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Capital One
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As we all know, we are in some tough economic times. My Capital One bill was running a bit late and I was aware of this. I called them, trying to work out some kind of payment plan (I've never had to do this, being a long time customer). The woman I spoke with was very nice and allowed me to make two separate payments, one on the 15th and one on the 21st. I specifically told her that I needed it to be removed on the 21st because that's when I would get paid. She said that would be fine and the payments would post to my account within 24 hours. The first payment came out just as she said on the 15th.

The second however, didn't come out until the 27th, almost a full week after what I had requested. I received a bounced check fee (incredible considering I requested it to be debited) of $30. I got paid, in form of direct deposit to my bank on the 27th so I assumed that the extra money in my account was due to my recent raise and spent a bit. Now, Capital One's very rude representative is telling me that it's my fault, I should have known better and if I didn't want it to be taken out I shouldn't have allowed them to do it. I try to explain to him that if the money was removed when I requested, I wouldn't be having this issue.

He got very loud with me and I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, who was also rude, huffed and puffed through my very calm demeanor and told me more or less to suck up the charges. It wasn't her fault, after all, that I wasn't told by HER REPRESENTATIVE that the money would not be debited but removed in the form of a check and not for another 6-7 days after the request. I have never had to make a payment plan on my bills so I think it is terrible to treat a customer this way. They were rude, frustrating and loud.

They put me on hold for an extremely long time, there was laughing in the background while the SUPERVISOR was having another conversation and all I was trying to do was a good customer. All I was asking for was an apology for this miscommunication and a credit of $29.00 on my next bill. They scoffed and continued to tell me about how I should better watch my finances. I agreed that while that may be true, if the money was removed when I asked, we wouldn't need to discuss this. I canceled my account and will not, ever, use Capital One's services (if you can call them that) ever again.

What's in Your Wallet? Definitely Not Capital One!
By -

What a complete nightmare! We got this card thinking it would be great for international travel. Wow, were we wrong. We were overcharged by Advantage Rent a car in Mexico City, and tried to dispute a portion of the charge ($92.95) immediately when we got back to the US.

Capital One not only made it impossible to dispute the charge which Advantage Rent-a-Car admitted was incorrect (now bankrupt with its assets in liquidation), but they then made big accounting errors, charged us finance charges that they later only removed after we had to explain to them like grade schoolers why their arithmetic was wrong, and they have outsourced their customer service so nobody has any authority to use common sense.

So our disputed charge is a long story but we booked a rental car on Travelocity and then were charged an entirely fraudulent exchange rate overcharged on top of that, and the office which was supposed to be open 24 hours was closed when we went to return the car and catch our international flight.

After numerous telephone calls, over a hundred pages of evidence, faxes and letters, we ended up asking to close our account. Not only did we waste a ton of time, we got different answers whenever we called. The customer service reps have no authority to resolve anything and they honestly asked us to provide them a "second opinion" from a competing car rental company in Mexico City who was willing to say that we were overcharged. C'mon! Setting aside that no other car rental company is going to do that for a complete stranger anywhere (and Capital One knows that, which is what one representative admitted to us, agreeing that it is just their way of making charges impossible to dispute). We had provided Capital One our rental agreement, our Travelocity reservation, written statements, and pages of online comparisons which were obviously not enough.

It gets worse. The partial charge was credited, then re-debited to our account, but not just the part we had disputed. No... Capital One charged us the full amount again (part of which we had already paid since we only dispute A PART of our charge). Several calls, faxes, letters later they re-credited us but for the wrong amount, then (despite being specifically told by a customer service representative that they would not charge us anything further) they charged us a finance charge even though we had already paid it off and then a late charge. Several calls, faxes later, they told us to re-dispute the charge and finally in the end, having gotten to the point of complete frustration I just paid the amount that the unscrupulous car rental company had overcharged us, and requested that my account be closed. Still Capital One has not closed my account.

