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As we all know, we are in some tough economic times. My Capital One bill was running a bit late and I was aware of this. I called them, trying to work out some kind of payment plan (I've never had to do this, being a long time customer). The woman I spoke with was very nice and allowed me to make two separate payments, one on the 15th and one on the 21st. I specifically told her that I needed it to be removed on the 21st because that's when I would get paid. She said that would be fine and the payments would post to my account within 24 hours. The first payment came out just as she said on the 15th. The second however, didn't come out until the 27th, almost a full week after what I had requested. I received a bounced check fee (incredible considering I requested it to be debited) of $30. I got paid, in form of direct deposit to my bank on the 27th so I assumed that the extra money in my account was due to my recent raise and spent a bit. Now, Capital One's very rude representative is telling me that it's my fault, I should have known better and if I didn't want it to be taken out I shouldn't have allowed them to do it. I try to explain to him that if the money was removed when I requested, I wouldn't be having this issue. He got very loud with me and I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, who was also rude, huffed and puffed through my very calm demeanor and told me more or less to suck up the charges. It wasn't her fault, after all, that I wasn't told by HER REPRESENTATIVE that the money would not be debited but removed in the form of a check and not for another 6-7 days after the request. I have never had to make a payment plan on my bills so I think it is terrible to treat a customer this way. They were rude, frustrating and loud. They put me on hold for an extremely long time, there was laughing in the background while the SUPERVISOR was having another conversation and all I was trying to do was a good customer. All I was asking for was an apology for this miscommunication and a credit of $29.00 on my next bill. They scoffed and continued to tell me about how I should better watch my finances. I agreed that while that may be true, if the money was removed when I asked, we wouldn't need to discuss this. I canceled my account and will not, ever, use Capital One's services (if you can call them that) ever again.
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goduke on 08/28/2009:
I'm confused on this one. Why would it matter when they withdraw it. If you've accounted for it in your own recordkeeping system, the withdrawal of the payment by Cap 1 wouldn't cause a check to bounce whether it's on the 21st, the 27th or the 31st.
Eloise on 08/28/2009:
That does sound a bit off.

'I can't be overdrawn, I still have checks!'
Snakeplisken on 08/28/2009:
OP messed up. had no idea how much money was in their account and just assumed the extra money was from something else and spent it. I love it when people make mistakes and its always someone else's fault
Anonymous on 08/28/2009:
It absolutely IS your fault.
Anonymous on 08/28/2009:
My head hurts too much to contribute my 3 cents... so, I'm just going to say: "yeah, what they said..." or "ditto."
bcd on 08/28/2009:
If the money was available on the 21st, then it should still have been available on the 27th. They gave you an extra six days to cover the debit so you have no valid complaint. Accept the fact that this is totally your fault, then go to Walmart and spend six bucks on a calculator.
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What's in your wallet? DEFINITELY NOT CAPITAL ONE!
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What a complete nightmare! We got this card thinking it would be great for international, were we wrong. We were overcharged by Advantage Rent a car in Mexico City, and tried to dispute a portion of the charge ($92.95) immediately when we got back to the US. Capital One not only made it impossible to dispute the charge which Advantage Rent-a-Car admitted was incorrect (now bankrupt with its assests in liquidation), but they then made big accounting errors, charged us finance charges that they later only removed after we had to explain to them like grade schoolers why their arithmatic was wrong, and they have outsourced their customer service so nobody has any authority to use common sense.
So our disputed charge is a long story... but we booked a rental car on Travelocity, and then were charged an entirely fraudulent exchange rate, overcharged on top of that, and the office which was supposed to be open 24 hours was closed when we went to return the car and catch our international flight).

After numerous telephone calls, over a hundred pages of evidence, faxes and letters, we ended up asking to close our account. Not only did we waste a ton of time, we got different answers whenever we called, the customer service reps have no authority to resolve anything, and they honestly asked us to provide them a "second opinion" from a competing car rental company in Mexico City who was willing to say that we were overcharged. C'mon! Setting aside that no other car rental company is going to do that for a complete stranger anywhere (and Capital One knows that, which is what one representative admitted to us, agreeing that it is just their way of making charges impossible to dispute) we had provided Capital One our rental agreement, our Travelocity reservation, written statements, and pages of online comparisons which were obviously not enough.

It gets worse. The partial charge was credited, then re-debited to our account, but not just the part we had disputed...No... Capital One charged us the full amount again (part of which we had already paid since we only dispute A PART of our charge)...several calls, faxes, letters later they re-credited us but for the wrong amount, then (despite being specifically told by a customer service representative that they would not charge us anything further) they charged us a finance charge even though we had already paid it off, and then a late charge...several calls, faxes later, they told us to re-dispute the charge, and finally in the end, having gotten to the point of complete frustration I just paid the amount that the unscrupulous car rental company had overcharged us, and requested that my account be closed. STILL.... Capital One has not closed my account.

NEVER USE THIS CARD! They do not have your back, put something else, cash in your wallet!

