it)
5. If Capital One wants to take me to court I will be happy to:
• File a countersuit for false and deceptive advertising, as I’m sure any reasonable individual would agree I have certainly been HASSLED.
• A countersuit for wrongfully ruining my credit rating.
• Contact the local TV station so that all of Nashville can learn about the REAL Capital One Visa card.
6. I have never defaulted on a loan. I have never had a credit card lost or stolen and have made a lot of money for Visa over the years and I refuse to be treated like garbage! (Cingular Wireless breached their contract with me and never straightened it out).

Please make Capital One understand this. I have tried! I know the people who work for Capital One are ethically and mentally challenged, but it’s not rocket science. In fact, I am alleging deliberate fraud and am enclosing copies of letters to Senators Frist and Alexander, the Better Business Bureau, and the credit reporting agencies. You know this is not and isolated incident as you have helped me rectify previous Visa Card extortion attempts.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, Tom, I do appreciate it.
Sincerely yours,

p.s. This is getting to be too many headaches for both of us. From now on I am going to try to pay cash as often as possible. Unfortunately, credit cards are a necessity for travel or Internet purchases. Perhaps there is more honor at AMEX, although I doubt it.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-24:
I'm with you! Fight the power. Credit Card companies have way to much power and are abusing it.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-01-25:
Cap 1 = predatory lender #1
Posted by MsMag on 2006-02-27:
Capitol One Customer Service is HORRIBLE..you can tell by the voice prompts what you are in for if you have to deal with this company! BTW to get to customer service, just listen to the prompts, then wait... you will finally get an option to enter the last 4 of your ss and phone for a cs rep. Simply put: they are the enemy lurking in a dark hole, waiting to chew you up and spit you out! Sad to say, but I agree after 20 calls in 5 years it has been proven... they are MORONS! Stay away from this company!
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Capital One Assessment Job Application Unfair
Posted by Cosmofairy23 on 04/10/2012
BROOKLYN NY -- I just finished completing the assessment for Capital One Job Application for an Open position, for part-time bank teller. Took me 2 hours to complete, what I do not understand is after I finished the assessment that I just took, that I took my time and completed all the questions, comes back telling me that due to carful review of the assessment that I took, I am no longer an candidate for the job!

Excuse me I took two hours to fill out a Part-Time job, that is just basic counting and customer service, and you have the nerve to tell me that I am not qualified?! Ok what did I do wrong? I tried to get the results of the assessment the Capital one site locked me out! How in the world do the Capital one HR are going to find people to fill positions, if the assessment comes back talking about after careful review, what do you mean careful review I just submitted the assessment less than 4 minutes ago.

Than the Capital One want to send me some more job offers for what may I ask? Forget Capital one!!!! If I guessed failed the assessment but won’t tell me the score what I am going to apply for positions for?!

Save yourself the trouble walk into places of employment and ask for an application! Enough of thee online assessments and applications!!!
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Posted by onlooker on 2012-04-11:
Often these assessments use simple check boxes for school, degree etc. If you check BA and not MA - you are out - GED is checked instead of HS Diploma etc - no matter what your experience or abilities - you are not a candidate.
I can see you are frustrated from the experience and time invested being kicked back so fast - but come on - if your application also contained the spelling errors I saw in your message above, some positions might not be proper for you.
Don't kiss them off, if you get in and like it, then you can try to work towards the position you want. It is a option, they can pay you to learn your next job.
Posted by Rick on 2012-11-05:
The job market is such that a blunt firewall that blocks perfectly qualified candidates does not diminish their hiring efforts. They don't care if 50 people check the "wrong" checkbox and are filtered out because 100 others checked the "right" one and made it through. Employers have the advantage in times of high unemployment.