NEVER USE THIS CARD! They do not have your back, put something else, cash in your wallet!

Big "HASSLES" Gross Incompentence and Morons With Attitude
By -

I have lived at the same address for seven years. For reasons unknown they started sending my bill to the wrong address. They screwed up my cricket account as well. I have tried repeatedly over the phone to solve this matter. They are trying to charge me late fees and 28% interest. I told them to kiss my butt. I'm not paying anything until all the charges are removed and my name is cleared. Avoid the 'hassles' don't go near capital one!

The capital one collection office been calling my home and I have tried to explain it to them. Please convey the following non-negotiable conditions to them: I expect a letter from capital one acknowledging that they made a mistake and apologizing for all of the trouble they have cause me. Capital one will acknowledge in writing that I do not owe any interest or late fees for their bizarre uncalled for mistake. Capital one will send me written proof that they have cleared my good name with the credit reporting agencies.

If my credit rating is smeared by capital one I will not pay a single penny! (Frankly, I won't have any reason to. Once I'm ruined I might as well keep the $1,100 for trouble capital one has caused me. Think about it). If capital one wants to take me to court I will be happy to: file a countersuit for false and deceptive advertising as I'm sure any reasonable individual would agree I have certainly been hassled, a countersuit for wrongfully ruining my credit rating, contact the local tv station so that all of nashville can learn about the real capital one visa card.

I have never defaulted on a loan. I have never had a credit card lost or stolen and have made a lot of money for visa over the years and I refuse to be treated like garbage! (Cingular wireless breached their contract with me and never straightened it out). Please make capital one understand this. I have tried! I know the people who work for capital one are ethically and mentally challenged, but it's not rocket science. In fact, I am alleging deliberate fraud and am enclosing copies of letters to senators frist and alexander, the better business bureau, and the credit reporting agencies.

You know this is not an isolated incident as you have helped me rectify previous visa card extortion attempts. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, **, I do appreciate it. P.S. This is getting to be too many headaches for both of us. From now on I am going to try to pay cash as often as possible. Unfortunately, credit cards are a necessity for travel or internet purchases. Perhaps there is more honor at amex, although I doubt it.

Beware of Their scam...
By -

I had a "no fee" card from Capital One, which to me (and any other consumer I would think) means that there is no annual fee to carry their card. I contacted Capital One for a payoff balance and was given the amount. I informed them that I would be paying off the account and to cancel the account immediately. I was advised to put that in writing when I paid off the account and I did so. Next I get a statement in the mail from Capital One showing my payment in full and a new charge of an "annual fee" ($25) added to the account.

Mind you, I had a "no fee" card and had already notified them both IN WRITING and verbally that I wished the account to be closed. I contacted customer service regarding this charge and was told that it was a "mistake" on their part and that the account was indeed closed. I was told to "ignore" the charge. The next month I received another statement from Capital One - still showing the "annual fee" charge PLUS a LATE FEE of $25. By now, I am getting a little steamed - this is really poor customer service!

Again, I contacted customer service and was told that I did owe the "annual fee" as well as the late charge. I informed the person on the other end that I had cancelled the account 2 months ago and had a copy of the letter to prove it (thank goodness I keep these things). I was asked to fax it to Capital One which I immediately did. The next month I received still another statement - yep - you guessed it: still another late fee on top of it all. Fast forward a few months (with me calling AND faxing after each statement and getting the usual runaround) and the account which was paid off and closed is upward of $250.00.

Capital One then proceeded to turn me over to collections. I got a call from a collection agency and the woman was most friendly. I went through the entire story with her and she asked that I mail her all my paperwork and she would get back with me. I did so and about 2 months later, she called me. She had reviewed my paperwork and said I was definitely in the right and also mentioned that she "had seen Capital One do this to other customers." (Whoo-hoo - vindicated!) She said she would see what she could do and get back with me soon.