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skelly39 on 08/03/2009:
They will never, ever close your account. Believe me, I've tried. Just send them a nasty letter telling them you want it closed immediately, and cut up the card and send it with the letter for good measure. Just make sure you have no pending charges on it, because that will reopen it.
Soaring Consumer on 08/03/2009:
I suggest filing a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's consumer protection division. This is messed up, big time.
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Do Not Do Business With Capital One
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In June 2007 I opened a Cap 1 rewards money market account and transferred funds into it electronically from my credit union. I subsequently set up an automatic monthly transfer ($900) from my credit union checking account to the Cap 1 account. After a couple months I decided I didn't like that arrangement, and I went online and deleted the automatic monthly transfer (more on this comes later). Everything was fine with the account at that point. I periodically checked the account online. Around May of 2008 I tried to check the account and couldn't get on. The message said that the system was being "serviced" and to try later. After multiple tries over about a week, I finally called the bank. I was told that I couldn't access that account online, because I had to use my "business account" number.

This was interesting, since I don't have a business or a business account. I explained this to the representative who (unbelievably!) argued with me that yes, I did have a business in Orlando, and a business account. I insisted that NO, I don't have a business, don't have a business account, and have never even been to Orlando! When he finally transferred me to another representative the second guy was able to figure out that there was a business account set up with a tax I. d. number the same as my SSN and they had linked the accounts. While I guess this is a mistake anyone could have made, it did not inspire confidence in me, so I transferred all my money back to the credit union and planned to close the account in a couple weeks. Well, I never got around to closing the account, but since there was no money left, I didn't worry about it.

(Now back to the automatic transfer...) Then, in November of 2008, I got an email saying that my scheduled automatic transfer of $900 would take place that day. I really thought this must be a scam email, but called Cap 1 to make sure. In fact, there WAS a scheduled transfer in their system. When I told them that I had cancelled the automatic transfer online a year ago, the representative replied that THE CANCELLATION IS ONLY EFFECTIVE FOR 1 YEAR FROM WHEN IT IS PLACED, AND THEN THE AUTOMATIC TRANSFER REQUEST IS REINSTATED!! How is that even legal!?!? I couldn't believe they could do this. I told him to stop the (unauthorized!) transfer. He said he couldn't. I told him to close my account. He said he couldn't. I said let me talk to someone who can do something. Ten minutes later, I talked to a woman who said she was stopping the transfer as we spoke, and closing the account.

Since I didn't have much confidence they would actually do what they said, I then called my credit union and asked if they could stop the transfer on their end. They said they couldn't, but to monitor my account over the next couple of days (this all happened on Friday afternoon) and see if the money got moved. If it did, I could come into the Credit Union and place a Fraudulent Transfer claim. Well, as of Monday morning, Cap 1 had taken $900 from my credit union checking account, so I filed the Fraudulent Transfer claim. I have the money back in my checking account now, but I still seem to have a working Capital 1 account. They actually had the nerve to call my credit union to claim I was trying to pull something over on them!!

I would avoid this company like the plague. Regardless how appealing their bonuses or rewards are, the risks and hassle are not worth it. I'm just glad this hasn't cost me any money, like most of the others who've posted here.

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Anonymous on 11/21/2008:
You are a victim of identity theft.
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Phone calls every month
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PLANO, TEXAS -- I have my car loan with Capital One Auto Finance for 2 yrs, biggest mistake! Every month I get phone calls asking me for a payment", how would you like to make that payment"? I know it by heart. My payment is due on the 18th of each month. I send it out way before due date it's just the way my pay day falls so I'm able to do that. If I send it in to far in advance they call me for a owed late payment. I'm not sure who does the book keeping but the company has inadequate customer service not to mention poor English speaking people to handle the phones. I ask one girl to help me with a mistake about my car payment she told me my card payment was not due. (I have a credit card with them also,no problems with that) After being transferred to 3 other customer service" specialist" (right) I got no where. I received an e mail offering to pay my car payment on line (which I like) they sat on the payment for 10 days or more. took them more than 10 days to tell me they were missing a number to my checking account so they couldn't debit my account. Now they are telling me I am in collection.

My payments are NEVER late. It look Capital one over a yr to finally fix my profile so I did not show that I owed a double payment. One lady called me at work & told me if I didn't make the payments they were going to repo the car and that I have void & null my contract with them. I never owed them a double payment & after they said they found the mistake I ask them to send me a letter of correction that they made the mistake,which I got. I would never gotten this letter if it wasn't their mistake.Well this month again 2/8/08 phone calls again.It never stops. So, I'm such a risk Capital One sent me a letter saying I can refinance my car, just call. Are these people nuts? I don't understand how they can do the things they do & get away with it. I am so fed up with them I would never have another loan with them again.

Capital One is to large of a company not to know what's going on.I also notice after watching my checking statement they sit on payments & do not process them right away. What ever happen to good customer service? I am very disappointed in Capital One.
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Capital One Fraud Protection Department does nothing to protect their customers!
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SANTA CLARA, CA, VIRGINIA -- I am having an issue in resolving fraudulent charges on my Capital One account, the card was issued under my name but I've never received it because of the mail tampering at my previous residency. So they've kept on sending me over limited balance each month. I've contacted them about fraudulent charges on the account; I have also sent them all the supporting documents including police report with the names of the suspects. Ironically or not the people that I filed as main suspects of my identity theft, fraud, stolen checks and mail tampering happened to be involved with fraud with Capital One roughly a year ago before I moved to this particular residency 33 Teddy avenue, San Francisco. Kenny R from Customer Fraud Protection was the person who informed me about it over the phone.