Even so, I have completely sworn off online applications, even if they absolutely insist you use them to apply. Sometimes they'll accept your resume, other times not. HR and hiring managers are full of superstitious beliefs and these online tests full of subliminal gotchas that are the new norm are just a nightmare for applicants.
Posted by what on 2012-12-16:
It is useless to apply for online jobs to CO because their online assesment is strange and results are based on abnormal criterias for simple normal job openings
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Capital One No Hassle Rewards Card
Posted by Sayno2capital1 on 02/12/2010
I wanted to inform others about my experience with my Capital One Rewards Hassle card. I paid the card off last fall resulting in a $O balance. Capital one charges $5 per month to have the card...I forgot about the $5 dollar charge assuming it was paid off. I missed a payment on the 5 dollar balance and received a $39 late fee...in addition THEY PENALIZED ME 640 REWARD POINTS, taking these points from my reward point balance. So they penalize their customer twice reward points along with the late fee. Too many hassles with this Card....DEFENINTLY NOT a no Hassle Card.
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-02-13:
They charge you a $5/monthly fee? Did you know about that when you signed up for it?
Posted by Cosigner on 2011-01-12:
I looked at my statement today and noticed that same $5 Membership fee! I went from a $0 balance for ever to having a $15.50 balance with $5.50 if that being late fee for Dec's $5 Fee charge not being paid and interest on the DEC $5 FEE. I didn't even have a balance on this account. I looked at my Capital One account just to check on my only credit card account. I have had my card since 2006 and have never had a Monthly Membership fee! They credited me back the late fee and interest but told me I would have to cancel to avoid the Fee. Scam Artist taking Money! Account Closed!
Posted by david on 2013-06-18:
Cap 1 holds the creditline on my Levitz furniture. I pay online. The due date is the 1st of the month. I paid online on the 2nd. The next month showed $25 late fe for beiing 1 day late.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-06-18:
David...late is late and it doesn't matter if it is by one day or one month. Late means any time after the DUE date and time of day.
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Posted by ScarletStarlet6 on 08/28/2009
As we all know, we are in some tough economic times. My Capital One bill was running a bit late and I was aware of this. I called them, trying to work out some kind of payment plan (I've never had to do this, being a long time customer). The woman I spoke with was very nice and allowed me to make two separate payments, one on the 15th and one on the 21st. I specifically told her that I needed it to be removed on the 21st because that's when I would get paid. She said that would be fine and the payments would post to my account within 24 hours. The first payment came out just as she said on the 15th. The second however, didn't come out until the 27th, almost a full week after what I had requested. I received a bounced check fee (incredible considering I requested it to be debited) of $30. I got paid, in form of direct deposit to my bank on the 27th so I assumed that the extra money in my account was due to my recent raise and spent a bit. Now, Capital One's very rude representative is telling me that it's my fault, I should have known better and if I didn't want it to be taken out I shouldn't have allowed them to do it. I try to explain to him that if the money was removed when I requested, I wouldn't be having this issue. He got very loud with me and I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, who was also rude, huffed and puffed through my very calm demeanor and told me more or less to suck up the charges. It wasn't her fault, after all, that I wasn't told by HER REPRESENTATIVE that the money would not be debited but removed in the form of a check and not for another 6-7 days after the request. I have never had to make a payment plan on my bills so I think it is terrible to treat a customer this way. They were rude, frustrating and loud. They put me on hold for an extremely long time, there was laughing in the background while the SUPERVISOR was having another conversation and all I was trying to do was be a good customer. All I was asking for was an apology for this miscommunication and a credit of $29.00 on my next bill. They scoffed and continued to tell me about how I should better watch my finances. I agreed that while that may be true, if the money was removed when I asked, we wouldn't need to discuss this. I canceled my account and will not, ever, use Capital One's services (if you can call them that) ever again.
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Posted by goduke on 2009-08-28:
I'm confused on this one. Why would it matter when they withdraw it. If you've accounted for it in your own recordkeeping system, the withdrawal of the payment by Cap 1 wouldn't cause a check to bounce whether it's on the 21st, the 27th or the 31st.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-28:
That does sound a bit off.

'I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks!'
Posted by Snakeplisken on 2009-08-28:
OP messed up. had no idea how much money was in their account and just assumed the extra money was from something else and spent it. I love it when people make mistakes and its always someone else's fault
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-28:
It absolutely IS your fault.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-28:
My head hurts too much to contribute my 3 cents... so, I'm just going to say: "yeah, what they said..." or "ditto."
Posted by bcd on 2009-08-28:
If the money was available on the 21st, then it should still have been available on the 27th. They gave you an extra six days to cover the debit so you have no valid complaint. Accept the fact that this is totally your fault, then go to Walmart and spend six bucks on a calculator.
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What's in your wallet? DEFINITELY NOT CAPITAL ONE!
Posted by Dalin on 08/03/2009
What a complete nightmare! We got this card thinking it would be great for international travel...wow, were we wrong. We were overcharged by Advantage Rent a car in Mexico City, and tried to dispute a portion of the charge ($92.95) immediately when we got back to the US. Capital One not only made it impossible to dispute the charge which Advantage Rent-a-Car admitted was incorrect (now bankrupt with its assests in liquidation), but they then made big accounting errors, charged us finance charges that they later only removed after we had to explain to them like grade schoolers why their arithmatic was wrong, and they have outsourced their customer service so nobody has any authority to use common sense.
So our disputed charge is a long story... but we booked a rental car on Travelocity, and then were charged an entirely fraudulent exchange rate, overcharged on top of that, and the office which was supposed to be open 24 hours was closed when we went to return the car and catch our international flight).

