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Record lost
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Rating: 1/51

ST.PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- After 5 months, Capital One financial credit card department took over from Household Banks. I am asking Capital One financial dept to provide to me the 2 two years record payments statement. But their Indian people inside customer service never sending what am I asking for. Until today, is 12-04-2013, has been calling Capital One financial dept 3 times within 3 months to obtain 2 years statement record but never respond to my request. I hopefully not another Ponzi scam at Capital One. Financial operation suck!

Using "Damn" in TV Commercial
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Rating: 4/51

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- Good thing you re-did your recent "every damn day" commercial. Obviously, your advertising executives were "sleeping" at their jobs. We were on the verge to call Capital One but you were too quick and justifiably to correct this offensive ad campaign.

Horrible Service, Transferred 6 Times Just to Be Let Down
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My credit company was bought out by Capital One and I was unable to do an automated transfer of my account. I tried to call and get someone to help me manually but in the end I found it was easier to cancel after I wasted 2 hours on the phone w/ them.

Teen MONEY Account can overdraft!
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I opened a Teen MONEY account for my son over a year ago with ING Direct. ING guaranteed the account could not overdraft. I never had a problem until Capital One took over. I called Capital One and the Supervisor advised me the account CAN overdraft, but without a fee. Be warned, this account is just like a normal checking account but doesn't fall under normal regulations. Overdrafts must be covered by parent.

Capital One System Errors Causes Customers Suffer a Big Lost.
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- The Capital One Credit card company advertises and frequently sends promotion checks to customers allowing them to use checks for purchases, cash, or transfers with no transaction fees. However, their system automatically put on hold customers credit account for trivial/wrong reason. Consequently, customers suffer charge back for returned checks and fee for cancelled checks even they have never spent over limit on their Capital One credit accounts.

On 7/17/2012 I paid $2000 for my credit line of $2000. Capital One accepted this payment and my balance became -$90. That meant Capital One owed me $90 and my balance had $2000 available. The next day, 7/18/2012 I wrote a Captial One promotion check #** of $1800 and deposited to my checking account at Bank of America. However, until 5 days later, on 7/23/2012 I knew the check was denied. Bank of America charged back $12 for returned check and subtracted $1800 from my bank account. I also suffered fees from other cancelled checks due to insufficient checking account at BOA.

On 7/24/2012 my account balance is $0, my available credit $2000. I wrote another check #** of $1820. Still, again my account is on hold due to other banks deposit $3000 into my account on 7/26/2012. I contacted Capital One five times about this problem. They said: "An account will be put on hold if there is (1) Large amount of payment or (2) Multiple payments. It is automatically system, they cannot change it. These are wrong reasons because Capital accepts large amount and multiple payments from customers. Why did they accept payment and then put on hold their customer account?

They can put on hold the amount deposited until it is cleared but they should not put on hold consumer credit line or their entire credit account. Put on hold credit line and put on hold the check is different matter. Capital One said they want to make sure the amount received is cleared. However, the amount should be cleared before posting the transaction. They should post only after the amount is cleared and should give the accurate balance on their customer credit accounts. For example, it is very confused for customer having balance negative -90 after paying $2000, but credit is not available as if they paying late.

The payment from customer in large amount to Capital One is not customers' fault. Customers do not spend over limit on their account. Instead, customers pay to increase the amount available on their account. It is different from late payment. Capital One also failed to notify me about their decline as they stated in section “Important Information About this Offer” on the info how to use Capital check promotion.

I believe hundred thousand customers have been suffered such wrong and unfair practice. FTC and STATE should investigate to protect other Citizens from this error. I want Capital One pay back any charge back fee by Bank of America, other cancelled check fees, and other lost due to Capital One system error.

Worst Bank Ever
By -

MARYLAND -- I don't know where they found the people who work for this bank, but they are without a doubt the most ignorant people I have ever encountered in such a setting. I never had any problems with Chevy Chase Bank, but as soon as Capital One took over, everything started to go wrong. The two most frustrating things are: 1. You have to have at least two and a half hours to kill if you need to go to a branch and speak to a person (who has that kind of time?). 2. In this modern age, they have no way to provide you with a statement except by mail.