He also said..."We are working with you to resolve this matter..." Without being a fraud investigator I can see that apparently the Filipino family that I was renting my room from, the landlord aka [removed] and her daughter aka Josephine Faustino at 33 Teddy avenue have been involved in the fraud with Capital One more than once including the case with me.

From the police department in San Francisco I have received an unclear answer, on one hand they're saying that they will only start on investigation if the credit company will initiate it. On the other hand they said they won't really do any investigation unless it is 10,000 or more has been stolen from a person filing the report. It doesn’t really make any sense to me.

However, I've let the Capital One know what the police have told me. In their turn, one of the Customer Fraud Protection representatives was arguing with me over the phone that…” the police should have been doing an investigation by now…” It sounded like what I am telling him is not exactly true and not how it works. I’d love to remind that I am just a customer that had fraudulent charges on the account and needed help in resolving it. Therefore I’ve contacted them to HELP ME. Instead I was getting blames for police not doing their job?
Anyway, after months of inconvenience and wait what I've received from Capital One was..." We found no indication of Fraud..."


You know, I’d love to see those thieves in jail, I’d love to see them being caught and charged with an identity theft, mail tampering, fraudulent accounts opened in my name, checks cashing with the forgery of my name. However, for all I know police needed an initiation of the credit company that is in fact Capital One and they are in fact doing nothing to initiate it. What are bunch of …!!!

My balance is still high and I am not going to leave Capital One alone until they’ll clear this situation out. I am not a police but as I am a magazine publisher I’ll do everything in my power to inform publicity about high incompetence of Capital One to resolve Fraud matters and to protect their customers. Exactly 750,000 copies nationally will be sending out monthly. Until then I’ll wait and see if Capital One will correct this situation and they’d better do it ASAP.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/13/2008:
As a magazine publisher, and apparently a business owner, you should have a competent attorney to handle this....make them earn their money.
NataliaB on 01/13/2008:
Thank you, I would love to do so but we're just getting started so we expect to be published within this year, I think
hiring an attorney then wouldn't be a problem.
jktshff1 on 01/13/2008:
You need a lawyer NOW. BTW, IANAL
NataliaB on 01/13/2008:
old fart on 01/13/2008:
Anonymous on 01/13/2008:
I Am Not A Lawyer??
Anonymous on 01/13/2008:
old fart on 01/13/2008:
Thanks Ken, that's probably it...
moneybags on 01/13/2008:
Pay a visit to your county DA and let them know what is going on. DA's sometimes have to do this and instruct the police to file charges. May even be able to bring to the Grand Jury. Good luck
BobJohn on 01/14/2008:
I assume you have canceled your card so no more charges can accrue. Also, how did they activate the card? I always have to give at least my SSN to get a card activated - how did they the culprits get it?
jktshff1 on 01/14/2008:
Ken's right that's it, I went to bed while ya'll were trying to figure it out.
SWOT on 02/06/2008:
Capital One Fraud Department is useless. I wish I had read your review before taking a card from credit card
NataliaB on 03/12/2008:
I've sent Cap. One a few very nice letters and gave them names of all the thieves plus complained to, so Cap.One has sent me a message through that they're in the process of sending me an explanation letter and that they're taking the fraudulent balance off.
Eric S on 11/21/2013:
I worked for the Cap one fraud department and that is where the fraud comes from. Some of the people who work there are the most parasitic bunch of lowlifes I have ever seen.
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Big "HASSLES" Gross Incompentence and morons with attitude
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This is a copy of my third complaint for the same problem caused by Capital One Visa. I have lived at the same address for seven years. For reasons unknown they started sending my bill to the wrong address. They screwed up my cricket account as well. I have tried repeatedly over the phone to solve this matter.
They are trying to charge me late fees and 28% interest. I told them to kiss my butt. I'm not paying anything until all the charges are removed and my name is cleared.


TN Division of Consumer Affairs
500 James Robertson Parkway 5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

RE: 3rd correspondence: My conditions vis-à-vis Capital One Visa.

Dear Tom Groom,

The Capital One collection office been calling my home and I have tried to explain it to them. Please convey the following non-negotiable conditions to them:

1. I expect a letter from Capital One acknowledging that they made a mistake and apologizing for all of the trouble they have cause me.
2. Capital One will acknowledge in writing that I do not owe any interest or late fees for their bizarre uncalled for mistake.
3. Capital One will send me written proof that they have cleared my good name with the credit reporting agencies.
4. If my credit rating is smeared by Capital One I will not pay a single penny! (Frankly, I won’t have any reason to. Once I’m ruined I might as well keep the $1,100 for trouble Capital One has caused me. Think about it)
5. If Capital One wants to take me to court I will be happy to:
• File a countersuit for false and deceptive advertising, as I’m sure any reasonable individual would agree I have certainly been HASSLED.
• A countersuit for wrongfully ruining my credit rating.
• Contact the local TV station so that all of Nashville can learn about the REAL Capital One Visa card.
6. I have never defaulted on a loan. I have never had a credit card lost or stolen and have made a lot of money for Visa over the years and I refuse to be treated like garbage! (Cingular Wireless breached their contract with me and never straightened it out).