I waited 3 more weeks and when I didn't hear from her, I tried to call her myself. I was informed that that particular person was "no longer working on my account" and someone else had taken over. I couldn't believe it - I was going to have to start all over again!! However, I never did get another call from a collection agency - I DID get another statement from Capital One - WITH A ZERO BALANCE!! What happened? I don't know but as long as the account was cleared, I was glad. This whole incident took almost a year to clear up and it wasn't even my doing.

I will NEVER EVER do business with Capital One again and I have told everyone I know about this incident to let them know that Capital One tries to scam people. P.S. I recently got a solicitation from Capital One (can you believe the nerve??) credit card which I promptly sent right back to them in their very own postage paid envelope, mind you telling them I would NEVER EVER do business with their company and to remove me from all of their mailing lists. Knowing Capital One, they will probably ignore my request.

Credit Rating & non-notification of judgment attained
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- . Dear Consumers,

This letter is to inform you of the back-door actions of Capital One Financial Services. I will start with the background of the story.
With the bills mounting, I sought the help of a consumer credit counseling agency. With six revolving accounts, they helped out a lot. I started the plan in December of 2001, and have made every payment early. It worked great, the letters stopped arriving, no more phone calls at dinner time, and the financial companies were sending receipts for payments made including Capital One. In fact, I received a letter, which was a receipt, from Capital One dated March 4th 2002, stating that they received my payment on February 28th and attached a payment coupon for the next month’s payment. Then, on April 3rd 2002, I received another letter dated March 25th 2002, that Capital One has obtained a judgment against me in Richmond General District Court for the amount owed. Not once was I notified that they were taking me to court, nor did I receive a summons from the court requesting my presence for a case against me.
I contacted the counseling agency, who after a day’s research, stated that there was nothing they could do, so I turned directly to Capital One. I finally reached the recovery specialist assigned to my account, who will remain as M. Baker, and she stated that they were prepared to offer a settlement or I would face garnishment. The settlement offer was for $750.00, out of a $1036.00 balance. After further discussion, she advised that she could set-up an installment plan as to which I would be required to pay approximately $330.00 per month, for the next three months. She gave me until April 15th to make a decision. After arranging to make the $750.00 payment, through the aid of my family, I contacted M. Baker to advise her that I would be able to make the settlement. At that time I asked how it would be reported to the Credit Bureaus. She stated that it would show as settled, but still at the current R9 rating.
After considering the situation, I have contacted my attorney, in an attempt to correct my credit bureau standings. I am not, in any way, disputing the amount owed, but the rating reflected. I know that financial institutions have the ability to “amend” credit ratings as they see fit, and this is my purpose for this letter. I am requesting my attorney to seek at a minimum, an R5 credit rating, so that my credit rating will not be hankered by this wrongdoing for the next seven years. I am hoping that no one else will be lured into the trap that Capital One sets for it’s customers.
There are many avenues out there that they used to manipulate their customers and even though I am not at liberty to discuss them because I am a previous employee, but here’s how you can gauge your “worthiness” to your credit card company. Call them and request to close your account. If they don’t make an offer to keep your account, i.e. lowering interest rates, yearly fee, etc., then they don’t think very highly of you. I can guarantee that if you recently opened an account and you call with a request to close it, 9 times out of 10, they will not make any offers to keep you as a customer.
If you have any advice, comments, or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at any time at the e-mail address stated below.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Restore the credit rating on this account to a 5 rating, and cease and desist on all contact, with exception of proof in writing that the adjustments have been made to both my credit report and Elaina McGraw's (secondary cardholder) as well, in return for full settlement payment by the 30th of April 2002, as you requested.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Increased Interest Rate From 9% to 14.9% for No Valid Reason
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- For no valid reason (always paid on time, and had credit scores in the high 700's)... Once I actually used the card for a big purchase, Capital One just decided to raise my interest rate from 9% to 14.9%. Of course, when I called to complain, I got some minimal wage call taker who "couldn't do anything" and said it was probably due to my credit score! Ah, yes, my credit score which is 88% above everyone else in the country!