I had the day off yesterday, so I went to a branch and waited and waited to see someone. I asked why I can't get access to my account through their online banking system. I had some little ghetto ass punks make fun of me and tell each other I must be stupid if I can't get it to work. One little kid just stood there playing with his crotch the whole time and looking at the guy next to him. The other one gave me all kinds of attitude, but couldn't answer a single question.

I then waited again to speak with a "specialist" who was no better. I also asked why my "incredible interest" account is not earning any interest despite meeting the necessary balance requirements. The "specialist" was able to view both my balance and the account minimums. However, she was completely incapable of comparing the two and determining which one was greater. She got so confused, she decided to just close the account and start a new one??

When she told me her intent, I said "NO! I will be back later to close my account and will not be opening any new ones with you." I then asked for my ID back and she refused to give it to me. For 10 minutes I demanded she return my license and she only did so after I indicated I would call the police.

By -

As we all know, we are in some tough economic times. My Capital One bill was running a bit late and I was aware of this. I called them, trying to work out some kind of payment plan (I've never had to do this, being a long time customer). The woman I spoke with was very nice and allowed me to make two separate payments, one on the 15th and one on the 21st. I specifically told her that I needed it to be removed on the 21st because that's when I would get paid. She said that would be fine and the payments would post to my account within 24 hours. The first payment came out just as she said on the 15th.

The second however, didn't come out until the 27th, almost a full week after what I had requested. I received a bounced check fee (incredible considering I requested it to be debited) of $30. I got paid, in form of direct deposit to my bank on the 27th so I assumed that the extra money in my account was due to my recent raise and spent a bit. Now, Capital One's very rude representative is telling me that it's my fault, I should have known better and if I didn't want it to be taken out I shouldn't have allowed them to do it. I try to explain to him that if the money was removed when I requested, I wouldn't be having this issue.

He got very loud with me and I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, who was also rude, huffed and puffed through my very calm demeanor and told me more or less to suck up the charges. It wasn't her fault, after all, that I wasn't told by HER REPRESENTATIVE that the money would not be debited but removed in the form of a check and not for another 6-7 days after the request. I have never had to make a payment plan on my bills so I think it is terrible to treat a customer this way. They were rude, frustrating and loud.

They put me on hold for an extremely long time, there was laughing in the background while the SUPERVISOR was having another conversation and all I was trying to do was a good customer. All I was asking for was an apology for this miscommunication and a credit of $29.00 on my next bill. They scoffed and continued to tell me about how I should better watch my finances. I agreed that while that may be true, if the money was removed when I asked, we wouldn't need to discuss this. I canceled my account and will not, ever, use Capital One's services (if you can call them that) ever again.

What's in Your Wallet? Definitely Not Capital One!
By -

What a complete nightmare! We got this card thinking it would be great for international travel. Wow, were we wrong. We were overcharged by Advantage Rent a car in Mexico City, and tried to dispute a portion of the charge ($92.95) immediately when we got back to the US.

Capital One not only made it impossible to dispute the charge which Advantage Rent-a-Car admitted was incorrect (now bankrupt with its assets in liquidation), but they then made big accounting errors, charged us finance charges that they later only removed after we had to explain to them like grade schoolers why their arithmetic was wrong, and they have outsourced their customer service so nobody has any authority to use common sense.

So our disputed charge is a long story but we booked a rental car on Travelocity and then were charged an entirely fraudulent exchange rate overcharged on top of that, and the office which was supposed to be open 24 hours was closed when we went to return the car and catch our international flight.

After numerous telephone calls, over a hundred pages of evidence, faxes and letters, we ended up asking to close our account. Not only did we waste a ton of time, we got different answers whenever we called. The customer service reps have no authority to resolve anything and they honestly asked us to provide them a "second opinion" from a competing car rental company in Mexico City who was willing to say that we were overcharged. C'mon! Setting aside that no other car rental company is going to do that for a complete stranger anywhere (and Capital One knows that, which is what one representative admitted to us, agreeing that it is just their way of making charges impossible to dispute). We had provided Capital One our rental agreement, our Travelocity reservation, written statements, and pages of online comparisons which were obviously not enough.