Please make Capital One understand this. I have tried! I know the people who work for Capital One are ethically and mentally challenged, but it’s not rocket science. In fact, I am alleging deliberate fraud and am enclosing copies of letters to Senators Frist and Alexander, the Better Business Bureau, and the credit reporting agencies. You know this is not and isolated incident as you have helped me rectify previous Visa Card extortion attempts.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, Tom, I do appreciate it.
Sincerely yours,

p.s. This is getting to be too many headaches for both of us. From now on I am going to try to pay cash as often as possible. Unfortunately, credit cards are a necessity for travel or Internet purchases. Perhaps there is more honor at AMEX, although I doubt it.
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User Replies:
miketech on 01/24/2006:
I'm with you! Fight the power. Credit Card companies have way to much power and are abusing it.
Mad Eye Moody on 01/25/2006:
Cap 1 = predatory lender #1
MsMag on 02/27/2006:
Capitol One Customer Service is can tell by the voice prompts what you are in for if you have to deal with this company! BTW to get to customer service, just listen to the prompts, then wait... you will finally get an option to enter the last 4 of your ss and phone for a cs rep. Simply put: they are the enemy lurking in a dark hole, waiting to chew you up and spit you out! Sad to say, but I agree after 20 calls in 5 years it has been proven... they are MORONS! Stay away from this company!
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Plan to get marketing managers attention
Posted by on
Capital One
P.O.Box 85149
Richmond, Va. 23295-001 December 13,2005

Attention: Michael Robertson Dir. New Accounts

Dear Michael;

I have a short story to tell you. A story that I intend to relate only once so you may want to keep this correspondence on file for future reference. You’ll see why as we progress here.
Approximately two years ago this coming January 2006 I received an offer for your card. This was probably the fifth or sixth direct mail unrequested letter that I had received from CapitalOne in three months. This time instead of simply discarding the letter I opened it and sent it back unsigned with a note that I did not care to apply for the card. In a matter of thirty days I received a valid credit card with my name on it and a statement for $35.00. I cut up the card and threw the letter away. In approximately five months, this unauthorized card had gone from a card that I did not want to a $35.00 unpaid bill and sent to D&B for collection. CapitalOne had taken my account and imposed upon me a negative credit standing without me so much as even signing my name to any document or application. Shortly after the D&B report showing the charge, I notice that a second person has been added to the account. The name Taum Som now frequently appears on the mail I receive from your idiots in your mail marketing.
I failed to get your attention when I called the 800 number to have my name removed from your mailing list. I failed to get your attention when I wrote your company President and copied you last week.
Now the reason for keeping this letter on file.
Obviously your marketing manager has a terrific budget for direct mail. We noticed that your return permit #1837 has an unlimited return authorization on it. That’s good because to send me a letter in the future, it is going to cost CapitalOne more money and more time. I have decided to copy the envelope titled “BUSINESS REPLY MAIL” along with the first class permit number 1837 and the mail code zip at the bottom of the envelope and use it for my “return mail” as intended. There is going to be one slight change in this procedure. I will attach this “postage will be paid by addressee” to a package containing some wood scrap from my woodshop. I think that probably a thirty seven inch length of 2X4 would suffice for the intended purpose. Being over thirty six inches long and unbendable, the package(s) will require special handling by the USPS and your mail room. I think the weight will be around eight to 10 pounds each. This will place the cost at about $35 to $45 each for the first class postage.
Quite an imposition on both the USPS and CapitalOne but it will give you some idea of the imposition you create on this end whenever you send me another unwanted application for a card that has one of the highest APR rates in the industry.

My friends also think this is a great example of how to treat unwanted trash mail. They suggested that I put the idea and this letter on the net so more people could participate in the program. We’ll put it on every blog that is spidered by Google and Jeeves and all the others so that in about the next thirty days we could have (maybe) 30,000 people sending you some nice piles of expensive wood scrap. We will scan the prepaid reply envelope and attach it as a page for their copying convenience. Maybe this will get your attention.