After numerous telephone calls, over a hundred pages of evidence, faxes and letters, we ended up asking to close our account. Not only did we waste a ton of time, we got different answers whenever we called, the customer service reps have no authority to resolve anything, and they honestly asked us to provide them a "second opinion" from a competing car rental company in Mexico City who was willing to say that we were overcharged. C'mon! Setting aside that no other car rental company is going to do that for a complete stranger anywhere (and Capital One knows that, which is what one representative admitted to us, agreeing that it is just their way of making charges impossible to dispute) we had provided Capital One our rental agreement, our Travelocity reservation, written statements, and pages of online comparisons which were obviously not enough.

It gets worse. The partial charge was credited, then re-debited to our account, but not just the part we had disputed...No... Capital One charged us the full amount again (part of which we had already paid since we only dispute A PART of our charge)...several calls, faxes, letters later they re-credited us but for the wrong amount, then (despite being specifically told by a customer service representative that they would not charge us anything further) they charged us a finance charge even though we had already paid it off, and then a late charge...several calls, faxes later, they told us to re-dispute the charge, and finally in the end, having gotten to the point of complete frustration I just paid the amount that the unscrupulous car rental company had overcharged us, and requested that my account be closed. STILL.... Capital One has not closed my account.

NEVER USE THIS CARD! They do not have your back, put something else, cash in your wallet!

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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-08-03:
They will never, ever close your account. Believe me, I've tried. Just send them a nasty letter telling them you want it closed immediately, and cut up the card and send it with the letter for good measure. Just make sure you have no pending charges on it, because that will reopen it.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-03:
I suggest filing a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's consumer protection division. This is messed up, big time.
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Posted by TnomadX on 10/29/2010
I applied and was approved for a secured card with Capital One. I was so thrilled initially because my family was going to use this card for an upcoming trip ( i.e. for car rentals, hotel stay, etc.) Because it was a secured card, I needed put down a security deposit which meant I needed to give them my bank account information to withdraw the funds. They withdrew the money in just a couple of days.

Let me make this story shorter. I got the card a month later. I called to activate the card, and I needed to be transferred to the "account specialists" (why do credit card companies tell this same lie when the representative is just unable to handle your account?). The new representative tells me that he needs to call my bank and verify that I'm really me. No problem...I'm waiting. My bank deny's his request, so he comes back and tells me that I need to fax a bank statement with my name on it. I immediately say no because I've been a victim of identity theft, so there's no way I'm faxing that information at all.

He transfers me to another "account specialist", and I explain the same thing to him. He then closes the account and tells me that I won't get my money back for two weeks. Excuse me? It only took you two days to get it in the first place. Why can't I get my money back just as quickly as you got it?

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-10-29:
Because it has to go through a review and through the accounting department. That's what they always say.
Posted by bob932304 on 2010-10-30:
You have already given them your account number, what difference would a FAX make? However, any time you are suspicious it is best to NOT give out that information.
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Call Center
Posted by Pmeier on 09/27/2010
Very very frustrated with the fact the call center is not in America and I can NOT understand anyone I have talked to there - have had to call numerous times over one issue and getting no where - as they are of no help and the fact I can NOT understand them. Seriously thinking of canceling this credit card and going elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-27:
I'm pretty sure Cap One has more than "the call center" - I guess the call centers in FL, TX and VA don't count as being in America though. Darn it, these companies have got to stop hiring people with accents.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-27:
I've been working in call centers for the past 5 years. I have had many co-workers who have accents and I live in America. Just because they have an accent, does not mean that they are not in America.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-09-27:
I've dealt with a bunch of credit card companies and always thought that Capital One is fairly decent compared with the others.