It gets worse. The partial charge was credited, then re-debited to our account, but not just the part we had disputed. No... Capital One charged us the full amount again (part of which we had already paid since we only dispute A PART of our charge). Several calls, faxes, letters later they re-credited us but for the wrong amount, then (despite being specifically told by a customer service representative that they would not charge us anything further) they charged us a finance charge even though we had already paid it off and then a late charge. Several calls, faxes later, they told us to re-dispute the charge and finally in the end, having gotten to the point of complete frustration I just paid the amount that the unscrupulous car rental company had overcharged us, and requested that my account be closed. Still Capital One has not closed my account.

NEVER USE THIS CARD! They do not have your back, put something else, cash in your wallet!

Phone Calls Every Month
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I have my car loan with Capital One Auto Finance for 2 yrs, biggest mistake! Every month I get phone calls asking me for a payment, "How would you like to make that payment?" I know it by heart. My payment is due on the 18th of each month. I send it out way before due date, it's just the way my pay day falls so I'm able to do that. If I send it in too far in advance they call me for a owed late payment. I'm not sure who does the bookkeeping but the company has inadequate customer service not to mention poor English speaking people to handle the phones.

I ask one girl to help me with a mistake about my car payment, she told me my card payment was not due. (I have a credit card with them also, no problems with that.) After being transferred to 3 other customer service "specialist" (right) I got nowhere. I received an email offering to pay my car payment online (which I like), they sat on the payment for 10 days or more. Took them more than 10 days to tell me they were missing a number to my checking account so they couldn't debit my account. Now they are telling me I am in collection.

My payments are NEVER late. It look Capital One over a yr to finally fix my profile so I did not show that I owed a double payment. One lady called me at work & told me if I didn't make the payments they were going to repo the car and that I have void & null my contract with them. I never owed them a double payment & after they said they found the mistake I ask them to send me a letter of correction that they made the mistake, which I got. I would never gotten this letter if it wasn't their mistake.

Well this month again 2/8/08 phone calls again. It never stops. So, I'm such a risk Capital One sent me a letter saying I can refinance my car, just call. Are these people nuts? I don't understand how they can do the things they do & get away with it. I am so fed up with them I would never have another loan with them again. Capital One is too large of a company not to know what's going on. I also notice after watching my checking statement they sit on payments & do not process them right away. Whatever happen to good customer service? I am very disappointed in Capital One.

CapitalOne / BIG Hassle!!!
By -

WASHINGTON -- "Capital One Flight Miles Card"

Nothing but HUGE B.S. HASSLE to redeem your so-called free flight you are made to believe you get as a 'reward'!

After collecting 32,000 "points" and believing that one would get one "free flight" on the west coast...and have "no hassle and no blackout dates" etc, etc, etc.......this company is nothing but full of bald face, 100% pure, B.S.!

FIRST ATTEMPT to redeem points: Called 11/12/06 for a flight from Washington state to S. California from my airport in eastern Washington state. "Mr. Moore the lowest fare is $658.00 and you will have to pay everything above $320."

My response: $#%^^&%%$#@!^**(!!!!!

"Mr Smith, if you want to redeem these points for the amount of credit you have we will need a 21 day notice."

My response: ^&&%%$#@88%$!!!!!

SECOND ATTEMPT to redeem points: calling back on 11/12/06 for a trip from my airport to S. California on Dec. 7th to Dec 11th (21 day notice and not blackout dates which they say are no problem in all their advertising).

"Mr. Smith, I have checked all flights and the total cost will be $485.00 and you will need to pay the balance over $320.00."

My response: "In all your 'NO HASSLE' advertising I was led to believe that I would earn a free flight on the west coast after I had put $25,000 through your card. Now you tell me that somewhere in the small print it really does not 'reward' me with a free 'no hassle' airline ticket without me paying considerably extra for the flight? This is total CapitalOne fraud, lies and 100% hassle!!!!!!"

ALL CapitalOne ADVERTISING leads one to believe that after earning 25,000 points there will be a 'no hassle ticket' issued...and 'blackout dates' are 'no problem'!!!!

Well, huge piles of sticky B. S. on you and the horse you rode in on and everyone that works for you including the one who cleans out your toilet bowls!!!!!!!!

In my opinion, this is nothing but consumer fraud!!!

Pox on you...CapitalOne!

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