Pissed because you screwed with my credit rating without cause or authorization.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/13/2005:
LOL!!!! Oh to good to be true. Please post a follow up!
yoke on 12/13/2005:
Whenever you get unwanted mail that has a prepaid return envelope fill it up with anything (my shredded stuff does good) and send it back. They will have to pay for it.
Slimjim on 12/13/2005:
Wild stuff.
Mad Eye Moody on 12/14/2005:
Beautiful. Good luck! Drop me an email when a CA calls to harass you as they try to collect from you on the $35.00 charge (I'll bet by the time they get it, it will have ballooned to about $300.00) Stay tough!
DebtorBasher on 12/16/2005:
I get about 4 per week from Chase..and this has been for about a year now...sometimes two in my mailbox on the same day....I rip it up and mail it back with all the papers that came with it...and I send it back in their postage paid envelope...I stick a note with each one..."1st request to be removed from your junk mail list"..."2nd request to be removed from your junk mail list"..."when you get tired of paying for this junk, then maybe you will stop sending this junk to me"...I am up to "56th request to be removed from your junk mail list".. and I just send them as I get them....I'm thinking about saving them all starting in January and sending them all in one big envelope...postage due...about four times a year.
Ms.Consumer on 12/23/2005:
The tactics of these credit card leeches suck. I was the victim of Identity theft 4 years ago. The source of one of the scams was those stupid Capital one credit card offers they flood our mailboxes with. Called and called Capital one to get things cleared up. Person at Capital One kept promising to take care of it but never did. Yet she seemed to like to keep me on the phone forever in a crazy circular conversation. Credit card companies are Satan's best friends
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Beware of their scam...
Posted by on
I had a "no fee" card from Capital One, which to me (and any other consumer I would think...)means that there is no annual fee to carry their card. I contacted Capital One for a payoff balance and was given the amount. I informed them that I would be paying off the account and to cancel the account immediately. I was advised to put that in writing when I paid off the account and I did so. Next I get a statement in the mail from Capital One showing my payment in full and a new charge of an "annual fee" ($25) added to the account. Mind you, I had a "no fee" card and had already notified them both IN WRITING and verbally that I wished the account to be closed. I contacted customer service regarding this charge and was told that it was a "mistake" on their part and that the account was indeed closed. I was told to "ignore" the charge. The next month I received another statement from Capital One - still showing the "annual fee" charge PLUS a LATE FEE of $25. By now, I am getting a little steamed - this is really poor customer service!! Again, I contacted customer service and was told that I did owe the "annual fee" as well as the late charge. I informed the person on the other end that I had cancelled the account 2 months ago and had a copy of the letter to prove it (thank goodness I keep these things). I was asked to fax it to Capital One which I immediately did. The next month I received still another statement - yep - you guessed it: still another late fee on top of it all. Fast forward a few months - (with me calling AND faxing after each statement and getting the usual run around) and the account - which was paid off and closed - is upward of $250.00. Capital One then proceeded to turn me over to collections. I got a call from a collection agency - and the woman was most friendly. I went through the entire story with her and she asked that I mail her all my paperwork - and she would get back with me. I did so and about 2 months later, she called me. She had reviewed my paperwork and said I was definitely in the right and also mentioned that she "had seen Capital One do this to other customers." (whoo-hoo - vindicated!!) She said she would see what she could do and get back with me soon. I waited 3 more weeks and when I didn't hear from her, I tried to call her myself. I was informed that that particular person was "no longer working on my account" and someone else had taken over. I couldn't believe it - I was going to have to start all over again!!!! However, I never did get another call from a collection agency - I DID get another statement from Capital One - WITH A ZERO BALANCE!! What happened - I don't know but as long as the account was cleared, I was glad. This whole incident took almost a year to clear up - and it wasn't even my doing. I will NEVER EVER do business with Capital One again and I have told everyone I know about this incident to let them know that Capital One tries to scam people. PS - I recently got a solicitation from Capital One (can you believe the nerve??)credit card - which I promptly sent right back to them in their very own postage paid envelope, mind you - telling them I would NEVER EVER do business with their company and to remove me from all of their mailing lists. Knowing Capital One, they will probably ignore my request...