And they did this to a policeman's widow... So any of their so called "charity donations" are just for tax write offs; they obviously don't care and are out to suck the money out of whoever they can. Just paid them off, and relished cutting up their credit card. Will never, ever trust them again... Now, their logo and commercials actually repulse me. Just a bad company who deserves to go under.

Life Saver
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Rating: 5/51

I flew into Phoenix airport and would have to rent a car to go and visit my son, who is stationed in So. Arizona. Well the girl at the rental car place zipped my card thru for the $300 rental and then said "Oh no, I forgot to add the deposit amount of $150." I said, "no problem, I have cash," and she said "No it has to be on same card in the same transaction," so she credited the $300 and ran thru at $450. Well credit is not immediate and this all went over my limit.

So now I have no rental car. "But wait we have a guy who does rentals on the side for cash, I'm sure he can help you out." They told me I could rent a car for $450 cash thru him. I said, "I'm going to call Capital One." They told me it was a waste of time. I called and told them my situation and got connected to some awesome people who got everything straightened out. They had to talk with the rental car manager and instructed me NOT to hang up until I had the keys in my had. What could of been a nightmare worked out great and I had a wonderful vacation with my son and his wife. Thank you Capital One.

Poor Customer Policy
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- Capital ONE A COMPANY NOT TO BANK ON. A few years ago I had a Capital One CC for my business, I used this account for a decade. My bank sent a check automatically every 30 days to cover the minimum, this allowed me to pay the balance at my leisure and was usually paid in full two to three weeks after the automatic bank payment.

I am traveling and I checked into a hotel and my Capital One card gets rejected. I called Capital One to find out what the problem was, they told me I was late on a payment. The Balance on my Capital One account was Fifteen Dollars, they had received a One Hundred Dollar check and another check for over Two Thousand Dollars within three weeks of this phone call. They refused to reactivate the card until I could make the fifteen dollar payment, they actually said that this was due to a new Massachusetts regulation.

They had no problem leaving me stranded, fortunately I have an outstanding credit rating and used another line of credit. Now they send me junk mail five times a week telling me they want my business, what a joke. Vote with your feet when you get bad service from a company.

Fraud Going On Within Capital One?
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, OHIO -- I received a phone call from Capital one, asking if I had applied for a credit card - I told them "No". They informed me that someone HAD applied for a card, using MY information and they suspected that it was fraud - thus the call. They gave me the phone numbers of three credit reporting agencies to call, telling me to inform them that someone had applied for a credit card, fraudulently, in my name. They explained that this COULD hurt my credit. They then assured me that they would take care of the matter and no card would be sent to me.

Today, I received a letter for Capital One congratulating me on becoming a Capital One Credit card member with a $5,000 credit line, my card will arrive in a week or so. They gave a number that I could call - NO reference number - nothing. When I called (and I was on the phone for close to an hour and a half) ALL they wanted was my social security number! Saying THAT was the ONLY way they could look up the card. Of course they had my name, phone number and address, but just HAD to have my social security number? Certainly I didn't give it to them.

I think they are crooks. My husband DOES have a Capital One credit card and has had for years - After all this today, he cancelled his card. Also, we could barely understand ANYONE we talked to. Do they NOT hire Americans anymore?

Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- Once again I am on hold with Capital One. This time I am at 31 minutes and counting. I changed insurance companies 3 months ago, but they won't reevaluate my escrow to lower my payments. I have had only bad experiences with Capital One.

When I needed help making my payments during the financial crisis, they asked me if making a higher payment would help me out. When I tried to make up the difference by being on a payment plan, the took 10 days to process my final payment that they required me to send by mail. Then they accessed $1200.00 in late fees. Horrible, predatory company. Please don't do business with them. They are very large and once they have you, they will take advantage of you at every turn.

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