If you do decide to go elsewhere, stay away from Citibank and Banc One.

Whatever you do, don't cancel the Capital One card. Just shred it and get another card somewhere else. I don't know all the details but I've heard that your credit score can suffer if you cancel a credit card.

The deal is that if you have a credit limit that's a lot higher than the current balance, you get a better credit score. So, if you have a Capital One card with a limit of $5000, for example, and your not using the card, it just sits there with a zero balance. You get a better credit score.

Get another card and use that. Stop using the Capital One card but just don't cancel it.
Posted by Robert on 2011-11-11:
Majority of all inbound calls to capital one are going overseas. These people are really not qualified to answer a lot of inquiries, especially when disputes arise with merchants. They do not understand american culture, policies or law. I would imagine they are trained, but not trained well. You will get the most ludicrous responses, that make little to no sense.

Its not just capital one, its any bank that outsources their customer service overseas.

If you need a credit card, save yourself a ton of frustration, time and energy and get one through your nearest credit union.
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Holding my $1,500 hostage against their own policies.
Posted by Mdgirl on 06/22/2010
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- After I refinanced my mortgage I changed my auto-payment on the Chevy Chase Bank website to stop paying my mortgage automatically to Capital One (which owns Chevy Chase Bank) because I had refinanced with another lender. However, the "cancel payment" order apparently only applied to a single month, and a month later Capital One auto-deducted a payment of over $1,500.00 from my account. When I saw this deduction had taken place, I called Capital One two days later to tell them this payment had been made in error. They said that although my checking account showed the deduction, they had no record that they had received the payment (electronically... between their checking division and mortgage division. No record). They said they couldn't resolve it until they showed it had been received.

At the end of the week I called again. Now they said the payment had been processed on the day I called, AFTER I called and reported it was an error, but they would not refund it for ten business days because it was their policy to hold all funds for that amount of time before releasing them. They said it did not matter that I had called before the payment was received, or that the account was closed; it was their policy to hold all funds for ten business days regardless, and the money would be refunded to me by check in two weeks (ten business days plus weekends). On the Monday after the supposed "release date," I called to confirm that the check had been mailed. I was given a runaround and the woman kept telling me it was their policy to hold it for ten business days, and then it took the mail 3-5 days to arrive. She kept repeating this over and over, even after I said multiple times that I understood that and all I wanted was for them to tell me it HAD been mailed. She said they showed no record of that, but that she would do research and call me back.

Needless to say she didn't, so the next day I called back. This time I was told that not only had it not been mailed, but that only the previous day it had been sent to the cash department for processing. I asked how this was possible, because I had called twice before to discuss the problem with them and had been told each time, by multiple individuals, that the problem was on their records and that according to their policies it would be refunded on a specific date. I was told by the service person that she didn't know why, and that she had no timeframe for the refund of my money, but that the process of refunding it had just begun the day before.

Now it's 19 days later, and even though they have no account associated with these funds, no right or reason to hold it according to their own policies, they're holding it anyway, apparently because they can, and won't tell me when or if I'll get it back. They're being bullies, in essence, just for the sake of it. The attitude is, "What are you gonna do about it?" I could really use that $1,500, but no amount of calling and explaining or arguing with them is making them give it back. They don't want to, so they won't.

I've been a Chevy Chase Bank customer for over ten years, and I actually refinanced that mortgage after they were bought by Capital One specifically because Capital One introduced a bunch of nasty, harassing policies relating to their mortgage division (in short: if I didn't pay by the first of the month, they called to harass me and ask "if you plan to pay your mortgage this month," even though I've never been late and always pay within the grace period, which is completely legal and fine). I didn't want to do business with them anymore after that, but this is simply a nightmare-- I knew they were bad, but not THIS bad. I'd warn anybody reading this to stay far away from Chevy Chase Bank and Capital One. It's really been a learning experience for me about just how corrupt a bank can be.
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Posted by oldisgood on 2010-06-22:
It is not the Chevy Chase Bank - that is an actor. It is Chase Bank. Sorry about your problem, though
Posted by mdgirl on 2010-06-24:
No, it's Chevy Chase Bank. That's the name of the bank. Chase Bank is a different institution.
Posted by oldisgood on 2010-06-24:
My bad. I really thought you had made the mistake. I do hope your problem has been solved by now.
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