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User Replies:
creditwrench on 08/08/2004:
Your story isn't all that unusual. Capitol One Sucks with an awful lot of people. And if you go to Google
or most search engines you and put in Capitol One you will find one of my webpages proclaiming that fact. There is also a message board that deals with Capitol One as well. Complaints against them are rampant all over the internet.
Mad Eye Moody on 08/09/2004:
As a side note...them and NCO are in bed together.
wizang on 10/02/2004:
Your lying. Capital One doesn't have a $25 annual fee and hasn't in about 7 years. More than likely you did pay your account off, but you paid it late. Then they billed you a $25 late fee that you didn't feel you were responsible for. If you are going to complain about a company, at least try telling the truth.
DebtorBasher on 11/26/2004:
You owe the poster an apology for calling them a lier. They said the charge showed up on the statement as "annual fee". They said the customer service rep. told them it was a "mistake". Not once did they say customer service said the charge was for anything else. If it was because they payment arrived late, the customer service rep would have told them that, instead of saying it was a "mistake".
NobodyCares on 02/25/2005:
My experience with Capital One was very similar to the person who wrote "Beware of Scam". I had a card several years ago and I paid the balance off in full and they started charging me monthly (on a no annual fee card) and then sent me to collections. The collections person was very understanding and he said to write them a letter stating that I had not made any charges on the account and to remove the charges and close the account. Well, judging from the other entries I read on this site I should consider myself relatively lucky because they did close the account and removed the charges however, they never bothered to tell me that they wrote the charges off as "bad debt" and reported that I have derogatory credit to the credit bureaus. The worst part is that it has been on my credit report for 4 years and I never knew because I recently obtained a copy of my credit report and saw what they did. It was incredible to me that they could get a tax write-off for charges I never made! Of course I sent them a certified letter explaining that this is unfair and ridiculous to charge someone for a no annual fee card and then to put it on my credit report as derogatory credit after I cleared the mess up and without any notice. Of course, I never got a response. When I tried calling the company, the person I spoke with was extremely rude although I was trying to keep my composure and he refused to identify himself when I asked for his name. This company knows it is untouchable and treats us like dirt because we don't have any power. However, there is power in numbers and if anyone posting their bad experiences with Capital One is interested in getting organized and maybe suing the company to contact me at I am not happy about having to go this direction with them but they are clearly making it their policy to cheat consumers who are powerless. I don't know enough about these laws to know if we have a strong case but it seems to me that the company habitually does not act out of good faith and takes advantage of the people who are putting money in their pockets. To me it's not about the money because they have not taken any from me but they did damage my credit and a lot of people out there did lose money. To be honest I doubt we would get any money even if we won, but it might force them to improve their policies and clear up the dishonest things they've done to us and others, also if the public finds out about it they'll lose a lot of business because no one wants a credit card from a company that habitually cheats people. I don't's just a thought.
disfibulator88 on 12/02/2006:
Wow. I had a similar thing happen, only I stopped using the card, zeroed it out, and cut it up. I thought I cancelled, which was pretty reasonable considering I never received a bill after that. The card even expired (though I didn't know b/c I cut it up and disposed of it) and I never received a new one. Then, out of the blue about 15 months later (yesterday) I got a call from their collection department saying I was 45 days delinquent on charges and asking for a minimum payment of $60. She also asked for some personal-type info that I was not about to give her, yet they would not tell me my balance. I tried to explain how strange this was to me and how I do not understand how this could have happened. Basically, the only thing she would tell me was that I was enrolled in some sort of payment protection plan that caused some of the charges. I made it clear that I NEVER say yes to these plans and that I have NEVER been delinquent on a bill in my entire life.
She wouldn't transfer me without me giving her my SS# or account information I no longer had.

Anyway, after routing around for information I figured out the card number and expiration date, as well as the payment protection phone number. I called and got the plan cancelled, all the while adamantly denying any involvement or permission to be enrolled in the plan. After that I was able to find the right number to the people who could zero out my bill. The thing that freaked me out was that I had to go through the whole thing and when they found out that I physically had no card, there were no charges other than some "membership fee" and "protection plan," that I never received any bills or notice of changes to my account, and that I had tried to get this account closed over a year ago - after finding this out: 1) they didn't seem all that surprised, 2) they very quickly gave up and zeroed out/cancelled the account. My balance that they ended up zeroing out was about $200. They were trying to rip me off to the tune of $200.

Their practices are disgusting and it's good to know other people are speaking out. It's just unfortunate that you could not get your problem solved without a great deal of effort. Still, you have given me reason to make sure that in 30 days my account really is closed out and to never trust them until the account closing process is really finalized. Thanks.
Mittens on 12/11/2006:
Same thing is happening, and I'm still trying to get it all to stop. I'm up to $200, and I closed out my account about a year ago. I have called a dozen times and I keep getting shuffled to different departments and different people who are of zero help to me. It's been a headache.
ASAP Credit Card on 01/14/2008:
It seems like a lot of people have negative things to say about Capital One. Ridiculous fees, low credit limits, APRs that change without notice - the list goes on and on!

We'd love to get your feed back. We recently started a poll on the Worst / Best Credit Card Issuers at:

Feel free to stop by and give us your opinions.
corey b on 04/22/2008:
I signed up for a $300 limit Capital One card in December 2007. They promoted no payments until May 5th 2008. That was the only reason I signed up for the card. I spent just under $300 so they charged my cad with fees to put me over $300 so they could charge me with more fees. That's not the worst, I can live with that. Next they charge me evey month for not making a payment starting in December. I called them and reminded them that no payments were due until May 5th. They said there was no promotion like that and I needed to prove it. They are charging me for being over $300 every month and charging me late fees for not making payments and its not even May. Can someone he? This has also had a negative effect on my credit.
Westchaser on 06/17/2008:
June 2008: Capital One raised their "Minimum Payment Calculation" on my account to 3% of the card's balance. Since my balance is approx $10k, that one-percent is a significant increase to each month's payment.

Previously, it was 2% but I was late on one payment - a first since obtaining this card more than five years ago.

I received a call from Capital One's collections department, asking me to bring the account into good standing. I obliged and paid the late payment, their late fees AND the current month's payment in one shot, brining my account into good standing ($600+). The caller failed to tell me that he was raising my Minimum Payment Percentage. Guess he overlooked that little detail.

I wrote the company, asking to please put me back to 2%, but they responded with nothing more than a definition of how the minimum payment is calculated. Their letter closed with "You are a valued customer and we thank you for choosing Capital One".

How's that for a slap in the face? So much for "customer appreciation / service". Googling this company, I see that I am not the only one with the misfortune of being a Capital One card holder and experiencing similar frustrations with this shady company.

I am going to pay off the entire balance and close this account forever. Capital One is the worst credit card I have ever owned in my 38 years.
Westchaser on 07/23/2010:
I have been a Capital One cardholder for 10 years. In Feb 2010, I received a letter from them stating my "Introductory" APR expired. The net result was my rate immediately changed from a steady (for numerous years) 4.95% to 15.9%. After reading that letter, I immediately called their customer service line to ask (1) why since I have never exceeded by limit nor made a late payment and (2) what options did I have to get my rate back to what it was or at least lower. I was told (quote) "We understand your frustration but apologize as there's nothing we can do at this time to lower your APR. Please call back next month to see if it's possible at that time to reduce your rate. In the meantime, I'll notate your account that you called to inquire about lowering your rate." Since Feb 2010, I called each month with the same question and was literally given the exact same (scripted) reply. In the meantime, my monthly minimum payment more than doubled to Capital One. I've struggled but paid each one and did so on time. July 2010, after six months of struggling and calling Capital One, I called again with the same question and was told by "Seth" that I could "OPT-OUT of the NEW terms" that caused my APR to jump. I immediately reacted, informing him that I've been asking this question for six months .. why only now was I offered this wonderful news? His answer: "We are DISCOURAGED from telling customers about the opt-out option which also places your account in RESTRICTED status." I asked what "restricted status" meant and he clarified that "the card could NO LONGER BE USED for purchases BUT would reinstate your original APR of 4.95%." I nearly shouted "PERFECT!" when he told me this news. He said he would need to transfer me to a "senior account specialist" to complete my OPT-OUT request. I waited approx 5 minutes and another gentlemen took over the call. He was quick to tell me: "You've unfortunately MISSED the window of opportunity to OPT-OUT of the new terms and, therefore, you are STUCK (he actually said STUCK) with the new APR of 15.9%" WTF? I was LIVID. I told him how I've called for six consecutive months asking how I can get my old APR of 4.95% back but was told to call back .. and that my inquiry would be noted on my account. He proceeded to tell me "I'm sorry but there's no record of you ever calling - to ask about your APR or any other reason". If I could have jumped through the phone to strangle someone at Capital One .. I would have. I told him this is a SCAM and that I would be blogging this online on as many websites as I could locate. He said (quote) "I would do the same if I was in your situation". Either way, Capital One are running a DIRTY business of lending. Just google "CAPITAL ONE SCREWED" and you'll find a ton of posts like mine. I wish I could dump this account but, unfortunately, I'll be stuck paying off the balance well into the foreseeable future.

I have since submitted a complaint at:
Michael Mennenga on 07/03/2013:
I have just had my first experience with this. Card was closed in feb of 2013, now in July I get a statement telling me that my account is 5 months past due and I still owe them $198. When I called C.O. the woman assured me that the account was closed and it showed a zero balance.
Then why send a statement showing that I owe 200 bucks? Why make it sound as tho I did something wrong?
Evil company with evil practices. You doubters need to wake up. This company will take your soul.
I hold solidarity with all you that have gone through this.
The FTC is the next stop and I urge all to do the same.
Harry on 07/06/2013:
I AGREE with all these comments!!! Capital One should NOT even exist in America!!! They are low-profile company that I've ever dealt with!!! Poor customer service, they don't know how to handle problems!! They give you Hassle from customer service, to the manager. WARNING: Stay away from this company. It's a F-ing SCAM!!!
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Credit Rating & non-notification of judgment attained
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- . Dear Consumers,

This letter is to inform you of the back-door actions of Capital One Financial Services. I will start with the background of the story.
With the bills mounting, I sought the help of a consumer credit counseling agency. With six revolving accounts, they helped out a lot. I started the plan in December of 2001, and have made every payment early. It worked great, the letters stopped arriving, no more phone calls at dinner time, and the financial companies were sending receipts for payments made including Capital One. In fact, I received a letter, which was a receipt, from Capital One dated March 4th 2002, stating that they received my payment on February 28th and attached a payment coupon for the next month’s payment. Then, on April 3rd 2002, I received another letter dated March 25th 2002, that Capital One has obtained a judgment against me in Richmond General District Court for the amount owed. Not once was I notified that they were taking me to court, nor did I receive a summons from the court requesting my presence for a case against me.
I contacted the counseling agency, who after a day’s research, stated that there was nothing they could do, so I turned directly to Capital One. I finally reached the recovery specialist assigned to my account, who will remain as M. Baker, and she stated that they were prepared to offer a settlement or I would face garnishment. The settlement offer was for $750.00, out of a $1036.00 balance. After further discussion, she advised that she could set-up an installment plan as to which I would be required to pay approximately $330.00 per month, for the next three months. She gave me until April 15th to make a decision. After arranging to make the $750.00 payment, through the aid of my family, I contacted M. Baker to advise her that I would be able to make the settlement. At that time I asked how it would be reported to the Credit Bureaus. She stated that it would show as settled, but still at the current R9 rating.
After considering the situation, I have contacted my attorney, in an attempt to correct my credit bureau standings. I am not, in any way, disputing the amount owed, but the rating reflected. I know that financial institutions have the ability to “amend” credit ratings as they see fit, and this is my purpose for this letter. I am requesting my attorney to seek at a minimum, an R5 credit rating, so that my credit rating will not be hankered by this wrongdoing for the next seven years. I am hoping that no one else will be lured into the trap that Capital One sets for it’s customers.
There are many avenues out there that they used to manipulate their customers and even though I am not at liberty to discuss them because I am a previous employee, but here’s how you can gauge your “worthiness” to your credit card company. Call them and request to close your account. If they don’t make an offer to keep your account, i.e. lowering interest rates, yearly fee, etc., then they don’t think very highly of you. I can guarantee that if you recently opened an account and you call with a request to close it, 9 times out of 10, they will not make any offers to keep you as a customer.
If you have any advice, comments, or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at any time at the e-mail address stated below.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Restore the credit rating on this account to a 5 rating, and cease and desist on all contact, with exception of proof in writing that the adjustments have been made to both my credit report and Elaina McGraw's (secondary cardholder) as well, in return for full settlement payment by the 30th of April 2002, as you requested.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Anonymous on 03/28/2003:
You settled this account. That means you can't pay the full balance. Capital One issued you a card in good faith and expected you to honor the agreement, and now you blame them because you were too much of a dead beat to handle making minimum payments every month. Credit is a privilege, not a right. They didn't put a gun to your head when you charged up the card, and now you are too much of a loser to pay up in full, much less pay up on time. The R9 is a warning to other companies not to lend to someone like you... you think you deserve less? Yeah right! Next time pay your bills!!!
browneyedgalof67 on 07/17/2004:
Some years ago my husband had a Capital One account also before they were bought out by First Resolution Investment Corp. He was behind on payments and they called and offered him a settlement of accounts. He took them up on their offer and mailed them a money order of $600.00 and gave them a promise of another $600.00 the next month to settle in full. After which someone from Capital One called and verified receiving payment and confirmed that the other payment would be mailed. Within a week after the call someone from First Resolution Investment called wanting payment in full. When my husband explained the situation and the settlement agreement with Capital One the man said there was no record of this agreement or the payment. So at this point my husband said he wasn't sending them anything else until this was resolved. Two days later they filed for a judgment without any court notification for the full amount including the $600.00 that he had paid. His check was garnished for months and in June 2002 the debt was paid in full and reported to the courts as such. I found through his credit report that this debt was still being reported as unpaid in February, 2004. I went to the courts and got a copy of the Satisfaction of judgment and mailed to all 3 credit bureas. It was removed from his credit report promptly. Only to reappear in June 2004 worse than it was before. Now it was being reported by First Resolution Investment Corp. Dba/Capital One as being unpaid and in collections for twice the original amount owed. After 2 days phoning and many messages left the only person I got to talked to was a receptionist who I finally asked if she was the only one who actually worked there. After all this I was becoming increasingly disgusted and told the receptionist, who by the way was very polite, if someone did not return my call before the end of the day they would be hearing from my attorney this time around and the little amount they collected would be nothing compared to what I would be asking for...Guess what? They returned my call within 30 minutes this time. Only to tell me of course it wasn't their mistake but someone at the credit bureas but they would fill out all the forms to have this corrected by the end of the day.....Beware do not enter into a settlement agreement with these people.....After they get you to pay a large amount up front they run to the court house and file for a judgment against you.....and worse yet you may not even get credit for the huge amount you already sent.
Ann O Nymous on 06/07/2005:
I'm sorry that that happened. My understanding is that they had to notify you of the court hearing otherwise the judgment is invalid. Hopefully your attorney can help with this.
Warangel on 09/23/2006:
As of this writing I am taking Capitol One to court for violation of Credit Practice. I lost my job two years ago and when I went back to work I lost about 24k per year in income. I was paying capitol one all along and got behind two months. The turned the account over to a so called law firm which is in fact a collection agency, posing as a law firm (we can prove this). I had received a call from these people and made arrangements to pay the card off. For the next month my phone rang three to five times per day wanting payment, remember this is AFTER arragements were already made. For just over a month three to five time per day I explained to these people that I had already made a deal with them. Each time it was a different person that called. I lost sleep, and had a heart attack due to stress caused by Capitol Ones agents. Yeah we are suing their butts and the so called Law firm. We have also reported this to the Atty, General here in this state and he has started aciton against Capitol One and their agents for violation of comsumers rights.
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Horrible Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- Once again I am on hold with Capital One. This time I am at 31 minutes and counting. I changed insurance companies 3 months ago, but they won't reevaluate my escrow to lower my payments. I have had only bad experiences with Capital One. When I needed help making my payments during the financial crisis, they asked me if making a higher payment would help me out. When I tried to make up the difference by being on a payment plan, the took 10 days to process my final payment that they required me to send by mail. Then they accessed $1200.00 in late fees. Horrible, predatory company. Please don't do business with them. They are very large and once they have you, they will take advantage of you at every turn.
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